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  Liz craned her neck to either side of Carolina trying to get a look into the mansion. “I'd like to speak to Dylan or Justin. Is that possible or am I expected to communicate through you?”

  “I'll certainly relay the message.”

  Liz lifted the duffel bag in Carolina's direction. “Justin forgot this.”

  Carolina accepted the bag. “Is there anything else?”

  “Aren't you going to invite me in?”

  “Another time perhaps, call next week and we'll arrange something.”

  “I'm leaving on Monday for rehab, and then I'm moving to the east coast. I just wanted Dylan to know how happy I am for the two of you.”

  Carolina gave her a reserved smile. “Thank you. I'll tell him.”

  Liz tossed back her jet-black hair saying, “I still care for him but he doesn't even see me any more. You're everything to him, both he and Justin. It hurts to know and accept that I've been replaced. If I could talk to them before I leave, being alone these next few weeks will be easier.”

  Carolina looked beyond Liz into the crowd of gathered bodies before returning her attention to the woman who had the glint of tears dampening her cosmetically enhanced lashes. “Where is Tyler Mitchell?”

  Inhaling deeply, Liz was bombarded by the other woman’s intoxicating scent, sighing a non-reply, “Who?” Shaking off the pleasant but untimely attraction she was feeling toward the woman who was replacing her, Liz didn’t wait for Carolina’s response. Instead, she gripped the other woman’s hand and pleaded, “Don't turn me away. You have no idea what it's like to be all alone and frightened. If I don't make rehab work I'll end up an unidentified corpse lying in an abandoned tenement with rats and maggots eating away at my flesh. Please Carolina. You're a good person. That's why he loves you. I just need to tell them I'm sorry.”

  Carolina heard footsteps behind her. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Patrick. Beckoning for him with a crook of her index finger, she waited until he was at her side before she returned her gaze to Liz's. “Alright, you can come in. Patrick will take you into the music room, while I get Dylan and Justin.”

  “Thank you,” Liz exclaimed, throwing herself into the shorter woman's arms, holding on tightly for several seconds before drawing away. The simmering, floral, honeyed-cream scent of the redhead had heat coiling in the region of her poppy tattoo. Allowing her eyes to move languidly over Carolina's face, Liz inhaled deeply again, then slurred heatedly, “Oh you smell so sweet.”

  Carolina watched Liz's mouth lowering to meet her own. She felt the other woman's tongue thrust deeply and thought to move away but was uncertain if her reaction would cause too much sensation amongst the assembled media. With steely determination to appear unbothered she withstood Liz's touch, hearing the shouts of the reporters and seeing flashes from cameras as photographers captured the embrace.


  Carolina stood in the master bath looking at her reflection in the full-length mirror, touching her trembling fingers to her slightly swollen mouth. It had been a few hours since Liz had kissed her and still her lips burned. If the vixen could leave such a scorching impression on her Carolina no longer harbored any confusion as to why Dylan had stayed committed to her for as long as he had, even though Liz, by her own admission, had been a world-class bitch.

  Throughout the evening Carolina had kept a close eye on the black clad woman with her equally dark hair, although it seemed her soul was no longer of the same color. Liz was the model guest and repentant of her many transgressions during her life with Dylan and Justin. But Carolina, not trusting Liz's sudden change, had breached Dylan's mind, skimming for details of his afternoon with her, discovering that he'd killed her and that Justin had created a substitute Liz. Her little fay babe, who'd hidden his magic until it was needed to protect his father and family, was apparently a very skilled sorcerer but Carolina truly believed she needed to stay on guard, magic transformation or not.

  Carolina, reaching behind her back, unzipped her green dress, recalling the events of the evening. Liz had spoken with Dylan and Justin as she'd claimed she'd wanted, then wept her way into an invitation to dinner where she begged to sit between them chatting about the way she'd wished she'd been during their lives together. Her attentiveness was so enthralling that Carolina had even caught Patrick giving Liz several desirous glances, because she was without a doubt the second most stunning woman in the room, the most attractive, of course, being Vega. Looking at her naked body in the mirror Carolina grimaced. Undoubtedly she was the least attractive in the entire county with her full-moon derriere, heavy thighs and humongous breasts, so large and swollen with milk she could feed an entire hospital nursery full of babies and still have more than enough nourishment left over for her own eight.

