Find Me

      J. S. Monroe

Find Me

'Intricately woven and heart-stoppingly believable, this has bestseller written all over it' CLARE MACKINTOSH.

'The most ingenious thriller you will read his year. I couldn't put it down' M.J. ARLIDGE.

Five years ago, Rosa walked to the end of the pier in the dead of night. She looked into the swirling water, and jumped. She was a brilliant young Cambridge student who had just lost her father. Her death was tragic, but not unexpected.

Was that what really happened? The coroner says it was. But Rosa's boyfriend Jar can't let go. He sees Rosa everywhere – a face on the train, a figure on the cliff. He is obsessed with proving that she is still alive. And then he gets an email.

Find me, Jar. Find me, before they do...

Is Rosa really dead? And, if she is, who is playing games with the ones she left behind?

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