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The Curvy Hotwife Collection

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The Curvy Hotwife Collection


  Publishing Info

  Chapter One - The Curvy Hotwife's Indulgence

  Chapter Two - The Curvy Hotwife's Bliss

  Chapter Three - The Curvy Hotwife's Treat

  Chapter Four - The Curvy Hotwife's Conquest

  Chapter Five - The Curvy Hotwife's Christmas

  Chapter Six - FREE BONUS: The Billionaire's Curvy Breeder

  Hello my lovelies!

  The Curvy Hotwife Collection

  Diary of a Curvy Hotwife, Parts 1-5

  Published by Harley Jane Meadows, 2016

  This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places,

  or events are entirely coincidental.

  All characters in this story are 18 and over.

  Hello my lovelies!

  You can join me on my Tumblr, and follow me on Twitter. I’ll be bringing you lots of fun, new, erotic tales in the days to come. This is my first collection of work, and I hope you enjoy it!

  Enjoy the free sample of The Billionaire’s Curvy Breeder at the end of the book, and check out my other taboo delights right here!


  Harley Jane


  The Curvy Hotwife's Indulgence

  My husband nudged me in the arm. I’d gotten lost in my thoughts. “Who do you like, Chloe?”

  I came back to myself, and turned to Michael, my husband of six years now. I smiled at him, then turned back to the crowd.

  We were at Steam, a new sauna that had opened up in our neighborhood… and had quickly been taken over by polyamorous couples. It had become an open secret that couples went there to find playmates. It was hot, energy was high, and a lot of people were talking.

  I had a white cotton towel tucked around my torso. Michael was lounging on the bench, nude. He wasn’t body conscious like I was. I didn’t usually have any hangups about carrying extra pounds… but there were a lot of bodies walking around that belonged in magazines.

  My husband and I were on recon. I giggled and shook my head to think of it. If Michael hadn’t said anything, I don’t think I’d have thought about it twice— of sleeping with another guy. I’d always been a serial monogamist, so this was completely new. The idea of taking another man to bed. Sleeping with a stranger…

  But that was Michael for you. He was so… effortlessly confident. He had every faith that if we did open our marriage to sleeping with other people, that he would be completely fine with it. It was his idea, after all.

  Still. It was one thing to talk about it, and another to actually go window shopping! I looked at him, my beautiful husband, lounging there without a care in the world. I loved him so much…

  I put my hand on his calf, and squeezed. He was behind me, one hundred percent. So I looked around.

  There were a lot of attractive men in here. Short guys, tall guys, barrel chested guys. Pot-bellied guys, skinny guys who looked like they could snap in a strong breeze. Muscly guys who must have lived at the gym.

  There was one gent that caught my eye. Lean but not too skinny. Golden brown skin, warm brown eyes. I stood and walked over to him.

  “Um, hi.”

  He smiled at his friend and looked up at me. “Hi there!” He had nice shoulders. Biceps worth grabbing. A narrow chest, though. I could work with that…

  “My name’s Chloe. That’s my husband, Michael.”

  “Oh, nice. I’m Javier. Good to meet you!”

  Michael gave him a friendly wave, which Javier returned.

  I smiled, still feeling a little nervous. Javier let me take my time. “We wanted to know if… you have plans, later? Or if you’d like to, um, join us.”

  He blinked as he realized what I was asking. He broke into a chuckle. “That’s very nice and all, but that’s not really my scene. Sorry!”

  I nodded, and broke into a blush. Oh my gosh! What was I thinking? Just walking up to a stranger and… and…

  “Hey, Miss?”

  I turned, and my jaw almost hit the floor. Sitting there on the bench was a tall, handsome stranger, with a short towel draped over his lap. He had skin like dark caramel. Black hair. Hazel eyes. A smile that left me a little weak in the knees.

  “Hum. Y-yes?”

  He stood up slowly, and crossed to me.

  “If you two are looking for someone to join you… I don’t have plans.”

  I swallowed, which was tricky in the hot, dry air. He smelled good. I don’t know if he’d splashed on some sandalwood cologne or something before coming into the sauna, but whatever it was, was working. I turned to my husband, who’d sat up. I nodded at the stranger, and my husband shrugged as if to say, “Sure.”

