Iron the coast book 8, p.7

Iron: The Coast book 8, page 7


Iron: The Coast book 8

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  He growled in the back of his throat as my hand snaked into his boxer-briefs and my fingers brushed over his hardness. I wrapped my hand around his thickness and slowly eased him out over the band.

  “Mouth, now,” he ordered.

  With my eyes locked onto his, I brought my mouth to the head of his thick cock. My tongue flicked out, catching him right behind the tip where I knew he was the most sensitive. Another growl filled my ears.

  I licked him again as my hands worked his pants a little further down until they hung just below his butt. He may have been the one standing but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to hold onto some kind of control. I would do it as long as he would let me.

  My hand wrapped around the base and I gave him one good tug before I let my lips part as I took him in. I worked him slowly at first, taking him in one inch at a time before retreating. An appreciative moan hummed out of him as I felt him nudge the back of my throat. I wasn’t going to push him further just yet. I had to wait for the right moment. And I would because I wanted to make this good for him.

  My head bobbed faster as I swirled my tongue around his tip every time I retreated.

  “Fuck, Pet. That’s it. Take my cock real deep in that sexy as fuck mouth,” he said and his voice was low and held a deadly edge to it.

  I was wet, my panties nearly soaked through. My hand was desperate to slip between my legs but I held back. I cupped his balls as a distraction, lightly massaging them in my palm.

  I felt his hand in my hair the same moment I saw his head drop back. He gripped the crown of my head tightly and I had no choice but to take him in deep and fast. There was nothing I could do about the tears that worked their way into my eyes but it wasn’t because I couldn’t handle this. It wasn’t because I didn’t want this. It wasn’t even because I hated every second of what he was doing to me.

  His grunts filled my ears as his hips jerked in rhythm of his guided movements. My nose brushed against his short, trimmed hairs every time he forced himself deep.

  His balls twitched and contracted in my hand and I knew now was the time. I wanted his eyes on mine as he watched me swallow down his cum.

  And maybe I wanted to show him all the things I could do to him. I wanted him to know the pleasure I could bring him. It didn’t always have to be about me, though it probably seemed like that. I simply didn’t give this part of myself to just anyone.

  My hand lifted his balls, my nail raking over the skin just behind it. I kept going with a slow enough pace so he could prepare himself for what was to come.

  He must have been too lost in how hard I was sucking him though, because he didn’t even seem to notice until my middle finger pressed hard against his hole.

  He sucked in a hard breath as his head snapped forward and his eyes blinked to look down into mine. I didn’t hesitate once I had his gaze. The tip of my finger hooked inside his tight ring and that was all it took. His mouth fell open and the loudest growl-moan hybrid ripped up his throat as his cum flooded into my mouth. His hips continued to work until the last little spurts slid down my throat.

  He took a step back, his cock sliding from my mouth. His body shook hard as the head lightly brushed over my teeth right before I lost him altogether.

  “Fuckin’ hell,” he panted. “Yeah, you’re mine.”

  In the blink of an eye, he had me scooped up and tossed over his shoulder. Despite the fact that his pants were awkwardly hanging around his thighs, he took steady, long strides. I couldn’t see where he was taking me and when I tried to turn my head, I felt the sting of his open palm as it slapped down on my exposed ass cheek.

  I let out a deep, frustrated noise as I fell limp against his shoulder.

  “Good girl,” he told me right before he wrapped his arms tighter around my legs and dumped me onto a huge, plush bed.

  I didn’t have to look around to know that I was in his room. In his bed. That was what he’d promised me, after all.

  He stood at the edge, towering over me. His gaze penetrated mine as his fingers wrapped around my ankle and he brought my leg up.

  The click of his blade caught my attention. I hadn’t even seen him reach for the thing.

  “No,” I breathed out as I watched him carefully bring the blade up to my ankle.

  He wouldn’t?

  Would he?

  With a shake of his head, the sharp blade slid between my skin and the strap around my ankle.

