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  With a firm squeeze of his fingers on her upper thigh, he made her look at him. “Obtaining tutors for the boys was very generous of Patrick. I'd have hired them if you'd told me that's what you wanted. They're my-”

  Abruptly she stood dislodging his hand. Her head throbbed and she didn't want to talk about Patrick. Excusing herself she offered, “I need to get something for this pounding in my temples.” If her healing powers could extend to the hellacious headaches, she'd been experiencing over the last few weeks she'd be ecstatic.

  Dylan watched her leave thinking she was only prolonging the inevitable. Turning his attention to Justin sitting at the far end of the table with the twins, Dylan studied his somewhat serious child for several minutes. Since the previous weekend, he seemed to have a deepened sense of sadness about him despite the presence of Carolina and the twins. Perhaps, when Justin learned he would no longer be living with Liz, his disposition would brighten.

  Dylan felt the brush of lips on the top of his head. “I'm back,” Carolina told him as she retook her seat, placing a large bowl of chili on the table in front of her.

  Dylan inhaled in the bold pungency, the overpowering spiciness of the concoction he thought nobody ate except Chris. Letting out a series of sharp ahchooes, his eyes began to water. “Did my brother give you that?”

  “Nope, there were a couple of pots on the stove so I helped myself from the one that was almost empty then I washed the pot. I wouldn't want Chris thinking I'm a slob.”

  Dylan was amazed she appeared oblivious to the breathtaking stench of hot pepper blasting from the bowl. “Did you take anything for your headache?” That was going to be the least of her ills if she actually tasted that brown capsaicin concoction, he thought.

  “I just need to eat. Do you want some?” She offered him a spoonful.

  He grimaced. “I think you should let it alone. Nobody can stand Chris' chili.”

  She sniffed the curls of steam rising from the bowl. “The aroma is stimulating.”

  Dylan couldn't allow her to eat the stuff. Taking the spoon from her hand, he was preparing to swipe the bowl when he heard a loud bellow from the kitchen. Meeting her startled eyes he announced, “We better get outta here Chris is gonna be on the warpath.”

  “Why? I left plenty of chili in the other pot.”

  “That's the problem. This is his chili. That other stuff was for you.”

  “Well I haven't eaten any. He can have the whole bowl.”

  There was a loud stream of cussing, then the bang of what sounded like a pot being tossed to the stone floor before his older brother, dressed in faded Wrangler's and a heather gray polo, stormed in with murderous design whirling in his narrowed greenish-blue eyes. Dylan told Carolina from under his breath, “Apologize very nicely and he'll calm down.”

  She whispered back, “I will.” Turning to the furious, towering mountain, she had to look a great distance up to meet his gaze and apologized appealingly, “Chris I'm so sorry.”

  “You threw my chili out,” he accused loudly.

  “She didn't. That five-alarm concoction is right here,” Dylan defended her. “You can have it back she didn't eat any. Heck, nobody can. That stuff is toxic.”

  At Carolina's loud, “The aroma is delectable,” the entire room fell silent.

  Christopher Savage gave her a doubting look, his voice becoming low and coaxing, “Try some.”

  Giving a little shrug Carolina took her spoon back from Dylan and delicately sampled the chili. The thick spicy mixture caressed her tongue causing her eyes to roll back, intense heat infusing her body. “Oh my,” she sighed lustily. Mindless of the people around her she ate another, larger spoonful, felt more heat pulse throughout her system, her headache disappearing. Inhaling deeply she ate more, letting out seductive aahs after every swallow, shifting restlessly in her chair as the chili slid down her throat, igniting flames of pleasure from the tip of her tongue, to the pit of her stomach, then beyond. With eyes closed in euphoria, she continued eating, insensible to the stares and throat clearing taking place around her. She finished, running a finger around the inside of the earthen bowl to claim the last smears of edible magma. Popping the digit in her mouth she sucked it clean before licking the silver spoon with long sensual strokes of her tongue until she only tasted metal and with disappointed, kittenish mewls she opened her eyes to find the dining hall empty except for Dylan, Chris and Vega.

