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Virgin Sale: Aubrey: Bought by the Billionaire, An Older Man Younger Woman Romance, page 7


Virgin Sale: Aubrey: Bought by the Billionaire, An Older Man Younger Woman Romance

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  I take his head in my hands. “Oh, I’m delicious now too, am I?”

  “You better believe it.” He licks my breast, and begins to suck on my nipple. His lips are warm on my skin. I’m already feeling hot…

  He sucks on my breast, worshipping my skin. He kisses every inch of my chest, and pulls me close.

  “I want you, Aubrey,” he whispers, licking my nipple. “I want you so damn bad.”

  I nod. Ohhh… A moan slips out of me, all on its own. His hand leaves my hip, and slips down, down between my legs.

  “Ohhhh, Oliver…” He rubs his thumb, up and down my folds. I’m warm, and starting to feel wet. He coaxes my lips, rubbing them, slipping between them to dip into my wet core. “OHhhHH!”

  “Do you want me, Aubrey? Do you?”

  I take his head in my arms, and hold him close. “Fuck. Yes, Oliver. Yes, I want you. Oh, fuck. I… I want you inside me.”

  Oliver looked up at me, kissing my breastbone. “Here? Now?”

  I nod. “Where doesn’t matter. I want you. I want you to take my virginity. Please.”

  My billionaire stands up, and takes me in his arms. He kisses me. He kisses me. Oh, help. He’s conquered me…

  Oliver pulls open the door to the cabin, and smiles at me. “After you.”



  The cabin doesn’t feel much smaller than my dorm room. I imagined some cramped little cot down here, but there’s actually a queen sized bed. Oh god. This is really happening.

  I go to the bed, and Oliver follows me down. He’s only wearing a black pair of tight black trunks, which he peels off. He looks at me with such… reverence.

  “You’re so fucking beautiful.” He comes to me, and takes me in his arms. He kisses me. He kisses me. His hands are on my back, my sides, my ass. He squeezes me in his hands, and I feel special. I feel precious to him.

  I grab onto his short hair, and pull him into a kiss. It’s so sweet… “I’m ready. I want you. I want you, Oliver. I… I can’t wait anymore.”

  I lie back on the bed. Oliver comes to his knees, before me. He crawls toward me on the bed, getting harder all the time. “Do you have a condom?”

  He takes a breath— I don’t think he was expecting me to ask. He looks around, and points at a small nightstand, next to the bed. “What about in there?”

  I open the drawer, and find a ribbon of them, along with a bottle of lubricant. I tear one off, and hand it to him. “Thank you.”

  He nods. “I want your first time to be exactly how you want it, baby.” He rips the packet open, and slides the condom down his length. He crawls up my body, kissing my calf, my knee, my thigh.

  He kisses my lips, and I shut my eyes tight. He presses his lips to my pussy, and dips his tongue into my wetness. “Mmmm…!” He massages my clit with his lips. The warmth inside me is growing, now. I feel myself being pulled on a tide, into something entirely new…

  He kisses my pelvis. My belly button. He crawls up my body, and lingers over my breasts. He does seem to love them. I moan, sounding more impatient than I mean to. “Oliver. Please. Please. I want you.”

  “Hand me the lube?”

  I reach into the drawer and hand it to him. He squirts a few drops onto his fingers, and rubs it onto his member. “This doesn’t have to be painful, you know. We just need… to take our time.”

  He looks down his body, taking his cock in his hand. He rubs his member against my lips, up and down… “This is it, Aubrey. Are you sure?”

  I bite my lip, and I nod. “Yes. Yes. Do it.” He presses into me with his cock. I gasp at once.

  “Slowly, darling,” he whispers. “Slowly.”

  He kisses my neck. He pushes in slightly deeper. He kisses my ear and nibbles on my flesh. He pushes in slightly deeper. He squeezes my breast in his hand. He pushes in deeper.

  He begins riding me, back and forth. I’ve never— it’s— I open my eyes, and stare into his. “Oliver. Oliver.”

  I have tears in my eyes. There is some discomfort, but nothing like I feared. I’d heard such horror stories about girls feeling all kinds of pain, the first time they had sex. Oliver’s inside me, now. It feels… god. He feels wonderful.

