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Razer's Ride

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Razer's Ride

  Razer’s Ride

  (The Last Riders Vol. 1)


  Jamie Begley


  Copyright © 2013 by Jamie Carmical

  All rights reserved.

  No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the author. The only exception is by a reviewer, who may quote short excerpts in a review.

  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

  This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only. All sexually active characters portrayed in this ebook are eighteen years of age or older.

  Chapter 1

  Beth pulled her little car into the vacant slot in front of the Buy/Low Market. Grabbing her list, and oversized purse, she glanced at her watch, calculating that she had an hour to finish shopping for Mrs. Langley. The frail old woman had hired Beth to do what tasks she was not able to do for herself any longer. She was one of many clients that Beth had accumulated over the last five years. She had even hired a college student part-time to do the chores she was not physically capable of completing. Cleaning out garages, heavy lifting, and lawn work were often requests that she once would have had to turn down. Since she had been able to hire Blake, those jobs were contracted out to him and she was able make a small profit for herself.

  It didn’t take long for Beth to complete the list. Frowning at the sparse list of groceries, she worried at Mrs. Langley’s decreasing appetite; she knew it wasn’t her finances that were responsible for the small list. Beth handled most of her finances, having earned an accounting degree in college; the extra task of balancing Mrs. Langley’s checkbook took little of her time. It had actually made her feel better about using the neglected skills that her monthly student loan payment reminded her she had worked hard to earn. When she had graduated, she had stumbled into her business literally when her next-door neighbor had become ill. Beth had volunteered to run errands for her until she recovered. From there it had been word of mouth until she had a clientele that had provided a steady income, but left little free time. Her clients had started calling and asking for minor tasks to be completed that they were more than able to perform for themselves, often to fill the loneliness of their lives. Beth thought it was sad they called her instead of their children, who often lived near, but were unwilling to stop what they were doing to see to the parents who had raised them. Mailing her a check when she billed them provided a salve to their conscious.

  Beth was putting the groceries into the trunk of her car when the sound of loud motors filled the late afternoon air. Tensing, she looked over her shoulder and saw the large group of motorcycles pulling into the parking lot. Slamming her trunk lid down, Beth quickly opened her car door and got in, closing and locking the door. As she put her keys in the ignition, Beth watched as the bikers parked closely together. The tiny town of Treepoint had a motorcycle club that had taken over the peaceful town three years ago.

  The Last Riders were a motorcycle club whom actual location was unknown to the majority of the townspeople. Many believed it to be nestled in the mountains on the border between Kentucky and Virginia. When they got in trouble and they did often, the two bordering police departments often foisted the crimes onto the others precinct; therefore none of the crimes they were believed to have committed were ever prosecuted. They were growing larger and stronger in force, with both bordering communities becoming frightened of the intimidating strangers that lived and played hard. Fortunately, they stayed to themselves and what trouble they got into stayed within their own cloistered group and the unlucky bars they picked for the night. The aftereffects would often leave the bar closed days for repairs. Usually, one of the members would show up the next day with a wad of cash for the owner, plus extra to silence them. It had become a regular source of income for the small business owners.

  Beth watched from her car as the large group walked into the store. The men were all dressed in jeans and leather jackets with their emblem on the back. Everyone in the small lot gave them a wide berth, not wanting trouble. Several women were interspersed throughout the men. One of the young women laughed, drawing Beth’s attention. Mrs. Langley's granddaughter, Samantha, was walking with her hand through one of the larger men’s belt. His arm casually draped around her shoulders as he walked beside Samantha and was talking to another biker, totally ignoring the scattering patrons. Seeing others panic as she had made Beth feel guilty, they had not acted any different then any other shopper going into the small store. Sam was dressed as Beth had never seen her clothed before, and she had already developed a reputation before the bikers had made their presence known in town. Tight jeans that left her hips and stomach bare with a glinting belly ring that drew attention to her flat stomach. A skimpy top left the globes of her breasts bare. Motorcycle boots completed the picture of a biker babe that Beth was sure would give her grandmother heart palpations.

  Sam was several years younger than her and at nineteen; her body was lithe and firm, unlike her own short chunky frame. Beth was not overweight, but because of her small five-foot stature, the weight seemed to pack on whatever she ate. Thankfully, her job and exercise kept her from being a pudgy mess. When they entered the store, Beth carefully pulled out. Worried for the young girl, but being well acquainted with Sam, she knew she would not appreciate any concern. Beth knew Mrs. Langley would be worried sick if she knew whom she was hanging out with, and Sam’s father would be furious. Vincent Bedford was president of the local bank. He was aloof and arrogant, keeping his charming demeanor for the upper class of Treepoint society. Beth had talked to him when his mother-in-law had hired her. Surprisingly, Mrs. Langley had asked Beth to keep up with her finances and her son-in-law had agreed. She had soon learned why when she had delved into the accounts. Vincent Bedford was not interested in what little his mother-in-law had and instead kept busy kissing the ass of every rich and widowed woman in Treepoint. Beth turned onto the small lane that led to Mrs. Langley’s house to drop off the small amount of groceries she had requested. Beth was already planning ahead to the next assignment awaiting her attention; hopefully she would make it home before dark.