  Dylan had been transfixed by the glow that surrounded Carolina as she ate. Her normally pale skin had taken on a rosy-gold light he associated with the dawn and the sounds she'd made were similar to the lusty cries she voiced when he was deep inside her. He thought Carolina looked like she'd been the recipient of some serious and thorough lovemaking. Dazed and concerned he asked, “Carolina, are you alright?”

  Giving a delicate sniff, with eyes half-closed, she replied huskily, “That was unbelievable and my headache is gone.”

  Dylan glowered at his brother. “What was in that chili?”

  Chris replied sheepishly, “Well... Beans, meat, tomato, a heck of a lot of peppers and some herbs and stuff I pick up when I'm in the Philippines.”

  Hearing the suspect inflection his brother gave to the phrase 'herbs and stuff' Dylan shouted, “What kind of herbs and stuff'? Nobody reacts to regular chili like that.”

  Quietly Vega interjected, “To Chris' chili, I do.” Stepping into Chris’ embrace, Vega met her husband's lips for a passionate kiss that lasted a long time until he released her to slide his arm from around her waist. She felt him take a moment to tighten the fabric belt of her vista blue dress before he allowed his hands to smooth down her hips to caress the curve of her taut buttocks. Unable to resist, she leaned into him, twined her fingers into the gold of his hair and pulled his lips back down to hers for an ardent kiss that lasted until Dylan's persistent coughing interrupted them. Reluctantly she left her husband's hold, concentrated with all her might to deny her desire. Feeling the vacancy of need settling low in her stomach and traveling further down into the apex of her thighs, Vega took in deep pacifying breaths of her husband’s calming sea breeze scent. Somewhat composed she mouthed a silent plea to Chris before waggling her manicured fingers in farewell to Carolina, and with a familiar wink at Dylan, she sailed from the room, the erotic roll of her hips making the blue skirt of her dress undulate tsunamically.

  Standing on legs that were unsteady Carolina faced Chris. “Hands down, that was the best I ever had. I take back everything I said earlier. I'm definitely a fan.”

  He already had Patrick to worry about; he didn’t want Chris setting his sites on Carolina. Disgusted by the light of reverence she was bestowing on his brother, Dylan muttered harshly under his breath before rising from his seat. “I'm telling you to let her alone. This isn't like when you stole Vega from me.”

  With admiration in her voice Carolina turned to Dylan, “You dated Vega?”

  “Yeah, for a bit,” he responded absently, while shooting daggers at Chris.

  Dropping her voice sultrily, she pressed her body against Dylan’s, letting him feel her arousal ands asked saucily, “Did you sleep with her? 'Cause if I had, I would've been all over her like a bee on Blood Red wallflowers during the day and a moth atop Rosa Margaret Merril's milky-white blooms at night. Lord, just to be near her... She is divine, perfection, with her flawless skin, sensuous curves and ample breasts. To be a babe born to suckle happily upon her delectable teats would be a delicious treat. Oh and her lips are so plump and scarlet-red, like Dragon's Wing. I bet you couldn't take your eyes off her mouth when she slid your long lance between her lips. I shall have to get myself a fine scarlet-red rouge to plump up my mouth so I can similarly please you.”

  Dylan noted the shift in her manner of speaking, a blending of lightly lilting Irish brogue, coastal California tonality and some mysterious dialect he found very appealing. Holding her close Dylan shushed her before her excited descriptions made him climax. “That's not the point,” he stated awkwardly.
He was familiar with Vega's many assets, but didn't care to recall them in the presence of her husband, his own brother and the fierce look Chris was giving Carolina made Dylan want to secure her in the gun room until all of his bed-hopping brothers were safely back in Texas. Still holding her close he spoke over her head to Chris, “I know, like the rest of the Savage couples, you and Vega have certain, special marital agreements, but I'm warning you not to try and lure Carolina into your relationship.”

  Speaking into Dylan's chest, she inquired, “Special marriage?”

  Stroking her hair Dylan told her, “Never mind.” Shooting his brother a withering look, he reproached him, “You see what you're starting? I don't want to worry that you, Jesse or Frank are trying to bed Carolina.” Dylan knew that no matter how much his brothers loved him if one of them set their sights on her he would be in for a hard battle.

