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Sex Piston (Biker Bitches)

  Sex Piston

  (Biker Bitches, #1)


  Jamie Begley

  Copyright © 2013 by Jamie Begley

  Published by Young Ink Press, LLC

  Editing by C&D Editing

  All rights reserved.

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  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

  This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only. All sexually active characters portrayed in this ebook are eighteen years of age or older. Please do not buy if strong sexual situations, moderate violence and explicit language offends you.

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  Stud brought his fist up, smashing Dozer in the ribs. The beefed up brother only grunted, returning the strike with a punch to Stud’s gut that had him taking a step backwards. Regaining his breath, he swung his fist, striking Dozer just under his jaw and knocking him backward before he could regain his balance. Stud then hit him on the side of his nose, sending blood flying as Dozer fell to his knees.

  “That motherfucker can fight,” Killyama said, admiring the two men fighting in the middle of the circle of members.

  “He does all right.” Sex Piston hid her appreciation at the skill that Stud used to bring down the enforcer of the Destructors down.

  “Dozer should have known better than to challenge Stud. He’s overworked those muscles of his to the point he’s slow as shit. I could take the shithead down,” Crazy Bitch said, unimpressed.

  The crowd around them cheered when Stud finished off Dozer with a nasty kick to the face and then he lost consciousness. The Destructors and The Blue Horsemen converged on Stud, slapping him on his back and laughing at how easily he had taken Dozer out.

  “Fuck,” Sex Piston said, disappointed at the outcome of the brief fight.

  “What?” Killyama said. “Don’t tell me you actually thought Dozer stood a chance?”

  “I was hoping. I hate it that not one of our men can beat them.” Sex Piston was aggravated that the Destructors had lost every fight against The Blue Horsemen.

  “I stand a better chance of beating them than any of our shitheads.”

  Sex Piston agreed with Crazy Bitch.

  “I don’t know why you don’t like them. They are a hell of a lot better looking than our men. There’s one or two of them I wouldn’t mind doing.” T.A. smiled at Bear who was standing at the edge of the crowd.

  Sex Piston narrowed her eyes on her friend until she lost her smile. “You can’t fuck any of them. If one of us caves, then they’ll be expecting to get it off us all, and I’m not about to do any of them.”

  “Me either,” Killyama said.

  Crazy Bitch, Fat Louise and T.A. looked unhappy at Sex Piston’s decision.

  “Just because you’re pissed off at Ace, don’t mean we can’t get a little something,” T.A argued.

  “I don’t think anything of Bear’s would be small, Stud’s either,” Fat Louise stared at Stud.

  “Let’s get a beer.” Sex Piston turned away, walking through the crowd that had come outside to watch the fight when Dozer had challenged Stud. She actually felt kind of bad for the big man. He had been taking it pretty well that the Destructor’s had been turned into a chapter of The Blue Horsemen, but then his bitch had been flirting with Stud half the night and he hadn’t been able to take it anymore. His jealousy had forced him to challenge Stud to regain her attention.

  She blatantly ignored Stud and his men, going back inside to find a table. Crazy Bitch grabbed them all a beer as Fat Louise kept bugging them to take her to the new restaurant that had opened in town.

  “I don’t want to go to Popeye’s,” Killyama said.

  “Why not?” Fat Louise argued.

  “Because if you like it, that’s all we’re going to be eating for the next year. I’m just going to nip it in the bud. You had us eating ‘Taco Hut’ so much we shitted burritos,” Killyama reminded her.

  “I want to go...” Fat Louise’s mind was always on food.

  Sex Piston drowned them out, drinking her beer as her eyes surveyed the clubhouse, seeing that Stud and his men were now at the bar. Bear’s woman was in his grill so tight a fucking crowbar couldn’t pry her off. Stud was ignoring the woman whose hands were all over him, but Sex Piston had no doubt that he would end up in one of the back rooms with her before the night was over.

