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  Unconventional by Isabel Love

  Happily ever after—what a joke! I tried that once and ended up divorced.

  Now, I only want one thing from men.

  Charlie Nelson is good at giving me that one thing. Really, really good.

  So good, in fact, I discovered a new side of myself.

  I never knew I liked to watch until I saw his talented hands touching someone else.

  I never knew I liked to be watched until I felt his searing gaze on me.

  Maybe happily ever after isn’t always a white picket fence, wedding bells, and 2.5 kids.

  Maybe it’s something a bit more…unconventional.

  *Warning: Contains dirty talk, piercings and hot threesomes.

  Intended for readers over 18 years of age.

  Copyright © 2017 Unconventional by Isabel Love

  All rights reserved.

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  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, brands, media, story lines, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of various products referenced in this work of fiction, which have been used without permission. The publication/use of these trademarks is not authorized, associated with, or sponsored by the trademark owners. Any resemblances to actual persons, living or dead, events, locales, or any events or occurrences are purely coincidental.

  This book is for your personal enjoyment only. Please respect the author’s work by not contributing to piracy and purchasing a copy for those you wish to share it with.

  July 2017 Edition

  Published in the United States of America

  ISBN-13: 978-1548286644

  ISBN-10: 1548286648

  Cover: Najla Qamber Designs

  Image: Deposit Photos

  Editing: Editing by C. Marie

  Proofreading: Bex Kettner at editing.ninja

  Formatting: Jersey Girl and Co

  Beta Readers: Christy Baldwin, Melissa Buyikian, Felicia Eddy, Saffron Kent, Serena McDonald, Pavlina Michou, Jackie Pinhorn, Desirae Shie, SM West


  Chapter 1: You like me bossy.

  Chapter 2: That’s some party trick.

  Chapter 3: I’m not that kind of girl…am I

  Chapter 4: Debauched.

  Chapter 5: Please tell me you skipped underwear today.

  Chapter 6: Rule number one: don’t think, just feel.

  Chapter 7: His eyes hypnotize me.

  Chapter 8: Sweet baby Jesus.

  Chapter 9: Humble is boring.

  Chapter 10: You can pay me back with orgasms.

  Chapter 11: Now is the time for hot sex.

  Chapter 12: It’s like a dream.

  Chapter 13: How did this happen?

  Chapter 14: That sounds kind of barbaric.

  Chapter 15: I guess we can be a little late.

  Chapter 16: Orgasms really do make everything better.

  Chapter 17: That was one hell of a show.

  Chapter 18: Doubly lucky, it would seem.

  Chapter 19: How could I be so stupid?

  Chapter 20: Shitty shit shit.

  Chapter 21: There’s only one way to find out.

  Chapter 22: Want to play Uno?

  Chapter 23: I think I know a place.

  Epilogue: One year later

  Dedication (Part Two)


  About the Author

  Other Books by Isabel Love


  To my readers!!! That’s YOU! Thank you so much for taking a chance on a new author. I never thought I’d write a book, so when I get a message from someone telling me they liked my story, it makes me SO freaking happy. Thank you for reading, thank you for leaving a review, thank you for reaching out to me. I hope you like Charlie and Quinn’s story!!!

  You like me bossy.

  THE MUSIC IS LOUD, the drinks are strong, and the women are beautiful at Club Bailar. I signal the bartender for another round and pass the shots to my best friends, Max and Logan.

  “Congrats on your new account!” Max shouts. Picture This, the graphic design firm I work for, just landed a new client—one that specifically requested my photography services and came with a generous bonus. It’s one of the best firms in Columbus, Ohio, and I’m pumped that the gears are finally shifting into place. We clink glasses then drink, and the tequila burns its way down my throat. Warmth spreads from my stomach to the rest of my body, adding to my already high spirits.

  “Thanks! This is going to be awesome. Maybe I can finally afford to buy a Porsche like Monica’s old one now that I’ll have some more cash coming in.” The thought of Max’s girlfriend’s old car still gives me a boner.

