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Iron: The Coast book 8

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Iron: The Coast book 8


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  A Steel Paragons MC Novel

  (The Coast: Book 8)

  By Eve R. Hart

  Copyright © 2019 Eve R. Hart

  All right reserved.

  The scanning, uploading, and electronic sharing of any part of this book without permission of publisher is unlawful piracy and theft of the author’s intellectual property. This book or any portion thereof my not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for brief quotations used in a book review.

  This book is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, places and incidents are products of the writers imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is purely coincidental.

  Warning: This book is intended for readers 18 years and older. This book contains violence, harsh language, and explicit sex scenes.

  Cover image credit Volodymyr Tverdokhlib


  To everyone that’s ready to pump some Iron without going to the gym.

  (Yeah, I said it. You know you laughed.)



  The clubhouse bar was packed and the music was blaring. I didn’t want to sound old as fuck, but it was on the verge of hurting my ears. Guess I kind of was the old man around here. Hell, half of these guys called me Daddy Iron behind my back. Yeah, I knew about that shit. Couldn’t say that it wasn’t completely off course. I saw this club as my family and as Prez, they were all my responsibility. Not just them, that extended to their old ladies and families, too.

  Shit got hard for a minute there, but we were still celebrating, in a way. That fucker Keften had taken his last breath nearly a year ago but we were still stomping on his proverbial grave. I say that because the fucker didn’t really have one. That was because we burnt his body to a crisp and scattered what was left in the river.

  I looked around and everything was normal. Even Sketch fingering some busty blonde on the couch while some other chick sucked on his neck.

  It should have set me at ease and made me smile. And while I was happy, there was a little part of me that felt unsettled.

  I knew why, but it wasn’t something that I let myself think about often.

  She wasn’t something I let myself think about often.

  Ten fucking months since I showed up at her place and she pretty much told me to fuck off with that icy stare.

  She blamed the club— as well as me— for getting pulled into the Keften shit. And the fact that one of her girls died because of it, I didn’t think she’d ever talk to me again.

  Was I brokenhearted?


  I hadn’t known the woman long enough to get my heart involved. Hell, I’d barely had a taste of her before I lost her.

  But that taste…

  As I thought about it, my tongue snaked out to glide over my bottom lip like her cream was still lingering there.

  Petra Novak was a hard woman to read. She was a block of black ice. Expressionless, unless she was coming for me. And even then, there wasn’t much of a change.

  She was badass, to say the least. And a little bit scary.

  But one thing I couldn’t forget was how she bent me over her desk and spanked the hell out of my ass. Damn, even as I thought about it I could feel her slick tongue licking over the burning flesh when she was done.

  My hand slipped off the bar and fell to my lap so I could adjust my hard as hell cock.

  See, this was why I tried to avoid all thoughts of Petra. I clearly couldn’t control my body when I replayed what she’d done to me that night. Not that I could forget the things she made me do too.

  She’d said it was about trust but I figured it was the only way she’d ever let herself admit that I affected her. That she wanted me. Yeah, I wasn’t blind to that shit even if she hid it well.

  But it was clear that when I showed up later after all the bad shit happened, that she had no intentions of seeing me again. Another thing I liked about her, she was straight to the point and didn’t play games.

  “You’ve destroyed the thing I care about the most. I want nothing more to do with you. I ask that you respect that.”

  Those were the words that she’d said to me before she nodded to her bodyguards to get me the hell out of her office.

  I knew she wasn’t talking about her business. The Gilded Rose was just the house. The girls that worked there were what she cared about the most. Which told me that she wasn’t completely heartless. Petra did care, she just had a hard time showing it. She had a hard time with trust and letting people in. And a woman in her position couldn’t show weakness because it could cost her everything.

  She might not have come right out and said it was my fault that night, but I knew it was. I didn’t see it coming and it seemed like going back to see her had put her on Keften’s radar. I was to blame for Esme’s death. I might not have known her, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t carry some kind of weight from her death.

  I saw how the whole thing unraveled Petra. I’d been stunned when she let me hold her right after we got everyone to safety while the buildings around her business burned. For just a brief second, I saw the woman hidden within. Though she didn’t know me that well, she still let me in. I think that was the part that killed me the most, having that part of her and losing it because I couldn’t protect her and her people.

  Sometimes being the Prez comes with a world of weight to carry.

  But I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

  I looked around again and this time, a smile tipped up the left side of my mouth. Yeah, this was my home and they were my family.

