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  To those who know what it’s like to get life wrong one too many times.


  Part 1

  “Please state your name for the record.”

  “Jessica Blaire Fowler.”

  “And how do you know Mr. Ramos?”

  “He’s my boyfriend.”



  Some might have said my life was colorful. That would have been the nice way to put it. I would have said that I hadn’t been given a chance right out the gate. Born to a junkie mom and an abusive dad, I came into this world already dealing with a heavy struggle. Sure, there had been some positive things, but it didn’t do me much good to think about those now.

  Life had pinned me to the wall quite a few times.

  And when it got to be too much, I simply ran.

  I guess you could have said that I’d learned that from my parents because that was always their go-to when things got hot. We’d pack up what we could in cheap trash bags and take off into the night. At most, I got to stay in one place for a few months.

  One time though…

  There was that one time where I got nearly a year.

  But that year ended up costing me so much.

  Anyway, back to the important parts.

  My name is Jessica. I used to be a club girl for a motorcycle club. It was a good life and I actually had a roof over my head for many years. The price wasn’t something that was hard for me to pay and honestly, I rather enjoyed it. Compared to the men I’d had to deal with before, they treated me well. Beyond well, if I was being honest. I might have been there to satisfy their needs but they always showed me kindness and looked out for me. It was like I was part of some mismatched family. We all were a little broken, a little sad. And I had to admit that it was nice to not feel so alone. Going in, I knew I’d never become anything more. Once I spread my legs that first time, that was all they saw me as.

  I didn’t regret it and I didn’t hate it.

  Hey, I was even lucky there for a while. I had a sort of relationship. Maybe that wasn’t the right word. What Axe and I had was more on-and-off than anything. And yeah, it was kind of messed up given that I slept with the people he considered brothers when we weren’t trying to make something work. But it wasn’t as bad as it sounded, I swear. There was no jealousy and I wasn’t trying to be a conniving bitch. It was the way things were there. I guess that kind of went along with the whole being a club girl thing.

  It took me years to see that what we really had was more toxic than anything. We both cared about each other, that much was clear, but there were all these walls with us that we just sort of accepted. We hid behind them and never tried to break the other one’s barriers down. I guess it worked for the time.

  But I started to see that it wasn’t right for either of us. Then he found his right and it made me realize that I desperately wanted to find mine.

  That was about the time it started to hit me hard that I was lonely.

  It didn’t help that over the last few years some of the brothers had found their one true loves and were hardcore settling down. Each time it happened it was like a tiny kick in the gut. That wasn’t to say that I wasn’t happy for them, I was. But it made me realize that I was looking for something, I just knew I wouldn’t find it there. Time was creeping up on me and though my life had been rough, I started to long for a family of my own. I wanted kids, yes, and I didn’t want to raise them alone.

  So with a heavy heart, I said my goodbyes and wandered back out into the world to find my place.

  Funny thing, it wasn’t great.

  I knew it wouldn’t be.

  What kind of skills did I have? I mean, ones that would get me a job, anyway. What was I qualified for? Well, there was prostitution for sure. I could work it like no other. But I was trying to get away from all of that and I knew getting paid for sex wouldn’t land me closer to reaching my dreams. That also meant that stripping was out, too. The chances of finding an upscale establishment that would hire me and treat me right were slim. So I didn’t even bother. It looked like slinging drinks or serving up greasy food were my best options.

  I found a city. Found a bar. Asked for a job. And did my best to settle in.

  That was pretty much it. Here I was with a somewhat decent apartment and a job that wasn’t all that bad.

  However, the longer the weeks went on, the lonelier I realized I was. It was hard to go from feeling like I was connected to this group of people to having no one. Some might say that it was pretty shitty that I’d cut off all contact with all the people that cared about me. That I’d walked away from the motorcycle club that took me in only not to look back. I’d even agree with that. But the thing you need to understand was that I was weak when it came to things like that. It was hard to not have that warmth of love surround me every day. No matter which way you looked at it, I was loved in some ways there. If I got a call from Reagan or Ellie, I knew I’d go running back. Hell, even if Axe called me and told me he missed me in that platonic, almost sisterly way, I’d give up my dream. It was a hard thing to walk away from. I did what I had to do. I changed my number. I foun
d an apartment that accepted payment in cash and still kept rental agreements in a filing cabinet instead of on a computer.