  So far, he hadn’t fucked any of the Destructors’ bitches, keeping his cock at home with The Blue Horsemans’ women that came riding in with them on the back of their bikes. The skank with the long blond hair and tight ass was his current fuck buddy, throwing angry looks from the stool next to Stud’s as the other woman made a play for him. Stud must be moving on, to ignore his bitch while playing with another one in front of her.

  Sex Piston knew how that shit burned; her own man had managed to get one of the other women in the club knocked up while they were on one of their breaks, making her look like a fucking idiot. The saddest part was she hadn’t cared. She was actually glad knowing that now she wouldn’t go back to him even if he begged her, and he had been begging, but she had her standards. She wasn’t about to come between a man and his baby’s mama.

  “We need to talk,” Ace said, coming up to her table.

  “No, we don’t,” Sex Piston said, finishing her beer.

  “Summer doesn’t mean a damn thing to me. Her having my kid isn’t going to change how I feel about you.”

  “You don’t give a fuck about me or your dick never would’ve come out of your pants. We’re done. Now get the fuck away from me.” She stared back at him, ice dripping from her voice.

  Joker came up beside his friend. “Crazy Bitch, let’s go home.”

  “I told you last night I was done with your ass. Your shit better be out of my house before I get home or I’ll give it to Goodwill. I’m sick of supporting your lazy ass. Go find another bitch stupid enough to pay your fucking bills.” Crazy Bitch glared at her ex.

  “I’m looking for a job,” Joker whined.

  “I hear Popeye’s is hiring,” Crazy Bitch mocked. The women at the table burst out laughing at the men.

  Joker made to grab Crazy Bitch, but Sex Piston jerked his hand away before he could touch her. “Don’t fucking touch her,” she snarled.

  “She’s my old lady; I’ll touch her if I want to, you bitch from hell. Ace should have shown you who was boss years ago.”

  “Yeah, well, he would have to have a dick for that to happen.” The women at the table couldn’t help but laugh again. Ace turned bright red, grabbing Sex Piston’s arm. Sex Piston grabbed her beer bottle about to brain the fucker…

  “Let her go, Ace.” Ace let go of Sex Piston as soon as he heard Stud’s voice.

  “See, what did I tell you? No dick,” Sex Piston taunted.

  “Shut up, Sex Piston.” Stud didn’t take his eyes off Joker and Ace. “You two need to leave until you cool down.”

  “You throwing me out of my own club?” Joker asked in astonishment.

  “It’s my club now, and yeah, I’m telling you to leave.” Stud did
n’t say anything else as he waited for the two men to follow his orders or challenge him.

  “Let’s go, Joker. Neither one of these bitches are worth fighting over.” Ace walked away, heading toward the club door. Joker hesitated; it was harder to walk away from his meal ticket, yet without Ace to back him up, his cowardice showed and he followed behind his friend.

  After they left, Stud stood staring down at the table of women.

  “If you’re waiting for thanks, you’re not going to get it. I could have handled that pussy,” Sex Piston said as she glared up at her new club president.

  “Watch how you talk to me, Sex Piston,” Stud warned her.

  Sex Piston started to snap back, but bit her tongue for once. She had promised her pops she wouldn’t challenge the asshole. She managed to keep her mouth shut, turning to talk to Killyama and insulting him by ignoring his presence.

  The bitches gave him gloating smiles as he returned to the bar.

  “T.A., get a bottle of Tequila. Let’s celebrate those two assholes being out of our life,” Crazy Bitch said.

  T.A. got up and went to the bar, coming back a few minutes later with a full bottle and five glasses.

  Sex Piston poured herself a large glass before passing the bottle on to her friends. Taking a swallow of the burning liquor, she wondered how long she was going to be able to keep her promise to her pops. That asshole deserved to be put in his place and she was just the bitch to do it.

  * * *

  “I’m going to do it,” Bear said, setting his beer down on the counter.

