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  Legion: University

  Isabella Jordan

  All rights reserved.

  Copyright ©2004 by Isabella Jordan

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  Chapter One

  Joey Sumner headed out of the dorm and waved at her roommate as they passed in the hallway. Maria barely made eye contact as she walked briskly by her. Maria’s wild hair, normally unruly, was now pulled back from her face into a tight knot at the back of her head with not a dark curl to be seen. The starched white blouse of her school uniform was buttoned up to her chin.

  That couldn’t be comfortable.

  “Have a good evening, Josephine.” Maria’s tone was flat.

  Josephine. Up until last week Maria had called her Joey like everyone did. But that was the least of the changes she’d seen in her roommate.

  Joey’s breath caught on the cold evening air as she walked out of the dorm. Last week Maria had started wearing a school uniform, speaking proper English and listening to Chopin. It made no sense. Gone were Maria’s brightly colored clothes, her hip-hop music, her sense of humor. She was like a robot, like a Stepford Maria. A weird version with her blank face and her newfound holier-than-thou attitude. Joey shook her head. Not too long ago she and Maria had made fun of the growing population of blazer-wearing super-geeks who traveled in groups on campus. What the hell happened?

  Joey passed a group of ten of the very super-geeks they’d made fun of as she reached Cranford Hall and pulled open the heavy outer door. They were walking in two lines of five -- like soldiers with their eyes forward and shoulders back. What college kid acts like that? They reminded her of her time in the Army. Put camouflage on them and you’d never know they didn’t come straight from boot camp.

  “You’re late, G.I. Jane.” Will Martin winked at her as she walked into the lab where they worked together and pulled the backpack from her shoulder.

  Joey grinned at him, a big stupid grin no doubt, but she didn’t care.

  With his golden skin, sun-streaked hair and powerful body, Will was nobody’s idea of a geeky scientist. Tall, handsome, with a bold nose, a sexy mouth and dark blue eyes that could glitter with humor or darken to the color of a stormy sea. Joey had never seen such a perfect blend of beauty and intelligence in any other man. In the realm of science there was no challenge he wouldn’t take on, no subject he wouldn’t tackle. Even Joey with her very limited knowledge of virology knew that Will was well on his way to making a difference in the world. It wouldn’t surprise her if he were the one to someday find a cure for the AIDS virus, ending the suffering and death of millions. She had that much faith in him.

  His brilliant mind fascinated her almost as much as his hot, muscular body and that was saying a lot. How many times had she satisfied herself while thinking about Will? How many late night dreams had he haunted? The touch of his rough hands on her aching breasts always felt so real in her dreams, so good. She’d swear that the solid length of his body between her thighs, the sensual glide of his cock in and out of her slick, ready passage were a reality while she was dreaming.

  Until she woke up in a sweaty tangle of bed sheets. After several seconds of swearing and sometimes several more seconds with her vibrator, she could usually get back to sleep. But not always. Sometimes she’d lie there and think of clever ways to ask him out. A couple of times she even meant to carry out her plans to ask him out to dinner, then maybe even ask him to her bed. But she always chickened out at the last moment.

  Joey grabbed her lab coat from its peg on the wall and watched Will as she slipped it on. Will had no idea that she was totally infatuated with him and she was afraid to make a move. They worked together after all. He was a brilliant scientist. She was just a girl who’d gone into the army to pay for college on the G.I. Bill and was now a way-older-than-average freshman. Joey continued to watch him as he scribbled notes on a steno pad and peered into the microscope before him, his muscular upper body straining against the lab coat he wore. How could someone like her ever hope to get the attention of someone like him?

  “That’s new.” Dr. Rafe Bowen caught her off guard. Hooking the golden charm bracelet that circled her wrist with a long finger, he pulled her arm up to scrutinize it before releasing her.

  “Yes,” she said, recovering from the start. “It was a gift.”

  “From whom?” he asked in his clipped British accent, his hazel eyes watching her intently.

  Her eyes darted to Will. But he didn’t appear to be paying attention to their conversation. Damn him! “My sister,” Joey answered blandly.

  Rafe Bowen nodded, but continued to gaze at her speculatively. Rafe was her supervisor in the lab. He was a handsome man with his chestnut hair and well-defined, cultured features. He wasn’t as tall as Will, his build average. From what little she knew of him he was probably in his early forties but he looked remarkably young for his age. He could pass for someone in his early thirties easily. It helped that he was easy to work for and generous with his time. He taught several virology courses in addition to his research.

  Joey had long suspected that her boss had more than a passing interest in her. Rafe would stare at her when he thought she wasn’t looking and it made Joey pretty damned uncomfortable. He’d always insisted that she call him by his given name, though she never had. But he’d given her a job when she’d given up hope of finding one. That alone had made her first year at Woods University much easier than it could have been for a twenty-five-year-old freshman.

  “Why are you two here?” he asked, frowning.

  Joey exchanged a glance with Will and let him answer.