  Shuffling unhappily to the shower she stood within the spray of all hot water, trying to ease the misery from her body, her mind returning to the recent hours past. After dinner when everyone had milled out to the patio to watch the sunset, faint music had been turned on to fill the night. Instead of Justin, who'd worn his special white shirt with the green and gold threads, dancing with her in her basil-green dress, as she'd hoped or with the unhappy looking Vienna, Liz had snagged his hand and waltzed with him, her black hair flying through the air. Her slim figure had been a treat to the eye, as judged by the many spectators who visually feasted on her swaying movements.

  Carolina had stood on the sidelines smoothing her hands over the full rayon skirt of her dress, concerned that the v-neckline revealed entirely too much cleavage, feeling ridiculously jealous since the other Savage women hadn't cared that their husbands took enjoyment in Liz's performance. They were secure in their marriages, with varied arranged understandings that worked for them. She'd no such sense of security with Dylan. Sure, she'd given him eight unruly babes, birthed the spirit of his eldest son, spirited him a daughter during her tremendous grief, brought to his family two sons who she felt idolized his every action, unintentionally united him with Patrick for eternity and could, on a basic level, satisfy him sexually. Yet she'd feared it wasn't enough, wished she hadn't put the kibosh on Patrick's plans for a wild bachelor party. She'd thought, if Dylan were anything like his brothers and Patrick, he had needs that weren't going to be exclusively filled by their wives, legal or celestial, and she'd imagined the sweet new Liz satisfying his lusty physical demands as the bitter old one had and she had bit back a cry and caught the smell of trouble wafting in the air.

  Shutting off the shower Carolina stepped out onto the thick bath mat, wrapping herself in a fluffy towel. Walking into the outer room, she stopped short at the sight of Liz standing beside the bed smiling warmly. Carolina's skin began to crawl as she grumbled impolitely. “I thought you were gone. Did you forget something?”

  Liz's voice had the pitch of a skillful used car salesman's, “The guys have locked themselves away for Dylan's party and I thought you and I might have some fun of our own. It is your last night, too, after all. Come here and I'll help you dry off.”

  Carolina couldn't believe Liz was flirting with her. “I can take care of myself and I'm in no mood for any other kind of fun. But, I'll slip into my robe and walk you out.” She turned, hurrying back into the bath and was surprised when Liz followed her. Keeping her towel in place, she hurriedly slipped into her pink granny robe, belting it loosely at the waist. Only then, did she reach her hand into the neckline to unfasten the bath sheet, allowing it to slide from beneath the robe to pool around her feet then she tightened the belt of her robe with an angry tug. When she looked at Liz, she narrowed her gaze in suspicion at the predatory glint in the woman's pale eyes. “I'm ready to walk you down. Do you have everything you need? I'd hate for you to have to come back.”

  Liz walked up to Carolina tracing the fingertips of both her hands along the raised texture of the v-shaped diamond necklace, stroking her way down to the large teardrop diamond to caress the priceless stone laying below the base of Carolina's throat. “It looks beautiful on you, like
it did on his mother. You remind me of her in some ways, the ghastly long hair, the extra poundage and you even dress like her, on-the-cheap.”

  Carolina pushed the woman's worm-like fingers away. “What's your point?”

