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Volunteering for the Doctors

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Volunteering for the Doctors

  Volunteering for the Doctors

  Heather Mask

  This tale of lewdness has been locked and sealed in a fancy, copyrighted © treasure trove belonging to the lusty The Smut Bucket in the year 2015. It is highly advisable that you do not attempt to pilfer or purloin any parts of this naughty story... as the contents are most certainly hot and burning to the touch!

  However, on the bright side, we not believe in any of that horrid DRM software. And as such, this book is presented to you without any hint or trace of the vile substance – meaning you are free to view this book on whatever device you see fit to read it on! There are zero restrictions... You have paid for the tale, now please delight in the many passages of a steamy nature wherever you like!

  And alas... you are to be told that this is indeed a work of fiction. Any resemblance or similarity to real-life individuals, places, or things is purely coincidental. Though many of you might wish that these fanciful tales, filled with endless carnal cravings and erotic adventures, were true to life...

  Before going any farther... please let me forewarn you that the tome you hold in your lascivious little hands is most certainly one replete with smut and indecency! Yes, the very kind of hot, sexy, mouth-watering scenes your mother warned you about! Those panty-dropping, steamy, thigh-wetting tales of lore...

  Knowing this, you must also be told that the characters in question are all consenting adults above the age of 18, and none of the sexually charged participants are related by blood. They are, however, filled with passionate desires and eager wishes to be fucked from sun up to sun down! The saucy little women!

  Inside you will discover all things filthy and vile – the only kind that are worthwhile.

  A Note to the Naughty Among Us

  I devote this book to any and all lovers of the lewd, nasty, and bawdy filth that fills our world. Erotica is not a plague or blight upon society – no! It is a wonderland of fantasy and adventure, a place to live out those wanton dreams we try so desperately to keep to ourselves. Set them free and read on!

  It is my aim to satisfy all those forbidden urges which you might just happen to harbor...

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  Volunteering for the Doctors

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  Volunteering for the Doctors

  So Happy to be here...

  “I’ve never felt so good in my life.” Lexi gushed. “Just look at me, I’m twenty, in the prime of my life and I’ve got myself an internship in the country’s most exclusive medical health center.”

  “Yeah, Lexi, what else could you want?” Penelope, her diminutive roommate sighed, shrugging her small shoulders. “If only everyone else could be so lucky.”

  “Aw, come on, Penny.” The dark haired beauty laughed. “For once, be truly happy for me.”

  “Oh, I am… Lexi, I am.” Penelope faked a smile. She peered at the letters of commendation and acceptance in her hands wishing she could have been the one.

  Lexi Anderson stared at her tiny roommate, hands on her curvy hips. She knew Penelope was as always envious of her; of her good looks, her stunning body and her vivacious nature. And now that she had been offered the only job that everyone training to be a medical assistant wished for, Penelope’s envy was more than evident. But Lexi couldn’t waste time caring about what others felt, she had to live her own life, others wouldn’t be taking care of her needs. All her bags were packed and she was ready to leave. The car was already waiting outside.

  “Well, Roomie.” She said softly. “It’s time to go. It was great to have known you for so long.”

  “Yeah, two years was long enough.” Penelope smiled, handing the letters back to her. “Have a great life and write sometime.”

  “Sure will.” Lexi waved and walked off, leaving the dreary little medical college for good, happy to be away at last.

  She looked at the waiting car and her chest filled with pride. She knew everyone was looking out of their windows at the escort sent to whisk her away from there. The Hewitt and Jackman Centre for Life and Medical Sciences was indeed the most prestigious private health center in the country. And being personally invited to be interned there was almost as good as winning the jackpot at the lottery.

  Glancing over her shoulder at the old college building one last time, she stepped into the car, smiling at the chauffer holding the door open for her. The ride was fast and smooth and soon the palatial grounds of her new home loomed up. Being a resident intern there was something only the best in the business could have and the rest would dream of.

  Lexi stepped out of the car and was greeted by a lovely young blonde woman, dressed in the crisp white uniform of the establishment. A blue tag on her blouse boldly displayed her name.

  “Ah, Miss Anderson, welcome to Hewitt Jackman.” She smiled sweetly, reaching to shake her hand.

  “Thank you, er… Miss Fleming.” Lexi took her hand.

  “Do you have your assignment letters?” The other woman asked.

  “Sure, I do.” Lexi handed them over.

  “Ah, Dr. Fletcher’s group.” She seemed excited. “Excellent.”

  “Sounds good.” Lexi responded with some uncertainty.

  “Yes, it does, doesn’t it?” The uniformed woman gave her a brief smile. “Come, I will show you to your room and then take you to Dr. Fletcher’s office.”

  “Thank you, Ms. Fleming.” Lexi looked around the imposing hallway. “I’m really excited to be here.”

