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Unbroken: Virgin and Bad Boy Second Chance Romance, page 18


Unbroken: Virgin and Bad Boy Second Chance Romance

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  Then he moves onto the next student, who recites some other poem I’ve never heard. Ackerman rolls her eyes at me. Homer, the freshman, looks at me like I’m some mildly amusing joke that needs to go find a literary life. All of my exhilaration drains away. When it does, it’s replaced with complete humiliation. What had I just done? I’d wanted to be teacher’s pet, and now I’ve made myself the class clown. My face burns every time I think about it, so much so that I find myself counting down until the period ends.

  Once it does, Dr. Hill clears his throat and holds up a finger. “Before you all go . . . I know many of you think of the first day of class as a grab-a-syllabus-and-go day, but like I said, this is not a throwaway class. Therefore, you have homework, due next Monday.”

  Collective groan.

  “Writing is nothing without passion. Now, passion means different things to different people, and so I want to learn what it means to you.” He smiles cryptically, tenting his fingers together in front of him. “You have to seek your passion. It will not seek you. Therefore, I’d like you to think about your passion, to seek it out, then write a poem illustrating your greatest passion.”

  I wince. Poetry, on day one? I’ve never written anything like this before.

  “I want you to pour every ounce of yourself into this work. Can you?”

  And his eyes land directly on me.

  All I can think in answer is, No, probably not.

  And he knows it.

  I entertain the thought of rocketing out of my seat and heading straight to the registrar to find a different class, but only for a second. There simply are no other classes that can fit my schedule and fill the English requirement.

  I can do this, I tell myself. I haven’t screwed up irreparably yet.

  But it sure feels like I have when Dr. Hill dismisses us but says, “Ms. McBride, please stay after.”

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  Not much impresses me. But when I saw her in the Suitors Club, I knew I had to have her.

  Sweet little Lily Brogan might be innocent now, but the longer she stays in my fantasies, the more I want her.

  I can feel those long legs wrapped around me, imagine wrapping my hands around those full hips. I can already hear her crying out when I sink into her.

  Money is no object. Whatever the cost, she’s going to be mine.

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  Haley Pierce, Unbroken: Virgin and Bad Boy Second Chance Romance



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