Kodiak Bloodlines - The Complete Series

      J. K. Snow

Kodiak Bloodlines - The Complete Series

A bloodline completely slaughtered by a pack of shifters.

Two sisters that lived to remember part of that tragedy, but can no longer shift.

Jordan Raven has been having nightmare's of that awful night that took place so long ago. Thankfully Jordan and her sister, Sonja were saved by the Warren's pack and have lived with them for the last 14 years.Jordan fell head over heals for Noah Warren and was to mate with him on her 21st birthday, that is until another Kodiak shifter killed him.

Now living in Anchorage, she continues to have nightmares of that brutal night her family was slaughtered.

The nightmares & memories don't make sense, they don't fit...She can feel her inner animal locked up but can't release it.

When Jude Warren shows up in Anchorage and her dreams and visions become more vivid she starts to question everything and everyone around her. After finally mating and and still not being able to shift, she knows something is wrong.

Is it just her? Or has everything just been a lie?


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