  “Yes, so was I on my first day here.” Her guide beamed. “And oh… call me Teresa or Teri.”

  “Sure, Teri… if you call me Lexi.” She gave her an appreciative look. “So tell me, how is this Dr. Fletcher and will I be working under him.”

  “Oh, Lexi… Dr. Gordon Fletcher is marvelous.” Teresa laughed. “And you will definitely be working under him.”

  Lexi smiled and nodded, wondering briefly why she would have stressed on the word under there. After being guided to her cozy looking room and the expansive cafeteria Lexi felt her head spinning at the grandeur of the place. Soon Teresa brought her up to a door marked Dr. Gordon Fletcher MD., PhD. and sharply rapped on it.

  “Come in.” A deep male voice reverberated through the mahogany door.

  The young man sitting behind the large desk looked up as Teresa led her inside the lavish office. A blue hue filled the air-conditioned room with an added touch of chilliness. Lexi couldn’t help staring at the tall man as he stood up. He could be in around the late twenties, she guessed.

  He was handsome, in a very rugged sort of way. Broad shoulders flaring wide, a deep chest that pushed against his shirt and powerful arms that stretched his shirt sleeves filled her with wonder. His tousled brown hair and bright blue eyes captivated her. She took a sharp breath, feeling a fluttering in her belly and blushed a deep pink when he smiled at her.

  “Yes, Doctor Fletcher does have that effect on us mortal women.” Teresa said with a laugh. “This is Lexi Anderson, Gordon. The one you’ve been waiting for.”

  “Oh, I say,” Gordon Fletcher stepped up to her. “It is such a pleasure to meet you, Miss Anderson.”

  “Really, but I’m just an intern.” Lexi managed to whisper, feeling intimidated by the power he radiated towards her.

  “Not just, b
ut a very special intern.” Teresa laughed, placing a hand on the small of Lexi’s back.

  “What does that mean?” She asked apprehensively as the other woman ushered her toward the centre of the room.

  “Don’t worry about it, Miss Anderson.” Fletcher grinned. “Now it’s time for your physical.”

  “What?” Lexi blinked.

  “It’s part of the job, or haven’t you been trained well at med school?” Teresa remarked with a snigger.

  “Um, I… sure I have…” She looked around in alarm.

  “And taken part in many a physical exam.” Fletcher smiled.

  “Yes… but never by…” Lexi felt a surge of panic come over her.

  “But never by a doctor as handsome and sexy as Gordon here?” The blonde woman almost sneered.

  “It’s alright, Miss Anderson.” Fletcher’s calm voice floated over her. “You won’t feel a thing. We do this for every employee here, for the benefit of our exclusive establishment.”

  “Yes, we certainly want the best here, and you sure are among the best.” Teresa added. “This is just one last requirement and then you’re truly one of us.”

  “Well, okay.” Lexi shrugged. “What am I supposed to do now?”

  “Undress, please.” Fletcher stated. “And lie down on the padded table here.”

  Teresa gave her a reassuring squeeze and helped her out of her clothes. Stripped naked as the day she was born, Lexi felt strangely comfortable in front of the two strangers as she laid herself on the table. She craned her neck, trying to listen in to their whispers as they conferred in the corner.

  “We’re ready.” Fletcher announced and the blue lights dimmed to a purple haze. Several monitors flashed to life above them and displayed views of her body, external and internal. Readouts of her heartbeat, pulse, breathing pattern among other things rolled off on the screens.

  “What’s all this?” Lexi wondered aloud.

  “We’re a lot more high tech than your average clinic, my dear.” Teresa whispered into her ear. “Gordon’s going to use state of the art instruments to determine your condition.”

  “Condition for what?” She asked, her voice almost high pitched.

  “For you to work here, Dearie.” Teresa smiled down at her.

  “What kind of work?” She demanded as a strange, pleasing odor filled her senses.

  “Relax, Lexi.” Teresa’s soothing voice droned into her ear. “The Doctor needs to concentrate.”

  “Ohmigod.” Lexi shrieked as thick leather straps tightened over her wrists, ankles and belly like constricting reptiles. “What’s going on?”

  She heard no answers, only the strange buzzing sound of glowing instruments Fletcher held in his hands. He moved in, touching her bare skin with one of the warm vibrating prods. Lexi felt her skin rise in Goosebumps. This wasn’t any kind of physical she had ever experienced before.

  She wriggled on the bed as the buzzing tip of the prod slid up her naked thigh. It smoothly lodged into the valley between her legs, the vibration intensifying. Lexi’s breathing got sharper as she felt shivers run all through her. Fletcher pressed the object up, nestling it between her pussy lips. She gasped as he stuck another one over her throbbing clitoris. Lexi had never felt this way before, her body came alive in ways she had never known, feelings she had never experienced before exploded all over her.

