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Beauty from Surrender

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  "That'll only prolong us getting home. "

  "We're in no hurry. " He releases my hand and slides his up my skirt between my legs until he's rubbing my panties over my most sensitive spot, and I let him. "Hmm…I thought you said this was hands-off tonight—something about me wearing out my welcome. " His fingers feel exquisite and I'm certain he can feel the moisture collecting on my underwear. "I think someone might be changing her mind according to how wet she's getting. "

  "Maybe. " I don't know where we are or how much longer it'll be until we're at the apartment, but unless he's parking in the garage, it's too damn far away to suit me. "Are we almost home?"

  "No. Do I need to pull over?" He wags his eyebrows at me.

  Is he completely nuts? "You can't pull over on the side of the road for sex. "

  "Says who?"

  "I don't know who actually says it, but I'm pretty sure it's frowned upon. "

  He uses his finger to push the crotch of my panties to the side. He slides his fingers up and down through the slick moisture pooling there. "Somebody is turned on! Do you want me to pull over yet?"

  I put my hands on the seat and push myself up. When I lift my bottom, he grasps the crotch of my panties and pulls them down. "I'm taking that as a yes. "

  We're on what I consider a rural road. There's little to no traffic so I'm not worried about being seen or disturbed. That's a good thing because in the blink of an eye, he pulls to the side of the road and slams the car into park. He opens his door and races around to my side—not what I expected at all. What is he doing?

  He opens my door and I'm a little dumbfounded because I don't know what's on his mind. He pulls my panties down my legs and over my shoes. "Out. Now. "

  "What are you…," I say before trailing off when he touches his finger to my lips.

  "Shh…no talking. "

  He grabs my hands and helps me out before leading me to the back of the car. He puts his hands around my waist and hoists me up onto the trunk. He slips my sandals off and places my feet on the bumper before he pushes my knees apart. "I want to fuck on the bonnet, but it might be a little warm for that bum of yours. " He pops his button and unzips. "So I'm gonna fuck you on the boot and save the bonnet for another time. " Will I ever get used to these Aussie phrases?

  Good thing he's tall and this car is low or this wouldn't work out at all.

  "You still think we're good since you're supposed to start soon?"

  "Yeah, we should be. " I feel him at my entrance one moment and then inside me the next. I put my hands on the trunk and scoot my bottom closer to him while I lean back so he can go in deeper. He wraps his hands around my hips and holds me firm as he slams into me over and over.

  "I'd hate to know we conceived a baby on the trunk of the Sunset. "

  "That's what's on your mind right now? Let me give you something else to think about. " He moves his hand from my hip to between my legs and begins to rub his thumb just above our union. "What are you thinking about now?"

  My mind quickly shifts to other thoughts. "How good that feels and how you always make sure I get mine too. "

  "I always want to make you feel good. "

  He's circling my clit slowly with the perfect amount of pressure and the tingling waves of pleasure grow in my pelvis. "I can feel it starting. " My legs are trembling and I lie back against the car as he does his thing. "I'm right there. "

  "Me too, babe. "

  And then I squeeze my eyes shut as my body does its own magical thing. I have no control over it and it's sensational when I feel those rhythmic contractions deep inside. "I'm coming. "

  As if my words trigger him, I know the moment he joins me and his body synchronizes with mine. "I love you, L. "

  L. ? That's a new one but I like it. "You sort of have to love a girl who would let you do this to her on the side of the road. "

  "I'd still love you if you didn't, but I admit your ability to match me in the kink department is the icing on my cake. " He pulls out and then slips my sandals back onto my feet before helping me down from the trunk. When we walk to the passenger side of the car, he takes my panties from where he tossed them on the seat and holds them out for me to step into. "Do you remember the first time I did this?"

  "How could I forget? You had just spread me out on a banquet table and had your own little buffet. "

  He pats my bottom when he finishes as he always does. "That was a very good day. "

  It was the beginning of us—not at all a traditional start—and what an unexpected surprise it has been to fall in love with this man. He will forever be my heart, my love, my life.

  How lucky am I?

  Chapter Thirty

  Laurelyn is wedding dress shopping with Mum, Emma, and Chloe, so I have the day to myself—or so I thought. Evan blames me for getting stuck taking care of the kids all day while Em is shopping for my wedding and insists I come over to help him. Little prick.