  My phone was vibrating in my pocket and I automatically pulled it out. It was late but that didn’t mean much in this kind of lifestyle.

  The name that flashed on the screen caused my eyes to blink.

  Was I that drunk?

  I looked back to see the beer sitting in front of me still half full.

  I didn’t normally get drunk because I had to keep my head about me.

  That wasn’t saying that I didn’t from time to time. Especially when things were too intense.

  My eyes slid back to my screen and I jumped to swipe the answer button before the call got sent to voicemail.

  I had
a feeling that I’d only get one chance and I sure as hell wasn’t going to pass it up.

  Only as I put the phone up to my ear, I couldn’t think of a damn thing to say.

  I hopped off the stool so fast I nearly knocked the thing over. It was too damn loud but that wasn’t why I started to pound pavement to the back stairs. The line remained silent the whole way up to my apartment on the second floor of the clubhouse. Once the door shut behind me, I was enveloped in a muted version of what I’d been in downstairs.

  I still said nothing.

  It could have been that I was a bit nervous and didn’t want to fuck this up.

  “Come. Now,” she said then hung up.

  It wasn’t a request.

  It was a demand and I knew what would happen if I didn’t jump to it.

  The thing was, I wanted to. Like a sad, lost puppy dog looking for an owner.

  I hopped on my bike and tore across town without a single bit of hesitation.

  One of her bodyguards was there waiting for me the moment I parked my bike in front of the newly fixed-up building.

  He said nothing as he led me to the elevator that I’d taken a time or two up to Petra’s office. But this time, he hit a different button and once we reach the tenth floor, he put his thumb up to the fingerprint scanner that I’d never noticed before.

  The doors opened and I stepped around him into what looked like a penthouse.

  A penthouse decorated in white and subtle golds and blacks.

  A very Petra feeling place.

  The doors closed behind me and I was alone.

  Except I quickly realized that I wasn’t.

  “Strip.” Her voice told me as the sound of her heels clicked over the marble floor in my direction.

  My head slowly turned to the left so that I could take her in.

  She was dressed like always, perfectly put together in shit that probably once held a price tag that would make me sick.

  She reached me and I still hadn’t moved, though it wasn’t easy. Something in her tone always made my body respond in the way that I would give in to every demand she ever spat at me. Her tits were nearly close enough to brush against my arm.

  Her brow raised at me as if she couldn’t believe that I was still standing there.

  “I need something first,” I said coolly.

  “I need something more,” she countered. I wasn’t sure she was right about that. I needed her a whole hell of a lot. Had for months now.

  “No,” I told her and I didn’t miss the flash of shock that sparked in her ice blue eyes. I had a good feeling that not many people told Petra no.

  “You get one thing. Then you’re mine for the rest of the night.”

  She didn’t need to tell me twice.

  My hand gripped the back of her neck and before she knew what was coming, I pulled her lips to mine. She stayed stiff until my tongue darted out and slowly licked across her bottom lip. She must have needed me something fierce because that was all it took to have her moving against me. Her plush lips slanted over mine and parted on the slightest of sighs.

  As if she sensed her vulnerability, she tried to pull away but my hand firmly held her in place. I got one thing, I sure as hell wasn’t going to not get my fill before I handed my body over to her.

  I pulled away and looked into her eyes. There was a split second she the let the dazed look linger before she drew the shades.

  “Now, strip,” she said almost coldly as she stepped back and out of my reach.

  I knew what this was. I wasn’t stupid. It wasn’t about me. There was something going on with her and she needed a way to get control again. Or she needed to beat the bad day out of her head. Something along those lines.

  I may have been a sad fucker because I was willing to strip, get on my hands and knees, and even lick her high-heeled shoes if it would make her better.

  As long as those weren’t the heels that went through Keften’s foot.

  I pushed the thoughts out of my head because I didn’t need the image of that Petra in my head. Still wasn’t sure if it made me hard as hell or scared for my life.

  Petra Novak confused me.

  She also intrigued me.

  And there was something about the woman I just couldn’t seem to shake.

  “Knees,” she said to me once I was buck naked and standing proud. I wasn’t even ashamed that it was obvious how much she turned me on.

  My knees hit the hard marble floor but I didn’t wince.

  Click. One step.

  Click. Another step.

  Then one of those pointy heels came up and dug into my shoulder as she lifted her leg. Her fingers went into my hair, gripping to the point that I felt the sting of the pull.

  “Lick,” she commanded and my face didn’t hesitate to bury into the sweet smell coming from between her legs.