  “Do what?” Stud asked, turning to his vice-president. His eyes went in the direction that Bear was obviously watching.

  The five women must have gone onto the dance floor after finishing the empty tequila bottle still sitting at their table. He hadn’t noticed with his attention on the blond that had been attached to his hip for the last hour. She had been trying to lure him into one of the back rooms for a blowjob for the last hour; however his dick had shown no interest.

  The best part about being the president of the Blue Horsemen was the pussy. Contrarily, the worst part of the job was the pussy. Women were constantly trying to get his attention, wanting to become his old lady or just be able to brag about having fucked him. He had learned early just how manipulative the bitches in the club could be. All except for one, Sex Piston. She didn’t bother trying to manipulate anyone, she merely steamrolled over them.

  He had seen her on and off for the last several years when the Destructors and the Blue Horsemen partied together.

  Sex Piston’s father, Skulls, and he had met seven years ago during a run in with another club. They had sided together to get rid of the encroaching biker club that was stealing and doing drug runs, blaming it on their clubs. When they had banded together, the rival biker club had left town with fewer members than when they had arrived.

  Sex Piston had been nineteen and feisty as hell. Now, at twenty-six, she more than deserved her name. Her five-foot-six, curvy body was encased in tight, black leather pants with a leather vest that was laced up the front with her breasts threatening to overflow the corseted top. All the brothers were constantly staring, trying to see the pink of her nipples, yet they only managed to get threats for those high-heeled, biker boots to be shoved up their asses.

  “I’m going to have that bitch in my bed tonight,” Bear bragged.

  “Which one?” Stud asked, picking up his beer, deliberately keeping his body loose.

  Bear looked at him as if he was insane. “T.A. I’m man enough to admit I couldn’t handle the other four.”

  “Not even Fat Louise?” Stud smiled at Bear’s horror-stricken expression.

  “Nope, she’s more interested in food than dick,” Bear said, hiking his jeans up before moving toward the dance floor.

  Stud laughed. “I’ve got to watch this.”

  Bear threw him a confident look before walking over to the dance floor. He tried to sidle up next to T.A., but a remark from Crazy Bitch had him turning on the heel of his boot, returning to his side.

  “Fucking bitch. You have to get them under control, Stud. They’re making fools out of us.” Bear angrily picked up his beer.

  “It’s only been a couple of weeks. They’ll adjust,” Stud said.

  “Those bitches aren’t planning on adjusting, they’re planning on neutering us and doing a good job of it,” Bear snapped back, his face red.

  “Give it time.” Stud ignored Bear’s angry remarks, knowing his anger, and those of his brothers, came from being unable to get in the women’s pants. Most of his men had already had their eyes on their particular favorites, but not a one of them stood a chance in hell.

  “What’s that asshole doing?” Bear said as Pike took his chance with the women. His seductive expression turned angry when Killyama danced close, using her body to bump him away from Fat Louise. Aggravated when he almost tripped over another brother and his old lady, he retreated to his own table who all jeered at him as he returned unsuccessfully.

  “The only way those bitches are going to take any of us on is if Sex Piston lets them. One of us would have to take that werebitch on, and I don’t know a man here who’s going to let that bitch put a hand on his balls,” Bear said glumly as he took a swig of his beer.

  Stud listened to his vice president as he watched the bitches leave the dance floor as T.A. went to the bar for another bottle of Tequila.

  A smile came to his lips as a thought occurred to him; a way he could take care of one of the club’s biggest problems in one night. Bear was wrong; there was one man in the club more than willing to let Sex Piston near his balls.

  * * *

  Sex Piston rolled over. Her freaking head was ready to explode. Carefully rising up on her elbow, she put her hand to her head, pushing back the tangled mess so that she could see in the dim room. She groaned, recognizing one of the bedrooms in the clubhouse. The cool air hitting her naked breasts had her looking down at her bareness at the same time she realized that she was just as naked under the sheet around her lower body.