  Chris gave his brother a forthright look, “I'm not planning to take her from you. She wasn't supposed to eat that chili. That pot was for Vega and me. We had sampled a good bit and went off to cool down, if you get my meaning. The other stuff was for her.”

  Dylan didn't believe him. “Give that explanation to somebody who doesn't know you. I'm asking for your hand to God that you'll forget everything that happened that you won't go running to Vega making suggestions.”

  Chris pursed his lips remembering how Carolina had moved the spoon in and out of her mouth, the sensual motions of her tongue against the silver and told his brother honestly, “Hell naw. Shit, nobody's gonna forget. But, I won’t bed her. You better marry her quick though, before some other men, besides us Savages, get their eyes opened to her allure.”

  Pulling Carolina from Dylan's arms Chris turned her to face him, lowered his head to peer intently at her and she gave him a playful smile. Standing on tiptoe, she placed a shy kiss on his cheek and he felt burned to his core. Grinning broadly, he asked seriously, “Are you ready to marry my baby brother?”

  Carolina's main thought was that she missed the security of Dylan's arms. “As soon as we can set the date and make the arrangements.”

  Chris pressed the issue, “How bout next weekend?”

  Giving a small shake of her head Carolina repeated, “Next weekend?”

  Dylan saw that Chris' question had a sobering effect on her. Felt she'd never intended marrying him. He wasn't sure how he felt about Chris' meddling but he was positive this time he wanted a marriage that would last. “Chris, Carolina and I were-”

  “Next weekend will be great,” her clearly decided voice interrupted Dylan. “Our family is already here except Patrick for me and he'll make time. We can get married next Sunday.” Although her head felt, well, swirly, Carolina knew she could make their marriage work. She liked Dylan and he pleased her, maybe in time those things would grow into something greater.

  Dylan felt afraid of failing again, “You want to get married so soon?”

  Carolina looked into his handsome face, “Don't you want to marry me?”

  He needed to wed her, grow old with her, and die in her arms. He just didn't want her to desert him ever. “Of course,” he declared, all the time thinking what he needed to do was make sure she couldn't leave by becoming first in her life, above Patrick, the twins, Justin and the secrets he felt certain they were keeping.

  Looking at the couple, Chris declared with satisfaction, “Well that's settled. I'll tell everybody.” Walking away Chris knew he would be delayed in spreading the word, knowing Vega was lying in bed ready for him again, as he was for her, courtesy of Carolina.

  Waiting until Chris was out of the room, she ordered with a good degree of concern, “Sit down. I don't want you to faint.”

  Taking up a chair, Dylan watched as she knelt before him. Her thick, red hair inviting his touch and he grasped large handfuls. “Why did you change your mind?”

  She rested her palms on his thighs, her voice enticing, “I can make you happy.”

  His hands stilled their play in her hair. “How are you gonna do that?”

  “By doing this for starters.” Quickly unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans she released his massive erection, immediately lowering her head to kiss his tip.

  “We shouldn't be doing this here. Somebody is bound to walk in.”

  “Then I'll have to hurry.” She licked him from tip to base, taking his twin gems into her mouth, juggling them against her tongue. Feeling his fingers tighten in her hair she flicked her tongue along the underside of his shaft. Grasping him by the base, she roughly slapped his rigid length against her mouth, rubbed him over her face before engulfing his entire length, sucking him as if he were a triple-thick milkshake.

  “Honey I hear footsteps.” He hoped it wasn't one of the kids. The appearance of any of the clan's children within the room would earn him a first-class trip to the deepest regions of perdition for his disrespectful behavior. He was trying to pull out of her mouth when she nipped him hard enough to let him know she meant business and he lost control. The residual burn from the peppery chili on his engorged penis and the sensual suffering of her strong teeth sinking into his sensitive skin made him yank himself out of her mouth. In one fluid motion, he lifted and impaled her on his throbbing rod, forcefully driving in and out of her moist valley. He gripped her round buttocks, squeezing and massaging handfuls of smooth buttery flesh. He tamped down his desire to slap his palms against her rump as he would the conga drums, denying himself the erotic music she'd make. However, the thought of her bottom quivering as his hands would grow hotter with each blow and the throaty cries he imagined she'd make had him letting loose his load. In satisfaction, he sighed her name against her breasts.

