Saving Earth's Eternal Flame

      Janeen Abdo

Saving Earth's Eternal Flame


The Earth is dying, awakening the elementals from the slumber is the only way to save it. Wyatt Nolan brings the Elemental Earth back into reality, she is not a human but has the power to save the Earth. Terra unites the four Elementals together to battle the dark magic being used. Learning of love and trust they join their powers with the magic realms surrounding us and take the darkness on. 

Dark witches enslave the humans and poison the Earth keeping the Elementals weak as the Earth continues to die. Bringing the magic realms together, they use the last gateway to battle for the Earth survival. The Earth is the last gateway that connects the realms and if it dies all realms will die.

Terra finds that her life was a lie and she was trapped in the human world for centuries. Wyatt releases her from the curse, so she may become the Elemental of Earth once again.

Rejoining her sisters Adrianna, the Elemental of Water, Seraphina the...

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