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Venom and the New Devils: A Bad Boy Second Chance Romance (New Devils MC Book 5)

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Venom and the New Devils: A Bad Boy Second Chance Romance (New Devils MC Book 5)


  A Bad Boy Second Chance Romance



  Copyright © 2018 Jade Kuzma.

  All rights reserved.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All persons appearing on the cover are models and being used for illustrative purposes only.



  First edition. September 26, 2018

  Copyright © 2018 Jade Kuzma.

  Written by Jade Kuzma.

  Jade Kuzma Romance

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  The New Devils MC

  The Black Reapers MC

  Chapter 1



  Normal people hated dealing with it. How could anybody enjoy chaos? Nah, people didn’t come to a small town like Ivory because they welcomed chaos. They came to Ivory because it was a nice, quiet little town. That stereotypical place in the middle of nowhere you could get lost in. Ivory was anything but chaos. It was the perfect place for normal people.

  Of course, I realized a long time ago that I wasn’t normal. I was never angry about it. I never drowned my sorrows or cried myself to sleep because I would never live an ordinary life. Fuck that. I didn’t wanna be normal. Surrounded by chaos was where I found my peace. It was home to me.

  And the chaos in Hades Pub now was exactly what I needed.

  All of the assholes drinking and shouting over the music. All of the women squealing and giggling to try and draw attention to themselves. All of the fights that were about to break out in this old, rundown little bar. I was in my own zone with all of the shit surrounding me tonight. Chaos was the key to my own happiness.

  I leaned up against the wall, my arms crossed as I looked out onto the scene. Despite everything around me, my thoughts were focused.

  “I got something…”

  “You got something?”

  “Something big. Something real big.”

  “You got something big. You know I hate it when you try to tease me like I’m some broad.”

  “That’s why I do it so much.”

  “I don’t suppose you’re gonna tell me what the fuck this something big is?”

  Roman eyeballed me. Most men would’ve been upset about me not spilling all the details. And most people would’ve felt threatened by a man like Roman staring them down. Not me though.

  Roman was my right-hand man. The Vice President of the Devils. He’d been with me since the beginning. He’s here with me now. I could tell the motherfucker to jump off of a bridge and he’d listen to me because he was that loyal. And he’s that loyal because he knows I’d never tell him to do some shit like that.

  Roman Rock. My brother.

  “I can’t tell you what it is,” I said. “But it’s big.”

  “Right,” he sighed.

  He let out a chuckle and shook his head, knowing that there was no way out of it.

  “Last time you had something for me, I was working for some asshole protecting his lady,” Roman said.

  “And you ended up fucking her. I’d say things worked out for the best.”

  “They did. But I don’t plan on doing any more fucking than with the old lady I’m already with.”

  “I don’t expect you to. No… This is something a little different than watching over somebody.”

  Roman straightened up and looked out in the crowd. The bar was crowded with people getting drunker by the second. None of the conversations or music or inevitable violence were enough to interrupt my conversation with my VP.

  “This thing,” Roman said. “The club know about this?”

  “Just you.”

  “You wanna call a meeting? There are more than just two of us now. It’d make sense to run it by them.”

  “Not yet. I wanna make sure that I can do this.”

  “You wanna make sure? When’s the last time you ever doubted yourself?”

  I couldn’t help but laugh at Roman’s question.

  “Trust me,” I said. “The last thing I’m doing is doubting whether or not we can do this. I just wanna make sure that now is the right time to do it.”

  “You got a job. You won’t tell me what it is. You don’t wanna talk to the rest of the club…”

  “Everything has to be perfect. We do this, it’ll be the last thing the Devils will have to get ourselves involved in. We can all sit back, relax and enjoy ourselves.”

  “Ah, the ol’ Murph plan for life. This is something big.”

  “I told you.”

  I gave Roman a smirk. The man I depended on most when I needed help wasn’t about to leave me now. He shrugged at me and rolled his eyes, just waiting for me to tell him jump off that bridge.


  “You motherfucker!”

  A man bellowed so loud that he interrupted me and every other conversation in the bar. Everybody turned their attention to the side of the place where the commotion was.

  “You cheatin’ motherfucker! I saw it!”

  Some bald thug was hopping up and down like a child throwing a tantrum. Sloppy, amateur tattoos on his arms like a grade-schooler had drawn them on. A leather vest with a patch that didn’t belong to any club I recognized. Every man with a hog and a kutte thought he was the shit. This motherfucker wasn’t an exception.

  “Right there! It’s up your sleeve!”

  The punk was jabbing his index finger at the man sitting down in front of him.

