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Daddy & His Little Baby

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Daddy & His Little Baby

  Daddy & His Little Baby

  Daddy Fantasies #2

  By Jade K. Scott

  Tess’s mother died two years ago, leaving only her stepfather, Tom, to care for her. One night, Tess awakens from a bad dream. Tom comes to her room to comfort her, to hold his little girl and tell her everything will be all right. But he ends up taking her virginity and turning her into his little sex doll.

  Word Count: Approximately 3,000

  WARNING: This is an erotic short story for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen. This story contains graphic depictions of sexual intercourse, oral sex, and sex between a stepfather and his stepdaughter.

  Copyright 2011 Jade K. Scott, All Rights Reserved

  Smashwords Edition

  “Daddy & His Little Baby”

  I was too young to remember when Mom married Tom. She got pregnant with me when she was in high school, and the father wanted nothing to do with me. I’ve never even met my biological father.

  Tom treated me just like I was his own. He was kind, loving, gentle… all the things a father should be. We were just like any normal family – until my mother died of leukemia when I was sixteen. I even called him “Daddy” just like he was my real dad.

  I started having nightmares not long after Mom died. I’d wake up screaming and calling out her name. It was killing me to be without her. I was lucky I still had Tom in my life. I don’t know how I’d have made it through without him.

  The nightmares continued for two years. I was eighteen years old, and I still couldn’t stand living without her. She was always my rock, the one I turned to when things were bad.

  One night, I woke up in a cold sweat, screaming “Mom! Mom!” Tom came running into the room, flicked on my lamp, and sat down beside me, holding me close as he always did. It felt soothing to have his strong arms around me as the tears streamed down my face.

  This time was different, somehow. Instead of feeling the gentleness of a father’s love, I felt something strong, rugged. His arms were muscular, and I put my hand on his bicep and noticed it twitch. He smelled masculine, musky. I felt a warmth inside my panties, and I suddenly wanted to kiss him. I resisted, but not without difficulty.

  He rocked gently back and forth, stroking my hair. I nestled against his shoulder, breathing in his intoxicating scent, relaxing calmly in his embrace. I remembered when I used to snuggle in his lap while the three of us watch movies as a family. I burst into tears, the pain of my mother’s death still raw after all this time.

  “Shh,” he whispered. “There, there. It’s alright.”

  I felt his fingers under my chin, lifting my face so he could look in my eyes. He brushed a tear away from my cheek, and I stared deeply into his rich, brown eyes. I started to look away, but suddenly, I felt his lips on mine. The roughness of his five o’clock shadow was harsh against my skin. I gasped and recoiled in shock, though the sensation had been entirely pleasant.

  “My God, I’m sorry,” he said, backing away from me slightly. “I don’t know what came over me.”

  He stood up and took a step toward the door, but I grabbed his wrist and held tightly.

  “Don’t go,” I said quietly.

  He refused to look at me. His body was turned toward the door, and his eyes were cast downward in shame. I tugged at his arm.

  “Look at me,” I said. He refused, so I demanded, “Look at me!”

  Slowly, his head turned to face me. His cheeks were a deep crimson, and he looked thoroughly ashamed.

  “What is it, Tess?” he asked, his voice tight with contrition.

  “It’s alright,” I said gently, pulling his arm until he sat down heavily on the bed.

  I put my arms around his neck and pulled him close, snuggling against him. I felt his warm breath on my shoulder, and I shivered.

  “What’s alright?” he murmured.

  “I’m not angry,” I said.

  “You should be,” he told me. “I’m angry with myself.”

  “No, don’t be!” I said. “Please don’t be.”

  “How can I not, Tess?” he asked, sitting up and looking into my eyes. “I’m your father. I shouldn’t be… I should…”

  “Stop,” I said. “I… I wanted you to kiss me.”

  For a moment, he sat frozen with confusion. His brow was wrinkled tightly, bunched up and furrowed.

  “But… why did you pull away?” he asked.

  “I was just surprised, that’s all,” I said. “I’ve… I’ve actually wanted you to kiss me for a long time.”

  He shook his head, clearly stunned.

  “I don’t understand,” he said.

  “Look, I’ve been wanting to kiss you,” I told him. “I was just afraid. And when you kissed me, I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to do. I wish I hadn’t moved away. I wish I’d kissed you back. I wish…”

  Suddenly, I felt his arms around me. His lips pressed urgently against mine. I froze, but then melted. I relaxed my lips and closed my eyes, and I felt his tongue slip inside my mouth. His breath was sweet. I think he must have been drinking wine earlier.

  I put my arms around his neck and surrendered to the kiss. His tongue probed inside my mouth, swirling around and wrestling with mine. I felt his hands on my back, drawing my body against his, the warmth of our bodies mingling together rapturously. My fingers tangled in his hair.

  His lips moved down my neck, kissing down, down until his lips rested softly at the base of my neck, hovering lightly over my throat. He squeezed my body close to him, and I sighed joyously as his strength enveloped me. His hot breath against my skin was exhilarating.

