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Savage Love

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  Resuming her restrained squirming beneath him, she panted, “Place the other dagger on the bed beside us, and then open your eyes.”

  Reaching between their bodies, he retrieved the dagger, letting it fall from his fingertips alongside their thighs. Inhaling deeply to keep from roaring out his satisfaction at being simultaneously penetrated, caressed and sheathed, Dylan slowly lifted his lashes and gazed upon Carolina's passion lit face. “What'll happen if I look at 'em?”

  “They are yours to enjoy as you will. I ask only that you not shift around much so I remain focused. Now reposition yourself so that you're still inside me but sitting more upright while I aim to give you what you need.”

  Dylan felt the hands of his two additional lovers helping him achieve the position Carolina described. During the process of sinking his rigid flesh back into her tight sheath he came face-to-face with the plainest little feminine creature he'd ever laid eyes on, her facial characteristics reminding him of a mouse minus the brown fur and whiskers. He realized he was actually seeing the meadow fay part of Carolina that she'd described to him before, a part of her that now sat beside him stroking his upper arm as he rocked into her. He leaned slightly sideways, sniffing wildflowers, trying to capture Meadow's lips, growing more excited at her timidity on the occasions when their mouths did meet, his mating with Carolina becoming more ferocious each time the little meadow mouse eluded him, until his lower body was savagely ramming and pounding into her, extracting from her low, labored cries.

  The first rolling boom of thunder coincided with his remaining mystery lover's tongue being removed from his anus, her torso being pressed against his spine then seductively slid across his back as he went on pleasuring Carolina while trying to seduce Meadow. Everywhere the hot, sinfully seductive body touched his skin he burned and he knew the being behind him was Fire, another part of Carolina that was as torrid and tempestuous as Meadow was shy and serene. Fire seemed to have a lust for penetrating him. Before she’d focused on reaming him with her tongue, now she was intent on buggering him with her nimble fingers, while her unbelievably long and contorting tongue darted in and out of his ear. She caused hot and icy shivers to take hold of his body that didn't lessen his need to ram his rigid rod repeatedly into Carolina as fast, hard and as deep as humanly possible.

  Carolina felt the icy cold power in her body mingle with her blazing heat and knew it was time. Without opening her eyes she moaned, “Turn out the lights.” She felt him leaning over and assumed it was to do as she requested. Through her closed lids, she could see the jagged bolts of inch thick atmospheric electricity cutting across the room, felt warm air resume its dance around them and she ceased her struggles against the ties that held her, letting the elements take her where they would.

  Dylan kept his mouth glued to meadow's as he reached for the lamp. Her lips were shy, her taste, ever changing, beyond intoxicating, every favorite thing he'd consumed in his life. Nevertheless, after the light was extinguished and the darkness took precedence in the room, he forgot all about Meadow's maidenly and succulent allure.

  There was a booming clap of thunder, bright flashes momentarily illuminating the walls as the wickedly ruttish fay spirit positioned the blunt end of the dagger between his cheeks, teasing his opening, the silver and stone handle heated by her touch. Still fully engorged inside Carolina, he sat unmoving, turning his face upward. Magically he saw beyond the ceiling, beholding the majestic night sky filled with ominous storm clouds backlit by countless forks of brilliant blue-white lightning. Spellbound, his spirit recalled its time and place of origin, his true home and even then, his sweet Carolina had been there, not in body, but her familiar essence and energy. He'd always needed her to salve his soul. Once again he set his hips in motion against hers, loving her as was his right and honor. Warm droplets rained down, drenching their skin and the bed they coupled upon, the vision and memory of their first home fading away.

  Pushing forward, his penile lance slid further into her tight encasement and on withdrawing, he felt the threat of rear entry by the dagger's sleek and knobby handle. He wanted it, needed the full penetration and as if sensing his unspoken desire, his brazen fay lover eased the handle in, making him groan loudly, jaggedly boring into him and Meadow's bashful tongue wriggled into his mouth to quiet him, allowing her sibling to continue her skewering. When the handle had been buried up to the blade and just as Fire started rhythmically shoving her weapon in and out of his backside, Meadow thrust her sugary tongue further into his mouth, readying him for what was to come, keeping him quiet, waiting...