  I didn’t think I was a materialistic person, exactly. I had nice things. Why shouldn’t I? I’d worked hard for them. In a way, I felt like I deserved them. But this wasn’t about him taking the clothes away or the money that I’d spent on them.

  “Iron,” I whimpered out as my head cocked to the side.

  There was something about the scene in front of me. It made me shaky. It made me angry. It made me almost feel close to being free.

  “Trust, Petra,” he said like it was a simple thing for me. “Trust me to take care of you when you need it. Trust me to know what’s best for you at times like this.”

  My bottom lip rolled into my mouth and I clamped it between my teeth. I didn’t bite down until I tasted blood. Not this time. It was more like I had to have something to hold onto while I let him cut my armor away. Because I knew it, and so did he, this wasn’t just about the shoes.

  My breath caught in my chest as his blade sliced through the leather strap like it was made of butter.

  He slid the shoe away from my foot and I watched as it fell carelessly to the bed beside me.

  Then, because it wasn’t enough, he did the same to the other one.

  The tip of the blade skated up my leg, just light enough to where I felt it. It wasn’t his intention to cause harm with it, but oh, how he was. It just wasn’t the kind you could see from the outside.

  With the blade inches from my soaked panties, he brought the tip upward. The silk fabric of my dress tented the slightest amount before it gave way with an awful ripping sound. Once he had a hole big enough to slip his fingers inside, he gripped the two edges tightly.

  Another sharply inhaled breath and he tore the front of my dress in two. The straps still clung to my shoulders like it was desperate to hang on. To remind me that it was still there.

  If he had a reaction to what he saw, I couldn’t read it.

  My panties were next and after he had cut the sides free, he pulled the soaked garment from my body.

  His knee sunk down onto the bed causing the mattress to dip with his weight. My eyes closed because it was becoming too much and I couldn’t watch him as he tore the threads from my body. I couldn’t watch him as he exposed the parts of me that I didn’t show anyone.

  The cold blade slipped between my breasts. I could feel him going slowly like he wanted to make sure he didn’t scratch my skin. My heavy breasts relaxed as their support was torn away.

  I felt his lips place a kiss on my breast. And then another. His tongue circled my hardened nipple but I didn’t move. I felt paralyzed there on his bed. I was, in a way. I was helpless and desperate for everything he had planned for me.

  His warm mouth covered my nipple. My other breast felt lonely as he lavished and sucked.

  As if he knew my thoughts, he released my nipple and kissed his way to the other one. The cool air in the room caused goosebumps to prickle my skin all over.

  Once he’d had his fill, he began kissing up my chest, up the column of my neck, until his lips grazed over mine.

  I had been so lost in anticipating his kiss that I wasn’t aware of him moving until I felt his hand tug at my ponytail.

  My eyes shot open and even though I couldn’t see what was going on, I knew. Wide-eyed, I stared up at him. My gaze pleaded with him but he showed no signs of stopping.

  The blade lightly grazed my scalp then, like it was nothing, the hair tie snapped loose and my hair was free.

  “Mine,” he said again like I hadn’t heard him all the other times.

  This time I pushed back.

sp; “I am no one’s,” I gritted out through clenched teeth. I made sure to say each word really slowly so he would hear them.

  His low, deep chuckle irritated me even more.

  His fingers gripped my hair. The movement was so quick that I didn’t even realize what was happening until he was done. My body and arms moved as if they were obeying without my permission. And when he was done, my torn dress and bra had somehow become my bondage. My hands were bound above my head and as I gripped the wad of fabric between my hands, I knew this was messier than a ball of unraveled thread.

  “Iron,” I warned but by the twinkle in his eyes, he wasn’t done yet.

  He smoothly slid his belt from the loops. My shoulders jerked as he continued to hold me down further. The buckle hit the wall behind the bed and a few seconds after that, I knew he’d fastened the fabric of evil tying me up to the frame of the bed. I had enough slack that I could still move if I wanted to but maybe that was his point.