  The man before him put his hands up, a fake look of innocence on his face. And it was definitely fake. Hunter might’ve said otherwise, but he was the worst actor I’d ever met. It’s kinda amazing that a motherfucker like him got as far as he did hustling people.

  “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Hunter said as he put his hands up.

  “It’s right there! I can fuckin’ see it!”

  There was one in every bar in every city. Some guy who was always a step ahead. In Hades’s case, it was Hunter. You knew he was a hustler just by looking at him. Nonchalant demeanor. Jeans a little baggier than you were used to seeing. Old leather jacket he’d worn ever since he
was a teen. The kind of bastard who’d never changed. The bastard could’ve had a gun pointed at his face and he would still laugh about it. He wasn’t too fond of being called Joker but damn if the name didn’t fit the motherfucker so well.

  He would’ve annoyed me if he wasn’t on my side.

  “All right, all right,” I said, stepping between the two men before it got any worse. “What the fuck’s going on here? You’re killing the vibe in my clubhouse.”

  “This motherfucker is cheating!” the bald man said. “He’s got an ace every single fucking time! No man is that lucky!”

  “Hey,” Hunter said with a shrug. “It must be my night.”

  “He’s got something up his sleeve! I can see it!”

  “Hunter,” I said, my eyebrows raised. “You got something up your sleeve?”


  “Bullshit!” the man interrupted.

  I sighed a deep breath and turned to Roman. Roman was there when I needed him most, so some petty shit like this just made him laugh and shrug.

  “All right,” I said to the man. “Hunter, give this man half of what you took from him.”

  “Half?” Hunter exclaimed. “You can’t be serious—”

  “I want more than half,” the man interrupted. “I want all of my money back. And I want his money, too.”

  He jammed his finger back toward Hunter.

  “You know, I’m getting a little tired of you pointing at me,” Hunter responded. “Show some respect. You’re in the Devils’ clubhouse.”

  “Half,” I said to the man. “Hunter might have cheated you but it’s your own fault for letting him do it in the first place.”

  The man took a step toward me. He was close enough to me that I could feel the stench of whiskey on his breath. He looked me up and down.

  “I don’t give a fuck where I am,” he said as he eyeballed the patch on my chest. “And I don’t give a fuck if you’re president of the Devils. You’ll show me some respect or I’ll beat it into you.”

  He was serious. The kind of determination in his eyes was some shit I was used to seeing. I was so used to seeing it that all I could do was roll my eyes. I could’ve handled it myself but I wasn’t interested in prolonging things.


  One word was all I needed to end things.

  The big man I needed stepped forward right behind the bald punk trying to size me up. I couldn’t fight the smile on my face when the guy turned around to see who was standing behind him.

  I wasn’t ashamed to admit that I probably couldn’t take Aden in a fight. It wasn’t just how big he was. He knew what he was doing with his hands. The motherfucker was a world champion. He killed a man. Legally. And the whole world cheered him on when he did it. Him wearing the patch meant I never had to worry about people trying to start shit with me. We called him Mercy because if he didn’t have anybody, he’d probably be behind bars.

  And the guy standing in front of me realized quick that testing Mercy’s patience was the last thing anybody ever did.

  “Take this guy outside,” I said to Aden. “Don’t do anything unless you have to.”

  “Come on,” Aden sighed as he grabbed the man by the collar of his vest.

  He dragged the man like a child, forcing him to stumble toward the exit.

  “Hey! What are you doing? You motherfuckers!”

  The asshole went kicking and screaming but what mattered was that he went. As soon as he was gone and the yelling disappeared, the rowdiness of the clubhouse returned to what I was used to.

  Hunter stood up next to me and straightened out his jacket. I looked him up and down.

  “You cheated,” I said.

  “Of course, I did,” Hunter said with a smirk.

  I rolled my eyes but Hunter was still laughing.

  “Joker,” I said to him. “You can’t keep pulling that shit. I don’t want that kinda reputation at this clubhouse.”

  “I’m a little rusty. I’ll play straight-up next time. Wouldn’t wanna soil the reputation of the Devils.”

  “You know… Some would say it’s a little too late for that.”

  “I love you, too, Sebastian.”

  He sarcastically puckered his lips at me and cackled as he walked over to the bar.

  “Tell me again, Seabass,” Roman said. “Why did we patch him in again?”

  “Hunter made his living in the big city. Living in Ivory, he’s getting a little restless. Can’t say I blame him.”

  “And I suppose this something big thing you’ve got planned for us is just what he needs?”

  “It’s what we all need. And we’ve got the people we need. Aden. Hunter. And Ezra. Speaking of which, where is he?”

  “I think I saw him head out back.”

