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  Her voice was needy, “Put it in me like I taught you.”

  Dylan thought about his mother and father dying because of her greed, about precious August being so lost and alone without them. Images of Justin, abused and ravaged, were a rapid slide show behind his eyes, his imagined cries and pleading filling his ears. He jabbed the needle into Liz's skin thinking about what she and her boyfriend had probably done to Calder and he pushed the plunger down shooting enough naturally modified heroin into her vein to kill even the most habitual of users, but he only heard her long, pleasured sigh. Pulling the empty needle from her thigh, he rammed the next full syringe into her as visions of his brothers and their families filled his head. He saw the faces of his loyal staff, Callum and for some reason the little girl Vienna, swimming before his eyes and he loaded Liz's vein with the second lethal dose of heroin. Yanking the empty cylinder from her leg, he tossed the used syringes into the corner near the gun. Standing up he looked down on her, seeing the glazed over eyes and the slack jaw. Leaning over, he placed one of the remaining syringes at the artery on the left side of her neck, pushing aside her weakly flailing hands he drove the needle in, seeing his new life with his eleven children. The thought of loosing any one of them made him shoot her up with the third dose. Finally, he laid the last syringe at her throat and ripping the fake necklace from her unresisting body he flung it aside. For once, his hand faltered as he sat recalling different times with Carolina, how she'd looked the very first day holding the pink cake box, the way she'd smilingly welcomed him into her home and body. An album full of snapshots was quickly, mentally leafed through, of all the ways he’d seen her, both real and imagined, since they’d met, . The one that was his favorite was the way she’d looked when he’d given her the babies from the lavender field, all wide-eyed and wondrous, touching the hand that bore his mother’s engagement ring to the pink necklace that shone with her inner light, a brilliance that wouldn’t survive if Liz did. With one smooth stroke, he injected her with the final dose and he could feel Patrick's presence drawing near the house. Dylan watched Liz, legs sprawled, convulsing and gasping for air, before her face turned sea-glass blue. He listened as the life left her, the death rattle clattering around in her hollow chest like old rusty cans tossed and tumbling in the breeze. Conditioned to show respect for the passing of a soul, he lowered his head in silent prayer that she be shown mercy. Then he smoothed the black dress back down to her ankles and lowered her lids over her dead eyes.

  He shut his mind to the potential reality and to his parent's concerned voices. Now, his thoughts were preoccupied with one entity, Carolina, hoping he'd be back in her arms soon. What he'd done had really all been for her safety and happiness, his feelings for her exceeding undying sentiment. His was a turbulent and consuming love that had finally been unleashed for all to see.


  Justin quickly descended the stairs. Walking over to the body lying on the floor he gave a silent prayer for Tyler, then without hesitation he slid his left palm over his right, right over left and caused, Tyler Mitchell Warren to temporarily disappear from the world and from the memories of everyone he'd ever encountered except for adult members of the extended Savage clan. Liz's former lover would hang in limbo, awaiting the outcome of Carolina's future. If positive, Tyler would return to earth as the transformed man Carolina had helped him to be. But if his sweet fay mother was denied happiness he'd make Tyler's absence permanent, then set about ridding the universe of everyone who'd ever betrayed her, human, fay and intergalactic alike.

  Justin strode over to kneel beside the sofa where Calder lay. Placing his palm over his brother's injury, he felt the lump and kept his hand there until the goose egg disappeared and his little brother opened his eyes. Justin saw the bright flames in their depths and knew Calder might not remember Tyler but did remember Liz and what she'd done to him and he volunteered, “Dad has her upstairs.”

  Calder shuddered, blinking rapidly. “Patrick is pulling into the driveway. He's upset because we haven't answered him. He knows about you, Callum told him.”

  Justin gave a cavalier shrug. “This will be over soon. I know we agreed I wouldn't kill Liz but I had to increase the potency of that poison she uses because her tolerance is so high. We just need to wait a while and he'll be done with her, then I'll do the rest.” Taking Calder's hand Justin assured him, “She won't ever hurt you again.”