  “If you want it, I have a feeling you’ll find a way to make it happen,” Max says, his bright blue eyes sparkling with pride. Max, Logan, and I have been friends since grade school, and it feels good to have their support.

  “How are things with you and Monica?” I ask him. Max and Monica met at this very club, and were surprised to learn soon afterward that Max was a new nurse in the emergency room where Monica works as a physician. Working together definitely made it tricky to have a relationship, but now they are going strong and disgustingly happy.

  Max’s smile can’t be suppressed. “She’s amazing. I think I’m going to ask her this weekend.” Holy fuck, he’s going to propose? I shudder at the thought of getting married. I’ve been in exactly one serious relationship, when I was too naïve to know better. At 16, I was head over heels in love, planning my future with my high school sweetheart, but it didn’t work out the way I’d hoped. Don’t get me wrong, the high of being in love was amazing, but the low of having the love of my life rip my heart out was brutal. I won’t give another woman the chance to hurt me like that again. I’m single and I plan to stay that way.

  “I think you’re crazy for wanting only one woman, but I’m so happy you’re happy,” I tell him.

  “What’s up with you and Quinn?” Logan asks me, brown eyes dancing with curiosity. I’m surprised they’ve waited this long to ask me that question.

  Quinn Fitzpatrick—or as I like to call her, Red. I look over at the dance floor and find her dancing near Monica and Tate, Logan’s girlfriend. All three women are beautiful. Monica’s long dark hair falls down her back, her hips moving to the music in a perfect rhythm. Tate is short and petite, with blonde hair in a pixie cut. She reminds me of Tinker Bell, flitting from one foot to the other, dancing with spastic energy and smiling like a goon the whole time. Monica and Tate are attractive, no doubt, but Quinn steals the show. She has wild red hair (hence my nickname for her), creamy pale skin, freckles that make me want to trace patterns on her skin for hours, and luscious lips that look gorgeous wrapped around my cock. Her whiskey brown eyes twinkle with mischief as she shakes her hips to the music. Nearly all of the men on the dance floor are staring at the trio, and one brave soul approaches Quinn. She looks up at him, a slow smile spreading across her face as he whispers in her ear. Fuck, that smile. She doesn’t even know how sexy it is.

  When we first met, Max forbade me from hooking up with his girlfriend’s best friend, but making her off limits only made me want to have her—and that was before I saw her. Once I saw her, my cock and I had no intention of staying away. Then she started talking about dick piercings and it was a done deal. I happen to have my dick pierced and she played
with it all night that night, and has several times since. That woman enjoys sex almost as much as I do, which is saying something.

  “We have fun sometimes, but we aren’t together. She’s awesome in bed and fun to hang out with, but you know me, I don’t want a relationship.” I shrug, not wanting to make a thing out of this with Logan and Max.

  “So you don’t care if she goes home with that guy tonight?” Logan asks, nodding in her direction.

  I stare at Quinn as the guy starts to dance with her. She’s facing me and I see her lean her head back and laugh at something he says. She must feel us staring at her because she looks our way. When she catches me watching, her smile widens and she winks.

  I smirk at Logan. “She can go home with whoever she wants. Doesn’t mean she won’t be wishing it was me.” I must admit, on a few occasions, I’ve thought about Quinn while having sex with someone else.

  Logan and Max laugh and shake their heads.

  We do another celebratory shot and I am feeling nice and buzzed. Max can’t take his eyes off of Monica tonight and I can tell he’s itching to go dance with her.

  Sure enough, he turns to us and says, “I’m going to go dance. You guys coming?”

  “Nah. You put us to shame, Mr. Salsa King.” He took Monica to a salsa dance lesson when they first started dating. They liked it so much, they go regularly now, and I never miss an opportunity to give him shit for it.