  I was stuck watching him step away from me with a lazy smile on his face. It wasn’t quite a smirk, but it wasn’t a full blown happy smile either.

  He shed his boots and socks. Then his pants and boxers. Lastly, his leather and shirt, placing the former on the dresser next to the door.

  “Tell me what you want,” he commanded as he crawled up my body. My legs fell open even more for him like I was telling him without meaning to. “Speak, Pet.”

  His hardness slid back and forth between my wet folds and my head pushed back into the mattress as a long moan escaped me.

  “I need you inside of me. I need you to fill me up with that big cock. I can’t wait any longer, Mr. President,” I told him. I had been trying to throw my shields up but I had a feeling it wasn’t working.

  That was the thing, most of the time when I called him that, I wasn’t playing. I wasn’t throwing my dominance around. I wasn’t trying to be cute while being sexy.

  I was honestly, truly laying down respect to him.

  I wondered if he ever caught onto it.

  I figured it was better for me if he never did.

  I felt him shift and I opened my eyes to watch him. I didn’t know what else he had in mind, but I wanted to be prepared for what was to come. I wasn’t a huge fan of surprises. And I certainly didn’t think I could handle another one right now.

  To my relief, he pulled out a box of condoms from his bedside table. After freeing just one, he tossed the box onto the top of the table.

  I got the hint. Oh, yes, I did. The thought that he was going to give me more than I hoped for had my heart racing and my legs quivering.

  He rolled on the condom but didn’t line himself up when he was done. I didn’t think I could take much more of him teasing me. I silently begged him to take me. To pound into me like this meant nothing. To treat me the way I treated him most of the time. And while I may have been harsh all those times, deep down I knew that Iron meant more. He was more. Only I couldn’t let him in. I couldn’t show him how I held him higher than any other man I’d mounted.

  “Tell me what you want, Petra,” he repeated. His tone told me that I wasn’t going to get anything until I dropped everything and stopped trying to get the upper hand.

  I could feel the moisture building up in my eyes as I stared up at him unblinking. My nose twitched and I fought against the stinging in my eyes.

  My mouth parted but no words came out.

  “Tell me,” he whispered as his body covered mine.

  “You,” I choked out. “I want you.”

  I expected the world to explode around me. I expected my heart to give up beating. I certainly wanted to be dead after admitting that to him.

  “Fuck yeah, you do,” he said as he slowly slid into me, pushing his hips down until he bottomed out.

  His lips were on mine and my legs tightly wrapped around his waist.

  I gave in.

  I gave up.

  I gave into everything he wanted to do to me.

  I let go.

  And it was a strange feeling of relief and fear that ran through me.

  Iron had the power to hurt me and now he knew it. Now the universe knew it. There was no way I could take it back even though I wanted to.

  He broke away from my lips and his mouth went to my ear.

  His hips rocked back and forth, dragging his thick cock in and out of me too slowly. But how I loved the feeling, that amazing build up that felt like it started at my toes. It was creeping its way up my legs carrying a buzz of electricity that made me feel alive.

  “You’re mine,” he growled in my ear and I felt myself stiffen. I knew it wasn’t missed by him. “It doesn’t mean I own you. It doesn’t mean that you lose any single part of yourself. It doesn’t mean that I control you. It simply means that there is no one else that will love you like I will. No one else that can take care of you like I will. And yeah, Pet, that means that I will get down on my hands and knees and lick those sexy as fuck shoes when you need me to.”

  I gasped. This time when the wetness filled my eyes, I let it fall away. I didn’t stop it as it ran down my face, leaving proof that his words had affected me. That they had blown a hole all the way straight through to my heart.

  “Say it,” he demanded as his head lifted and he looked into my eyes.

  “I’m yours,” I admitted almost too easily.

  “Good girl,” he said with a smile. An open, happy smile that showed me exactly how he felt about me.