  “I'm not implying that he's using you to replace her. No wife or lover will ever be as much to him as she was and August is and not in an Oedipal sense. The Savage brothers loved their daddy equal to their mother and his mistress, feared and respected him, so none of them ever desired her or August sexually. But those two women set the bar for every other woman in their lives in terms of nurturing, strength and sacrifice. So instead of being content with someone like me, he's gone and caught you in his net.” Liz lowered her red lacquered fingertips, giving a smile that didn't reach her eyes, “I would like for us to be friends, maybe more. Your kiss was unique, like nothing I've experienced, not even with Dylan and he and I have kissed a lot, had sex in every way imaginable. He would be excited if he found us in bed together. Threesomes are really his preference because his every desire is catered to. Let's do it. I know you want to please him; it's in the way you look at him, the way you respond to his voice. Like when we fought, only he could calm you down. I bet you respond beautifully to him in bed. Your shape resembles those big guitars he loves to play. I could never let myself get so fat, but on you, it works. You're all jiggle and shimmy. Last week I thought you were a cow but now, I definitely see your appeal and the two of us, his ex-wife and his fiancee, touching Dylan, pleasuring him, the night before his wedding would be his wildest fantasy come true. You can be his guitar and I'll be his harmonica. The things he can do with his mouth and tongue are delightfully wicked. He's Joseph Savage's son. His mother permanently welcomed August into her marriage bed at her husband's request and until Joe and Sue died, they all lived as husband and wives with August now acting as supreme mother of this family. Dylan, by nature of the beast, will expect the same of you eventually. So are you game Carolina? Tonight will you give him what he wants?”

  Carolina worried Justin's magic had heightened Liz's level of mental illness. In a strong, steady voice, she told the other woman, “He'll have to be disappointed. You've been here long enough. It's time you left.”

  Batting her lashes and pouting, Liz whined, “I'm lonely. Can't I stay the night?”

  “No. Let's go,” Carolina moved to escort her out.

  Liz stepped directly into her path, “Give me one kiss then I'll leave.”

  Carolina was fed up, tired and sore from breastfeeding. The last cookie crumb of patience she had for Liz disintegrated into nothingness. “How about I kick your scrawny butt then throw you out. I don't know what kind of game you're playing but you won't play it with me. You claimed you wanted to talk with Dylan and Justin and you have. I even felt sorry for you and invited you to dinner but you're leaving now, one way or the other.”

  Liz touched the red springy curls at the side of Carolina's face. “I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. I just thought since the two of you were getting married you knew what he was like, wanted to feed the lustful wolf he keeps chained up. Your good girl routine won't always be enough. Down deep, he's hard, fierce and more than a little dangerous. It's how he really enjoys his sex. He'll fuck you so hard you can barely walk and he'll still want to ram his huge rod in your mouth, having you suck him until he comes, demanding you swallow every drop. Then there will be those times when he brings his belts to bed with him to keep you tied up all night, touching and teasing but never satisfying, which he did with a lot of our many playmates. But my favorite was having him cover the bed with long stem roses and take me on top of them, the thorns penetrating and tearing at my skin. When we exchanged places he came before he even got inside me, there's something about being pierced and stuck that does more for Dylan than intercourse. That's why he'd only ever shoot us up, never popping, smoking or snorting drugs. He doesn't even feel the high from dope, it was being stuck that gave him pleasure and eventually he stopped because the tiny needles weren't enough. When I shot him today, and the bullet tore into him, I could feel him nearing climax. That's the kind of freak you're considering marrying. I wonder what he'll make you do to satisfy him. I warn you, if you don't play with him on his level, someone else is bound to try. Don't be mad at me. I only mean to be helpful.”

  Carolina flicked Liz's hand away from her hair, her tone dripping with sarcasm, “Sure you do. Start walking, or so help me, I'll smack you until your ears ring.”

  Liz held up her palms in surrender. “Alright sweetheart. You can't blame a girl for trying. But really I do thank you for letting me stay.” Liz moved aside, allowing Carolina to lead the way from the bath, watching the sway of her full hips beneath the robe and as she passed the bed, Liz pounced on her like a panther, pinning her shoulders down with difficulty as Carolina struggled beneath her wildly. Sniffing the fresh scrubbed scent of her damp red hair, and the warm creamy fragrance wafting up from her breasts, Liz leaned down and pressed her lips to the pale skin at the opening of Carolina's robe.

  With strong hands, Carolina shoved the other woman, “Get off me.”

