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Vixen Revolution

  J P Robertson

  Copyright 2015 J P Robertson

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  Vixen: Revolution

  Chapter 1

  Women aren’t supposed to be equal to men; it’s just not in their biology. It’s nothing personal, it’s not about the individual, and it’s just the way things are. Throughout human history, women may have been behind the scenes, creating and destroying empires, but they were always behind the scenes. This was the proper form of the universe, and an unescapable truth.

  These thoughts kept running through Carrey’s mind as the blows struck her face. She couldn’t see exactly who struck her last, but she knew she wasn’t going to be able to take another blow like that and walk away alive. As she slowly dragged herself from the ground, using the building to help prop the weight of her body, she slipped a blade from under her belt into her hand.

  There were mumbles from the two men, and amidst the ringing in her head, heard enough to know her story was about to get a whole lot shorter. As one of the men lunged forward to kick her back down she thrust the blade out, carving a deep gash through his calf, down the length of his leg. He immediately collapsed in a heap, with a near instant pool of blood around him. She didn’t look to see the other man, just ran for the end of the alley.

  The sound of the rain hitting the lids of the trash bins drowned out the fading wail of the attacker. She figured she must have sliced an artery and decided at that moment it would be the last she would think about that moment in her life. In fact, it was the last time she would think about any part of her former life. Carrey would no longer be a woman, or a victim. From this day forward, she would be a weapon.

  “Hey, you OK there lady?”

  Carrey turned to see a well dressed young man standing on the edge of the kerb holding an umbrella. She smiled at him and turned to walk away. As she started walking down the street, she heard footsteps behind her. Sliding the blade into her hand again, she prepared to spin around and strike.

  The man spoke again. “Hey, lady, you look hurt, can I call you an ambulance or something?”

  Carrey turned and stared at the man for a moment, then slipped the blade back into her sleeve before he saw it.

  “I’m fine; just fell down a few steps. I don’t need any help”, she paused. “Thanks”.

  The man hesitated for a moment, “Well, if you’re sure. I’d get that looked at, looks nasty”.

  “You should have seen the steps then, they got off worse”. The man looked at her quizzically as she turned and walked away.

  After ten minutes or so, Carrey sat on a bench near a creek. The rain had stopped now and the moonlight was fighting its way through the breaking clouds. There was a strange peacefulness about the moment, it felt like the storm had passed and she had clear skies ahead, to lead here wherever she wanted to go.

  “Nice work back there, hun”.

  Carrey jump off her seat and grabbed her blade before turning to see who spoke. The adrenaline spike made the blade shake in her hand.

  Looking behind the seat she saw a young woman, tall and slim, but with broad shoulders and a solid stance.

  “Take it easy Carrey, I’m a friend.”

  “Then why the fuck don’t I know you, and how do you know my name?”

  The woman stepped forward, as Carrey flinched and slid a little to the side. The woman placed what looked like Carrey’s I.D. card on the bench.

  “You dropped this back in the alley, figured you might not want it near the dead bodies.”

  The comment took a moment to register with her, “you said bodies, but I only cut one of them. Wait, you saw that?”

  “Of course Carrey, I’ve been watching you for a while. The other death was unfortunate, but we can’t have anyone identifying you now can we? It would be such a waste of a precious life to have you behind bars”. The woman smiled, a warm, caring smile, that didn’t seem to fit well with a cold-blooded killer.

  Carrey paused again for a moment, absorbing information, trying to make sense of it.

  “So, why have you been watching me, and why do I mean anything to you. I’m no-one, just another tramp earning a living the worst way I can.”

  The woman immediately responded, “You’re not a tramp, Carrey, you’re a woman, and you’re a lot stronger than you think you are, I can see it in you. Come with me and I’ll show you how to be all you can be”.

  She dropped a bag near Carrey’s feet, “There are toilet just over the way, go and get yourself changed into these clothes, clean yourself up as best you can, and if you want to talk I will be at the old York Rd Diner.”

  The woman turned and walked away, without looking back she disappeared into the shadows. Carrey crouched down and rummaged through the bag. There were clothes, shoes, a small med kit, and some makeup. She grabbed the bag and quickly walked off towards to toilets.

  Chapter 2

  The diner was small, with only half a dozen cubicles along one wall, and a bar and kitchen along the opposite wall. The coffee smelt good, and there was also a soft aroma of cinnamon. Carrey cautiously looked around before seeing the woman at the far booth. Carrey walked over and slid into the booth opposite her.

  “I see you still have the bag, I assume with your old clothes in it. Good, smart girl, never leave behind anything that will tie you to a scene.”

  “Two things, firstly you seem to be assuming there will be more scenes, and secondly I don’t even know your name yet, so it’s a little early to be dishing survival lessons.”

  “Fair call, well, my name is Monique Linderman, but I never use that anymore. Now people know me as Jinx.”

  “Jinx? Is that some kind of gang name?”

  “Not so much a gang name, as a title, and one I carry proudly. My crew gave it to me in honour of my value to them.”

  “Your crew? So you ARE in a gang.”