  I held out my hand, while I made sure my towel didn’t sneak off by accident, with my other. He took it, and bent to kiss the back of my hand.

  “Oh my. I’m, I’m Chloe. That’s my husband, Michael.”

  “I’m Desmond. Nice to meet you both.” He tucked in his towel around him. Michael came over and shook his hand.

  He seemed… confident. Super sure of himself, but not cocky. It worked. He broke into a grin.

  “So. What exactly did you guys have in mind?”


  We got Desmond’s contact info, and left after spending another hour soaking up that delicious heat. It wasn’t that cold out, but after the sauna, it felt like December.

  Michael walked arm in arm with me. He kissed my cheek. “You sure about this, hon?” he asked. My husband was so supportive. I wondered sometimes what I’d done to get so lucky…

  Our sex life had gotten a little stale. It was true. It wasn’t bad, at all! But we knew each other so well, it was kind of inevitable that we fell into a routine. Sex with Michael was good. It was. But it was never different, anymore. If I wanted to, I knew how to make him come for me, in under a minute. He knew my body, he knew how I liked to to be touched.

  But if even if it was your favorite meal, and you had it every day… you’d get tired of it, sooner or later.

  And that was us. That was us all over.

  So it had been Michael’s idea to… branch out a bit. Add a little variety to the mix. And he wanted to watch me fuck someone else!

  I squeezed Michael’s arm tight. “I’m good with this if you are. Just know… I only want to please you.”

  He smiled. He stopped us in our tracks, and kissed me. My partner, my lover, my best friend. He was so reassuring. Always.

  “Babe, I love you. And I think this could be amazing. For both of us. Okay?”

  I nodded, and hugged him. “Okay.”

  We got a hotel room. Sleeping with someone new was one thing, but it would have just been too weird to have him in my bed; the bed I shared with Michael.

  It was a nice enough room. The bed was soft but supportive. The blankets were… well, they were hotel blankets, so they were a little scratchy. But it smelled nice, and the bed was huge.

  We’d had a few phone calls with Desmond ahead of time. He’d gotten a physical in the last three months, and was entirely clean of any STDs. We established rules about what was and wasn’t okay. I didn’t… like it terribly rough. Maybe something to explore at a later date. But for now, I only wanted to go so far.

  I wore a burgundy dress. It was snug on me. It suited my hips, my ass, my chest. I was not a skinny gal, not by any stretch of the imagination. But then, Desmond had already seen me in a towel, so it wasn’t like I was going to be some big surprise.

  I sat on the edge of the bed, feeling antsy. Michael had put his chair in the corner of the room, so he’d have a front row seat to… well.

  There was a knock at the door. I opened it, and there was Desmond, in a gray overcoat, light blue button down s
hirt, and black slacks. He had roses…

  He handed me the bouquet, and walked past me into the room. He smelled good. He looked good. He slipped out of his coat, and I got a great look at his butt. Desmond’s ass looked hard and tight. A runner? Mm. I’d enjoy getting my hands on him.

  He shook Michael’s hand. Good. He wasn’t going to pretend like he wasn’t there.

  I… oouff. I had so many feelings about this. I came back into the main suite, and tried my best to play it cool.

  “Thanks so much for joining us,” I said. I hugged Desmond, and he hugged me back. He was strong. He pressed me to him. Mmm.

  He kissed my cheek, and a flush of warmth went through me. We definitely had chemistry. He pulled back long enough to look me in the eyes. “Nothing you don’t want, Chloe. Okay?”

  I nodded. He took my head in his hand, brushing his fingers back up through my hair. I stepped closer to kiss him on the lips. Oh. Oh, damn.

  Our lips parted, and he tasted sweet, like cinnamon. Huh. Our tongues mingled, and found some balance. I moaned softly, enjoying the taste of him.

  He ran his other hand down my back, to just above my ass. He pulled me closer again. Our bodies hard pressed against each other, and it felt nice. More importantly, it felt different. Oh wow…

  His hand slid over my ass, and squeezed me. I moaned softly, into his mouth. He returned it with a little growl, and nibbled my lip. Desmond.