  “Next week is spring break,” Will pointed out. “If we don’t run the analysis on the Aspergillus cultures now, we’ll lose them. They won’t be any good when we get back.”

  Joey couldn’t help with the analysis, wouldn’t know how. She knew that Aspergillus was a mold and a respiratory allergen but that was about it.

  But the money sure would come in handy.

  “What about tomorrow and Friday?”

  “Exams,” Will and Joey answered in unison.

  Rafe blew out a frustrated sigh. “You’re not staying long. I have to be at a meeting in an hour.”

  “We’ll lock up,” Will assured him.

  Joey’s heart began thumping in earnest. Alone with Will Martin? Oh, yes, that would be fine.

  Rafe’s expression grew darker. It wasn’t like him.

  “You’ll leave when I do,” he said curtly. When it appeared Will was about to say something else, he added, “End of discussion.”

  Will’s gaze followed him as Rafe marched to his office and closed the door behind him. He shook his head, giving Joey a sardonic half smile.

  “What crawled up his ass today?” Will glanced up at the lab’s clock, prompting her to do the same. It was five minutes to six in the evening. “Want to get
started on prep?”

  Joey nodded and walked to the autoclave on the counter opposite the lab door. Pulling open the door, she frowned when she found it empty.

  “Crap! Someone took all the instruments I autoclaved last night,” Joey grumbled. How would they have time to do anything now if she had to sterilize more instruments?

  Will glanced over his shoulder at her but didn’t seem concerned. “Turner probably took them for his class, that lazy asshole. Just sterilize some more. We’ve got time.”

  Joey motioned toward Rafe’s office with her thumb.

  “Let me worry about him.” Will waved her on.

  When Joey hesitated he smiled, a flash of white teeth. Her nipples tightened to hard little points in an instant.

  “Go on.” He motioned her to continue with her work. “How’s your French class going?”

  I know all the dirty words. I could recite them for you.

  “I’m doing okay.” Wasn’t that a waste of a good conversation opener? Think! “I’ve really enjoyed the biology labs. The experiments have been very interesting.”

  “Yeah?” Will’s back was to her. He kept right on with his work. “Which ones interested you the most?”

  Her mind went blank. That would teach her to use something she had little interest in to get his attention. Shit! “The genetics experiments,” she finally answered. She knew there had been a couple.

  “I think the corn genetics experiment is the best that they offer.” He paused a moment as he read over his notes. “Morten had a good idea there. Students get to germinate and grow F2 corn seeds and determine the inheritance pattern of the albino trait and what the P and F2 generations’ genotypes must have been. Did you like that one?”

  “I did.” Joey remembered it anyway.

  “We might make a scientist out of you yet.” Will peered at her over his shoulder. “What are your plans for your time here? I don’t think I’ve ever asked you that.”

  Her mouth went dry.

  To jump your bones?

  “Right now I’m in Interdisciplinary Studies but I’m thinking about an education major. Early learning, that sort of thing.”

  Will turned and caught her fidgeting with her charm bracelet. Joey had always been a fidgeter when she was nervous. His indigo eyes dropped to her hands just as she stopped their nervous movement, and moved back up to meet hers.

  “You want to be an elementary school teacher?”

  “Maybe.” Joey’s heart raced as his gaze moved over her face, her hair. Warmth flooded her body under his gaze, making it damned difficult to focus on their conversation. “I wouldn’t mind working with special needs children. I’ve always thought I might be pretty good at it. I used to help with Special Olympics every year. They were great kids. All they wanted was to be treated like everyone else.”

  Will nodded, his eyes warm. “I can see you doing that.”

  Joey didn’t have a chance to enjoy the excited energy coursing through her at the idea that he could see her doing anything. The sound of Rafe slamming a drawer in his file cabinet drew their attention to their supervisor who glared at them through the opened blinds of the window to his office door.

  “Better get back to work,” Will griped, turning back to the microscope, “before he comes out here to chew somebody’s ass.”

  It was the closest she’d come to a personal conversation with Will Martin since she’d known him. Damn it!

  Joey’s blonde ponytail fell across her shoulder as she yanked open the cabinet doors below the counter and began pulling out stainless steel instruments. Immediately she noticed there were no tongs. Well, hell. The evening was off to a great start.

  “I don’t have any tongs here. I’m going to see if Turner left his lab open and steal his stuff,” she explained to Will as she made her way out of the lab.

  Will nodded as he peered into the microscope, but never looked up. Joey could feel Rafe’s eyes on her through the glass door of his office as she passed and she walked faster. Rafe had a way of watching her that seemed a little more than supervisory. But he’d never said or done a thing out of line and she needed the job.

  She headed down the hallway toward Dr. Turner’s lab, noticing that no one else seemed to be in the building. The labs were all closed up and dark. Joey didn’t work past five o’clock very often, but the few times she had, she didn’t remember the building being so deserted. It was eerie. Joey walked faster toward Turner’s lab at the end of the hallway, wanting to get back as quickly as possible.

