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Mason: A Steel Paragons MC Novel (The Coast: Book 10)

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Mason: A Steel Paragons MC Novel (The Coast: Book 10)


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  A Steel Paragons MC Novel

  (The Coast: Book 10)

  By Eve R. Hart

  Copyright © 2019 Eve R. Hart

  All right reserved.

  The scanning, uploading, and electronic sharing of any part of this book without permission of publisher is unlawful piracy and theft of the author’s intellectual property. This book or any portion thereof my not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for brief quotations used in a book review.

  This book is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, places and incidents are products of the writers imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is purely coincidental.

  Warning: This book is intended for readers 18 years and older. This book contains violence, harsh language, and explicit sex scenes.

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  Rainbows. Sunshine. Glitter. Flowers.

  And everyone that loves those things.





  They were things people had to make every day.

  I had made a few bad ones in my lifetime, that was for damn sure.

  Some of them I’d take back if I were given a second chance, but most of them I wouldn’t. It might be shitty considering some of the stuff I’d done. And sometimes the consequences were enough to be my penance, I suppose. I’d handled them. I’d dealt with them. I’d even live with them as long as I had left because it meant I got to keep the good things in my life.

  I didn’t have many, but what I had made up for what I didn’t.

  Callin’ me lucky would have been a stretch, a big one too. But I wasn’t down about it. In fact, I felt lucky every single time I looked around at my club. And of course, every moment I got with my son. Other than those two things, nothing else really mattered, especially not all the shit I had to wade through to get them.

  I’d learned one thing in life and it was pretty damn simple.

  Some choices were worth the end result, even if you didn’t have a clue what the outcome would be.



  It was two thirty-four in the morning.

  Yes, it was.

  And do you know how I knew it was two thirty-two in the morning? Because I was freakin’ awake and able to see the numbers on my alarm clock telling me so. Oh, no, I had not been awake at two thirty-three in the morning. But I was awake now.

  Thanks to my freakin’ neighbor and his beast of a machine with its roaring pipes.

  Funny how he hadn’t been around the three times I looked at this house.

  Also funny that he hadn’t been around when I met the home inspector. Or the three days it took me to move all of my things in here.

  Oh, and really, really freakin’ funny that not once did the Realtor mention that the man right next door drove a loud, stupid motorcycle and came home at all hours of the night!

  “I love this house,” I said out loud, then repeated it twice more like I had to remind myself of that fact. “It’s mine. All mine. I did it.”

  I had. I’d dreamed, then set goals to reach that dream. Then I worked my butt off and here I was at twenty-three, a homeowner. It was something to be proud of, or at least I thought it was.

  Call me boring, but I was happy with the way my life was working out so far.

  That was until I realized that I had such a disrespectful, annoying neighbor.

  Alright, I knew that was unfair. This was only the third time he’d woken me up coming home at an ungodly hour like this and I’d been here a little over a month now. For the most part, he didn’t seem to be home all that much. Except Thursdays. He was always home on Thursdays after three in the afternoon. And he stayed home all night, or so I assumed. And I did have to say that he didn’t always drive his beast. He also had a truck and he’d take that… sometimes. It was rare enough that I wondered why he even had the thing.

  I let out a long breath and rubbed my temples.

  Why did he have to wake me up tonight of all nights?

  I was starting my new job tomorrow and I wanted to be well-rested and ready when I got there.

  It looked like that wouldn’t happen now.

  It was okay, I could put on my shiny, happy face while I plastered on my concealer too. Not a problem. It wasn’t really a big deal, I supposed. I might have been a little bit cranky since I’d just been woken up in the middle of the night. Anyone would be, right?!

  And I know what you’re thinking, “Well, Ry—” see you can call me that because we’re friends, okay— “is he at least cute?”

  And I’d tell you that I had no clue because his house had a garage and he always drove up in it and disappeared. I had never once really seen the man. Even when I had tried my hardest to get a peek at him all I saw was a rolling blur. He could have been twelve. Or he could have been fifty. I had no clue.

  Okay, I knew he wasn’t twelve, but you get my point.

  I sat up and my legs sort of slipped out of the bed, then my feet plopped onto the floor. It was like I couldn’t stop myself as I shuffled over to my window and peeked out. I assumed our houses were set up similar but like mirror image because his bedroom was on the same side as mine. That was how I knew he opened his window before he went to bed. I wasn’t some kind of creepy stalker, I swear. Humans were naturally curious creatures and I happened to focus mine on my elusive neighbor.

