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Savage Love

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  The alluring acquiescence in her voice and eyes, combined with the decadent lacteal smell she couldn't wash off had him pushing the soap dispenser aside to lift her onto the marble counter and when she cried out in pain as her battered buttocks contacted the hard surface he groaned aloud, loosing his last vestige of self-control. Yanking off his t-shirt and stepping out of his pajama bottoms, he grasped her full hips, pulling her to the edge of the counter. Searching her beautiful face and sparkling eyes he brutally rammed his throbbing member into her slick honeypot, his fingers caressing the raised welts on the upper part of her curvaceous buttocks, declaring, “Every time we're together I'm harder than the time before.” He thrust deeply, vigorously, showing, then telling her, “Feel what you do to me.”

  Carolina wanted to make a sinful plea as his massive penis repeatedly cored her, the ultra-sensitive petals of her delicate woman's flower were forced open farther than she'd ever experienced. Tentatively touching the rounded muscles of his shoulders, allowing her palms to settle lightly on his smooth skin, gently assuring him she was his to do as he pleased. Widening her legs, she allowed him to push deeper, whimpering as the skin of her buttocks throbbed.

  Dylan stopped thrusting and rolled his hips against her slowly, sliding in and out, gentling himself. Lowering his mouth to hers, he tasted her spicy, flower-sweet flavor, licking then sucking on her tongue until he felt her nails digging into his shoulders. Releasing her lips, his mouth traveled along the side of her face to her ear where he teased the virgin lobe, sucked it into his mouth then bit down hard as his hips rotated against hers. Once again, he found his ruthless rhythm, shoving his swollen length in-and-out, the force of his thrusts causing her buttocks to slide on the marble.

  With his every lunge, she held back lusty cries, the pain in her ear steadily increasing and eventually she reverently sighed her pleasured anguish, “Please, it hurts.” She left off, 'oh, so good', but she was thinking it as the hot, crisp, airy smell of him filled her nose. He stretched her, his rod throbbing, strong teeth fastening on her ear, gnawing, making her feel consumed. She kissed his shoulder, licked his skin, sucked on the mound of his pectoral muscle. With all that she was, she desired him.

  Groaning into her ear, he thrust harder, his fingernails digging into the thick ridges the brush had left on her otherwise smooth flesh. His gravelly voice rolled forth, enticing, stirring red tendrils of hair near her cheek, “Be my everything, just this once.” Rubbing the rough stubble of his jaw against her soft cheek, he puffed air into her ear with every vicious inward thrust, feeling her tremble and shiver. “I need all that you are, want to make love to every part of you.”

  From the moment he'd first spoken to her with his voice full of Texas grit that pleasingly slid over her skin like rough sandpaper, she'd been his, why had she ever tried denying it? She drew back to look at him and let him see her, stating emphatically, “Not just once. Always.” Placing her lips to the side of his neck she kissed his smooth, warm skin before tightly clamping her teeth on the corded muscles, sucking strongly, feeling his calloused fingers pinch along the sides of her waist, up her torso to her aching breasts and tender nipples. There she felt him squeeze her sensitive skin in time with the pounding of his enormous rod into her, until she muffled her scream against the side of his neck.

  Carolina's muted shout sent vibrations into his throat. Her tight body clenched and unclenched on his iron piston as he felt the first sizzle of electrical current start its zing and burn behind the region of his navel and hoarsely he demanded, “Kiss me.” He felt her arms close around his neck. Then her lips touched his, parting to welcome the thrust of his tongue. Continuing to pump into her honeyed hive, he finally ushered her into his darkness. An explosive shock of electrical energy sparked from within his body, traveling the length of his penis into her and he stopped moving to see her truly feel him for the first time, watching as her skin flushed the, pale pink of a cherry blossom.

  With widened eyes, she released him to fan her face with both hands, arching her back and neck, shaking her head from side-to-side, her hair undulating down her back. She was being pleasantly shocked, experiencing countless sequential orgasms that made her breathing heavy, her teeth chatter as if she were freezing cold. Shamelessly she cried out, “Oh yes, please don't stop. It hurts so good, feels so hot.”

