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  GiGi Aceves

  Copyright ©2014 by Gigi Aceves

  All Rights Reserved, including the right to reproduce, distribute, or transmit in whole or in part by any means.

  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and events portrayed in this book are the product of the author’s imagination or are either fictitious or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

  Editor: Angie Davis

  Cover Design: by Angie Fields


  Two Years Prior


  “Trish, relax. They will love you,” Dylan says as he twines his fingers with mine.

  I sigh. “Easy for you to say. I’m the new kid on the block. I can’t help it. How about you tell me everything I need to know about them,” I whine, release his hand to run my hand through my hair, and straighten my skirt for the ten billionth time.

  “Let’s start with Jake’s parents, Jack and Patti. Jack’s a retired Marine, we call him Gunny. You already know I went to work for him and Jake after I got out of the Corps. Patti is a saint if you ask me. She’s been shuttling us from grade school to football practice and cooking for us, sometimes enough to feed an army. They have two kids, Tami the oldest and Jake the youngest, he’s my best friend.”

  “Jack, Patti, Tami, and Jake, go on. Don’t they have another daughter?” I ask, squinting one eye as I’m trying to remember her name.

  “That’s Roxy, their niece, although they consider her their daughter. She’s a spitfire, you’ll love her. She’s funny and crazy. I think she’ll balance you out, precious. Let’s see what else…” He scratches his chin thinking of more info to pass on to me. “Ah, Cody’s my other roommate. He, Jake, and I were childhood friends. All three of us, plus Brian, served in the Corps, and all were members of Marine Recon.” Dylan has that look of regret every time he talks about the Marines. I’m itching to ask him why, but he continues on telling me more about them. “We were together during boot camp, but we were scattered when we got our first deployments. They stayed in for four years, but didn’t re-up because of injuries they acquired during their stint in the Corps.”

  “So, are they in the reserves like you?” I ask.

  “No, after their reserves tenure was up, they didn’t renew it. Cody, Brian, and I just ended up working for Jack and Jake.” Dylan quickly changes the subject, which tells me he’s hiding something from me. “Anyway, tell me what you think of Cody when you meet him. Let me warn you though, he’ll put on his charms so be prepared. I think Brian might also be there.”

  I try to remember each of their names. I’m really nervous, because I want to fit in with them for Dylan. We’ve been dating for about five months, and only now have I gotten the nerve to attend a party so he could introduce me to them.

  Dylan chuckles. “You’re so adorable when you’re nervous. Stop fidgeting, Trish. When have I been wrong, tell me?” He sneaks a glance at me wearing his signature grin that drives me crazy.

  “Fine, are we almost there, yet?”

  “Yup, that’s their house.” He points at a huge Spanish style house.

  My level of nervousness reaches an all-time high. This family has money, old money it seems. With the size of the house, I’m sure of it. As Dylan opens my door, he notices immediately my state of nervousness.

  He reaches for my hand and pulls me toward him. His strong, steady arms envelopes me and appeases me. With one quick deep breath, we walk toward the front door. As Dylan rings the doorbell, I inch behind him, trying to hide myself.

  A deep voice greets us. “Hey, son, nice to see you. Did you bring that beautiful girl you can’t stop talking about?” The man with the deep voice asks which makes me even more anxious; I’m a complete basket case.

  Dylan laughs and moves to expose me. “She’s right here. Trish, Jack Oliver; Jake’s dad.”

  Before my eyes is a hulk of a man with a high and tight haircut, broad shoulders, neck as wide as my leg, and arms that could probably bench press me a hundred times. I extend my hand, but he pulls me to give me a bear hug. Not only does he tower over me, but he engulfs me completely. I feel as if I’m hugging Shaquille O’Neil.

  “You’re such a tiny thing. How tall are you?” He asks, releasing me.

  “I’m 5 feet, exactly. I would have worn my three inch heels had I known I’d be meeting gigantors,” I blurt out.

  Jack laughs, pulls me toward the living room, and out to the patio with his arm around my shoulders. I look behind me to see Dylan smiling at my discomfort. He winks at me and mouths ‘I love you’ which instantly calms my notoriously shaky nerves.