  He pulled back. He started to unbutton his shirt. He stepped out of his shoes. I’d already seen him practically naked before, but it was a different thing to watch him undress for me. It felt… special, somehow.

  He looked at me, wanting me. He’d looked me over twice since he’d come through the door. He’d had his hands on me, and wanted more. How could I resist? I raised my hands to the back of my neck, and undid the button at the top of my back. I turned around.

  “Would you?”

  He moved like a whisper, and unzipped my dress, all the way down to just above my ass. I gripped the cuffs of the fabric, and started to peel it off.

  I turned around, shedding the burgundy dress. The neckline fell lower, lower, to the start of my cleavage. I’d gotten out of the sleeves, and held the fabric up in front of my chest. Michael watched me from his seat. Desmond was eyeing me, tugging his shirt out of his pants, and tossing the shirt over a chair.

  He stood there, warm brown skin, almost larger than life. “May I?” he asked. Not knowing exactly what he was asking for, I nodded. He stepped up to me, and took the fabric out of my hands. He let it drop to the floor.

  I stood there in pink lingerie. Just matching bra and panties, nothing… elaborate. My breasts were big. The bra was no slip of cotton, either. Great mounds of white, cupped in hills of pink. I was in goosebumps. I felt exposed. The cool air certainly didn’t help matters.

  His warm hands brushed my skin, the sides of my belly. He squeezed me gently in his hands, and kissed my lips. “Chloe. You’re beautiful.”

  I believed him.

  He kissed me. He kissed me. I closed my eyes. Maybe it was all some strange, pleasant fantasy. A dream I didn’t have to wake up from, any time soon. His strong, new hands slid up, up, to my breasts. I moaned again. Desmond…

  His fingers traced feather-light lines up to my shoulders. I realized he was slipping the straps of my bra off. I realized I didn’t care.

  I pulled him against me, pressing his flat, hard body against my soft, pillowy chest. He kissed my neck, my shoulders. The pink straps fell from my shoulders. I wanted him to see me, to touch me, to…

  I opened my eyes and looked to Michael. He gave a single nod. He was still fine. And he was… my husband was hard. He was erect, sitting in his chair. He was excited as I was. Well. Not for long.

  I reached around to my back, and unfastened the strap. The cups sank a little with gravity. Desmond put his hand on my breast, squeezing me, fondling me. He tugged gently on the fabric, and the bra slid off my skin.

  My nipples were fat and pink, standing up for the cool air and the stimulation. My breasts were wide and soft, spilling halfway down my stomach. Desmond groaned to look at me. “Ohhh, Chloe…”

  He lifted my breasts up, filling his hands with me. He pulled up a chair and sat in it, and asked me to straddle him.

  I put my weight on his thighs, and he kissed my chest. His fingers lightly stroked up and down my back, while he focused his attention on my chest. He licked my skin, savoring my taste. My chest rose and fell with each heavy breath. I was getting wet, under all his attention. He locked his arms around me, and pressed me in a bear hug. He buried his face in my chest. “Chloe,” he moaned, “Chloe.”

  He took my breast in his hands, lifting it to his lips, and suckled on me. He teased my skin with his teeth, he worshipped me with his tongue. His breath, his lips, his kisses, were a hypnotic balm. I got dizzy. I moaned, and rolled back my head.

  “Don’t stop,” I begged. He turned his attention to my left breast, and gave me more of the same attention. Licking me, nipping at me, kissing me. Worship.

  I ran my fingers through his black hair, pressing his face tight to my skin. “Oh, Desmond,” I gasped. “Oh… fuck me!”

  I opened my eyes with a start. This was so real. This was really happening. I got up, off his lap, and backed away to the bed. Was I sure I could do this? Could I take another man inside me, and, and—

  I fell back onto my ass, on the bed. I broke out in giggles. I still wasn’t a hundred percent sure, but it felt comfortable enough… and Michael was right there.

  Desmond came to the bed, and pulled my thick legs to the edge of it.