  “Oh, my God,” I whispered softly.

  “Tess… oh, Tess,” he moaned.

  As he continued to kiss my neck, one of his hands came forward and rested lightly on my stomach. It started to move slowly upward until it rested ever so gently over my breast. When I didn’t object, he cupped it, fondling it delicately. I moaned softly in his ear.

  His entire body shifted as I moaned, as though it were trying to contain the enormity of his passion, and he groaned. I wanted… no, needed to feel the cause for this reaction, so I let my hand drop to his lap and slowly inch up toward his crotch. My hand slid up over the massive bulge, which threatened to burst forth from his pajamas. He groaned again as my hand touched his shaft, and his mouth closed over mine with a grunt.

  As his tongue probed once again inside my mouth, I felt his hand moving down from my breast. He pulled my nightgown up, and his hand rested flat on my belly and slid down, his fingers poking inside the waistband of my panties.

  “Yes,” I whispered, “touch me, Daddy.”

  His body shifted again, and he shoved his hand further inside my underwear. It rested over my pubic mound, cupping it tightly for a moment, and then continued. He spread my labia apart, and I felt one of his fingers poking inside my dripping wet hole. His slippery finger moved upward and brushed over my swollen clit, and I gasped, my hand instinctively gripping his cock through his pants.

  He began to rub my clit in tiny circles. Tiny jolts of pleasure surged through my body. I fumbled to free his cock from his pants, and it sprang out as soon as I tugged the waistband free of it. My hand wrapped around his shaft and gripped it tightly, and he thrust against it, pushing his cock up through the opening between my finger and thumb. He grunted as he thrust.

  I slid my hand up and down his shaft as he continued to finger my quivering pussy. His cock pulsed madly in my hand, and he continued to thrust his hips, fucking my hand as I rubbed him.

  I suddenly became overwhelmed with the desire to taste his cock. I pushed him backward slightly, and I bent my head and quickly took the hea
d between my lips. I tasted the salty wetness of his pre-cum against my tongue, and I felt the walls of my cunt begin to pulse excitedly. He moaned as my tongue swirled around the swollen head of his manhood. My mouth slid slowly down on his cock, taking it as deeply as possible down my throat. I gagged slightly and gasped, pulling back up. He was so huge I could barely take half of him in my mouth.

  My hand grasped the base of his shaft, and I began to bob my head up and down, sucking his cock with all the passion I felt for him. He leaned back, his eyes closed, his elbows digging into my mattress.

  Suddenly, he gasped, “Stop, stop!”

  “What’s wrong?” I asked him.

  “Nothing, sweetheart,” he said gently. “I just don’t want to cum yet.”

  My face flushed scarlet, and I said, “Oh.”

  He took my face in his hands and kissed my lips, and then he said, “It’s my turn, now.”

  He lifted my nightie over my head and tossed it aside. His head bent down and he took one of my nipples between his lips, sucking it gently. Then he slowly kissed his way down my belly. I leaned back against my pillow as his face hovered over my panties. He breathed deeply, smelling my wetness. Then he grasped the waistband of my panties and pulled them down as I lifted my ass. He was so excited that he left my panties dangling from one ankle, too overcome with passion to bother removing them completely.

  He pushed my legs apart and spread my labia with his fingers, revealing my dripping slit. His eyes widened as he stared in awe, and he licked his lips. His head bent forward, and I felt his tongue lash against my clit. I bit my lip and sighed blissfully.

  He slipped his middle finger inside my hole and turned it upward, rubbing my G-spot. His tongue pressed firmly against my clit, sliding up and down. My pussy began to throb, and I knew I would soon reach orgasm.

  “Wait!” I gasped. “Fuck me!”

  “I will, but let me make you cum first,” he argued.

  “No!” I said. “I want to cum with you.”

  “Are you sure?” he asked.

  I reached down and put my hands under his arms and tugged, trying to pull his body on top of mine.

  “I’m sure,” I said confidently.

  I felt his weight bearing down on top of me. I tore at his clothes, practically ripping them from his body and throwing them aside. The feeling of his skin against mine was driving me wild. I could feel his rock hard cock thrusting against my inner thigh, and I shifted my hips to it pushed fiercely against my slit.

  “Fuck me,” I whispered into his ear.

  His lips closed over mine in a passionate, heated kiss. The intensity of his horniness boiled over as his hardness pushed against me. I felt the head slip between my labia and begin trying to work its way inside me.

  “You’re sure you want this?” he asked breathlessly.

  “Yes!” I confirmed, thrusting my hips forward and trying to pull his hardness inside me.

  His lips brushed against the skin of my neck, and I gasped. He thrust his hips, and his cock pushed part way into my tight hole. I pushed against him, trying to take more of him inside me. He thrust again, plunging deeper and tearing my hymen. I shrieked in pain, barely able to breathe. He froze.

  “Are you okay?” he asked, his voice laced with concern.

  “I’m fine,” I grunted, my voice strained from the pain.

  “No, you’re not,” he argued, pulling out.