  As we near the pool, my eyes gravitate toward the cabana featuring a U-shaped, dark, rattan sectional with white cushions and a fire pit in the middle. Three tall, one blond and two brown haired, guys are standing with their backs facing us. Looking past the guys there are two females sitting, each holding a beer. As soon as we come into view, the girl with long blonde hair smiles at me.

  “Oh yea, D’s here!” She runs toward us, hitting one of the guys.

  As I watch her run toward us, the guy on the right with short brown hair turns, and as his eyes meet mine, I gasp inwardly because of how handsome and well- built he is. His swim trunks are riding low, and his washboard abs are on full display. I force myself to look away since the intensity of his stare makes me uncomfortable, not in a bad way, but in a toe-tingling-my-panties-will-combust kind of way. You have a boyfriend! Get a hold of your panties! My crazy-self reminds me.

  “Hey, Roxy,” Dylan says as he hugs Ms. Excitement while he squeezes my hand.

  “Hey to you, too,” Roxy answers as she eyes me, giving me a once over, but in a friendly kind of way.

  She walks toward me and embraces me as if we were long lost best friends.

  “I’m Roxy, by the way, and what’s your name, Thumbelina?” She giggles, excitement playing in her eyes.

  I like her already. Her warm embrace and sweet smile make me feel welcome. She’s not that much taller than me, and maybe not that much older, either. Don’t lie to yourself. You’re like a hobbit amongst these giants. She’s a good 4 inches taller than me…damn everyone is taller than me.

  “Hi! I’m Tricia, but everyone calls me, Trish.”

  She yanks on my hand, leading me toward the cabana. “Come on; let me introduce you to everyone. I like you, already!

  The closer we get to the cabana, the more my relaxed feelings disappear. Dylan appears next to me, and his hand on mine offers a momentary relief from the extreme anxiety that quickly engulfs my body.

  “Guys, say hello to Trish,” Roxy says as she snakes her arm around my waist.

  “Hello, pint size. I’m Cody. As part of the welcoming committee, you have to kiss me first to get in with us. You know, give me some tongue action,” Cody says as he advances toward me with a predatory look on his face, while I’m sure my face contorts in a way that screams help me, I am being attacked by yet another gigantor.

  My clitter activator with hypnotic honey colored eyes hits Cody on the head, while he mutters something I can’t understand. He is not mine! What the hell is wrong with me? The tall woman with brunette hair shoves Cody playfully and extends her hand to me.

  “Hi, I’m Tami. Please, excuse him…” she says, pointing at Cody. “He has the manners of a ten year old.”

  I offer her a nervous smile. “No worries. I’m Trish. Nice to meet you, Tami.”

  Dylan moves behind me and places his arms over my chest as he lightly shoves Roxy, who gives him a scowl complete with foot stomping which makes everyone around us laugh. Cody grabs Roxy, and the other brown hai
red guy with a swimmer’s body gives her a wet willy, which earns yet another ear piercing scream from Roxy.

  “She’s mine, Roxy. Cody, don’t let go of her.” Dylan wiggles his brow at Cody.

  I notice Roxy avert her eyes somewhere else, and Cody has a smirk on his face, just short of undressing Roxy. I sense something going on between the two. It’s like water and oil; when put together under fire they sizzle and sparks fly, but when they get used to the temperature, they blend together.

  “Jake, come here! I’d like you to meet Trish,” Dylan yells at the guy whose hypnotic-honey-colored eyes give me the tingling feeling that I only get from Dylan. Ho! Your girly parts should only be tingling and honing on Dylan’s presence. My crazy-self reminds me, yet again.

  Jake saunters toward us with a swagger and confidence that makes me eye him up and down without blinking.

  He gives Dylan a chin nod. “Hey, man. What’s up?”

  “Jake, this is my precious Trish. Precious, my best friend Jake.”

  As his eyes land on mine, once again, I feel that pull. The pull of his hypnotic gaze luring me in, and capturing my thoughts. Why am I feeling this way? Nope, I’m not going to dwell on this. My kitty is obviously malfunctioning.