  Yeah, I might have learned a lot of things in life. Like how to fly under the radar. Living at the club, I knew Bocca was a genius with computers and could track down just about anyone that left a paper trail.

  The bar I worked at let me work under the table. I suspected he never asked for my ID or asked me to fill out shit because I was sure to bring in some business. I was good at serving drinks, and I did it with a sexy smile.

  Every night I went to bed telling myself that this was just temporary. The first step to many. But I had a feeling I’d be stuck on this step for a while.

  “I’ll be in the office,” Jamal said as he crowded in on my back. His breath fanned across my bare shoulder and I flinched. I hoped he didn’t notice. He was my manager and he sometimes got a little too close. Like right now, for instance. But he’d never touched me inappropriately or made crude comments, so I rolled with it. “Don’t, under any circumstances, come back there.”

  “Got it,” I said with a nod but didn’t turn to look at him.

  He left and I breathed out a sigh of relief. I didn’t have a problem with his orders, in fact, I tried my hardest not to go back to his office.

  I stacked the clean glasses. The bar was at a bit of a lull, but it was to be expected on a Wednesday night. Especially when there were no specials going on.

  A few minutes later, the front door opened and in walked a man that commanded my attention right away. He was tall. Thick black hair that was cut and styled perfectly. Dark eyes that almost looked like blobs of ink. Flawless skin and a square jaw.

  I was sure I was drooling but I currently couldn’t get my limbs to move so I could check.

  He was wearing an immaculately pressed suit which fit him perfectly. Noticing his appearance was enough to jolt me into reality. This place wasn’t exactly seedy, but it didn’t call in men like him. Men that had money and exuded power.

  His dark eyes pinned me for a long moment but his feet didn’t stop moving. And they kept moving like he had no intention of stopping. His eyes flicked away from mine as his shiny shoes carried him to the back hall. My brows pinched with confusion as I watched him. He clearly knew where he was going. Or had the air to pull it off like he did.

  His figure darkened as he reached the back of the hall where the overhead light had been out since I’d started working here. Without knocking, he walked into the office. A second later, the door closed behind him.

  I thought it was strange but there was no way in hell I’d try to figure it out. My guess, Jamal had some kind of meeting. But why with a man like him? If anything, I didn’t want to know.

  I turned my attention back to the task at hand. An hour flew by and I’d almost forgotten about the tall, dark stranger. That was until the office door opened and both Jamal and the stranger came walking out. Jamal’s face was red like he was pissed about something. Stranger-man looked as cool and collected as the moment he’d walked in here.

  “You,” he said as he approached the bar. His voice was deep and smooth. “This is your last night here.”

  My eyes widened as I stared at him in shock. Who the hell was this man and how the fuck could he just fire me like that?! I couldn’t even form words to yell at him because I was so stunned by it.

  “You start tomorrow, here.” He slid a business card in my direction. Oddly, I noticed how his hand or even his sleeve didn’t touch any part of the bar top as he did this. “Be there at nine.”

  “In the morning?” I asked with a bit of shock in my tone. Maybe he didn’t realize that I got off after two in the morning. Or he didn’t care.

  “Yes,” he replied sternly.

  My eyes flicked over to Jamal. The look on his face told me that I needed to say ‘yes, sir’ and I better not be late.

  “Okay,” I said and somehow got my shoulder to lift with a shrug.

  There wasn’t another word spoken. His gaze held mine for a few beats. It was intense. Too damn intense. Then he was turning and walking to the door. He didn’t even glance back as he walked out of the bar.

  “Who was that?” I asked as I turned my head in Jamal’s direction. Only I was asking the air because he was no longer standing there.

  My eyes dropped to the card on the bar top.

  I didn’t recognize the name of the place or the address, but it didn’t surprise me because I didn’t know my way around the city very well. I guessed I was going to have to get my ass up extra early. Not only did I have a feeling like I’d have to put a little more into my appearance, but I also needed to make sure I wasn’t late.

  No sleep for me.

  Oh, well. It wasn’t like I didn’t know what it was like to run off of fumes. That was what coffee was for after all.

  I had all intentions of pulling my phone out to look the place up but I got waved over by the couple in the corner. I shoved the card in my pocket and went on working my last night here. I couldn’t say I’d miss this bar and I was hopeful that this new thing would be a step up.



  Mr. Tall and Dark was named Ray Ramos.