  Like a good boy, I licked and sucked and nibbled until she was coming all over my mouth and dripping down my beard.

  But she wasn’t nearly done with me.

  That night I ended up cuffed to a chair while she marked me with her crop until my chest was bright red and hot. Then she crawled onto my lap, skirt pushed up around her waist and heels still strapped to her feet. She rode me until we were both spent and the demons had been chased out of her head. I didn’t get to touch her, not even once after she let me kiss her. And while I hated it, I did it because it was what she needed from me.

  But one day…

  Oh, yes, one day, I was going to have my way. All of it.



  Things sure had changed.

  Even as I sat on the couch in the bar of the clubhouse, I was a little surprised at the scene I was currently in the middle of. It didn’t make me uncomfortable. Not at all. In fact, I think I felt more at home than I’d ever been.

  The deep, low tone of my voice pushed out each word as Chry turned the pages of the book he wanted me to read to him. His little legs dangled off the edge of the couch and he was tucked against my side as much as he could be at the moment. He was turning the pages because both of my arms were currently full. Catherine in one arm and Sparrow stuffed in the other.

  Yeah, there were kids now. Three of them and I knew there would be more to come.

  “Yeah,” Mouse said causing me to look up at him. Lake and Bridget were standing beside him and all three of them wore matching amused expressions. “It’s Grandpa Iron, now.”

  I snorted and shook my head.

  “I’m not that damn old.” I shot them a look but I wasn’t really mad.

  “Come on, Chry,” Mouse said calling him over. “Say bye to Grandpa Iron.” The damn fool had the nerve to snicker after.

  “Later, Prez,” Chry said as he wrapped his arms around me as much as his tiny body could.

  Mouse came over and carefully lifted a sleeping Sparrow out of my arms.

  “Later, buddy,” I said and held my fist out for him to bump. Which he did with much enthusiasm.

  That damn kid was cute. I had a feeling that he was going to be just like his dad and uncle when he grew up. Sure, Mouse didn’t share Chry’s blood, but that made him no less the boy’s dad. He was Chry’s dad in my eyes. In the clubs eyes. And even though Chry didn’t know the truth yet because he was too young to understand, I could see it in his eyes too.

  “He wasn’t too much trouble?” Mouse asked.

  I rolled my eyes at him and shook my head. I was still waiting for the day he’d stop askin’ me that shit. I loved hanging out with the kids and I did it as often as things would allow.

  “Spent an hour up at the garage askin’ Ky about what each tool was used for.” I had been up there the whole time. And neither Ky or I got tired of his questions. It was adorable and I think it made Ky a little proud.

  “Dad?” Chry asked softly as they walked away.

  “Yeah, buddy?”

  I heard Chry ask for tools for his birthday as they walked out. Specifically saying something about needing his o
wn wrench set.

  Damn kid was cute, that was for sure.

  “You good?” Lake asked.

  I looked down at a sleeping Catherine in my arms and smiled.

  “I’m good,” I told him because I wasn’t ready to give her up. I figured Laurel would be here soon enough to get her, anyway.

  “Alright,” he said. “See you in the morning then. Bright and early.”

  “Bright and early,” I parroted.

  There was always something to do but I realized that I had to take moments here and there to have some time for myself. Or to just be for a bit. I always wore the President cap but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t hit pause for a few minutes. I was smart enough to know that this job came with a horse load of responsibility and if I let myself get buried in it, I wouldn’t be good to myself, let alone my club. So every now and then I had to put the shovel down and drink some sweet tea while watching the fuckin’ sunset.

  Or something like that.

  That didn’t mean that I sat back and let everyone handle everything, though. I was there for the runs. Not all of them, but I tried to switch it up so that everyone got a break. I was there doing patrols at the docks and at the container graveyard. You know, as much as I could. I wasn’t going to make anyone do something I wouldn’t do my damn self. And it was one thing to preach that, but it was another to show them. That was how I ran my club. That was the kind of leader I wanted to be. A man that stood on his feet and got dirty right along with his brothers.

  Tomorrow was going to be a short run. Since we were handing over to a new club we had started working with, I wanted to go along. Had to size these fuckers up for myself. I trusted Axe, the Prez of the mother chapter, but I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t know what I was up against.

  Like I said, it would be a short run. We’d be back late the following day. As long as everything went according to plan, that was. In this line of work, you just never knew.

  A tiny punch to my chest jerked me out of my thoughts.

  I looked down at a waking Catherine with a smile on my face. I knew it wouldn’t be long now before she’d be crying for a bottle because that was her routine at this point.

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