  Yeah, I guess I am the reason behind it, but they're his kids, not mine. I don't mind hanging out with them, though. It might be good practice and I'm sure it's better to experiment on someone else's kids before ruining your own.

  I walk into Evan's and Aidan is throwing one hell of a fit. "Bro, what did you do to your kid to make him scream like that?"

  He gives me that look that says he'd kill me if he could. "You did this. "

  Oh, hell no, I didn't. "What did I do to make him scream like that? All I did was walk through the door. "

  "He's mad as hell because he wants Em's tits. He doesn't want to take a bottle. "

  He's a McLachlan—enough said. "I don't blame him. "

  "Shut up. I can't wait until this shit happens to you. Won't be quite so funny then, buddy. "

  "Sorry. Anything I can do to help?"

  He holds a screaming Aidan out for me. "Take him and see if you can do anything with him while I get the girls some lunch. And me too. I'm starving. "

  I take my screaming nephew from Evan and I have no idea what to do with him, so I sit in the recliner and begin to rock. I try his bottle again and Evan is right. He does not want an impostor. "Little man, you're gonna get really hungry if you don't wise up and take this bottle. I'm betting your buffet won't be back until late. "

  I continue trying his bottle and he eventually gives in, but I'm pretty sure he's pissed off about it. "I get it, Aidan. You like the real thing. We all do, but you gotta cut your mum some slack. "

  He finishes off the whole bottle and is asleep before I can burp him, but I prop him over my shoulder and pat his back anyway. Doesn't bother him—he's out cold and never budges.

  Evan's both pleased and shocked when he returns from feeding Celia and Mila. "How the hell did you do that?"

  I didn't really do anything. He caved. "He wasn't the least bit happy about it, but he's a man. His stomach eventually won out over his anger issues. "

  "Thank God. I didn't want to listen to that all day. I was ready to send him home with you. " Evan plops on the couch across from me. Mila crawls onto his lap. "Is it nappy time for you now, little girl?"

  She begins to twirl a lock of hair around her finger and I recognize that as her ritual for when she's sleepy. "She has the hair-twirling thing going on. It shouldn't be long until she's knocked out. If you can get Celia down, you might have a chance at getting a break. "

  "Celia's good to go. She's watching a movie in her bedroom, so she'll be asleep in three minutes. "

  Evan has this down pat. "I don't guess I've ever told you, but you're a great dad. "

  "Well, I never thought I could see you with kids, but I gotta admit, you look like a natural over there holding my boy. "

  I like the way holding this baby makes me feel. "If I'm not a natural, I hope I'm a fast learner. Laurelyn wants babies. At least two or three. Maybe more. I'll be thirty-one in a couple of months and I don't want to still be having kids when I'm forty, so I figure we won'
t wait long before we start trying. "

  Mila is already out cold but Evan continues holding her instead of putting her down on the couch. "My brother, the rich playboy, is getting married and talking about having kids. You did it, bro. You got your cake and you get to eat it too. I'm happy for you. Laurelyn's a special girl and she'll make you really happy. "

  This is the first serious moment I've shared with my brother since the day he came over and told me about Aidan coming. They're few and far between because that's not the kind of brotherhood we have, but now feels like the right time to ask him what's been on my mind. "I need a best man. You think you're up for the job?"

  "You think I can't keep up with a ring and make a toast?"

  "I think you have the capability to do both, or I wouldn't have asked. "

  "Does this mean I'm your best friend?"

  He's provoking me. "No. "

  "Yeah, it does. Say it. "

  I should've known he'd pull some kind of shit like this. "It doesn't mean anything. "

  "Say it, or I won't do it," he threatens. Even at twenty-eight years old, he's such a little prick.

  "I have plenty of friends I could ask. "

  "But you didn't. You asked me, so admit it. I'm your best friend. "

  "Yeah, you're my best friend. Happy?" I feel defeated.

  "Yeah, BFF," he laughs.

  "Damn. Your kids are more mature than you are. "

  And that's how my day is spent while the girls are out shopping for the wedding. My brother gets me up to speed on marriage and fatherhood. I would've once thought such a conversation would be boring as hell, but not today. I'm excited about it and can't wait to experience it for myself.
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