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  He kissed the tip of her upturned nose before confessing, “Patrick already told me about Justin and I already knew the rest. I was just testing you and I'll buy a new bed tomorrow since you're still having a problem with this one.”

  She took his hand and lay it upon her mound saying with complete honesty, “I want no other bed besides this one for it’s the place where you lay alone for years, awaiting me, not even once satisfying yourself as some men would when your need for release grew strong. In addition, this comfy nest holds the memory of your dreams, silvery and blue like the fields of lavender you surround yourself with. Most of all, we’ll always keep this mattress and foundation because upon them you've truly molded me into a woman. You’ve had me reckon with issues and feelings that transformed me from a doting sap on bended knee waiting for a man who’ll never be in love with me to a queen, blessed to walk forever at your side with my head held high, our children as the jewels in my crown.”

  Wrapping her in his arms, he squeezed her tightly, blinking rapidly to keep the evidence of his intense love and devotion from running down his cheeks. “Sweet glory honey, I'd cut out my heart for you. Ask me for anything and it's yours.”

  She luxuriated in the feel of his warm muscled embrace, thinking of how wrong her life could go, of other times when she'd foolishly felt on solid ground only to take another step forward and find herself plummeting from her rickety plank of untrue happiness to the hard, frozen bottom of loneliness and despair. With uncertainty, she stated, “At my house today Patrick divulged to you what he believed to be true about me that he never would have done unless you two have grown extremely close.”

  With his hand stroking the curve of her lower back Dylan thought about her statement and admitted, “It's an overall sense we're connected, similar to the closeness I share with my other brothers but greater somehow.”

  In that short statement lay the problem, she thought. Taking a deep breath, she told him quietly, “In the morning I want you to unbind yourself from Patrick, tell him being of his family isn't what you want since you made no request of an allegiance with him. Then after the wedding I...” Carolina's words trailed off as she felt his hand grow still.

  Kissing the top of her head, he squeezed the plump mounds of derriere and admitted reservedly, “Last night and this morning our disharmony upset you, possibly attributed to the miscarriage. After we returned home with the babies Patrick and I agreed we won't have you stressed about our rivalry so we renewed our bond.”

  Her voice was panicky, “Ye took essence and light from him a second time?”

  He smiled contentedly, “I did and now our relationship is without animus. We thought our brotherhood would please you as our improved kinship gratifies us. Patrick has given me many powers, the greatest being the ability to see my parents anytime I want. Also, he is extremely attentive and helpful. The whole family is very fond of him, Chris and Vega adore him, he has fathered some of your children and August along with my parents can't stop singing his praises. Patrick can't be set aside like a used Kleenex. Do you expect me, all of us to part from him now?”

  Hurriedly she shook her head, not wanting to anger him, “No treacle bear, to some extent the peace between the two of you gratifies me, if you're happy then I'm doubly so and you will further please me this night if you would kindly love me. I am renewed and ready for your amorous attentions.”

  Looking into her eyes his voice grew low and burning, “Is that what you want, for me to slide into you, remove from your cheeks their beautiful virgin pink blush or did you really want me to cast Patrick out of my life?”

  With a delicate sniff she admitted, “I mind not being a maid again as I know you will be the only one to claim me and if it be solely my choice I would have Patrick not bound to you. My fear is that he'll win your love from me as he did with my brother and parents. When Patrick entered my family they cared for me not as they had before, loved him more than me, the sun shining from his very being for them, with my sister-in-law Clover it was the same, as it will be with Vega and the other Savage wives. I don't want that to be the case with you, want your relationship with him to be like those of Justin, Calder and Callum to Patrick, for they seem to have a great deal of resistance to his charm, as a matter of fact they seem to bend him to their will sometimes. But I will tolerate your union with him since you feel he completes you, compliments our family.”