  I learned that not long after I had walked through the door. Two minutes before nine, by the way. Hey, I was happy that I wasn’t late. He, however, was not happy at the way I had ‘cut it close.’

  I couldn’t decide if I liked him or not. I suppose it didn’t matter either way if he was offering me a decent job. Anything had to be better than Jamal and his creepiness.

  He informed me right away that he owned several businesses and didn’t have time to hold my hand.

  This one business happened to be a restaurant. It was the kind with white linen table cloths and fresh flowers on the table. And a chef instead of a cook. Not my kind of place, but whatever. There was a room off to the left that served as an upscale lounge area. Basically a bar. That I could do.

  He introduced me to a bouncy girl named Kaycee. She was way too chipper for me at this early of an hour but I kept that to myself. He told me she’d show me how everything worked, and then he left.

  I busted my ass that day, working nearly twelve hours. It was the kind of place that people came to day drink. Rich people, to be more specific. I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t been asked to fill out any kind of paperwork until I was collecting my purse from my own personal locker in the back after I’d clocked out. Yeah, I had my own little space. No more tossing my purse and phone up under the bar and praying that no one would snatch them while I was out on the floor.

  It took me just days to realize that I liked this job. Really fucking liked it. And the great thing was that it came with a uniform. It wasn’t anything spectacular, just simple black slacks and a plain, tight black shirt with a classy logo right over my left breast. However, that meant that I didn’t have to worry about going shopping and fitting in. Since money was an issue, it really helped a lot.

  My manager didn’t cause icky chills to run down my spine and that was another good thing. Matter of fact, everyone there was pretty nice. Even the ones that didn’t seem especially chatty never seemed like they were looking down on me. The hours were good and the tips were even better. It made the forty-five-minute commute worth it.

  At the end of my first week, Mr. Ramos came strolling in right at the end of my shift. The moment he stepped into the bar, everyone snapped to it. Feet shuffled faster. Smiles were wider than normal. Drinks were being mixed with super speed. Oh, yeah, it was clear the big boss was there and everyone wanted to impress. Since I was stepping out for the night, I didn’t have to worry with it. Thank God. The man made me nervous, but I could see it wasn’t just me. Only I wasn’t quite sure what kind of nervous. He had this way of commanding the room and sucking out all of the air all at once. I think I kind of liked it. Or was at least intrigued enough by it to keep thinking about him.

  As I did my best to scurry by him on my way to the back, he lightly pinched my elbow t
o stop me. I froze in place and dragged my eyes up to meet his. Once he had my attention, he released his hold on me.

  “Won’t you stay for a drink,” he said and his gaze bore through me with intensity.

  My mouth opened but I didn’t know what to say.

  Was it a good idea to have a drink with, well, my boss? Okay, I was smart enough to know it was not a good idea at all. But there was something in his tone that put up this brick wall to my negative answer. I couldn’t get the word out. Actually, it was like it didn’t even take root in my brain.

  “Sure,” I answered him with a slight nod. “But I’m not really… dressed for it.”

  After all, I had literally just clocked out and was still in my uniform.

  He looked over me like he didn’t even notice and then guided me to a table in the corner.

  He didn’t even need to order, it seemed. Suddenly, one of my coworkers brought over two of the same drinks and set them down with a huge smile. As he turned to leave, I caught the brief flash in his eyes. It was as if he was warning me somehow. Maybe he didn’t want me to say anything about how we ran the usual day-to-day. I couldn’t even tell him that I had a huge feeling that Mr. Ramos wasn’t here to talk about work.

  Yeah, I wasn’t dumb. I knew what was going on here. So when Mr. Ramos opened his mouth and said he’d been thinking about me, I was prepared enough to force a smile.

  Now, to let him down gently. I didn’t want to lose this job and I hoped to fuck this wasn’t the reason he hired me.

  “Mr. Ramos—”

  “Please, call me Ray.”

  I cleared my throat and tried again.

  “I’m flattered. But I don’t think it’s a good idea to… see my boss, if you understand what I’m saying.”

  By the look on his face, it was clear the man didn’t find himself on the receiving end of rejection very often. He was a little taken off-guard, but at least he didn’t seem mad. Which I hadn’t expected. In my experience, men had big egos and they didn’t take being turned down all that well. I let out a little sigh of relief when his face didn’t turn red with anger.

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