  “Okay, you guys hold up the bar.” He gives us a wave and weaves in between the bodies to get to Monica. He wraps his arms around her and I almost get a toothache at how sweet they look together. I turn to Logan, a sarcastic remark about how pussy-whipped Max is on the tip of my tongue, but find Logan staring intently at Tate.

  Jesus Christ. I still can’t get used to being the only single guy in our trio. I never thought both of my best friends would be settled down with women at 26.

  I lean my elbows back on the bar as I scan the crowd. Clubs are such a great place to people watch. They are also a great place to find a woman willing to celebrate with me, and there’s no shortage of hot chicks here tonight. What am I in the mood for? I think to myself. Blonde, brunette, redhead, thin, curvy, tall, short—I like every shape and size. In the middle of a group of laughing ladies, I spot a tall blonde with a very nice rack looking right at me. She checks me out from head to toe and I do the same to her. Very nice. Her tits are pouring out of her pathetic excuse for a tank top, leaving little to the imagination. I know just what I want to do with those tits, and my cock likes the idea a lot. She arches her back, giving me a better view of her ample cleavage, as if the lack of clothing didn’t display them well enough for me and everyone else in this club. I meet her eyes, give her a smile so wide my dimples pop, and wink. According to Quinn, I have a “panty-dropping” smile, and I think she’s right. Little Miss Look-At-My-Boobs bites her lower lip coyly and smiles back at me, then whispers to her friend and starts heading in my direction.

  Well that didn’t take long.

  “You find what you’re looking for tonight?” Logan asks when he sees the girl walking our way.

  “Maybe,” I tell him with a wolfish grin.

  “I’m going to go hang with Tate and leave you to it.” He drops some money on the bar to cover the tab.

  “Why not stick around and watch me in action? You might learn something,” I tease.

  “You may think it takes skill to get a new girl all the time, but I have held on to the same girl for years. That’s where the skill is, my friend—longevity and stamina.” He slaps me on my back with a chuckle and heads to the dance floor. Longevity and stamina. I roll my eyes. I have plenty of stamina. As for longevity…let’s just say I prefer variety.

  As I watch Logan’s retreating form, I see Quinn. She’s still dancing with the same guy and just as my gaze lands on them, he sweeps his finger down her cheek, holds her head in his hands, and kisses her. Her eyes flutter shut in surprise, but I see her sink into the kiss. Her hands clutch at his hair, and they turn their faces to get a better angle. Damn. I remember Quinn’s kisses, her mouth and tongue warm and wet. Fucking hell. She looks so damn sexy, and I’m still staring at her when her eyes open mid-kiss. Surprised to find me watching, her eyes widen a bit. I expect her to close them again, but she doesn’t, holding my gaze as she continues to kiss this other man. I watch, transfixed, as her lids become heavy with desire. Kisses turn into licks, then she bites his lower lip and pulls it back a bit, as if to show me. I remember what else she liked to bite.

  Sweet baby Jesus. I can’t stop watching the little show she’s giving me.

  “Hi there.” A voice breaks into my concentration and I force my eyes away from Quinn to see the tall blonde smiling at me. The thin fabric of her white top leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

  “Hi sweetheart.” I turn to face her, trying my hardest to keep looking into her eyes. “What brings you out tonight?”

  She giggles and her tits bounce, drawing my gaze to follow their movement.

  Fucking hell. Between Quinn and this girl, my cock is about to explode.

  “Spring break just started,” she informs me.

  Ah, I thought she looked rather young. “Spring break? That’s the most amazing time of your college career. How old are you?”

  “21,” she replies.

  Perfect. I look down at her hard nipples and lick my lips. “I like your…shirt.”

  “Thank you.” She smiles and shifts her body weight to one leg, fidgeting the way college girls do. I wonder if she can suck on her own nipples. Fuck, that would be hot. I make it my goal to get her to try.

  “Can I get you a drink? I’m celebrating tonight, too.”

