Stranded at Romson's Lodge

      J. L. Callison

Stranded at Romson's Lodge

When a kidnapping plots goes awry, two teenagers fight to stay alive in the remote and dangerous wilds of upstate Maine.

Suddenly snatched from the safety of their suburban lives, everything changes is an instant for high school seniors, Jed Romson, son of a wealthy industrial magnate, and his friend Lizzie. When their abductor's single-engine bush plane crashes in a dense, forested middle of nowhere, Jed and Lizzie find temporary safe haven in an isolated rustic cabin. But they're also fifty miles from civilization. With provisions running low, contact to the outside world cut off, and chance of rescue becoming less likely with each new sunset, they must learn to fend for themselves as the threatening and unpredictable elements of nature close in.

A modern-day Swiss Family Robinson told through the eyes of two resourceful young souls-turned-frontier-survivors, Stranded at Romson's Lodge is a thrilling and inspiring adventure of...

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