  He lifted her leg to let it rest atop his hip then gently eased the head of his penis into her tight opening, “Patrick belongs with us Carolina, is our family. You must resign yourself to his not being in love with you. Honey, if he'd given you his heart none of the rest of your life would have happened, not Calder and Callum, Justin, our new babies, me or you being forever embraced to the bosom of the Savage Clan. You see the truth, don’t you? That he cared for and protected you, until we could physically meet and I could be indisputably in love with you.”

  She felt the bulbous head of his fiery lance resting against her entrance, wanted him to fill her, replace the sense of emptiness that was left by the miscarriage and decades of unrequited affection. Two lifetimes of hollowness, he could temporarily make full if he was to move just a little and she knew his action hinged on her conceding to Patrick remaining in his life. “Dylan I will set my worries aside. I want our family to be as you envision and if Patrick be a beam that will keep us from harm as well as help encase us in warmth and happiness then I shan't object to the alliance between you.”

  Pressing his mouth to hers and rocking his hips gently back and forth he tenderly eased past her maiden's resistance and pleasured in her sigh of satisfaction saying against her lips, “That's my sweet honey.” With slow, deep thrusts, he began showing her what needed to matter most, family and its total happiness. His skilled fingers strummed across her skin until he felt her trying to change the pace and he lightly gripped her hips to modulate her movements against him, allowing her only the slightest ability to move, “Let's make this last honey, nice and easy, slow and long. It's how I would have possessed you when you were eighteen, beneath the moonlight with lavender and clover braided in your hair, the smell of horses and hay surrounding you.”

  She’d been dressed as he’d said, for her rendezvous with Patrick, at their hideaway; a small farm he'd purchased for her fourteenth birthday present, the place she'd long dreamed would be her home with him. Her fingers trembling she stroked the intent lines of Dylan's face, entangled in the magic web his was spinning, “Treacle bear how do you know of that time?”

  He allowed his fingers to play along the fullness of her hips, caressing the swell of her thighs as he continued his leisurely slides to-and-fro admitting, “I asked Patrick to tell me about your first time. I wanted to know what he felt, how he loved you, what made him the best. I wanted to know you, be your first and in a way, now I am. He took me back to that time honey. I could see you, smell your sweet fragrance.”

  “Oh Dylan, I wish my greatest love had always been you because you are in love with me beyond what I deserve.” Carolina saw an explosion of silvery stars behind her eyes, felt herself being rolled to lay flat atop him, his gentle motions continuing. She ceased breathing at the sight of the radiance shining from his eyes that lit the entire room and stole rationale thought from her mind and she began chanting in time with his long-drawn-out strokes, “I want you to forevermore occupy my heart and mind, possess my body, free and command my spirit. Treacle bear I long for you to be my desire and satisfaction, weakness and strength.”

  Petting her with strong sure hands, he murmured against her lips, “When you were a girl waiting to cross over to womanhood, I would have treasured being the one who eased your lovely body from your periwinkle dress. Gently, I would have touched your unbound breasts, pinched the nipples that stood erect from the chilly air. Your snowy panties would’ve been pulled from your rounded hips by my insistent hands. Then, kneeling before you, I would’ve drank gratefully from your maiden spring, allowing your essence to cover my li
ps, fill my mouth and quench my thirst.”

  She blushed hotly at his words. “Patrick showed you that? Did you see it all?”

  He kissed her cheeks, his fingers moving between them to play with the curls at the juncture of her thighs, “I saw everything honey. Because of our bond, he couldn't withhold the details. That night, you told him things in Gaelic, do you remember?”

  “Yes, oh yes, treacle bear,” she cried, as an unexpected orgasm slammed into the pit of her stomach, flames of unbridled desire searing the region south of her navel at the realization that he'd watched her unrestrained lovemaking with Patrick.

  “Precious girl you asked him to make you his wife for the entire world to behold. You begged and pleaded to be filled with his seed that would take root and blossom into a handsome babe with hair the color of a red-gold sunset and eyes of such uniqueness that bespoke of knowledge beyond this time and place so that he’d be highly sought after by all the colleens in the land. You hoped your son's voice would be musical, pleasing to the ear, so he might sing his future love, and the beautiful babes they would have, to sleep. Isn't that so, my precious honeyed pepper?”