  “Ouuhhhh, Oliver. Yes. Oh god, yes.” Oliver’s cock penetrates me, filling me up. Each time he pulls back, he pushes in, just a little deeper. I run my nails down his back. “Fuck, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me, Oliver. Fuck meeeeeee!”

  He starts riding me faster, now. I hiss in a breath. It does hurt, now. But mixed with such pleasure…

  He stops, still inside me. “Are you all right?”

  I nod. “Yes. Yes. Don’t stop.”

  Oliver kisses my neck, my cheek. He’s so gentle. “I love being inside you,” he whispers. He rocks in me, again and again. He sucks on my earlobe, he caresses my face. He pushes me closer, and closer. I feel like I’ve been filled up with this great pitcher of water, between my hips. It’s filled with all this warm, fantastic pleasure I can’t touch and I’m aching for it to spill over.

  My words come out in an urgent moan. “Fuck me. Fuck me.”

  My billionaire shouts, and fills me with his cock. I feel every muscle inside me go tight, tighter, squeezing him inside me. I want him inside me. I want him to come. I want to feel what he feels…

  All at once, something inside me bursts. The pain disappears, washed away in a torrent of wet hot pleasure, splashing up my insides like a tide of happy chemicals. The tide spills higher, and higher. It lets go inside my head, and everything slips away.

  I’m weightless. Only Oliver’s body keeps me on the bed. He keeps riding in me, over and over, pumping into me with his hunger.

  “OhhHHHhHH!” I scream, I keep screaming. I’m tumbling across a plateau, powerless to leave, powerless to do anything but scream.

  Above me, inside me, Oliver shouts my name. He crashes inside me, and I feel him let go. His body trembles and buckles on top of me as he comes. I feel his heat, his strength, filling me up inside. He screams as he loses control.

  Words. I don’t have words.

  We lay like that, together. He’s still inside me. We both take time, catching our breath. It feels… different. I feel different.

  Oliver slowly withdraws, and lies down next to me. I roll over onto my side, lying against him. I kiss his chest. He kisses my forehead.

  He holds me tight. I hear his heart, pounding in his chest. “Was that… was that good for you, darling?”

  I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding onto. I feel… different. I feel amazing. “It was perfect.”



  I drifted off. I wasn’t expecting to, but it doesn’t matter. I look at my watch— it’s just past five in the afternoon. We’re still in the cabin on the boat. I look down at my virgin— no. Not anymore. I look down at my girl. My prize. I won her, fair and square. I was willing to pay more for her than anyone else. I saw her real value in that place… and I made sure they all knew she was mine.

  Aubrey sleeps in the crook of my arm. Her breasts rise and fall with every breath. She’s hypnotic to watch. She’s beautiful. She’s so trusting. I kiss her forehead. She makes a soft, happy noise at the contact. She moves just a little in her sleep, pressing closer to me.

  Something is happening to me. I don’t know how to describe it, exactly. But ever since I laid eyes on this young thing, I had to have her. Hold her. Keep her safe. Keep her safe from everyone that wasn’t me, at any rate. I’ve deflowered her.

  Part of me was afraid I would lose interest in the girl, after I had her. Buyer’s remorse, if I was monstrous enough to use the words out loud. But no. Something else happened. Something different.

  Now that I’ve tasted the girl, now that I’ve taken her virginity, I want what’s next. I want to open up her world, show her all the glorious ways there are to fuck another human being. And make love, of course. But beyond that.

  I paid for her. She’s mine. I like that feeling of
ownership. If I’m not careful, I could grow to love it. I could grow to love her.

  Snap out of it, Olly. It’s a wild weekend. Nothing more. You’re gonna go back to your life with a hell of a story to tell, and your peers are gonna ask you if the virgin you fucked was worth twelve million. And you’ll be able to look them in the eye and say ‘Absolutely. She was worth every penny.’

  Aubrey is special to me. Important. For the time that I have her, I want to show her everything. I want to open her eyes, open her mind. I want to open those legs again. Yes. I’m human, what can I say? Once I’ve had something this sweet, I want another taste.