  “You can call it whatever you like Carrey, but we are not victims, or survivors, we are fighters, and will not let anyone take from us what is not theirs. We are strong, we are dangerous, we are power. We have that through our loyalty and numbers. If you still feel that holds the same value as a gang, so be it.”

  Jinx sat back in her seat, smiled, and waved over the waitress, “Two black coffee’s thanks hun, and a couple of those stuffed croissants you do”. Jinx looked back towards Carrey and smiled, “They are to die for, trust me.”

  There was a moment of silence. The hiss of coffee machines in the background and scent of cinnamon was, in a way, quite calming. Carrey slowly looked up from the table towards Jinx, who was sitting back, relaxed, almost observing her. When their eyes met, Carrey didn’t feel anxious or nervous, she felt comfortable. Which considering what had already happened tonight, seemed nothing short of a miracle.

  “So, Jinx, you have said you can teach me. Just what are you planning to teach me, and to what end? I mean, my life ain’t exactly perfect, but why would I leave it for you?”

  Jinx paused for a moment, looking at Carrey she could feel something, she had felt it before with some of the others. So much unlocked potential, so much unlocked power.

  “I can teach you how to take your life back, how to not only take control of your destiny but to control that of others. Yes, we may be a gang, as you like to call it, but this city has turned
on itself and is falling apart. Our people have seen this, and we can see that things are going to get a lot worse for many. We choose not to be part of the many, but part of the few. We will rise from the ruins of this city as a force to be reckoned with.”

  There was another silence before Jinx continued, “Sorry Carrey, that may have come off a little strong. I get excited when I think about our future. Mind you, I’m not the most intense person in the Vixens, a few of the other girls are like a pile of coiled springs, waiting to explode. We are helping them too; we are all different, all from different backgrounds, all with different purposes.”

  “So what, I just walk away from my old life? Leave everyone and everything behind?”

  “Exactly. But really hun, what are you leaving behind? Your family are gone, for which I’m truly sorry, your boyfriend is an abusive pig, and nights like the ones you just went through are becoming more common.”

  Jinx leaned back in her seat, watching Carrey’s eyes dart around the room at a million miles an hour. Jinx knew she had her, she knew she would join them from their first contact. Carrey didn’t remember her, but Jinx had been around her for weeks. She was disappointed she couldn’t have intervened in her assault earlier, but she knew the timing had to be right. It was inevitable Carrey would be attacked sooner or later, she was just relieved she managed to keep up with her when she saw the attackers grab her.

  “OK, I’ll do it.”

  “Great Carrey, you won’t regret it, I have a good feeling about you.” She smiled and touched Carrey on the shoulder.

  “Thanks, it’s been a long time since I heard something like that. So what now, do we go to your secret lair?”

  Jinx laughed so loud it echoed off the walls of the diner. It made Carrey smile too, which actually felt quite good.

  “You’re actually not far off with that one hun. I can’t let you see the exact location until the crew have accepted you. It’s not an initiation as such, more of a shake down. You will not be hurt, but you are expected to be completely honest and fair with your words and actions. From what I have seen, this will be no problem for you.”

  Chapter 3

  As they pulled up to a stop, Carrey could smell the salt air. They must still be somewhere near the city, they didn’t travel for too long, but with the hood on, she couldn’t see a thing.

  There was the tired sound of an old roller door being pulled up before Jinx rode the bike inside. The door was closed, and Carrey’s hood removed. Her eyes slowly came into focus. The room was large and dimly lit, but she could make out the shape of half a dozen people. Within a few seconds she was back in focus.

  “Welcome to the lair Carrey, meet the Vixens”

  A short woman with a slight build stepped forward, “The lair? I kind of like that. Your name Jinx?”

  Jinx nodded her head towards Carrey, who stood with a slight slouch, almost submissive.

  “Stand straight girl, you’re safe here.” There was a pause for a moment, “As long as you’re straight up with us.”

  The woman stood a few feet in front of Carrey looking her up and down. As she did, Carrey pulled her shoulders back, pushed out her modest chest, and looked straight ahead, towards all of the people in the room.

  “Thaaat’s better, much better. First things first, I’m Cass, behind me are Twist, Gee-Lo, Train, Nymph, and Trap. As you know, we call ourselves the Vixens.”

  “Hey Jinx, what is so special about this one?”, Trap looked over towards Carrey and raised her head.

  “You’ll see Trap. She has a soul, and she’s a fighter. Let’s get started and find out what else she is.”

  Jinx spread her arm gesturing Carrey to a door at the end of the room. Carrey nervously walked towards it, entering as Cass opened the door, walking into a wash of bright light. All of the girls followed, before the door was closed.

  The next few hours would be a “soul bearing” ritual, where they would all share their love, hate, fear, and passions. It wasn’t as much about seeing if Carrey could fight, Jinx already knew she wasn’t completely without skill, she could be taught, it was about knowing by the end of the session if she would be there until the end.