  The words she chanted loudly made him resume his robust thrusts and gushes of electrical energy into her receptive socket. “That's right. I want you to want it, let me hear how much.” He thrust deep then withdrew, in, then out, sliding his hand up her torso to caress her arched neck, to feel the sounds she made, every whimper, moan and cry he felt as he also experienced the increasing intensity of the jolts leaving his penis to enter her clenching vagina. Her wordless sex serenade grew louder, tightening his grip on her neck his thrusting grew more urgent and frenzied until he heard the beginning vibrations in the bathroom mirrors, a low rattling to accompany the electrical hum their joined bodies were broadcasting and he knew he couldn't let it culminate, not with his babies sleeping only a room away. Cupping the back of her head, his fingers massaging her scalp he warned her, “I'm gonna pull out now, take you to bed. We've gotta stop.”

  “No,” she cried in desperation. Straightening her back, she achingly beheld him, a nimbus seemingly surrounding his magnificent body. “Don't leave me like this. I burn so between my thighs and though I've had more orgasms this encounter than I've had in my lives combined, I will not make it through the night if you stop before my fires are completely doused.” She wrapped her arms and legs around him refusing to let him withdraw. “Take my nipple in your mouth, suck, then bite it. Move your powerful hips, grind them against me until I'm breathless, and then shock me as you did before with your mighty rod. I am your woman, your odalisque, and though I am unfit to make demands, I beg you not to deny me. Don't give me a taste of the greatest pleasure of my life then snatch the spoon away. Please treacle bear, I hunger so for you.”

  He smoothed her hair, humming softly, trying to gentle her. “We're just getting started but we need to quiet down or we'll wake the babies.” With her still wrapped around him, he lifted her from the counter and started into the bedroom.

  She bit his earlobe, unable to stop herself from purring saucily, “Don't forget the brush. I want you to take me from behind while wielding that wooden weapon of sensual war against my bum.”

  Her words caused Dylan to experience intense muscle spasms of pure lust. He almost dropped her, had to stop walking and hold her tight until the sensations passed, and then he informed her, “We're done with that.” He carried her to the bed, placing her gently upon the mattress. “And no more jolts, they may affect your milk. The medium pink of your skin tells me you're already too hot.”

  Carolina spread her legs wide, undulating seductively against the soft blanket. Holding his gaze, she slid her hands up to her breasts to fondle them, rubbing and pushing them together, “Go get the brush and I'll be forever at your mercy. I should have spoken my desire for you to plow me from the rear when you paddled me in the shower. However, I held my tongue. I'll be shy no longer. Come here treacle bear, taste me, and gauge my internal temperature. Tell me if my milk is still good and sweet.”

  He didn't want that yet, so he ran a hand up one silken, shapely leg to the juncture of her thighs to stroke her short springy curls. His fingers separating her lips to dive into her steaming pool, steadily stroking, listening to her lusty cries. “Honey, I can satisfy you like this or we can do it the way you've wanted me to show you.”

  “The second choice, definitely the second,” she eagerly panted raising and lowering her hips, making love to his skillful fingers.

  “You have to stay quiet then and know the first time you make a sound above a whisper I'll stop whatever I'm doing and not finish you off.”

  She groaned, gripping the blanket on either side of her, raising her hips so his fingers went further into her needful body, sighing, “I'll become mute if you'll just
get about your business of loving me.”

  Dylan smiled and removed his fingers from inside her tight opening, lowering his head to sample her honey, pressing his nose and lips snugly against her warmth. He kissed and sucked the delicate lips, the curls tickling his nose as he searched beyond to rescue the little man in the boat from his isolation, saluting him with several flicks of his skillful tongue until Carolina was thrusting her hips against his face, moaning his name. He slid his mouth back and forth, sucking gently then making strong demands on her tender flesh until he heard her panting hotly. Spearing his tongue, he pushed it inside her while his hands slid underneath her buttocks to lift her into his mouth. He tasted her spicy-sweet, lavender love liquid, while listening to her muffled sounds of pleasure until he withdrew his tongue and sank his teeth into her southern lips. Biting and pulling with alternating degrees of force, he focused on pleasuring her until she arched her back high, emitting a low and powerful rumble that started him shaking violently.