  Calder nodded looking trustingly up into Justin's eyes. “Can you hear dad?”

  Justin shook his head. “Can you?”

  Calder replied disappointedly, “No.” The doorbell rang and he released Justin's hand. “It's Patrick. You better let him in, but you should know Callum says Dylan's not having a bachelor party so the rest of the plan won't work.”

  “I know Patrick, there's going to be a party. You just don't want the plan to work because he's your true father. But don't forget I have his essence as well, waited for years for him to marry our mother and get her with child so we'd be united in this world as the triplets they were meant to have. Instead, he used her like a sex slave. As her sons, we're obligated to ensure her happiness and Patrick has proven he’ll cause her ongoing suffering. We must be of one mind if we're to restore the balance to mom's life. Tell me I have your support as I do Callum's and let's be done with this matter so tomorrow our parents can marry and we can move forward as a happy family. I cannot act without unanimity amongst us three.”

  Calder knew Justin was only thinking of their mother as was his charge, but he was tasked with thinking of their fathers, seeing holes in the plan that could scar both men terribly. “I know of the three of us, you are the most supernatural and talented, possessing the most qualities of mom, Dylan and Patrick. I need to be positive that the result is only Patrick’s going home for a short time to be with Ciaran and Clover. I won’t have our fathers warring and mom more torn between them. Brother, swear, that for all involved, this will work out for the very best and you have my support.”

  “I give you my word,” Justin lied, because he planned to have Patrick out of their mother's life forever. Hurrying over to the door he answered the silent request for entry vibrating through the heavy glass doors Dylan had himself etched with an underwater-scape full of seahorses, fish, flora and sunken treasure. Instead of touching the black cylindrical handles, Justin used the power of his mind to sweep the door inward so the always monochromatically attired Patrick could enter. He did so at a relaxed pace, while twirling his key ring on his index finger. Justin's voice was cocky, “Hi Patrick. Would you like a drink? Perhaps a bit of Irish whiskey?”

  Patrick looked at the scamp that was supposed to be a blending of Dylan and Gingernut, but he finally saw himself in the child's eyes. He knew a small measure of his energy in any human could result in a volatility of nature that if not properly schooled would mean trouble, and this youngster was a pressure point, which is why he’d always invested a great deal of time educating Calder and Callum. Sniffing the air, he fixed Justin with a spartan look until the boy stepped backwards in undisguised fear. “Calder get over here,” he ordered still staring at Justin. When Calder stood along side his taller brother, he seriously warned them, “I know of your discontent and while I appreciate the need to protect your mother, I'm telling you I have no patience right now for mischief-making. If you have been foolish and harmed Carolina's intended I will deal with you severely. Now tell me who died in this house today.

  Justin knew Calder couldn't answer so he reported, “Liz killed her boyfriend because he was trying to protect us from her.”

  ”Where is Dylan?”

  “Upstairs with Liz,” they quickly answered in unison.

  Patrick wouldn't easily accept anything Justin told him. The boy had an agenda, and being Gingernut's undisciplined offspring he'd tell any number of lies to protect himself and reach the conclusion he desired. Not shifting his eyes from Justin's he magisterially addressed the other boy, “Is that the truth Calder?”

  In an uns
teady voice filled with blind trust Calder answered, “If Justin says that's what happened then it's the truth. I remember Liz was mean to me before he got here, hit me with a gun, but I don't recall anything else until Justin woke me up.”

  Patrick could sense the child hadn't suffered as he or Justin had but he was still very concerned because Liz's depravity knew no bounds. “What did she do to you?”

  Calder grimaced, “She bugged me, said there were things she could teach me.”

  Patrick nodded in understanding. Looking about, he couldn't see any evidence of a corpse. Nevertheless, the reek of death was strong. “Where is Tyler's body?”

  Justin admitted, “I erased him from human existence.”

  Patrick inclined his head respectfully to the child. “Let's go and get your father. Carolina is worrying where you all are.”