  Everything went brilliant, blinding white. Piercing pains, jagged and hot, jolted simultaneously through the center of his chest and navel. He silently absorbed the energy and pain, allowed them to nurture and enhance him. However, a sense of foreboding influenced his enjoyment of the phenomenon he'd been missing, knowing the sensations would quickly end.

  They didn't... Beneath him, Carolina continued to concentrate. Storm brewing was no easy achievement and for her treacle bear, she couldn't just conjurer up any old array of sprinkles. For her consort, the father of her children, and emancipator of her spirit she had to generate a divinely mythical downpour. So she stilled the wind, amassed the clouds and harnessed the lightning, made it enter him and stay, filling and pleasing, giving him what he desperately needed, made the bolts do her bidding so that she was both receiver and giver, loved and lover. She had to go beyond merely satisfying him. It was her intention to fully awaken his true nature, have it shake hands with its human host and in doing so she'd forever scorch her presence on his soul.

  She was in and all around him. At every point of penetration, he felt her and the burn, soul-stirring energy he'd needed to affirm his life. His nerves vibrated like finely tuned guitar strings in response to her energetic influence and he thought for a woman who professed to know little about music she knew how to play him well, drawing from his soul the most stirring performances of his lifetime. Even with Meadow's tongue still teasing his, he was able to emit music from his heart and spirit, first a fantasia, then a nocturne and finally a rhapsody, the ending notes, of which, he held so long and high that every item of glass within the room shattered. A tinkling melody of a thousand delicate bells was lent to his concert as the enchanted shards fell to the stone floor like lovely, sparkling rain and all the while, he thrust into her, never wanting to stop.

  Roaring thunder shook the room, wind and rain whipping about, strobes of light filling his eyes, thoughts of the woman he loved occupying his mind, replacing the need only she'd been able to satisfy. He wanted to give her every thing he possessed, feeling in his heart that his granting wouldn’t be enough to equal all that she’d given him. Instead, he'd give her what her heart cried out for.

  Still loving her, kissing Meadow and receiving Fire he felt the lightning slowly recede from his body, then his fay lovers disappeared and he let loose his voice, thundering out her name, turning his cries of 'Heraserein' and his profession of pure adoration into a roundelay as he set about loving her with combined hot blood and brute force. His loins slapped, smacked and slammed against her. Impatient lips blazed a trail down the side of her neck to the base of her throat. He licked his way across the milky mountains of her breasts, the flavor of hazelnut cream sparking his long denied thirst. When he reached her nipple, he let his song fade away and took the perfect bud into his mouth for the first taste of her nurturing essence. The gratifying flavor combined with her tight vagina clamping securely around his pounding penis, pushed him off the thunderhead of lust and sent him hurtling to earth, wind and rain whirling around them as he shuddered his hot release into her welcoming valley. Throwing back his head he passionately declared, “I'll not live another day without your total happiness.”

  Carolina experienced their simultaneous orgasms as tiny lightning balls, orbs of electricity pinging around inside her and at every ricochet of jolting pleasure she squirmed beneath him chanting amorously, “Dylan, oh yes. Oh yes, Dy
lan. I love you.”

  The wind and rain abruptly stopped. Sounds of labored breathing filled the room. The storm vanished from overhead leaving behind renewal and resolve in its wake.

  Long minutes passed and he was still pulsing inside her as she continued quivering beneath him. He leaned over to touch the lamp so dim light made it easier for him to see. Picking up one of the daggers, he placed it on the nightstand. He wasn't sure where Fire had put the other one but it was no longer buried between his buttocks, nor was it anywhere to be seen. Shuddering at the memory of the hard penetration the hot fay had subjected him to; it took him a couple of tries before he could successfully release Carolina's wrists from their bonds. Remaining inside her, he leaned back and unbound her ankles then he covered her with his torso, his mouth capturing hers for a long, otherworldly kiss before he drew away. “Carolina Heraserein, you are perfection. What can I give or do for you in return?”