  I had no clue why I was looking, it wasn’t like I’d really be able to see him.

  There went the window. I barely saw his dark figure as he moved to open it.

  A shiver ran down my spine. Did he know I was there watching him? There was no way.

  Then like a crazy person, I cracked my window the moment I saw him step away.

  I totally wished I hadn’t.

  It didn’t take long before the noises floated out of his bedroom and into mine.

  There were demands from him, and they might have sounded sexy. Then there were moans from her.

  Like passing a car crash, I just couldn’t stop listening an
d trying to see something.

  God, was he killing a cat in there?

  I blinked. My eyes squinted like I could somehow magically see what was going on in that room.

  Once I heard the female scream that she wanted it harder, I shut my window. I did not need to hear that, that was for sure.

  Good for him.

  I mentally gave him a round of applause as I moved back to my bed.

  I most certainly didn’t look at my dresser where my vibrating helpers were nestled for a long moment. And I definitely didn’t think about pulling one out while I envisioned all the sexy things that some mystery man could be doing to me right now.



  That would have been weird.

  I wished I hadn’t heard the low, sexy growl of my neighbor ordering her on the bed. It was the only thing that kept replaying in my head right now.

  “Get on the bed. Face down. Show me how wet you are for me.”


  I might have been on a year-long dry spell at this point and that was the only reason that I was a little bit worked up right now.

  It wasn’t twenty minutes later that I gave up on going back to sleep.

  I decided to make some tea, then I took my steaming cup out to the rocking chair I had on the front porch. Why? I had no clue because it was July in the south and the weather was suffocating. But whatever. I tried my best to enjoy my tea and the sounds of the night. Which were really the sounds of my neighbor still plowing into his conquest of the night. I knew enough by now that they were never the same. Not that he was like some manwhore or anything. I was sure I was making him sound worse than he was. This was like… the second one he’d brought around. Maybe? It wasn’t like I was keeping count or anything.

  Finally, the cat was dead!

  Or the woman was in a sex coma. Same thing, I guess.

  I was only mildly irritated when I heard his beast start up in the garage a few moments later. Then he took off like a bat out of hell the second the garage door was open enough to not decapitate them. I might have watched with hatefully narrowed eyes as he rolled past my house with a female clinging to his back. This time it seemed like he was going slow. Almost like he didn’t want to make a lot of noise.

  Little late to be considerate.

  I snorted at the thought.

  And of course, he had to be going slow in the dead of night when I wouldn’t be able to actually see him!


  It wasn’t like I really cared.

  Now the question was, did I try to go back to bed since he was gone or would it be pointless because he would probably be coming back?

  I decided I should try.

  I think the tea helped a lot because I was out not even seconds after my head hit the pillow.

  But it wasn’t long before my alarm was blaring at me to get up.

  My eyes felt like sandpaper as I blinked them open. I kind of wished I hadn’t gone back to sleep.

  It was going to be a long day.

  I had my stupid neighbor to blame.



  “You did it,” my friend Cora said as she raised her glass of wine in the air causing everyone else at the table to do the same. There were only four of us, but still.

  Mine hit the air with a smile because she was right. I had survived my first week of my new job, which was really a week and a half. There were the three days of getting everything set up and learning all the things that my job entailed. It was a lot, let me tell you, but I had confidence that I could handle it. And then there was the open house. Wow, that was insane and I honestly wasn’t sure how I made it through that night. There were so many people running around that most of them were just one big blur honestly. I guess it didn’t really matter at this point, it wasn’t like I was going to memorize every single person at the school in one night. That might have been the one way that the teachers had it easier than me. The only way. Because I definitely didn’t envy them and all the things they had to do.

  I was simply the administrative assistant. The perky girl at the front desk in the office that handled all the little things. Okay, and some big stuff too. But most of my day-to-day would be checking in the late kids, the ones that were leaving early, and making sure everyone that came in filled out for their visitor’s badge. Oh, and I was the door girl too. So I got to check the monitor every time the annoying buzzer went off at the front door and then check their ID when they walked inside. It really wasn’t that bad. Honestly, I hadn’t been in the swing of things long enough to know how much I’d like it. But I could tell you that I was happy so far.

  “I made it through!” I said excitedly causing the couple at the table beside us to turn their attention this way. My shoulders curled inward as I mouthed sorry in their direction.

  Jeez, some people.

  We clinked glasses then I took a hefty gulp of the sweet red wine.