  That was when she noticed a door open just before she reached Turner’s lab. The door to what she’d always assumed was a custodial closet. The plain wooden door was only slightly ajar, and Joey paused wondering whether or not she should close it. She was about to walk away and forget about it when the sound of strange voices from within caught her attention.

  Peeking around the door she found that it wasn’t a closet at all, but rather an entranceway to a large room. There was flickering light cast against the walls beyond, the sound of people chanting. Joey stood there, mesmerized by whatever was going on in that room. Only it was a sick sort of fascination. Like watching The Exorcist at two in the morning when she couldn’t sleep and was all alone. She knew good and damned well she shouldn’t but did it anyway.

  “Just a peek,” Joey whispered.

  Joey quietly stepped through the doorway. There was a wooden panel opposite the door, one adjacent to it and another door -- that if closed -- would make the room appear to be a closet. A hidden entrance! The other door had been left wide open and Joey peeked through its opening to the small auditorium beyond.

  Shock at the sight that greeted her rooted her to the spot.

  A group of hooded figures in black robes gathered before the small stage, chanting. Their backs were to her and she couldn’t make out their words. Several rows of seats had been removed behind them. A single robed figure carefully placed exercise mats where the seats had been and a chill of apprehension went down Joey’s spine. What the hell was going on?

  Joey instinctively knew she shouldn’t be here. She took a step back, poised for flight when she noticed movement behind the stage curtains. The curtains jerked as she watched before pulling back to reveal more hooded figures, these wearing red robes, forming a circle around a large round pedestal.

  Joey gasped. “Oh, my God.”

  A naked girl was strapped to the pedestal, blindfolded and gagged, her white limbs spread wide. The wide red stripe painted in the girl’s dark hair got Joey’s attention. She’d seen that girl around campus in her Goth clothes, hanging out with her friends. Joey’s heart and mind raced. Immobilized by fear, she watched one of the red-hooded figures step toward the pedestal, a large book in his hands that he held high as his voice rose above the din of the others. She didn’t recognize the strange language he used or his voice. His face was concealed by the hood of the robe.

  The flames of the large red candles in tall brass holders flickered on the stage. The puffs of smoke from them hung in the air like the anticipation all around her. Anticipation of what? Joey had no idea but intuition told her it wouldn’t be good.

  The hooded figures all joined hands and began repeating what the man with the book said. After only a couple of repetitions Joey realized that they were repeating the same thing over and over, saying it faster as they went. Fear for the girl screamed at her to go for help while at the same time glued her feet to the floor. They chanted faster, faster. What were they going to do to her?

  Joey had a sinking feeling in her stomach. This is going to be bad.

  All at once there was silence. Turning to hand the book gently to one of his red-robed counterparts, the lead man held up his arms as if channeling some great power from the universe.

  Joey didn’t consider that was exactly what he was doing until she saw the orb of green light forming in the air above the bound girl. In stunned silence she watched as he walked around the pedestal to stand with his back to the group in black robe
s, facing the vee of the girl’s open legs. Joey held her breath as all motion stopped, as every person there, herself included, waited.

  With lightning speed the orb of light flashed over the girl who struggled wildly in her bonds. Green light snaked over her limbs and around her body like frenzied serpents. Just as quickly as it struck the light vanished, just disappeared into the girl’s body. Within seconds her movements lessened, but the fact that she still moved gave Joey hope. She was still alive, maybe conscious. Thank God for that!

  The man standing at the girl’s feet flung the robe back over his shoulders to reveal his naked muscular form. His hood remained over his head as he climbed onto the pedestal between her legs and lowered his body onto hers. The man’s form was magnificent, long and powerful with long muscular limbs and a wide chest and shoulders. Joey would almost swear that she felt the heat from his bronze skin from where she stood and that was a good distance.

  Horrified Joey watched as the man settled himself over the girl, his backside beginning to move rhythmically in a very familiar way.

  Joey had seen enough. Determined to get help, she turned to flee only to collide with the hard muscled wall of Will’s chest. He caught her upper arms in his large hands, stopping her flight.

  “Joey, where --”

  His hands tightened on her arms and she knew he saw what was happening behind her.

  Pulling free of his grip, she turned to see that the black-hooded figures were moving onto the exercise mats. Stripping away their robes, naked men and women, their bodies glistening in the dim light, anxiously grabbed each other. There was no kissing, no embracing. Everything was so impersonal as they divided into groups and began groping each other. Joey recognized several of them, men and women, faculty members and students. She’d seen them on campus or in class. In seconds they were all engaging in the mother of all orgies. A man entered one of the women from behind while another fed her his cock. A second woman writhed between two men who began to pump feverishly in and out of her body while a third man, who had another woman’s head bobbing up and down on his cock, suckled her toes. There had to be at least fifty people in the orgy, their moans and cries filling the air.

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