  “Love me and never leave me,” she answered drowsily. Tucking blond locks behind his ears, she placed her palms on his cheeks, holding him in place so she could study his eyes. They still retained faint shadows. Her voice was sweetly beseeching, “Treacle bear, tell me what more you desire tonight?”

  Shaking his head, he looked her over, stroking her lovely hair, “How do you feel?”

  Her cheeks reddened. “I'm extremely satisfied.”

  “About me and the things we did?”

  “I'm loving and accepting of you. It's my responsibility to provide all you need. I want Meadow and Fire to make you happy. Were you pleased by them?”

  “Very much. Are they a part of you now?”

  “In a way. Did you find them attractive?”

  “I never saw Fire but little Meadow was captivating in an unspoiled way. Gosh, the taste of her and the innocence... Just thinking about it makes me want to find her and kiss her all night. There was a naughty-and-nice feel to being with her that reminded me of making out behind church or feeling up the pastor's daughter.”

  Carolina smiled broadly at him, thinking part of the reason he liked spanking her was probably because he had a long history of making good girls go bad and witnessing their punishment. He'd undoubtedly been the cause of many young, devout girls being subjected to repeated swats to their ruffled panties because he'd lured them away from the righteous path to the delights of hanky-panky. “Should I call her forth to sleep with us? There's plenty of room.”

  “Not tonight.” His mouth found the pulse at her throat, his nose filling with the smell of her milk. He wanted to love her again, but out of consideration for her and his babes he wouldn't, she needed to rest. Lifting his head, he kissed the tip of her nose.

  She placed her hand at the center of his chest, walking her fingers down to his navel before making the journey back to the area near his heart, asking in amazement, “Why doesn't the lightning kill or scar you? I thought for sure it would, that's why I was hesitant at first, but if it had I would have healed you.”

  “It's a part of me like Meadow and Fire are parts of you. A part that's been missing since it gave me my life and the energy jolts I've never shared with anyone for fear of exposure.” He kissed her forehead, nose, chin, right cheek then left before saying, “I know you split into three because of the things Liz told you, because you were afraid. Can you tell me how it's possible?”

  “Meadow and Fire have always been near, you've felt them, made love to them within me, but now that we are bound and because I allow it you can see them.” With gentle fingertips she stroked his brow, “As you've finally allowed me to see the real you. Thanks for trusting me. I'll never betray you.”

  Tenderly he caught her wrist and brought her open palm to his lips. “I think you should know that Fire has the other dagger.”

  Carolina tried not to appear concerned. “What was she doing with it?”

  “She was pleasuring me. I hope that doesn't shock you but I want honesty between us. I don't care that she kept it as long as her action doesn't displease you.”

  Carolina remembered how she'd pleasured him with the dagger in the gunroom and wished she'd been able to see Fire's skill at balancing and juggling the blades. Feeling that Fire hadn't wanted to relinquish such a lovely memento of her time with Dylan, Carolina told him confidently, “When you see her again she’ll give it back.”

  Glancing around the immaculate room with not an item out of place or even a tiny crack in the glass doors he asked, “Why isn't this room still a mess?”

  “I righted everything before you turned on the light. Should I undo the repairs? I just thought it would be easier to craft everything instead of trying to explain how it all got broken and wet. Also, I blocked our sounds from traveling beyond this room. I know you wish to be respectfully reserved within the proximity of the clan's children.”

  He gave her an Eskimo kiss, “You're pretty quick at crafting.”

  With strong hands she pulled his hips further into hers, promising him all sorts of treats with her beguiling eyes. “I can fly faster than Patrick's car too. Would you like to come for a short trip with me now, before I push down my fay powers? After tonight I want to go back to being an ordinary woman, leading an uncomplicated human life.”

  He pouted like a toddler, questioning pitifully, “No more lightning and rainstorms?”