  She pressed his face into her cleavage, stroking his golden mane, “Are you happy Dylan Savage?”

  He kissed her sweater-covered bosom. “I'm well-pleased honey, well-pleased.”

  At his admission and with the feel of him sucking her nipple through layers of fabric she climaxed. For a long time her body convulsed as she held him close. After five minutes she was still quaking, blushing like a maiden when he lifted an eyebrow at her in astonishment and she bashfully admitted, “So am I.”


  They’d showered and changed into jeans, white tees and boots so he could take the twins horseback riding as he'd promised. On the way to the stables, with Justin and the twins hurrying ahead, he and Carolina strolled together in the late afternoon warmth with his arm draped over her shoulders. Kissing the top of her head he asked, “Do you want to ride with me? Or can you handle a horse of your own?”

  Knowing Justin shouldn't ride yet she bowed out, casually saying, “I'll just watch.”

  “Maybe you'll come out with me in the morning for a ride?”

  “It's a date.”

  “Speaking of dates, are you sure about the wedding? I don't want you to regret marrying me.”

  “Yes I want to get married and I won't regret it. Oh and remind me to get that chili recipe from Chris. My head hasn't felt this good in days.”

  “It's great the two of you are getting along.”

  “I know. I want him to like me.”

  “He does.” Dylan just hoped it wasn't too much liking on Chris' part.

  “I think I'm too outspoken, too wild. Think about the things I've done since meeting him, the statements I made about his wife. I don't regret my actions. But, I’m sure none of my carrying on has endeared me to him as a sister. I'll have to be more sweet and nurturing around him. Then he won't be able to find fault with me.”

  “You remember what you said about Vega?”

  “Every word. When you’re ready, you'll have to tell me all about her.”

  “You're not jealous?”


  Arriving at the stables Dylan confessed, “I'm jealous of Patrick with him being your best and probably your first too, judging by the way he acted this morning.”

  Turning to him, Carolina slid her palms up the muscles of his chest. Meeting and holding his deep-blue
gaze she assured him, “I don't need you to be my best, or my first. I need you to be my last. I know this is all crazy. I pshaw love at first sight, don't even trust what love is supposed to be. But the nights we were apart I'd dream about being with you and every morning I missed the feel of your arms around me.” Sliding her hands up to his neck Carolina urged his head down to hers, molding her lips to his.

  Dylan felt the heat of her kiss scorching him, every flick of her tongue in his mouth a welcome jolt of invigorating electricity. The blood drumming in his ears smothered the sounds of the stable employees, his boys and the horses, his heart beating faster than he'd ever experienced. With his sons so near he felt self-conscious about the intensity of his need and the physical evidence that he felt pushing against the fly of his jeans. With iron will, he pulled the plug on his desire, immediately feeling an ease to the tightness in his breeches. With great regret, he ended the kiss and although her words had moved him, she hadn't acknowledged the one thing he needed to hear. Looking into her eyes and stroking her cheek, he let her see his disappointment. He finally stepped away from her when he saw chastised color creeping into her cheeks and he called to the boys, “Have y'all decided which horses you'll be riding?”

  Standing next to a pair of spotted horses Callum and Calder nodded to Dylan but Justin walked over to his father and Carolina declaring, “I don't feel like riding.”

  Taking Justin's hand in hers Carolina pulled him to her side. “You can keep me company then.” Apologetically she told Dylan, “Go ahead. We'll wait right here.”

  Dylan narrowed his eyes at Justin, “Why don't you want to come along?”

  “I just don't,” Justin replied unable to meet his father's intense gaze.

  With suspicious eyes, he glared at Justin and Carolina. “The twins are looking forward to this. Why did the two of you come out here if you weren't gonna ride?”

  Carolina protectively pulled Justin closer to her side. “They'll be happy even if just the three of you go,” she guaranteed him.

  “Yeah dad, they think you're the greatest,” Justin's voice shook slightly.

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