  “Did you see that?” Razer asked the girl hanging on to his side.

  “How could I miss it? She practically jumped into her car she was so scared. I bet she pissed herself.”

  Razer laughed and the others close by joined in, having also seen the luscious little blond scurry to her car.

  Inside, they split up, gathering supplies for the coming week. Massive amounts of meat, chips, and beer filled the three carts to overflowing.

  “How are we going to get all this back to the house?” Sam questioned Razer as he pulled out the large denomination bills to pay the exorbitant checkout ticket.

  “Maybe we should hire your granny’s scared little mouse to deliver them,” he joked.

  “Don’t joke. I bet she ran right to my grandmother’s to tattle on me. Nosy bitch.”

  Train walked up behind her and pulled her close, running his hand over her ass and pulling her close to his jutting crotch. Ignoring the gawking customers and sales clerk not used to such blatant sexual behavior in public.

  “What’s she gonna tell Sam? That you’re fucking one of us? What ya worried about, it’s not the truth.” He snickered, pulling her even closer.

  “Don’t worry Sam, it wouldn’t occur to that old woman that you’re fucking them all.” Evie muttered snidely as she pushed her to the side with one of the overloaded grocery carts towar
d the sliding doors. “Put the groceries in my car.” She directed the bikers, ignoring the angry glare directed her way from Samantha.

  Sam turned bright red at the disrespect shown from the popular Evie. Feeling herself under scrutiny by the open mouthed clerk she snapped. “What are you staring at bitch?”

  “That’s the way Sam.” Train eased his tight grip before dropping a kiss on her mouth, giving a show for the stunned people at the checkout. Angrily, Sam pulled herself away, stalking away from the audience that had formed in the busy store.

  Beth let herself into Mrs. Langley’s house, juggling the groceries carefully. Quietly, she put them away before going in search of the older woman. She found her lying on her couch taking a nap.

  “Mrs. Langley?” Beth was about to turn away and leave her to her nap when she heard her tired voice respond.


  “Yes, it’s me.” Beth moved further into the room so that she could be seen without making the woman rise from her reclining position.

  “I thought you might be Samantha. She was supposed to stop by for a visit this week.” Sadness shone from her pale blue eyes. Beth felt a lump in her throat. So many of her clients suffered from loneliness, feeling compelled to sit for several minutes, Beth listened to several reminisces of Samantha as a child. Wishing to shake the girl in question for ignoring her grandmother, she knew it was useless to feel anger about something that was beyond her control. She was just following her father’s example; Sam’s mother had been Mrs. Langley’s daughter and had died in a car accident when Sam was fourteen. Waiting until the woman wound down, Beth interrupted her between stories.

  “I am sorry I didn’t mean to disturb your nap. I just wanted to let you know I dropped the groceries off and put them away. Blake will be by this weekend to clean out your gutters and store away anything you no longer need.”

  “Thank you. I don’t know what I would do without your help.”

  “I am sure your family would be more than happy to help.”

  “You think so?”

  “I know so, now don’t nap too long or you will be unable to sleep tonight. I will see you Saturday. I’ll lock the door on the way out.” Beth left her already dozing back off and was locking the heavy door when the loud sound of motorcycles again drew her attention. They were driving slowly down the speed-restricted lane, passing directly in front of the house Beth was leaving. Samantha was on the back of a large black motorcycle, holding tightly to a different biker than she had walked into the store with. Beth felt her eyes on her as she passed and waved her hand in acknowledgment. Samantha turned her head in the other direction, blatantly ignoring the casual greeting.

  Beth shrugged to herself, not upset at the snub. Samantha had never been friendly when their paths had crossed, often being downright unfriendly. She had tried not to let it bother her, but Beth couldn’t understand why the girl disliked her so much.

  The walk to her car seemed like a mile, instead of the few feet it actually was. As she walked to her car, she glanced toward the bikes as they passed. If it would not have been so obvious, Beth would have gone back into the house until they passed, but she was unwilling to make a fool of herself twice in the same day. She blew out a relieved breath as the last one passed. He was the one that had his arm around Samantha at the store.

  He looked her way as she walked towards her car. The breath she had been releasing caught in her throat at his rugged beauty. His dark brown hair reached the collar of his leather jacket and was tied back with a skullcap. Sunglasses hid the color of his eyes, but did not diminish the strength of his gaze on her. Feeling scorched as their eyes met briefly; Beth saw his lips twist into a wicked grin as if he knew the feelings storming her body. Beth hurried towards her car, tearing her eyes away from the passing motorcycle. She didn’t turn when she heard the bike's motor rev as if he was laughing at her.

