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Beauty from Surrender

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  "We're getting married tomorrow. You remember that, right?"

  "We have an hour until it's our wedding day and I want to spend every minute of it with you. " Her face looks like she's considering it, so I make a move to seal the deal. "Please, L. I'll make it worth your while, but you'll have to let me cover your mouth when I make you scream my name. "

  She shakes her head but grins. I know that means I'm good to go before she says a word. "Get your ass in here before my mother-in-law catches you, but I'm warning you now—I'm screaming if you don't make this worth my while. "

  "Not a chance. "

  I hoist myself up through the window and fall inside. "Shh…they're going to hear you and come running to see what's going on. "

  "I'm not scared," I boast.

  "Yeah. And that's why you're sneaking in through the window—because you're so brave. "

  I grab her around the waist and pull her against me. "Stop talking and kiss me. We don't have long. We're probably down to fifty-five minutes now, and I don't know if I can do all the things I want to do in under an hour. "

  I bring my lips to hers and she laces her fingers through the back of my hair to pull me closer. She might not say it, but she has missed being with me just as much the last few days. I can feel it in the urgency of her kiss. "I think my girl is a little bit horny. "

  She wastes no time working the buttons down the front of my shirt. "I'm maybe a little bit sexually frustrated. You're not the only one used to gettin' it every day. " She gets it open and pushes it away from my shoulders until it falls to the floor. She runs her palms up my chest and then down until she's reaching for my fly. "After all this time I should be over feeling butterflies in my stomach when we're together, but I'm not and I don't think I ever will be. "

  "Good. " I don't want her to ever be over it.

  I reach for my T that she's wearing and pull it over her head. "You're wearing my shirt. "

  "I put it on because I wanted to smell you when I got into bed. But having the real thing here with me is so much better. " I agree with that.

  She pushes my jeans and boxer briefs down and I kick them off the rest of the way. When I pull her close, my hard-on presses against her stomach and she brushes her fingers up and down my shaft. "I think my boy is a little bit horny. "

  "Maybe I'm a little bit sexually frustrated. Isn't that what you called it?"

  I put my hands on her hips and push her knickers down her legs until she steps out of them. "I believe I did. " When she puts her arms up on my shoulders, I grab the backs of her thighs and lift her to wrap her legs around my waist. I don't think I'll ever get tired of doing that.

  I carry my almost-bride to our bed and gently lower her to the mattress. I push stray hair from her face before I rain kisses over it. "You are so beautiful. I'm a lucky bastard to have you to look at the rest of my life. "

  "I consider myself the lucky one. "

  I run my thumbs over her cheeks. "I'm going to spend the rest of my life proving to you that I'm worthy of your love. "

  "You've already proved your worthiness. That's why I'm becoming your wife tomorrow. "

  "My wife. " It still hasn't quite soaked in that I'll become Laurelyn's husband tomorrow. "I love hearing you say that. "

  I take my time kissing her mouth and then migrate down her neck to her chest, between her breasts. I palm one as I suck her hard nipple into my mouth and swipe my tongue over it. I graze the tip with my teeth and she moans as her breath increases, so I do it again because she likes it.

  I drift lower until my mouth is over her pubic arch. "And I get to have this for the rest of my life. "

  "Aren't you supposed to be in panic mode about never being with another woman?"

  I've always heard that, but it's not true. "Never. The thought of not having you for the rest of my life is what puts me in panic mode. "

  "Then you should be fine because I'm not going anywhere. "

  "Well, I'm going somewhere, and it's down," I tell her as I push her legs apart. "That's what you want, isn't it?"

  Her hand rests on the top of my head, stroking my hair. I laugh to myself because I know without a doubt that the gentle stroking she's doing now will soon turn into her grabbing a handful and giving it a yank. "Yes! You have no idea how much I want your mouth on me. "

  "I bet I have a good idea. "

  I drop lower and give her that one long, slow stroke up the middle. Her body jerks like she's been seared. "You always taste so good, L. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get enough of you. " She drops her legs farther apart and rocks against my mouth. I push two fingers inside her while I use my tongue to circle her most sensitive spot. She's propped on her elbows watching me and she's wearing the face—the one I see when I know I'm doing everything right.