  Gently she smoothed the furrows from his brow, “Only sometimes treacle bear. Now don't be sad, we must protect what we have. It will draw too much attention if freak storms keep occurring here in Ventura. We have to align some of your pleasures with nature. I'm not denying you, accept that you wish me to obey you, but I am foremost your protector. I will not allow you to be harmed even by your own desires.”

  He was still sad about the lightning, twice in a lifetime didn't seem fair. “Can we have more babes? I'd like to help you carry them to full-term.”

  She smiled thinking of tiny falcons. “Of course, but just not so many at once.”

  His expression didn't change. “We'll have triplets. And how about the fay girls?”

  He was now scowling intensely at her and she hurriedly offered, “They're yours whenever you want. Tell me true, shall I call them now. I'll not be jealous or angry.”

  Some of the tightness left his face. “Has Patrick ever met them?”

  “He knows me, so of course he has. But he's not publicly acquainted with them.”

  A satisfied smile turned up the corners of his mouth. “I'd like to see Fire since I didn't before. But don't have Meadow come back tonight, if she does I'll never get to sleep for trying to steal kisses and coax her thighs apart.”

  She positioned herself a bit further away from him, resting comfortably back against her pillow. “Alright, sit back and in your mind call to Fire.”

  He did as she instructed and before his eyes materialized not a winged fairy of myth, storybooks and movies, but a nude Nubian goddess that was beyond exquisite. Every inch of her majestic body shouted sexual warrior. Her long textured hair was thick as molasses and the velvety blue-black of a moonless night, as were her amygdaloidal eyes. Heavily creamed, melted milk chocolate was the color of her skin and her mouth hinted at the sweet-tart promise of Brandywine raspberries, the sensually pouty lips having the deep complex color of wine-red purple. She sat naked across his lap, balancing the pointed end of the missing dagger on the tip of her index finger all the while staring at him heatedly. Dylan watched as Fire gave a sidelong look at Carolina before she let the dagger fall to the bed. Wantonly she lay siege to his mouth in a kiss that scorched him from his lips to his toenails, pushed every arousal button he had all at the same time, rendering him mindless and rock hard. He returned Fire's kiss, hurriedly thrusting his burning shaft into her sizzling slit, steam rising up around them and always mindful before not to take the Lord's name in vain Dylan couldn't stop himself from tearing his mouth from hers and crying out, “Sweet Jesus, Heavenly Father deliver me.” The heat was almost too much to bear, making him want to do and say all sorts of erotic things to his fir
e-fay lover. He thrust in and out of her. His hands were under her bottom as she bounced on his hot rod. Looking into her black eyes, he knew they were kindred spirits, that she needed the frenzy and the pain as much as he did.

  Without withdrawing from her sweltering hot spring, he made her turn on his knob until her back was facing him. Pushing her forward, he forced her to her hands and knees as he knelt behind her, his hands restlessly traveling over the firm terrain of her athletic body as he continued his wild movements within her, chanting, “You're red-hot, burning up.” Flexing the muscles of his buttocks, he increased the power of each push-and-pull, slapping his hands loudly upon her flanks as she shoved back against him, grinding her perfectly proportionate rear against his hips. More intensely, he plowed her; with powerful agitation, he drew back and readied himself to surge forward again but she unexpectedly pulled away from him. Grabbing her, he forced Fire down to the mattress, flat on her stomach, ramming into her slit, breathing into her ear, “You move when I say you can. Now lift your hips. I need to feel your round plump cheeks pressed against me.” He felt her do his bidding and thrust forcefully forward when skin met skin, his hands twisting in her hair, holding her in place as he rode her vigorously. She panted and pushed back into him, making pained sobs that drove him on. Unable to resist the curve of her neck, the need to mark her as his own, he leaned forward to place his open mouth at the right side of her throat, licked and sucked her sweet tasting sweat before sinking his teeth into her flesh at which point she shuddered beneath him, crying out for more. Not wanting to disappoint, he released a small current of electricity from within his body that exited his mouth that moved against her neck. She moaned, her hand reaching up to press his face tighter against her throat as she came again whispering she'd give anything to be always with him.

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