  When his quaking subsided he pulled back to gentle her with long strokes of his hands from her neck to her hips until she lay flat against the mattress and her sultry sounds of gratification subsided. He moved away from her then, evading her clutching hands that tried to draw him back down. Standing at the side of the bed, he beheld her beauty. Her skin was passion flushed pink and her eyes fever bright, sparkling their unique creamy-green and black color. Her gorgeous breasts rose and fell as she breathed erratically. The only blemish to her perfection was the cut on her swollen lower lip that he guessed had been caused by her biting it to keep from crying out.

  Carolina tasted her own blood and smelled the mingling fragrances of her sweat and passion combined with the warm airy scent of him. In his eyes, she saw concern and whispering hoarsely, she assured him, “I'm fine. Don't stop.” She watched him lean over her, his eyes, black and mysterious, drawing steadily closer, and then his lips touched hers. He bathed her wound with his tongue. The tiniest of jolts spreading sizzling warmth across her bottom lip until the cut was no more. His wide satisfied smile made itself felt against her lips then he kissed her properly, passionately and she sighed into his mouth her pleasure, then licked the sweet temptation of his tongue. He tasted of summer sunshine and a fast approaching storm. Feeling the stirring of the wind, she wrapped her arms tightly around his muscular back, bracing herself for the squall, but he pulled away.

  Dylan rose and walked to each bedpost, reaching down to bring forth long binds of braided navy fabric, each equipped with release clips. From beneath the bed, he pulled a blue leather box. Opening it, he withdrew two pairs of blue leather cuffs with metal rings on the outer sides. He strapped the cuffs on her wrists and ankles then attached her to the blue binds. With Carolina bound and spread, he climbed on top of her, mirroring her posture. Against her lips he whispered, “When we're together like this you must always obey me and I swear I'll keep you safe, take care of you, love you until you're weak with satisfaction but still ravenous. Tell me you agree.”

  She sighed into his mouth, “I do.”

  His hands searched under the pillows on either side of her head. Against her lips he swore, “I am your husband Carolina Conway and you're my wife. We'll have the legal ceremony you and I both want tomorrow and now that I've bound you woman I'll bleed you, as requested, within the midnight hour. But you know, apart from either ceremony, you've always been mine.” From beneath the pillows, he withdrew twin silver daggers with lapis stones embedded in the handles. Placing the grip of each within her palm, he laid his hands over hers and laced their fingers together around the base of each blade. With his eyes locked on hers and their hands holding the daggers he slowly rocked the bulbous head of his penis against her clenched woman's opening until it gained entrance. Dylan moaned his familiar endearment for her. He then closed his eyes while thrusting deeply, pumping and pounding against her restrained body as she tried to move, the slight motions she could make extremely agitated, as she fought against the ties she’d wanted. He felt her wriggling and squirming as he crushed her beneath him, her breasts leaking warm milk onto his skin, the silver growing hot between their palms and though he hadn't expected it, glass throughout the room began to vibrate.

  “Please release me. I need to touch and taste you,” she whispered huskily.

  Thrusting his tongue into her mouth he continued pushing, moving and humping, while, listening to the vibrations all around him, the sharp, running sound of glass cracking. Ending their soul kiss, his left hand released hers to draw the sharp tip of the silver blade slowly down her side, tracing the adored curving lines of her body, as the motion of his hips continued, “Tell me you want it.”

  She felt the warm, sharp blade outline the side of her body, moving slowly down to her thigh. Knowing no fear she firmly stated, “I need all that you are Dylan Savage.” As his name finished passing her lips, she felt the dagger thrust between them, to lay flat against her stomach with the blade pointing south as evidenced by the hard, piercing prick she was awarded below her navel each time he thrust forward.

  “In order for me to live, lightning pierced my navel and the center of my chest,” he revealed drawing the second dagger down her other side, as he ground his hips clockwise against her. “I remember the sharp, hot pains even to this day, blue and silver streaks of light raining down, filling and giving me life.” Resuming his powerful thrusts, he kissed her passionately as he slid the second dagger between their bodies, with the blade nestled between her breasts and the handle pointing south. With tiny nips to her skin he nibbled his way across her jaw to her ear, his hips pumping faster, the rhythm erotically phrenetic as he demanded in a low rumble of thunder that caused more crackling glass sounds behind him, “Honey, make it rain for me.”