  I think she likes seeing me do this to her because it seems to be the norm these days. I still remember when she watched the first time. We were so new to each other then, and I think she was embarrassed by even the thought of it, but she did it anyway. Now, look at the little erotic vixen. She isn't afraid to tell me what she wants or needs, and I love that. It's a huge turn-on to hear her tell me how to make her come. "Tell me what you want. "

  She bites her bottom lip and slowly lets it slide from between her teeth. "I want you to put the Dyson on me right here," she says as she touches the spot above my fingers. I love the name she has assigned to my suction move. "And while you do that, I want your fingers sliding in and out of me but try your hand turned liked this," she directs as she reaches down.

  "Anything you want, babe. "

  I put my mouth on her and begin to slowly alternate between applying suction and releasing it as I slide my fingers in and out of her the way she wants. She beats the mattress with her hand and falls back against the bed as her legs tense. "Damn!…Shit!" I look up and see her grasp the sheets in her fists. "Fuck!" she shouts as she arches her back from the bed and her legs quiver around me. "Ohh…ohh…I'm coming. " This is one of the rare times she doesn't yank on my hair and I'm glad, judging by the force I see her using on the bed linens.

  There's no question about the moment her orgasm ends because she goes limp. I sit back on my haunches and look at her sprawled out in her exultant state. It thrills me to no end that I'm able to do this for her—and that she wants me to. It's something she's come to expect, and I'll always be happy to comply.

  Her legs have slid down because she's so relaxed. I push them up until her feet are planted flat on the bed. I stay on my haunches and pull her down until our bodies meet. She moves her feet from the mattress to my shoulders and bends her knees until they're positioned firmly. Her toes dig into my skin. Huh. That's a new one. "You must think you need to hang on. "

  "I'm betting it's not a bad idea. "

  There's a knock on the door and we give each other the oh-shit look but whoever it is can forget it. No way, no how am I leaving L. with this kind of hard-on.

  "Are you okay, Laurelyn? I thought I heard you yell. " Shit, it's my mum.

  "I knew you'd scream too loud. You were supposed to cover your mouth. "

  "You were supposed to cover my mouth. "

  "Well, that's a little hard to do when my head is getting compressed between your legs. "

  She points her finger at me and I suspect that when she opens her mouth, it's to argue but that's not what comes out. Instead she giggles, "Yeah, you're right. "

  "Just a minute," she calls out as she streaks from the bed to grab my shirt so she can put it on. "Go into the bathroom while I reassure Margaret that everything is okay," she whispers.

  "This is ridiculous. You're going to be my wife in sixteen hours. I shouldn't have to sneak around like a teenager—especially in my own home. "

  "This isn't about you. It's about the idea your mother has for our perfect wedding day, so quit your whining and get your ass in there. "

  I growl as I throw back th
e covers so my raging erection and I can go hide in the bathroom. She puts her finger over her mouth. "Shh. "

  I hide out in the bathroom for a minute before she opens the door and comes in. "I told her I stubbed my toe and that's what the yelling was about. I'm not sure she believed me. I think she may have seen your clothes scattered on the floor. If she did, we're totally busted because she knows you're entirely too anal to have left a mess like that. "

  "She's probably at the guest house right now checking on me. " I lift her onto the bathroom countertop and pull her to the edge. "She's gonna know the rooster's in the henhouse when she doesn't find me there, so we'd better hurry. "

  I push inside her and she gasps before she slaps me across my back. "What the fuck is that for?" I ask.

  "You know my new birth control hasn't had time to start working and you keep doing this. "

  I forgot. "We both know you're the gambling kind. You like to roll the dice for your fate. I saw that when we were in Vegas. "

  I don't stop and she doesn't make me. "I think you're the one who likes to gamble when it comes to this. "

  "Maybe. "

  I grasp her hips and pound into her with as much force as she can stand. She brings her legs up and wraps them around my waist as she leans back against the mirror. I watch my reflection give it to her and I wish she could see it because it's so damn hot.

  I pull out of her and step back. "Get down and turn around. I want you to watch this with me. "

  She slides off the countertop and spins around before leaning forward, just the way I want her. I place my cock at her wet entrance and I watch her eyes in the mirror as I slide inside her. I never get to see her face when I'm giving it to her from behind, so this is new.
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