  He looked down at his cock, and the head was covered in blood. The color drained from his face, and his jaw went slack.

  “Oh, God,” he muttered, looking as though he might vomit. “Please tell me I didn’t just… oh, God.”

  “Please, Daddy,” I begged him. “Don’t stop!”

  “Tess, were you… a virgin?” he asked.

  “Yes,” I admitted, the flush of shame coloring my cheeks.

  “Why, Tess? Why did you let me do that? Why didn’t you tell me?”

  “Because I knew you wouldn’t do it!” I shouted. “I knew you couldn’t! But it’s done now, and I want you!”

  “Tess, I…”

  I grabbed him and pulled him down on top of me, cutting him off in mid-sentence. I pushed my tongue inside his mouth and wiggled my hips, forcing him to feel my wet cunt against his cock.

  “Oh, God,” he whispered. I could literally hear the resolve draining from him.

  “Fuck me,” I growled into his ear. “Fuck my virgin pussy. Please!”

  He looked deep into my eyes, and something changed. His face went from the kind, loving father I’d always known to a savage, primal animal ready to rip me apart. His eyes were wide and bloodshot, and his hair was disheveled and falling into his eyes. His upper lip twitched in one corner and curled up into a wild, angry snarl, and I felt his teeth sink into my shoulder. He growled, wrapped his arms tightly around me, and plunged his cock deep inside me.

  I bit my lip to keep from screaming aloud as his massive cock penetrated my newly deflowered pussy. It stung terribly, but the deeper he penetrated me, the better it felt. Soon, the searing pain eased into pleasure. He plunged inside me over and over, but I could tell he was only entering me with about half his length.

  “Deeper,” I begged him. “Harder!”

  He grunted as he slammed his cock harder inside me. With each thrust, he pushed deeper inside me. Soon, the fat head of his cock was ramming into my cervix, sending jolts of intense pleasure and pain rushing through me. He grunted angrily with each thrust. It was almost like I was being humped by an angry, well-hung dog, and it thrilled me intensely.

  With one massive thrust, he plunged into me, sinking all the way to the hilt. His balls slapped against my ass. He pulled out and thrust forward again. Slowly, he withdrew and pounded me again.

  “Faster,” I begged him. “Please, faster!”

  He grabbed my legs and threw them up over my head. Holding onto my calves, he began to pound my cunt relentlessly, shoving his monolithic dick into my pussy until I could hear it thumping against my cervix over and over. I reached down and began to rub my swollen, throbbing clit. Pressure mounted inside me, and I knew I was nearing orgasm.

  “I’m gonna cum, Daddy!” I gasped. “Ohhhhhh, Daddy! Cum inside me! Please, I need to feel you cum in my pussy!”

  “Mmmm,” he growled. “I’m gonna shoot my fucking load in that pretty little virgin cunt of yours!”

  I bit my lip harder, and my breath came out of my nose in little shudders. He was growling and grunting, and beads of sweat trickled down his forehead. My thighs began to quiver wildly, and the pressure turned into an explosive surge that swept over my body. I cried out with the intensity of it.

  “I’m cumming, Daddy!” I screamed. “I’m cumming all over your cock!”

  “Ahhhh!” he groaned, and I felt his cock begin to pulse wildly inside me as it began to empty inside me.

  I could feel the squirting against my cervix as it spit inside me over and over. His whole body began to shake, and he continued to thrust, albeit very erratically. Finally, his weight collapsed on top of me, and he lied there panting and heaving, struggling to catch his breath.

  As we lay there silently, I could feel his cock beginning to soften inside me. In a few moments, it slipped out of me and rested against my ass. He pushed his fingers inside my cunt and moved them around almost aimlessly, stimulating my clit a little with his thumb. I think he was just marveling over the fact that he’d just popped my cherry.

  “God damn,” he sighed blissfully.

  “What?” I asked.

  “I never thought I’d be fucking my own daughter,” he said.

  “I’m not your daughter, Tom,” I reminded him.

  “I’m not complaining,” he corrected me. “Did you like it?”

  “I fucking loved it,” I promised him.

  “You don’t regret it?”

  “No,” I said immediately. “Do you?”

  “Not one fucking bit.”

  I smiled happily.


bsp; “Hmm?”

  “You’ll do it again, won’t you?”

  He looked up at me as though I’d just asked him if he wanted a free million dollars.

  “Are you serious? Give me five minutes and I’ll show you!”

  And he wasn’t kidding. He was so horny for me that he tore into my pussy just a few minutes later. In fact, Daddy started fucking me every chance he got. I moved into his room, because there was no sense in sleeping apart since we were fucking practically every waking moment of every day.

  When we were too weak or tired to fuck anymore, he’d just lay beside me and touch me. I slept naked beside him so he could fondle me whenever he wanted. Sometimes I’d wake up with his fingers buried inside my pussy, or his cock pushing its way into my ass. I became his living sex doll, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Being with him was the best thing that ever happened to me, and he’s still the best lover I’ve ever had.



  Jade K. Scott, Daddy & His Little Baby

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