  A movement at her side had her head turning, staring down at the man lying beside her naked. His sleeping face was easily recognizable as Sex Piston gasped in shock, pulling the sheet up to cover herself. Carefully, she slid to the edge of the bed before getting to her feet as silently as possible. She wrapped the sheet around her, looking quickly for her clothes. She took a cautious step forward, trying to find…

  “Going somewhere? I thought you wanted another round before you left.” Stud’s amused voice came from the rumpled bed.

  Sex Piston tensed, humiliated at what she had allowed to happen. Gathering her shattered dignity, she turned back to face him.

  “Asshole, where are my clothes?”

  Chapter One

  Stud paused for a second, his eyes on Sex Piston’s curves, which were clearly outlined under the white sheet, before reaching down beside the bed and tossing Sex Piston her clothes. They landed on the bed beside him.

  She tossed him an aggravated look before reaching out to grab them. Like a striking snake, Stud grabbed her arm, jerked her down onto the bed and then rolled over her, trapping her struggling body underneath his.

  “Let me go,” Sex Piston demanded.

  “What’s the hurry?” Stud asked, nuzzling her neck.

  She tried to put her knee in his balls, but he insinuated himself between her thighs, notching his cock against her pussy with just the thin sheet separating them.

  “Get off me.” She then went at him with her nails.

  Stud laughed, catching her hands and raising them over her head. “Now, is this any way to repay me for those orgasms I gave you last night?” His taunts fueled her anger.

  Her green eyes spit their fury at him. “It isn’t going to happen, Stud. The tequila has worn off. I should have known Blue Horsemen were the type to take advantage of a drunken woman.”

  “Sex Piston, I didn’t pour that tequila down your throat, you did that a
ll by yourself. I’m not ashamed to admit when you were rubbing your ass all over my dick that I wasn’t strong enough to say no. Now that I think about it, you took advantage of me.” She wanted to strangle him with that self-righteous bullshit spewing from his mouth.

  Her blazing green eyes looked up into his caramel colored ones, searching for the truth. She was woman enough to admit she knew she was drinking too much, but Fat Louise was supposed to stay sober to make sure shit like this didn’t happen. She had obviously failed. Sex Piston was going to kick her ass as soon as she took care of Stud.

  Turning her head toward his shoulder, she sank her teeth deep into his muscled flesh, biting hard.

  “Bitch.” Stud rolled away, his hand going to the painful mark left by her bite.

  “When I say move, fucking move.” Sex Piston used the opportunity to grab her clothes and rise to her feet while throwing him a triumphant look.

  Ignoring his presence, she threw down the sheet and got dressed, uncaring of her nakedness. Planting her ass on the side of the bed, she put on her boots, aware that he was watching every move she made.

  “Your tits are the best I’ve ever seen, and your ass is even better. Ace is a stupid bastard to mess around on you.” Sex Piston paused putting on her boots. His compliments soothed a hurt she had denied to everyone, including herself.

  Stud got out of the bed naked and walked around the bed to face her. Sex Piston was unable to prevent herself from salivating at his muscular body. Ace had let his go with one too many beers; he had a paunch to prove it and flabby arms where there should have been muscles. Stud’s dick also put Ace’s to shame. She shook her head, coming to the conclusion that Stud had earned his name for more than one reason.

  “Come a step closer to me and those three kids of yours will be the last kids you’ll be able to have.” Stud ignored her threat, moved closer to her and then reached down to pick up his t-shirt lying on the floor beside her foot.

  “Sex Piston, that mouth of yours might put the fear of God into everyone else, but to me, it just reminds me it was on my dick last night.” Stud went to the foot of the bed and picked up his jeans, his firm ass flexing as he put them on. Giving her a mocking look, he shoved his dick into the pants before zipping them up. He put on his t-shirt next before sitting on the bed to put on his boots, not bothering to look for his socks. He grabbed his jacket and went to the bedroom door, waiting for her to brush her fingers through her thick hair.

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