  They ascended the long staircase, Patrick in front and the two teens bringing up the rear. He didn't need to ask the direction of the bedroom because he could smell the black-hearted witch's decaying flesh. When he arrived at the door he knocked, calling, “Dylan, come out. Carolina has grown impatient and any more delays, I fear, will set her on a course to find you three.”

  Dylan cracked the door slightly open. He peeked out before droning, “Patrick you come in. Boys, y'all wait downstairs.”

  Patrick looked over his shoulder at the boys, sending them a clear message in their heads. He then looked back at the door saying calmly, “Dylan I'm on my way in.” Patrick pushed open the door with the boys following closely behind him.

  Dylan glared at the trio. “Justin and Calder go wait like I told you.””

  “No they stay and we finish this,” Patrick overruled Dylan. Pushing the two boys forward he let them see Liz's lifeless body. To Justin he said, “What you did to the boyfriend you can't do to her because she's too public a figure. My advice is that you get rid of all aspects of her, body and soul; then create a new Liz, one who’ll be a bit more tolerable. Next week have her check into rehab. There she'll receive a spiritual calling, deciding to do missionary work in an obscure country and there she'll die in a single-person mishap. Can you do what I'm suggesting?”

  Despite his well thought out plans, Justin grew nervous in the light of Dylan's presence and averted his eyes, saying to Patrick, “Sure.”

  “Then do it,” Patrick forcefully ordered and when Dylan made a protesting sound at the tone he was taking with the boy Patrick held up his hand, a signal for Dylan to defer to his expertise. Patrick watched intently as the sunset-golden haired child approached the bed looking down on the pale-blue corpse from head to toe.

  Justin formed a three-dimensional picture of Liz in his head before casting his eyes onto the mirror above the fireplace at the far end of the room and her image appeared there before a form identical to the once living Liz emerged from the wall to stand looking at them with a bored expression. She wore a skimpy black top, tight, black leather pants, black stilettos and her lips and nails were fire engine red. Justin shifted his attention to the corpse on the bed and with his palms facing him he rotated his wrists back three times causing the body to become vaporous, and then float away.

  Patrick walked over to Justin clamping him reassuringly on the shoulder. “Finish son, and let's go home to your mom.”

  At that moment, hearing the fatherly pride in Patrick's voice, Justin almost regretted what had to be done, but he remembered Carolina's years of crying and emptiness and with a sweeping motion on top of his left palm with his right hand, he sealed their fates. All items associated with his father's actions with Liz vanished. The bullet wound in his dad's shoulder and any other surface injuries that Liz had caused them vanished. Chagrined, he looked at his father and muttered, “We can go now.”

  Dylan wasn't surprised by Justin's display of power, ever since the materialization of the necklace he'd known his son was more special than he'd ever realized. “Hold on a second. Which one of you can get the adoption papers and have Liz sign them?”

  Hearing her name Liz walked over giving Patrick a cold look before turning to Dylan with a kittenish expression on her face as she rubbed up against him. “If you want me to sign the adoption papers of course I will. Where are they darling?”

  Justin looked at Patrick who looked back at him until Calder cleared his throat drawing papers from behind his back to hand them over to Dylan, keeping his eyes averted from the woman standing a short distance away. At Dylan's questioning look he replied, “I've been studying law in case my music career doesn't work out. Uncle Chris will expect me to provide really well for Constance and his grandkids.” He finally met Liz's eyes and burst into tears.

  She grimaced. “What the hell is the matter with him? Let me have the papers so I can sign. I need to get packed for my trip to rehab on Monday.” She plucked the documents from Dylan's hands and looked skeptically at the pen Patrick offered, before snatching the midnight black Montblanc Starwalker to quickly scribble her signature on all the required lines. With barely disguised distaste, she tossed the pen back to Patrick then gave the documents to Dylan. “Now get that little crying shrimp out of here.”