  Liz straddled one of Carolina's thighs and rubbed her crotch against it, thrusting suggestively, “I want to be close to you. Touch and hold you, like Dylan does. It's not wrong. We can be a family the way Joe, Sue, August and the Savage boys were. Why can't you love me like you do him?”

  Carolina pushed against her trying to toss the woman aside but she was hampered by exhaustion. Struggling with all her might, Carolina snapped, “Because you’re a depraved maniac.”

  Liz rotated her hips against Carolina's naked thigh, panting heatedly against her chest, “You're hurting my feelings. Give me one kiss and I'll let you go. Lowering your voice would help set the mood unless you want to wake your kids and have them find me on top of you. That smart little one of yours is so innocent he nearly died when I tried to kiss him. Imagine the damage he might suffer if he walked in right now.”

  “Get your bony butt off me.” Carolina twisted trying to escape Liz's wandering lips and could feel the robe's sash coming undone.

  Liz buried her face in the warmth of Carolina's breasts, her lips attaching to the delicate skin, beginning to suck forcefully until she felt Carolina's fingers pinching her. She lifted her head, breathing heavily. “Your struggling makes me hot.” Liz reared up, surveying the landscape of Carolina's body. “Your face and skin are glowing. Bondage will suit you. Allow me to tie you up. When Dylan and I were first married, he was game, but one time when he was blindfolded, lying face down and strapped to the bed I had a shemale pretend to be me. Needless to say I was never allowed the pleasure again.”

  Carolina stopped struggling, pressure building in her head followed by more of the cracking and splintering sounds from earlier. Feeling and sounding unsteady, she asked, “Did the person have relations with Dylan?”

  Liz continued rocking her pelvis against Carolina's thigh. “I wish I had one of my strap-ons with me so I could screw you until you came and it would be my name you'd cry, not his. Has he shoved himself up your plump ass yet? I bet he has. All that soft jiggling flesh would be too much for him to resist. What did you call it? 'Have relations with...' That's a prudish way of asking did your big, strong, fiancee take it up the keister? Of course he did. Just like he made you do for him. Why do you think he's so squeamish about male-to-male contact, even with his sainted brother Chris?”

  The thought of her poor treacle bear being assaulted gave her the strength to fight. Rearing up her torso, she accurately aimed her forehead at Liz's, delivering a blow with such force that she even saw bright stars and she cried, “I think there's absolutely no cure for the illness that inhabits the very essence of you.” With the harlot already off balance, she drew back her fist then barreled a vicious right cross to Liz’s jaw. Carolina watched as the vile hag toppled sideways to the floor. Springing to her feet she was walking to the door when she felt Liz grab her from behind, trying to drag her back to the bed. Carolina s
tamped down on the woman's foot and jerked her elbow back into Liz's ribs. Hearing the woman's pained intake of breath and feeling the slackening of her hold, Carolina whirled around intent on bodily harm only to feel Liz's fingernails dig into her neck.

  Liz tightened her grip, snarling, “I lied, bitch. I came here to get my necklace and my family back. After I break your neck, I'm going to kill those bastards you’ve spawned; there will only be one heir to the Dylan Savage fortune. Then tomorrow my husband and I will take Justin away from Ventura. I'll make them forget you. With Dylan, it will be easy and Justin will play along to keep his father happy. That little freak of nature was different before, having been created by Dylan’s self-fertilization, or whatever he did to get a kid that only has his DNA. You look shocked. Did you think I was so stupid and drugged that I wouldn‘t realize that kid wasn’t mine? Years ago, I slept with a technician who secretly conducted the test for me. Once I had the results and was sure he hadn’t told anyone else, I killed him. I’ve kept their secret because of the bottomless bank accounts and the fabulous perks being the wife and mother of a Savage entitled me to. Now that you and that dark-devil have turned Justin into a warlock, or some such magical creature, I plan to capitalize on his skills, have the world in my pocket. I’ll be unsurpassedly rich and beautiful, never getting older because Justin can give me endless youth, changing out my old body for a new one, like he did today. He and his father will both be mine to do with as I please.

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