  I hadn’t been blind before. I’d simply chosen not to think about it. I didn’t want to know how he felt about me so I didn’t even look for any signs that might clue me in.

  I didn’t regret it because that wasn’t who I was.

  But then again, maybe it was best that I didn’t look because I couldn’t tell you how I would have taken it before this moment.

  He didn’t speed up his pace and I started to wonder if I could even get off like this. Could he? I had no idea because this was new. Which was perhaps a bit laughable because I wasn’t anywhere near being innocent when it came to the subject of sex. I’d just never done… this before.

  “That’s it. Let go and feel it, Petra. I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise.” His words caused more tears to fall.

  It was too intense. There were feelings now running through me and it heightened everything that he was doing to my body. It was strange and weird and on the verge of being uncomfortable.

  I heard his words echo in my head again.

  Then I let go, giving him the control and trusting him to take care of me.

  Before I knew it, my whole body tightened. I clenched around him, feeling him even more as he slid in and out of me.

  He blew out a curse before his lips were on mine again. This kiss was different. Or it could have been that it felt different. That didn’t even make sense to myself but it was the best way I could explain it.

  With my legs shaking and my fingers digging into the fabric around my wrists, I came hard. The shocks didn’t stop and I felt them ripple through my body over and over again. Light danced behind my eyes making my vision seem fuzzy. He began pumping into me harder and faster but he still wasn’t giving me everything he could. He still wasn’t fucking me hard and I knew he wouldn’t. At least not now.

  With one last, deep thrust, he planted himself inside of me and came with a grunt. As he pulsed with his released, my body began to shake again. A long moan spilled from my lips as I surprisingly came again.

  He half collapsed onto me, his arms still supporting most of his weight. My eyes opened and I stared up at the ceiling.

  Not only did I not know what to do next, but I was also currently trapped.

  As I felt his chest heavily rise and fall against my breasts, I thought that maybe being trapped by Iron wasn’t such a bad thing.

  And that honestly scared the shit out of me.

  I’d given too much of myself to him and I had no clue what to do now or what came next.

  I didn’t really have much ti
me to think about it before all of my limbs felt heavy and I gave into sleep.



  After I caught my breath, I slid away from Petra. It wasn’t an easy thing to do but I knew I had to take care of the condom.

  She was out by the time I came back into the room. I stood there for a long fuckin’ minute just watching her. Sexiest fuckin’ thing I’d ever seen, I tell you. Her nearly white hair was fanned out in a mess all around her. There were faint mascara streaks down her face. And those beautiful lips were swollen as hell.

  Yeah, hot as all get out.

  And all mine, too.

  But the best thing was the relaxed, sated smile that was barely kissing her lips. Even in her sleep, it was clear what I’d done to her. And that wasn’t all I had to give, either. I hoped she understood that shit. I guessed it didn’t matter if she did because I was hell-bent on making sure she got it.

  My eyes lazily roamed over her naked form. I’d never seen this much of her before because she kept it hidden away.

  I figured there had to be more to it than it being part of her shield.

  And I’d been right.

  I didn’t let my gaze linger too long on all the scars that marred her perfect skin. Though to me, she was still pretty damn perfect even with them. I imagined that was how it was when you loved someone. I didn’t look too hard because though she was asleep, I knew she’d be uncomfortable with me seeing them and staring. We were going to have a talk about it, that was for damn sure, and if she didn’t get that I still thought she was beautiful afterword, then I’d just have to show her.

  The things I would do for this woman here in front of me…

  The list was damn endless.

  With a sigh, I walked over and undid my belt from the headboard. I carefully set it on the nightstand before undoing the insane ball of knots that I had made out of her dress. Don’t ask me what I did, because I had no clue. I wasn’t sure it would’ve really worked and I was really surprised when she didn’t test it more than she did. Maybe she got it then, that it didn’t matter if she was tied up or not, I had the upper hand. That didn’t mean that she was under me, though she had been quite literally. I think she got it now. The tears had been a big indicator of that.

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