  The moment I lay my eyes on her, I know….I know she is my one. Her expressive eyes captivate my own, imprisoning my thoughts. Her angelic face shines like a beacon calling to me, and my heart is helpless to stop it. It answers its call only to be denied, swiftly. I never thought I’d experience the feeling most pussy men feel of ‘their world stopping’ when they see their soul mate, or whatever the hell they call it. My world definitely stopped…it stopped and fucking shattered to pieces since there is no way in hell it would ever happen because she’s taken. Not by just anyone…she’s with my best friend. What does that make me? I’ve been asking myself that since she got here. So, I suck it up and remain quiet, I stay away from her and try to blend in, until Dylan calls me.

  “Jake, come here! I’d like you to meet Trish.” Dylan yells. There is no way I can avoid this.

  I give Dylan a chin nod. “Hey, man. What’s up?”

  “Jake, this is my precious Trish. Honey, my best friend Jake.”

  She’s even more breath taking up close. She’s so petite with her long, silky, brown hair and expressive eyes that seem to see through me. Her flawless, delicate skin seems to glow against Dylan’s tanned arms, her kissable lips stretch into a magnificent smile that lights up my world and breaks my world, all at the same time.

  “Hi, Trish.” I’m dying to hug her, but seeing my best friend’s smiling face full of pride stops me. I extend my hand, regretfully, settling for a hand shake.

  Dylan releases her, and as she grabs my hand, the moment her skin touches mine, heat travels from my fingertips straight to my heart and shoots its way fast and hard to my dick. I can’t control myself; I pull her in for a hug. Against all logical reason, and against all odds, four words leave my mouth.

  I whisper in her ear. “You are so beautiful.”

  She rewards me with yet another heart stopping smile. I can’t look away, even when she does. She’s back in Dylan’s arms, and my heart aches. Brian nudges me and signals for me to go around back. We both excuse ourselves, and for the first time since Trish got here, I’m able to breathe properly.

  Brian doesn’t waste time and confronts me right away. Obviously, he wants to nip this in the bud.

  “What was that about, Jake?” His accusatory tone puts me in a defensive mode.

  “What’s what?” I act as though I don’t know what he’s talking about. Fear slowly works its way up my body, straight to my stupid brain. If Brian noticed, did anyone else?

  “Don’t mess with me. I saw the look you gave Trish. Don’t, Jake. Do not cross that line.” His eyes not leaving mine, his tone low interlaced with a warning.

  I scrub my face with my hand. “Don’t you think I know? It’s just a stupid crush, alright? I’m sure a good fuck would fix it.”

  I start laughing, while looking at Brian. I need to deflect this situation ASAP.

  “You shouldn’t really talk, dude. You’ve been eyeing my sister, and not once have I stopped you, asshole!”

  Brian told me a couple of months ago he wanted to date my sister, but he refused to make the move, only because he doesn’t want to mess with our friendship. He respects my dad and me, too much. Bullshit excuse if I’ve ever heard one. Plus, he said, that she’s older and might not want to have a relationship with a younger guy.

  “Don’t go there, Jake. I told you how I feel about her, and why I refuse to make a move, besides she’s not with anyone. Trish is with Dylan. Do I need to remind you, he’s your best friend?” He forcefully asks, pointing his finger at me.

  With my hands on my waist, I look at him, seriousness blanketing my face.

  “Brian, what do you think I’ll do? I’m not going to deny I feel a different pull every time I look into her eyes…I can’t describe it. It’s as if I’m drawn to her, a force pulling me to her,” I start shaking my head. “But, I know my place, Brian. You know me, man. I won’t hurt D like that.”

  He sighs. “I know, Jake. It’s just when I saw you look at her, I’ve never seen you look at anyone like that. It’s as if everything stopped. You couldn’t even tear your eyes away from her. Just pray Dylan didn’t notice it.”