  Dylan looked from the bawling Calder to Patrick. “This is too upsetting for him and probably for Justin too. If y'all can undo everything I'll call the police and-”

  Patrick thought he had to be completely out of his mind. “I will not allow you to take responsibility for Liz's demise. You have twelve children to care for and while I'll financially give all I have, am happy to be physically of assistance on occasion, I admit I couldn’t handle paternity of these children everyday and remain true to my work. Justin calm your brother. Your mom is waiting to name the new babes your dad gave her this morning and I brought you all another little sister named Vienna.”

  Dylan gave Patrick an inquiring stare, “Despite Carolina's warnings, you did what we planned?”

  Patrick inclined his head. “Carolina assured me the family would care for Vienna.”

  Without being told, Dylan knew the two men were dead. “Of course we will.”

  “We'd better go. I can hear Carolina worrying more and the babes are getting to be a handful. If she asks, you three were out getting things for the wedding”

  Justin comfortingly stroked Calder's hair several times until the child calmed and looked up to say, “Justin's getting adopted will be the best wedding present for mom.”

  “Okay let's go. Calder you ride with me. Justin you ride with Dylan and we'll have a race to see who can get home the fastest.”

  “Carolina will kill us both if she finds out we were driving like maniacs with her kids,” Dylan declared, as he draped his arm across Justin's shoulders.

  Patrick looked over at Justin and gave the boy a playful wink. “Who said anything about driving?”

  Chapter 23

  Carolina was sitting on the camel colored sofa in the living room, brushing Vienna's long brown hair when Dylan, Patrick and their three eldest sons walked in chatting excitedly. Their unruly fairy babes were busy twitting and fluttering their wings merrily where they perched, occasionally hopping across the top of the dark wood console positioned beneath one of the room's many large windows. Placing a kiss atop the little girl's head Carolina waited for the child to stand before she rose and faced the five smiling males. “Callum please take Vienna upstairs so she can prepare for dinner.”

  “But mom she's been following me all day. It's Calder or Justin's turn to look after her. Those two have been off with dad and I've been stuck playing little girl games,” Callum protested loudly.

  “Well next time they'll keep her company and you can run off with your fathers. Besides, you already got to name one of your little brothers. Tell everybody the name you've chosen,” Carolina excitedly prompted him.

  Callum walked over to the console to scoop up one of the blue birds that was busy grooming its brilliant feathers. Turning he walked back toward the crowd and as he was doing so the body he held was a little bird one second and a silver-haire
d baby the next. Callum held the wiggling babe up allowing him to kick his feet as the baby reached out for Dylan. “His name is Joseph Silver.”

  Dylan took hold of the reaching baby, drawing him close to the warmth of his body. Trying not to look shocked, he asked Carolina, “Can they all change like that?”

  She nodded. “Shifting and much more. Our babes are exceptionally advanced. They kept disappearing while Vega was in with them and there are a few more revealing habits I've observed. Callum has been an excellent help to me.” She held her arms open to him and he walked into her embrace with a big grin. Hugging him tight, she then gave him a kiss on each cheek and one on his forehead before releasing him with a loving stroke of her palm to the side of his face. “Now you and Vienna go on and I'll make both Dylan and Patrick give you driving lessons after dinner.”

  As Callum exited the room with Vienna in tow Patrick announced, “Gingernut I have plans after dinner and I have to finish with the wedding preparations so-”

  “So nothing, Patrick Donovan. I'll deal with you in a minute. Now I want to talk with my sons. Calder, come here and let me look at you.” As the boy approached, she could feel there was something different about him but she couldn't pinpoint what it was and it bothered her. The closer he got she began to smell that woman on him and her heart chilled. She embraced him in a hug that gently rocked back and forth, her lips pressed to his springy curls, “Calder, baby, what have you been doing?”

  He looked into her eyes and his lower lip began to tremble, memories trying to resurface but there were blanks he didn't understand. “I was at Liz's with Justin. We got something for you,” he stated, trying to pull away but she wouldn't let go.

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