  It’s Saturday afternoon. I’ve got twenty-four more hours with my little angel. Unless we decide to opt for an extension. Per the house rules, that extension would expand on the initial rate I paid for her. I bid twelve million for forty eight hours with her, so it would be another six million dollars a day. Six million dollars a day. Is she worth that?

  I smell her hair. I look at her porcelain skin. I watch her breasts rise and fall, with each breath. She mumbles something in her sleep, and squeezes me tighter. She tugs on my fucking heartstrings, and I know the answer.

  Absolutely. She’s worth every penny.



  We drive back to the Palace. Aubrey rests her head on my shoulder the entire trip. Our fingers are entwined. It’s disgusting how good I feel, right now.

  We reach the entrance, and a bellman arrives in seconds to drive the jeep back to their lot. Aubrey steps out, and smiles at me. “I’m going to take a nice, long bath.”

  I hand her a key card. “Why don’t you go on up to my suite?” I ask.

  She blinks a few times, before realizing what I mean. “Oh, of course.”

  Her own rooms were supposed to be temporary, ’til I won the bid. I am paying for my hotel room, seems a shame to leave it empty.

  She kisses me once on the lips, and starts to go. “… Aren’t you coming?”

  I nod. “I’ll be up in a few minutes. I have something to take care of.”

  She shrugs and nods. “Okay.”

  She smiles again, and heads into the hotel. I’m left standing under the carport, alone. A warm breeze moves through the air. Enough putting it off.


  Sure enough, I find Mitch in the Palace Casino, playing poker with other millionaires. The brunette in red is still at his side, her hand in his lap. He’s drunk, but it’s difficult to say how far gone he is. Mitch can definitely hold his liquor, and I learned the hard way never to play poker with him. These guys don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into.


  He snorts in a breath through his nostrils, and turns to look up at me. “Oh hey, there he is.” He pats an empty chair to his right. “You wanna play?”

  I shake my head. “No. I want to talk. Now.”

  Mitch nods and pushes his chair back. “Play the hand for me, babe.”

  He staggers to his feet, and totters back and forth in front of me.

  “What’s up, killer?”

  “You’re going to stay away from me and Aubrey, while we’re here. Is that understood?”

  He rolls his eyes. “Wow. You bothered to learn this one’s name. That’s new.”

  I grab him by the shirt, and pull him close. He smells of bourbon, and lots of it. “You’ve been careless. You almost ruined our night, last night.”

  He breaks into a smile. “Hey! You popped her cherry after all! Good for you man.”

  I shake him by the scruff of his shirt. “LISTEN to me. You come near us, you look in her direction again, and I’m gonna make you wish you hadn’t.”

  The smile disappears off his face. “Izzat a threat?”

  “Look at my face. You tell me.”

  He tries to pull away from me, but I don’t let go. “You’re serious. Fuck, man. You’re getting all bent outta shape over some cooze you’ve known a day? The fuck’s gotten into you?”

  I shake my head. “You’re not listening.”

  He shoves me off him. “Fuck you, I’m not listening. Yeah, you want me to leave your precious flower alone. Like was gonna look twice at the cunt anyway. I’ve got better shit to do.”

  The brunette in red says nothing, and pretends not to hear him.

  I decide to take him at his word. Brow beating a drunk isn’t anything I’ll be proud of, later. I just had to get this thing out of my system.

  I stand up straight. “Good.”

  I leave Mitch to his poker. Good riddance.



  I thought my suite was big. Oliver’s takes up half the floor of the hotel. Good god. I treat myself to a lovely bath, with more of those oils that make the water all fragrant. It’s heaven.

  I hear the front door open and shut. Oliver comes in, and lets out a sigh. I sit up in the tub. “Everything okay?”

  He nods and hand waves my concern away. “It’s fine. Just dealing with Mitch.” Wow. He wasn’t kidding about dealing with him personally.

  My billionaire lingers in the doorway to the bathroom. “You mind if I join you?”

  I scoot over in the enormous tub. “C’mon in, Olly. The water’s fine.”

  He pulls off of his clothes, and steps into the water. He leans back into me. He seems tense. I start rubbing his shoulders. “You okay?”

