Wicked Hungry

      Jacobs, Teddy

Wicked Hungry

Everyone knows it's hard to enter high school. But no one knows better than Stanley Hoff. It doesn't help that at night he wants to howl up at the moon.

Or that in his vegetarian household, Stanley has a horrible secret that makes it hard to sit down at the dinner table and eat the veggie burgers.

As they say in New England, Stanley Hoff is WICKED HUNGRY.

In fact, he's filled with forbidden cravings. And not for tofu pups. For meat. How much beef jerky, how many Slim Jims can Stanley hide in his room, in his locker at high school?

When a very hairy showdown with a school bully sets in motion a great chain of events that include an invitation to cheerleader Meredith's Halloween party, Stanley has to ask himself some important questions. Can he overcome his shyness and get the girl? Save his family, his community and his friends from the growing supernatural threat? All while figuring out how to control the beast within?

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