  “Absolutely. What are you celebrating?” She touches my forearm and inches closer.

  “I had a great day at work,” I say, eyeing her lips. They’re thin, not like Quinn’s full, delectable mouth. The fleeting thought makes me wonder what Quinn is up to. I turn to look at the spot I last saw her dancing and find her watching me. The guy is behind her now, hands on her waist, trying to get as close to her as possible. She’s leaning back on his chest but her eyes are hot on me. She nods to my companion and grabs her own boobs, as if to say, Wow, those are some boobs. I raise my eyebrows and smirk at her. She points to the girl and mimics grabbing someone’s tits in the air, as if challenging me to try to cop a feel.

  Challenge accepted.

  I nod with a wink and turn back to my new friend. She’s twirling a strand of her long blonde hair and staring at the way my bicep strains against my sleeve. Good to know my time at the gym has more than just health benefits.

  “What would you like to drink?” I ask her.

  “Something sweet,” she requests with a smile.

  I try to think of a sweet drink, and the only words that come to mind have to do with tits. “Hmmm, what about a Slippery Nipple?”

  She giggles again, and I blatantly watch her boobs bounce. I inch closer and she smiles, confessing, “I’ve never had one.”

  Visions of making her nipples slippery with my cum clog my thoughts. “Well, we should fix that right away.” I turn to signal for the bartender’s attention and order two. Once the shots are poured, I hand her one and hold mine up for a toast. “To celebrations and slippery nipples!”

  She clinks her shot glass against mine and we tilt our heads back. It’s way too sweet for me, but I love the way this girl is licking her lips in appreciation.

  “So? What’s the verdict?” I place my shot glass down and stand directly in front of her. So far she’s getting zero points for conversation. I either need to make my move or take a pass. “How was it?”

  “Mmmm, delicious.”

  “What’s your name, sweetheart?”


  I smile at her and lean forward to talk directly into her ear. “Well Crystal, I’d like to celebrate with you tonight by getting my hands, mouth, and cock all over your nipples. Do you want to get out of here with me?” She shivers
as I run my fingers down her upper arms and steps forward to press her chest against my chest. Yesss.

  “Yes, I’d love to go home with you.” My lust dims a bit at the thought of taking her to my house; history has proven that one-night stands are difficult to get rid of after sex. I prefer to go to their place or get a hotel room.

  “Sorry, but my house is getting painted. Can we go to your place?” It’s a total lie, but it’s my go-to excuse when I’m trying to avoid bringing women home.

  “Oh, I live with my parents.” Fuck.

  “Well that’s a bummer. What should we do?” I trace the skimpy strap of her top and follow the neckline with my finger. Her nipples point up at me and I would only need to move the fabric over one measly inch to see them.

  She arches into my touch and I almost can’t take it anymore. My dick is a steel rod in my pants at this point.

  “Do you want to find a bathroom?” she suggests helpfully.

  Let it be known, a guy can never suggest using a seedy bathroom to get down and dirty with a girl, but if she doesn’t mind, who am I to complain?

  I smile at her and clasp her hand. “Come with me.” I lead her toward the hallway with bathrooms. As we’re walking, Quinn catches my eye and gives me a thumbs-up. I nod to her boy toy and wink. Max was all worried about things getting awkward after Quinn and I fucked, but he was worried for no reason. I have had my fair share of clingers, but she is not one of them. I love it that we get along so well we can even cheer the other person on when we’re hooking up with someone else. That is not a common trait in women.

  Crystal follows me through the crowded club until we turn down the hall where the bathrooms are. We can turn right to get to the bathrooms, but they are crazy crowded, and I don’t know how much fun we could have with people constantly coming in and out. I look to the left and see a dark hall.

  “Let’s see what’s down here.” I try every doorknob we pass, but they’re all locked. Near the end of the hall, I see a slightly recessed area with a waist-high file cabinet. If we stand in here, we will be pretty much out of sight.

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