  Beth fingers trembled as she fit her keys into the ignition. She did not know why the bikers made her feel so uncomfortable. The only conclusion she had reached was that they incorporated every vice her father had warned against. Beth’s parents had been born and raised in Treepoint. Her father had been the local Baptist preacher and her mother devoted to his work. Their expectations of her had been high and the community had kept their eyes on her, telling her father of each infraction they felt in their righteous way was against his teachings. He had responded with hours of lectures and days of reproachful looks, making Beth feel often inadequate and bad. Experiences that young girls often enjoyed, such as dances and boyfriends, became associated with feelings that brought displeasure to her father. Beth had two choices, either to rebel or submit to the demands of her father’s position in the community demanded. Beth was no fighter; she had caved into her parents' demands because of her sister. In showing an example of charity, her parents had adopted a little girl, Lily. She was everything Beth was not, tall, slim, and radiantly beautiful, both inside and out. When you saw her, you could not take your eyes off her as if you would miss something vitally important. To look at the pretty 19 year old, you would never know the hell her parents had dragged her from.

  Lily had been tiny for her age and her natural mother had skirted the law by never putting her in school. After adopting her, Beth’s parents had told everyone she was actually two years younger so she would not be so delayed in her own age group. Beth loved her sister and when her parents had been killed when on a charity mission, Beth had moved home to care for her until she finished high school. Lily was now a senior in high school with graduation a few months away. She had more than caught up developmentally and physically, but they decided to keep her age unknown. It had been their parent’s decision; the school knew her true age. It was the community that was kept in the dark believing her to be seventeen.

  It had not been hard caring for Lily, while Beth felt smothered by her parent’s restrictions, Lily had embraced them. The rules had provided safety and structure to the traumatized girl. Beth’s mind shied away from the memories of her first meeting with the little girl and was truly thankful her parents had rescued the sister of her heart, if not blood.

  Beth pulled into her driveway, seeing the porch light on. Lily would be waiting for her to get home from work. The smell of food assailed her when she entered the cozy house.

  “Hi sis, you’re late.” Lily greeted and accused her at the same time.

  “I know. I would have called, but I know how you are about me talking on the phone while driving.” Beth removed her shoes and the band holding her hair tightly back from her face. Beth eased her sister’s fears, understanding how traumatized she had been from their parent’s unexpected deaths.

  “All right.” Lily instantly forgave her sister. “Let’s eat, I am starving.”

  Beth laughed at her sister’s slim figure. “You always are, I don’t know why you can’t gain weight the way you constantly eat. Must be good genes.” Instantly, Beth regretted her words at the pain in her sister’s eyes.

  Quickly taking her arm and leading Lily back into the kitchen, she changed the subject. “What’s for dinner?”

  Laughing, Lily answered her question. “Your favorite, spaghetti.” The girls set the table and within minutes were sitting and enjoying the dinner Lily had prepared.

  “So what have you planned for this weekend?”

  “Nothing much.” Lily shrugged taking a slice of garlic bread. “Studying.” Beth frowned at her short answer.

  “Isn’t prom a few weeks away?”

  “Yes. But I am not going.”

  “Why, doesn’t Charles want to go?” Beth tried not to wince when she said his name. The young boy was nice, but he showed many of the same characteristics of their father. His self-righteousness often grated on Beth’s nerves.

  “No and neither do I.” Lily raised her hand when Beth would have protested. “You didn’t go to your prom because daddy wouldn’t allow it and I just can’t go when I know it wouldn’t have been what he wanted and Charles agrees

  Beth chose her words with care. “Lily, times have changed. The church is much more lenient than when dad was pastor. I am not saying go out and get wild, just go out and have a good time. There can be a happy medium.”

  Lily just shook her head. “No, Beth please, I don’t want to go.” Beth started to argue with her sister, whether it was the prom she did not want to attend or the after parties, which could get a little wild. The phone interrupted her with the notes of “Into the fire." Lily made a look of reproach at the music, but Beth ignored it. She loved music and enjoyed it contrary to her father’s teachings of it leading to sin and temptation. Beth wasn’t about to let Lily guilt her into changing it into her own boring ring tone.


  “Beth. This is Loker James. I am sorry to disturb your evening, but I have a situation on my hands I was hoping you could help me with.”

  “No problem, Mr. James, what can I help you with?"

  Lily made a face at her as she helped herself to another serving of her spaghetti.

  “I just received a call from Mick at “Rosie’s,” dad is down there drunk and trying to get in fights with other customers. I was hoping you could send Blake down there to take him home for me. I am in Washington in a meeting or I would do it myself.”

  “I can’t send Blake, but I can take care of it for you.” Mr. James’ father Ton was a small man with a big name with an attitude to match. He was a sweet person when sober, but when he was drunk, he managed to convince himself he was a badass. This often led to fights that he lost, and sometimes ending up in the emergency room being patched up under his son’s furious recriminations.

  Loker James had hired Beth because his business had him out of town frequently and he wanted to maintain a watchful eye on his father.

  “I don’t know if that is the best option. Dad can be hard to handle when he’s drunk.” The aggravation in his tone came clearly through the phone. Beth grinned, she was well aware of just how cranky the man could be, having put him to bed many times over the last few months since she had been hired. It was the first time she would have to enter “Rosie’s” to retrieve him after a binge.

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