  “We’ll give him a few minutes.”

  Roman and I headed toward the bar to grab ourselves a few drinks. I sipped on my beer and noticed that Roman kept eyeballing me.

  “You’re really not gonna tell me what the fuck this is you’ve got planned, are you?” he asked.

  “Short of jumping off a bridge, is there anything you wouldn’t do?”

  “Just because I’d do something doesn’t mean I wanna do it.”

  “I’m not asking you to shovel horse shit—”

  “You sure about that? Because all of this teasing is making shoveling that horse shit sound real nice.”

  “Maybe we’ll do that for Plan B. Plan A is still in play though. And there’s just the man I needed to see…”

  I looked over Roman’s shoulder at the man walking up to me.

  Ezra was the latest patch in the club. It was still strange to see him wearing the colors. It wasn’t even just that the Devils were exclusive. Nah, Ezra was the last man I would’ve ever expected to ride with me. But the bastard traded in his suit for a kutte faster than I could blink. He couldn’t deny it. It was in his blood. That was the reason we called him Soul.

  He carried himself with his chest out, walking around as proud as a man who was worth millions even though I knew that wasn’t the case with him. Still, I wouldn’t want any other man to be club treasurer.

  He slicked a hand back over his hair and ordered a beer from the bartender.

  “Soul,” I said as I read the patch on his chest. “Just the man I wanted to see.”

  “What’s up?” Ezra replied.

  “Need some help.”

  “Of course. Anything you need.”

  “You still got any of those suits you used to wear?”

  “I need to dress up every now and then for the restaurant. Lacey likes to class up the joint from time to time.”

  “Nothing wrong with that.”

  “Why you asking?”

  “You got a tailor?”

  “I do. I haven’t talked to him in a long time, since I haven’t needed any new suits. He’s up north in the big city. Trust him more than anybody else. Gets all my shit done just right.”

  “Good. Can you schedule a meeting with him?”

  “Why? I just said I don’t need any new suits.”

  “Not for you. For me… and Roman.”

  I looked over at my VP. Roman arched an eyebrow at me.

  “Am I hearing this right?” Ezra said. “You need suits?”

  “Can you do it?”

  “I can get you a fitting as soon as you need it. Sheesh… You got me out of a suit and into a kutte and now you’re doing the opposite.”

  Roman crossed his arms, probably wondering if I was going to tell Ezra what I didn’t tell him. I held back a laugh then patted Ezra on the arm.

  “This is something big,” I said.

  “It must be if you need a suit for it,” Ezra said. “What you got cooking up?”

  Ezra and Roman both had their eyes on me. I ignored them and looked back out onto the bar. All of the chaos surrounding me but my thoughts were clear.

  I gulped down the rest of my beer before I responded to them.

  “Don’t worry. I’ve got eve
rything all planned out. You’ll see.”

  “You won’t tell me what you’re doing,” Roman said. “Can you at least tell me where we’re going?”

  “…Golden Hills.”

  Chapter 2


  A few days later…

  When I was younger, I always dreamed of dressing up. Not putting on a nice outfit and going out on the town. No, I had dreams of wearing fancy gowns and expensive dresses. I wanted to be a princess. I wanted to be a queen. I wasn’t ashamed to admit it. A young girl with fantasies and aspirations of what it would be like to live life on top of the world was something that always stuck with me.

  Reality started to sink in when I got older. That’s not to say that I prepared myself for a life of inevitable misery. I only stop thinking about the dreams of living in a castle that sat among the clouds like some wild fantasy. I became an adult. A woman who defined her own success without the need for fancy outfits and homes that looked down on everybody else from the heavens. The castle in the sky had become a mansion in Golden Hills.

  But… When I looked at myself in the mirror as I was doing now, I couldn’t help but think about all of the fantasies I had when I was younger.

  The sleek dress hugged my curves just right. The material was soft against my skin, so it looked good on me just as much as it was comfortable. The ensemble was completed with my hair and my makeup done.

  I put my hands on my hips and marveled at the sight of me.

  “This is incredible,” I said under my breath.

  “What’s incredible?”

  A sudden voice startled me and made me realize I wasn’t alone in the room.

  “This dress,” I said as I continued to be hypnotized by my reflection. “It’s stunning. She really outdoes herself.”

  “You look stunning in everything you wear. I’d imagine you’d get used to it by now.”

  “It’s not just the dress,” I said with a laugh. “When I was younger, I always wanted to dress up like this. My parents never had much though, so it was always just a fantasy. It still feels that way even though it’s right in front of me…”

  The man on the other side of the bedroom straightened himself up then slowly walked over. He looked at my reflection, a confident smile on his lips.

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