  As we walk back, my eyes search around, looking for her. She’s seated, sandwiched between Roxy and Tami. I could tell they love her, already. I notice Cody eyeing Roxy, and as I turn toward Brian, he too is looking at Tami, the same way Cody is looking at Roxy. Damn, all three of us are looking at three girls who can never be ours. I search for Dylan, but he isn’t around. Why would he not be attached to Trish baffles my mind. If I were him, I would be…like white on rice.

  As my eyes wander back to Trish, I promise myself I will be a friend to her, no matter what. There’s no way I could not be around her. I am fucking doomed. How could I forget such a face, but most importantly, how could I deny the pull I feel for her…how can I stop it…control it? I don’t think I could break it, even if I tried….it just simply is… unbreakable.

  Chapter 1

  Present Day


  “No, no…no, please, come back. Don’t go! Dylan, wait for me! Dylan!!!”

  “Trish! Wake up!”

  “Roxy, stop!” I yell at my best friend.

  As soon as I open my eyes, I start crying. Another dream unfinished; it ends way too soon, and not the way I want it to end. I want him to kiss me, hug me. I want my closure, my goodbye that I was robbed of. More than anything, I want him to tell me it’s okay to love again.

  “Oh Trish, did you dream about Dylan?” She asks while running her hand on my back.

  When will I stop dreaming about him? It’s been a year since he left me. Dylan’s death, combined with my Dad’s, makes forgetting extremely hard. Maybe, just maybe, when I find my one, I hope I won’t have the desire to fill the void if he dies before I do. Why do I even want to fill that void? Maybe Dylan was not my one? Could there be someone out there searching for me? Do I even want to search for him at this point?

  I wipe my tears and shrug my shoulders. “Of course, it’s a dream about him. I just want my closure, you know? But, more than anything, I just want to hear him say it’s okay for me to move on. I know it won’t happen, but maybe, I can dream about him telling me it’s okay. I’m losing it, right?” I say.

  “Trish, he always wanted what’s best for you. Your crying and waiting is not something he would have approved of. So, I think you’re good,” She says with a small smile, a smile mixed with pity.

  I shoo her away and tell her to go back to bed. Luckily, she doesn’t put up a fight. I can’t sleep anymore, so I go to the kitchen and raid the refrigerator. I’m surprised I’m not as big as a house. For the past year, since Dylan left, this has been my routine. I sleep, wake up, cry for a bit, eat, and if I’m lucky, go back to bed and repe
at the process the next day.

  “Geez, Jake, are you trying to kill me? What are you doing here?” I ask, trying to calm my nerves.

  “Well, what are you doing up this late? Shouldn’t you be sleeping, Trish?” Jake asks as worry lines appear on his forehead.

  He just stands there staring at me…he has been doing that a lot. Okay, if I’m being honest with myself, he’s been doing that since I moved in with them. It should make me feel uncomfortable, but it doesn’t. I hate I’m having these weird feelings for him, because really I shouldn’t since he’s Dylan’s best friend, Tami’s brother and Roxy’s cousin. Tami and Roxy are my two best friends in the world; I won’t ruin my friendship with them, because I, somehow develop a crush on Jake.

  “Um, I can’t sleep,” I answer, looking at my half eaten muffin which seems to have sparked my interest.

  “So, you decide to hang out here in the kitchen by yourself?”

  “Are you suggesting I wake up Roxy? Because I will, as long as you stay, so she can bitch slap you,” I say, sticking my tongue out.

  Great, stick your tongue out, it makes you look so mature!

  “Did you dream about Dylan, again? You know, you can talk to me about it, right?” He sits down next to me and laces our fingers while staring at me.

  The moment his hand touches mine, the million butterflies that decide to make my stomach their residence, start fluttering. I should really nip this in the bud, because it’s just an accident waiting to happen…accident of major proportions. I swear, the way he looks at me makes my heart skip a beat. I’m praying he doesn’t see what I’m feeling reflected in my eyes at this moment.

  I clear my throat. “Yeah, you know the drill by now. Roxy actually woke me up, but I’m okay, now. Nothing a muffin won’t solve.” Pointing at the muffin I joke, trying to lighten the mood.

  “Do you dream about him all the time? I mean, it’s been over a year, Trish, and knowing Dylan, he would want you to move on.”

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