Losing Control

      Jarman, Jessica

Losing Control

Maggie Monroe’s life is just as she wants it. The only thing missing is a man, and she tackles this like she would any other project. She makes a list of qualifications and requirements and is determined to find the man who fits perfectly.


From the moment she meets artist Spencer Reed, Maggie mental crosses him off her list. Even though the air sizzles when they’re together, he doesn’t come close to meeting the criteria she has in mind.


Tired of his nomadic lifestyle, Spence is ready to put down roots. The more time he spends in Angel Lake, the more he’s is convinced this is home, and Maggie is the one for him. Now he has to show her that that, while he might not fit her ideal of the perfect man, some of her assumptions about him are way off mark, and he’s exactly what she wants and needs.

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