  “How is everything else going?” Harmony asked.

  I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at her question. It wasn’t her or the question really, I just knew what she was poking at.

  “Fine,” I said through gritted teeth.

  “Oh, that is so not believable,” Kaitlyn chimed in.

  “I just… okay, I get that I’m letting that one thing get to me a little too much. I have this silent feud with my neighbor and I’m not even sure he’s aware of it. I understand that it’s not a constant thing but it’s enough to get under my skin.”

  “Okay, can I just point out that, like, nothing gets under your skin,” Kaitlyn said with a flip of her hair behind her shoulder and a pointed look aimed at me so hard it nearly knocked me back. “Harmony is the uptight one. Cora is the flirt. I’m the bitch. And you, sweetie, are just that, sweet. Nice, complacent, and roll with the punches. So what gives?”

  She was right, I wasn’t easily riled up.

  “I don’t know,” I said with a long sigh. “I guess I found that one thing that irks me to the point of insanity.”

  “Or you need to get laid,” Cora said under her breath.

  “You know what,” I started and paused to pin her with a look of indifference, “it doesn’t matter. I’m fine. Life is fine. My new house is fine.”

  They all rolled their eyes at once as if they’d choreographed the movement for this very moment.

  “It’s always fine. That’s exactly what you are, fine. You come off happy but everything is only fine.” Kaitlyn drew out that one particular word every time she said it. My eye might have started to twitch.

  “What the… really, is that what you all think of me?” I asked completely shocked.

  I’d known these girls a while now, we’d survived high school together and everything.

  “She’s not saying that to be mean.” Cora paused to pin Kaitlyn with a hard look. “What she’s trying to say—”

  “No,” Kaitlyn said cutting her off. “None of that sugar-coating it stuff this time. You hate this guy for being the worst neighbor ever, then do it. Hate him. Get mad. Bang on his damn door and fucking blast him in the face with how much of an asshole he is.”

  I couldn’t help but laugh at her. I mean, first of all, I wasn’t the confrontational type at all. There was no way I was going to go over to his house and tell him off. And second, I didn’t know this guy from Adam. What if I yelled at him and he was some crazy killer that carried a knife and rode around on his beast of a machine stabbing random people? What if he didn’t want his killings to be so random anymore?


  That got out of hand really fast.

  I was sure he wasn’t a serial killer… sort of.

  The truth was I had no clue because I didn’t know the man. I’d met my fellow homeowners on the street but I hadn’t made a point to go over to the one that had made me cranky on a few occasions.

  It could have been that Kaitlyn had a point somewhere in her insane idea. I wouldn’t be calling him not-nice names to his face, though I ha
d certainly thought them a few times in my head. And I wouldn’t be getting mad and storming over there to yell at him in person either.

  “Um, no,” I said with a shake of my head. “Maybe if I happen to catch him when he checks his mail or something, then I’ll politely mention something about his beast machine being loud.”

  “Never gonna happen,” Kaitlyn said, then flashed me a smile. “I know you, and you’re definitely never going to say anything. But that’s okay. We love you for your bright, sunshine and rainbows attitude. It kind of rounds this little group out.”

  I took another big gulp of my wine.

  I didn’t think they had any idea how hard it was to be all sunshine and rainbows all the time. Or why I tried so hard to surround myself in a happy, positive bubble.

  My eyes caught Harmony’s across the table.

  She knew why.

  I’d known her most of my life and she’d been there through the hardest time of it. So she understood it and never really called me out for it. That might have been the reason I loved her the most. But I’d never say that out loud, of course.

  “So, I was promised nachos and fried pickles. I don’t see any of that here,” I said looking at the empty section in the middle of the table. Yes, I was changing the subject and I didn’t care that I was doing it blatantly.

  Lucky for me, the subject dropped for now. I knew it was only a matter of time before they brought it up again. I only had myself to blame. I didn’t complain or let things get to me very often. And I’d gone and opened my stupid mouth to them one of those times that I’d been a little irritable due to lack of sleep. It was like touching a rare animal or something for them. Now they all latched onto the rare thing and couldn’t stop talking about it.

  Note to self, stay indoors when you wake up an ogre.

  I was thankful that I had friends and they cared even if they showed it in the worst ways sometimes.

  It was a night for celebrating. Sure, it had only been surviving the first week and a half of my new job, but that wasn’t the point. Or maybe it was. Celebrate all the things in life, even the small ones.

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