  In a former existence Jinx was a highly educated Psychology Professor. She had what she thought was a perfect life until one fateful evening when everything she held close got ripped from existence. She was hosting her partner and his friends for the evening, and after too much booze and drugs, she became the centre of attention. Her partner did nothing to stop the ensuing violence that left her in hospital for three weeks, and although the doctors repaired her body, her mind was shredded.

  Jinx turned from being a caring and devoted partner, to play-thing for heartless thugs in the space of moments. After release from hospital, she had to attend mandatory counselling sessions. Of course she knew how to cheat all of the tests and interviews, so when she returned home from her parents place after a month, everyone thought life was back to normal.

  The night she got back, her partner had arranged a full service dinner at their penthouse apartment, champagne, violins, waiters, the works. What he didn’t know, was Monique, had now become Jinx. And Jinx had already paid off the servants to ignore her adding poison to his food, ensuring an agonizing death over the next six hours.

  While he writhed and groaned on the bed, pleading for help, Jinx cut her forearm, spreading blood across the floor and bathroom wall. She stitched herself up in the bathroom, broke the mirror, grabbed her shoes, and walked out. She had what she was wearing, and the $30,000 her partner had hidden under the bed. Monique was gone, Jinx was born.

  Everyone in the room aside from Carrey had heard the story many times, but they all wept as Jinx told the story. But Jinx smiled, if it hadn’t happened, she would never have become the woman she was, and so it would be with Carrey, she could feel it.

  The initiation was actually a carefully constructed study that Jinx had created. It not only tested the ability and skill of the initiate, but also the reaction and therefore compatibility of the whole group. Jinx wanted the Vixens to be a colony, each person with the own responsibilities and guides, but to work collectively to become stronger. And so far it had worked beyond her expectations, much to the disgust of their rivals, who were now more fearful of them as any other group in the city.

  Chapter 4

  There weren’t a lot of things that Slim Dog was afraid of, but rats were right near the top of the list. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but there was something evil about them, and it was unsettling. Looking at them walk along the beam in front of him, he could see that they had no fear. He almost jumped as one of the larger ones stopped and turned to look at him. Evil.

  “Hey, Slim, you hear about that banger over the Bra that got smeared on the sidewalk?”

  “I heard it was a couple of hookers with a short fuse.”

  “Nah bro, they weren’t hookers. Those chicks were tooled up. Flash bikes, packing, organized. Word is it was a pro hit.”

  “What, so assassin chicks on motorbikes? You’ve been watching too many movies, little man.”

  “It’s straight up bro, as sure as I’m Skittles.”

  The two of them lay there, trying not to move around, staring through a broken window in the loft of the old industrial building. They had a good view of the approach from the North and South, with a clear evening and full moon, they could see everything for miles.

  Although it was a recon mission, they were told to engage if anything was going down. The Old City may have been all but deserted now, however the boss told them it was no reason to give up what was still theirs. Aleutian’s rolled this part of town, and there was no room for more Autohackers, the city was getting too small.

  “You reckon it was those Vixen’s, Dog?”

  Slim Dog turn to him and smiled, “There are no Vixen’s bro, it’s just an urban legend to scare people. There is no way a bunch of chicks could do…”, he paus
ed as he heard an engine in the distance.

  “Shhhh, someone is coming, get your bino’s to the North.”

  They both swept up and down the road, but there were no lights. They could still hear the engine, which turned into two distinct sounds as they grew louder.

  “Got them Skittles, two bikes, riding dark, five hundred metres out. “

  “I got a car coming from the South, no idea what the fuck it is, has no windows but looks like a Ferrari.”

  A cool breeze whipped through the broken windows of the loft, stirring dust in moonlight. The chill may have been from that, but Slim knew it was because he could now see the silhouettes of the riders. Two females, tight leather riding suits, on matt black bikes, riding with no lights. It seemed as though he would have to revisit his definition of urban legends.

  “We gotta get down there Skittles. This definitely ain’t gonna be a social visit, and we need to know what the hell they are up to. If we can take them out we will, if not, we will follow them.”

  “Who Slim, the bikers or the car?”

  “I don’t know who is in the car, but a car like that is definitely an Alpha. We’re not going to play with them, above our pay scale, get it.”

  “Yeah Slim, sorry bro, just a little wired.”

  “Calm down Skittles, we’ve handled plenty of Hackers before, tonight ain’t no different.”

  Slim tapped Skittles in the shoulder, as he flipped his bino’s into the rucksack and started to shuffle back from the gang-plank. He could feel the century of built up Pidgeon crap sliding along his legs and belly. His shirt pulled from his pants, and he didn’t need to look down to know he was now getting a good layer of the stuff on his stomach. He’d need a long shower after this, maybe he would see if Dime wanted to help him out.

  As they got to the end of the plank, they stood and started making their way down the stairs. The old metal stairs were noisy, so they were quick to clear them before the targets arrived. Once they got to the bottom, they made their way to the end of the warehouse, and backed against a concrete wall near a crooked roller door.

  “I’m gonna let Crook know we may have a situation. Then we’ll get to the other end of the warehouse and audio-tag them.”

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