  Carolina grew still, her voice low and serious, “Dylan, look at me.” When he turned his head to meet her gaze, she told him, “Tis not what I saw you doing with Liz. Ye only lay atop her spindly frame heartily humping away, making frenzied bestial noises. I thought twas what ye wanted from me as well. Perhaps squeezing my throat tighter, as you did hers, will be more satisfying, or unbind me and I'll suck thine rod til my jaws ache and my throat goes numb.”

  Thrust. Grunt. Thrust. Moan. Thrust. He was unrelenting. “You wanted in on the darkness so don't go feelin' along the wall for the switch. Obey me; give me what I've needed since the beginning of time.”

  She strained against the ties, “I am bound. How am I to juggle knives?”

  “Absolute love sometimes requires doing the impossible.”

  She thought for a few seconds. “Alright, but bleed me first. It's gone midnight.”

  He slowed his movements coming to rest inside her. “What do I need to do?”

  “We'll keep it simple. Slit our ring fingers and hold them together as each of us, in turn, pledges our undying love and devotion to the other.”

  He lowered his head to tease her cheek with his hair, inhaling the sweet smell of nutty cream, “That's it?”

  “Yep,” she wriggled, moving in a restrained but seductive figure eight.

  Dylan removed the dagger from between her breasts and pricked the tip of her wedding ring finger, watching intently as a bright red bead of blood formed there. He repeated the action on his left hand, holding it up so she could see his commitment to her. Pressing his pricked finger to hers he declared, “I, Dylan Zeus Zachariah Savage promise to love Carolina Conway Savage until Heaven, Hell and the Universe cease to exist. I swear to be devoted to her always.”

  “I, Carolina Heraserein Conway Savage promise to love Dylan Zeus Zachariah Savage until Heaven, Hell and the Universe cease to exist. I swear to be devoted to him always. Now kiss me, treacle bear, and let it all be done.”

  Dylan kept his cut finger against hers as he placed a tender kiss on her mouth, feeling the tip of his ring finger begin to tingle and burn as if he'd been cutting hot peppers. When he raised his lips from hers and brought his hand before his eyes, he saw the cut was completely healed. Revere
ntly he pressed his lips to hers once again. He wondered if she had any idea that her middle name supported the fact that they were always meant to be together, that she was always suppose to be a part of him, his consort, the bearer of his seed, Hera his wife, and his other part, his rain, his Serein, his happiness. Ending the kiss he looked lovingly upon her, his voice awe filled, “What did I ever do to deserve you wife?”

  “You always believed. Now close your eyes husband and kiss me for courage.”

  Bending his head, he matched his lips to hers for a union that was sensual, long and deep, going on until light-headedness overcame him, forcing him to begin pulling away from her. Immediately he felt a cool, shy, delicate touch on his back that slid up to his shoulders and at the same time hot, petal soft hands massaged his calves. Dewy and delicate lips played along the length of his spine while another firm, torrid mouth kissed its way up the back of his thighs, crisscrossing back and forth until he felt a warm wet tongue licking the swell of his buttocks. Thin shapely legs straddled his back pressing him further down onto his sweet Carolina. Tiny hands played with his hair, as lips kissed the back of his neck, along the underside of his jaw. From the corner of his eye he spied red hair without the vibrancy and curl of Carolina's and as he was ready to question the spell his honey had him under, he felt warm hands separating his buttocks, a hot determined tongue licking at his puckered opening, before it pushed inside him, quickly assuming the motion of a jackhammer.

  “Yes,” was his loud shout as he reared back still clutching the silver dagger, feeling the tongue getting harder and longer, thrusting forcefully as searing hands played over the area where his penis entered Carolina. Another cooler touch smoothed over his shoulders and down his chest, his head resting against new-fledged breasts, pubescent in size and shape. Groaning, he lost his grip on the dagger and began moving against Carolina, rolling and thrusting, his eyes still shut tightly as he murmured, “This can't be real. But, it feels too good to resist. Let me open my eyes.”

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