  She threw back her head and moaned. Her eyes went wide at the several rapid readouts flickering on the monitors above her. She couldn’t believe her eyes, her heat level on the screen looked alarming, but she had never felt better before. Suddenly her aching nipples felt like they were being sucked. She looked down in surprise; Teresa had placed two siphoning clip-plugs over her firm breasts.

  Lexi couldn’t stand it anymore, her body caved in. Her orgasm ripped through her like a tidal wave of pleasure. She whimpered, straining at the leather straps, writhing and shivering in ecstasy. She wept, as the sensitive zones of her delicate body endured more of the doctor’s pleasantly torturous instruments.

  “She’s perfect.” Fletcher said, finally ending the physical. “As perfect as you were, Teresa.”

  “That’s lovely.” Teresa added. “I hope she puts on a great show.”

  “Yes, she should.” He laughed. “Though yours is a hard act to follow.”

  “What… the heck… are you talking about?” Lexi wheezed. “And please, can I get off this thing now?”

  “Oh, yes, sorry about that.” Fletcher smiled at her, flicking a switch on his control panel.

  The table rose up until it was at ninety degrees to the floor. Lexi felt herself being pushed upright. The leather straps kept her from sliding off. Fletcher reached under one of her firm breasts and cupped it. Bouncing it on his hand gently he smiled at Teresa.

  “She’ll do nicely indeed.” The other woman nodded.

  ‘Do what?” Lexi demanded, having regained her wits in full.

  “Relax, woman.” Fletcher growled, undoing her straps.

  She fell against him and he held her up. His hard muscular arms felt good on her soft body, especially while the aftershocks of her orgasm still tingled all over her. Her knees buckled and he held her up, draping a lab coat over her nakedness.

  “Here, have this.” Teresa handed her a cup of fresh apple juice.

  Lexi accepted it gratefully and took a long sip. “Please tell me what this is all about.”

  “Yes, you should know.” Fletcher began, glancing at Teresa. “Your recent appointment here is as an intern; however there is another more important purpose as to why you’re here.”

  “What is it?” Her eyes went wide.

  “If you could, try not to interrupt and listen.” Fletcher smiled tightly. “We have little time for this.”

  Lexi nodded and took another sip of the fresh juice.

  “We, here at Hewitt Jackman, are a state of the art, perpetually advancing research facility for wellness and enhancement of human life. We are extremely advanced, with tech and tools that are patented and not available anywhere else in the world. And for us to do all this, to have all of this… we need funding. Enormous amounts of funding that come from some of the richest sources on the planet. The people who pay for all this are doing it for personal gain and we like to keep them up to date on what we do, once every three months. We do that by putting on a show, and every show that we put on needs to be appealing, highlighting our work in a pleasant and satisfying way.”

  Fletcher paused for while, looking straight at her, letting it all sink in. She looked back at him with wide green eyes and nodded that she was on still the same page.

  “And now, as I can tell, you’re wondering how you fit into this. As you have noticed these devices, these monitors and sensors are prototypes that we intend to make available to everyone who can afford it. These are human reaction monitoring devices that can enhance life, make people live longer, and predict cures to future ailments by instilling preventive measures. To cut the boring parts short, what we need to do is display the functionality of these marvels to our patrons by the strongest human physical reaction to stimulus ever, and that is the sexual response… to get the peak performance out of these devices. Now that’s where you come in, any questions.”

  “Uh… what’s my part in all this… and why me?” She peered at him with wonder.

  “To put it bluntly, you’re the guinea pig here, Miss Anderson.” Fletcher smiled tightly. “Because you’re the best specimen for the test we could find as of now.”

  “Specimen… me?” She frowned.

  “For lack of a better word, yes.” His smile made her swoon.

  “And… and what about this show…” She looked away uncomfortably. “Am I going to be stark naked again?”

  “Yes, you are.” He replied in a matter of fact manner as he poured disinfectant lotion onto his palms.

  “How are you showing this to your investors?” She gave him a questioning look. “On the internet… or a private network channel?”

  “Not at all.” He wiped his hands on a towel. “Our esteemed patrons will watch this live, in the Hewitt Jackman private auditorium.”

  “I’m going to be naked… in front of a bunch of people…” She stared at Teresa and Fletcher in turns, a look of incredulity on her lovely face. “…on a stage getting probed by vibrators… what-the-fuck?”

  “Well, yes, you’re right.” Fletcher smiled sardonically.

  “And if I refuse.” She retorted hotly.

  “You can kiss this cushy job goodbye and be dismissed without compensation.” Teresa pitched in. “If you have any sense, Lexi Anderson, you’ll realize this is the opportunity of a lifetime.”

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