  He nods, but he doesn’t say anything. He groans, as I put some pressure into the massage. “My poor baby, getting all tense.” I kiss his neck.

  “Mm.” He turns to look past his shoulder. “Hey. I had a question for you.”


  “How would you feel about sticking around, a few extra days?”

  I bite my lip. “Oh wow. That… that sounds wonderful, actually.”

  He turns around in the tub, and looks me in the eye. “Really?”

  I nod. It’s the easiest decision I’ve ever had to make. “Olly… I’m crazy about you. If you want this to keep going… then I want it, too.”

  Oliver presses his lips to mine. “That’s wonderful.” He pulls me against him. “Aubrey. You don’t know what you’re doing to me.”

  I feel him getting hard. “I think I have a pretty good idea of what I do to you.”

  He smirks, and kisses me again. He kisses my neck, my jaw. He squeezes my breast. He groans when I try to pull away. “Easy there, Olly. I’m not quite ready for round two.”

  He pulls away. I stand up. Oliver watches the water spill off my body. “Come on. Doesn’t mean we can’t take care of you, now does it.” I grab a towel, and dry myself off.

  Oliver gets out of the tub, and takes a towel.

  I give him a smirk. “Where do you want me, Mister Sable?”

  He nods to the bedroom. “In there.”

  I go to the bed. Olly sits at the edge of it, once he’s dried himself off. “You’re so beautiful.” He kisses me. He pulls the towel off my body. He kisses my stomach. My breasts. He sucks on my nipple.

  I look down his body. He’s almost completely hard, now. “Mmm. My baby… You take such good care of me.” I stroke his head, holding him close to me. “I want to take care of you, too.” His lips on my skin feel wonderful. I don’t want it to end. But this isn’t about me, right now.

  I go to my knees, before the bed. “Is this what you want? Hm? To see your girl on her knees?”

  He’s breathing harder already. “God yes.”

  I take his cock in my hand. I stroke him. A bead of clear fluid wells up on the tip of his cock. God, he’s insatiable.

  I stroke him. He closes his eyes. I cup his balls in my warm hand, and squeeze him gently. I bend down, and kiss his shaft. He wants more time with me.

  He moans, as I lick his skin. He’s gotten so hard. He wants more time with me. He has to know what that means. What the money will mean…

  I kiss the tip of his cock. It leaves a lacquer of salt on my lips. I lick my lips, and take him in my mouth. He wants more time
with me. I’m going to be set for life. Oh my god.

  I suck on his cock, and moan for him. I’ve heard some girls say they hate to give head. Other girls at school say they don’t mind it. One girl even said she loved doing it.

  I find I don’t mind it. I do like having this power over him. Oliver’s putty in my hands, right now. I have his undivided attention. And he seems to like reciprocating, so…

  I keep stroking him, while I suck on him. More of his pre-cum splashes on my tongue. He moans. He takes my wet hair in his hand, and pulls on it.

  He wants more time with me. I’m a millionaire, now. I can stop. I can change my mind. I can say no. And… I don’t want to. I like him. Oliver’s sweet, and firm, and attentive. He seems to appreciate what I do for him. I’m going to be set for life. Fuck yes.

  Oliver cries out, and comes in my mouth. I moan in surprise. Hot, salty cum splashes across my tongue. I swallow it. He jerks and bucks in my mouth, as another spurt leaves him, and I swallow. One last drop of his cum lands on my tongue. I suck on him, gently. Sweetly. I moan, soft little sounds for him. He lets go of my hair. I swallow what he gives me, and let go of him with my lips.

  He lays back on the bed, chest rising and falling as he catches his breath. I wipe my lips on the back of my hand. He wants more time with me.

  And I want more of him.



  It’s Sunday morning. Oliver is already awake, brewing coffee in the kitchen. I throw on a robe, and join him. “Mmm, good morning.”

  He comes and kisses me, before returning to what he’s doing. He’s wearing a pair of black cotton pajama pants, and nothing else. And it looks like he’s making french toast!

  “I’m surprised you didn’t just order room service,” I say, coming up beside him.

  He flips over the batter-soaked bread. It’s all golden brown, and smells like heaven. “Some things I like to do for myself. Breakfast is one of them.”

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