  “Yes, 'tis the absolute truth,” she cried, her orgasms coming upon her so rapidly she could hardly breathe though he barely moved against or within her. She knew not what magic he possessed but by all the shamrocks, leprechauns and fairies in Ireland his supernaturalism was more powerful than anything she had knowledge of.

  “Then Patrick claimed you, took from you what so many mortal men had craved and would’ve clumsily ripped from you had he not stood forever in their way, incapable of being defeated. With one stroke, he set the ships of our lives on the course toward our ultimate happiness. He gave you total satisfaction, the two of you simultaneously climaxing and then he disappeared for less than a second, fused his being with yours, giving you sensations of galactic proportions that won him the status as your best lover. When he entered your body, he not only pleasured you, but he also whisked away two tiny fertilized eggs that he kept within himself until they could be transplanted. He reappeared, the two of you quaking for such a time that you lost consciousness while lying beneath the glow of lightning crisscrossing the sky, a storm raging outside, elements angered by Patrick who'd claimed what they should have been the recipient of. The force overhead, though denied the glean of your first tender fruit, craved you even more. It wanted to be inside you as a lover and husband, but instead was your secret fondler of that night, touching you as light bathes a beautiful woman, lightly caressing and stroking, filling you with natural brilliance, a radiance that still shines from you to this day. You stirred, felt my light covering you and lifted your arms to embrace me but I had no human form. Filled with anger and jealousy at Patrick being able to have you completely, his possessing you mind, body, heart and soul I too stole inside you to claim one tiny egg that found its resting place within my light. I kept your babe secure until you could make your way home to me and our son, the child of your prayers. Your other two boys, twins, Patrick gave to Ciaran and Clover for neither of them could have children and he'd do anything to make your brother happy.”

  Her body still and her mind raced away from what he was trying to have her understand. She wailed pitifully, “Dylan 'tis not right. Please, say no more. Callum and Calder are my brother's, Clover's and Patrick's children and though my heart cries out it has known you for all eternity, in truth I knew ye not until a few weeks past.”

  Despite her protests he continued, “That first night in your home I told you I felt I'd known you forever and with each passing moment the impression grows stronger, of us as a circle that is unbreakable. I feel I should have been with you in the history of the fay and human lives you've lead, given you the children you were designed to raise. But in terms of tangible matter I wasn't with you in this life until a month ago though I'd give my voice and hands to have our connection more rooted in history, wish I'd been with you in Ireland for all those years, the recipient of your undying devotion.”

  “Dylan tis not wrong to want for us a fairytale. However, you caused me unnecessary ache by treading upon the festering wound in my heart concerning Patrick's standing denial of me. To make me believe he had violated me so viciously, robbed me of more than I can count was cruel and such tactics will not make me love you greater.”

  “Carolina, honey, the things I said about Patrick and you that night are true. He allowed me to see the events, has wanted for years to tell you what he'd done. Total love sometimes requires doing what's hard, such as my breaking Patrick's confidence and his doing the unthinkable to gratify your brother. Calder and Callum are your twins and Patrick's. He told me tonight because he was heartbroken about your miscarriage, all the loss and suffering you've had to endure. You’ve been mother to his babes all along, they just didn’t grow in and pass from your body and Patrick’s essence ensures their vitality such that you can heal them even though they are of your blood.”

  “I will not believe what you say. Patrick and the others would never be so cruel to me, rob me worse than my fay mate and the enchantress did.”

  “Patrick stole your babes away because of his love for your brother, wanted Ciaran's absolute happiness as I want yours.”

  Though Dylan remained inside her, pulsating and slightly shifting, Carolina felt vacant, the emptiness in her womb spreading, her vitality waning. In a low terrified voice she demanded, “Why would you tell me this, after I've suffered so already?”

  “To prove that I will care for no one in this life more than I cherish you and though I wouldn't separate myself from Patrick I can not rise him above my dedication to you.”