  “What are you…” was all I got out, before he grabbed my pink panties, and peeled them off my hips. I arched my back, lifting my ass off the mattress just long enough for him to slide the fabric off me. Oufff, I was wet. I was wet for a new man, my skin was tingling and I wanted him. I wanted him.

  Desmond laughed a little laugh, kissing my knees. My thighs. His warm fingers slid between my knees, and coaxed them open. “OhhHHHhhhh…”

  I was almost dripping, now. I lifted my head, and looked at Desmond, looking at me. Utterly exposed to this new man. His eyes travel down from my face, down my breasts, to my stomach, down to my hips, down to my pussy.

  My warm, pink folds were waiting for him to do something, anything. “Touch me,” I begged. “Touch me now!”

  His fingers slid up my thighs, to my groin. He rubbed at my lips, slicking his thumb with my wetness. Mmnhnnmmmm…

  He slipped his thumb between my lips, rubbing the soft, red flesh beneath. I cried out. “AhhAHHH!” It was a beautiful start. I grabbed his hand, and bid him press deeper.

  He plunged his thumb between my legs, up into my hot, waiting pussy. I was slick now, wet and hot to his touch. He rolled his thumb in tight, impossibly tight little circles, squeezing me in his strong hand. My sensitive bud was throbbing now, swollen and aching to be touched.

  He slipped free of me, only to push my legs wider and pull me closer still to the edge. “OhHHhh, Desmond!”

  My strange lover kissed my pussy, coaxing my lips apart, kissing me again, before penetrating me with his tongue. He licked at my walls, lapped at my pleasure, before worshipping my clit with his sweet kisses. I squirmed, I writhed under his touch. “AahhHHHHah!”

  Breathing heavily, I grabbed his hair and held him to my pussy. I squealed for more. He shook his head no, and rose to his feet. I sat up and watched him as he unbuckled his belt and slipped out of his pants. He stood before me, erect, naked but for his boxers. He went to take them off, and I put my hands over his own. “No!” I shouted. “Let me.”

  His legs and his butt went rigid when I put my hands on his sides, and slipped my thumbs under his waistband. I looked up at him, smirking now, and slowly pushed down.

  Erect, his dick almost leapt up once the fabric was off him. Hard, his penis wasn’t any longer than Michael’s, but… maybe a bit thicker? He was dripping a drop or two of clear, sticky pre-cum.
Nice to know the effect he’d had on me was mutual…

  I took his penis in my hands. He was so warm. I stroked him, slowly, getting used to the feel of him between my fingers. I nudged his cock just a bit to the side, to kiss his shaft. He gasped. His penis practically jumped at the sensation. “Easy, easy,” I soothed. “I won’t bite.” I looked up at him, smiled a naughty grin, and licked his shaft.

  I took his head in my mouth, and gently sucked on him. I swirled my tongue in soft circles around his head, getting a taste of his pre-cum. He released another drop of himself in my mouth. He balled his hands into fists, apparently not wanting to grab onto my head. I appreciated that…

  I moaned, enjoying the effect I was having on him. I slid my lips down, down his shaft, savoring the weight of his cock on my tongue. I opened my mouth, and let him go.

  I fell back onto my elbows, propping myself up. I scooted up the massive bed, waiting for him. “You want me,” I breathed. Desmond only nodded.

  “Say it. Tell me how you want me, Desmond.”

  He bent over, picking up a condom packet out of his pants pocket. “I want you so fucking bad,” he growled. I gave him a ‘come hither’ gesture with my fingers, and he crawled onto the bed.

  He tore open the packet, and slipped the protection down, over his cock. He looked at me like I was something to eat. “Get on your knees,” he moaned.

  I did as he asked, and got on my knees, facing away from him. He slid his knees between my own, and stroked himself to full hardness again. My pussy was wet and warm, and I was getting impatient.

  “Fuck me, fuck me,” I whispered. “Pleeeeeeease.”

  With one hand, he grabbed me by the hip, and pulled me closer. He slid his cock between my folds, slipping into me with ease. I cried out. “OhHHH!”

  Desmond was the first man I’d let so much as see me naked in years, other than Michael. Now I was on my knees, and this stranger was slipping his cock in and out of my hot, wet core, squeezing my hips in his hands and holding on tight.

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