  She felt universally rotten, wondering what ailment caused her to repulse those she desired, turning them into monsters and she feared for Dylan and her children, for the inevitable times when they too would be revolted by her nature. Maybe the enchanter’s curse hadn't caused the spillage from her womb. Perhaps the babe had fled of its on accord preferring oblivion to life with an impure creature for a mother, one not entirely of this world, a crossbreed, part throwaway from another. Abruptly she stopped thinking and raised her unsteady hands to his face to draw strength from his warm skin, to ward off the creeping void of frozenness that, if she allowed, would quickly end her suffering and unite her with her lost babe. She was tempted, oh so tempted, but in Dylan's eyes, she saw he prized her and for the moment, his esteem was enough to keep her bound to this world. Softly she spoke, her hands still lying upon his cheeks, “Earlier you said you’d give me anything if I asked. Does that offer still stand?”

  In turn, he brought each of her palms to his lips then allowed them to rest once again upon his face. “Within reason honey, yes it does.”

  Her eyes searched his as she pleaded, “Then make me forget what you've revealed to me these minutes past. The knowledge gives me only tremendous agony. If you would envision me as I was before, without the knowledge, and I take from you as I did in your study then I will not be stained with the awareness of Patrick's vile robbery and deceit, my brother's and his wife's atrocious wickedness.”

  He pressed his lips to the weak pulse at her throat murmuring against her skin, “Honey they all partly acted out of love for you as well. But if you don't want the knowledge I know another way to ease your suffering, wipe the sorrow from your eyes and heart, restore the energized sheen to your being. Carolina, trust me above all others in this life and allow me to give to you.”

  “I do treacle bear.”

  “Look into my eyes and listen to my voice, see and hear only the truth you want to believe, know the sensations of being loved and cherished by all who matter in your life. Feel completed, knowing I've given you all that you prayed for, will make you a queen, with our many children as precious gems adorning your crown and will give you much more. Simply honor and love me above anyone else and all will be right.”

  “I swear on everything I treasure I'll work at loving you as you demand and deserve, as is your right as my king. Yo
u’re the only man in my lives who has ever been in love with me and I will honor you,” she pledged feeling him pulsing inside her, the light of his eyes blinding her to reality, bathing her in a dreamy glow where her emotional pain was almost nonexistent, the smoke and grit of his voice obscuring recent revelations. Laying in his radiance, she neared the summit of heartsease, reached out and embraced the sun's golden rays, her love flourishing for him like Super Silver Haze beneath a grow lamp.

  He increased the speed of his thrusts up into her, watching her in the silvery blue light shining from his eyes, the absolute ecstasy she was experiencing revealed on her face, her pain and suffering no longer evident. With one sure movement, he rolled her beneath him, sang to her of love’s triumph, and felt her matching his increasing rhythm movement by movement, until the bed quaked and vibrated beneath them. He listened to her sighs, the repeated calls of his name as she desperately hung on to him, riding the waves of their passion. Swiftly he entered her mind as Patrick had taught him, searching for any residue of what he’d told her but discovered her preoccupation was the miscarriage, her mind spiraling around a lone thought, ‘Treacle bear, I’m sorry for failing ye, for being so cursedly infirm of womb’. Her focus filled him with such sorrow that he lost his determination to have them achieve simultaneous release, no longer desired his own satisfaction at all. Yet he continued to minister to her need, pumping into her, touching her tenderly, kissing her repeatedly on every inch of flesh his lips could reach without having to leave his most desired home, the palace between her thighs. He continued in that fashion until she climaxed with a great burst of energy, wriggling passionately beneath him, her legs and arms locking tightly around him to pull him further into her, as if she were trying to fuse with him. With a final spasm, she lifted her head to kiss his lips before lying still, satiated and insensible beneath him. Without delay he began emitting a low hum from deep within his chest that had her quickly falling into an untroubled slumber but still she clung to him, her unconscious need for him giving Dylan hope that she'd one day love him as steadfastly as she did Patrick.

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