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Beauty from surrender, p.20

Beauty from Surrender, page 20

 part  #2 of  Beauty Series


Beauty from Surrender

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  "Yes, ma'am," he says. He reaches for the fly. "Anything for you. "

  He kicks off his shoes and then slides his jeans down without his boxer briefs. I think it's the first time I ever remember one going down without the other, but this is all about the tease and prolonging it to make me crazy with desire. So far, it's highly successful.

  When he's down to only his boxer briefs, I see the proof of how turned on he is. When he sees me notice, he smirks and slowly slides his underwear down over his hard-on before he kicks them over next to his pants. He puts his hands on the back of his head and thrusts his hips to the music as the bites his lip again. "I'm the only one not overdressed here. "

  "I think you're right," I agree as I rise to my knees and pull my dress over my head. I'm kneeling on the bed wearing only my pink lace bra and matching panties. "Better?"

  "You're gettin' there. "

  I reach behind my back and unfasten my bra. I let the straps slide down my arms as I hold the cups in place, and his eyes smolder as he waits for the rest to drop. He watches my every motion as I finally free my breasts from their entrapment.

  "Have I ever told you how beautiful your breasts are?"

  I shake my head as I crawl to the edge of the bed. "No. "

  He takes them in his palms once I'm within reach and rubs his thumbs over my nipples. "They're perfect in every way. Everything about you is. "

  He pulls me closer and kisses my neck in the bend where it meets my shoulder. "I'm not perfect. "

  He moves his mouth lower and is about to take my nipple into his mouth when he looks up to meet my eyes. "You are to me. "

  I glide my fingers through his thick hair as I feel his tongue running circles around my nipple. His hand caresses my other breast while his thumb mimics the motion of his tongue. I drop my head back and a moan escapes as I arch closer to his mouth.

  His palm leaves my breast and I feel each of his hands on my hips pushing the waistband of my panties down. I lift one knee at a time and he slides the pink lace down my calves and over my feet. After he flings them to the floor, I wrap my arms over his shoulders and he lifts me off the bed. I wrap my legs around him but he quickly lowers me onto my back while he remains standing next to the bed. He lifts my feet to hook my knees over his shoulders, grasps my hips, and tugs them until his face is between my legs. I know what he's about to do, but he's never done it like this. And I'm excited about seeing how this goes.

  His hand is splayed open across my stomach and it wanders a path up between my breasts. I feel the rhythm of his warm breath between my legs. It ignites waves of tingles and I can't stop my innate reaction to squirm in anticipation. "Someone knows what's coming to her and I think she's getting a little anxious. "

  Anxious is an understatement. Desperate would be a more suitable term for what I'm feeling. "I'm going to scream if you don't put your mouth on me. "

  "You say you'll scream if I don't. I say you'll scream if I do," he teases. His eyes never leave mine as his tongue makes one slow sweep up my center. He licks his lips and says, "Always so sweet. I love to taste the sugar below your waist. "

  Oh, my. He's in the dirty talk mode. That means he's gonna make me orgasm even faster.

  "You need something to sweeten that filthy mouth of yours. "

  "You love my vulgar mouth—especially when it does this. " He presses it against me and I feel the suction of his mouth right where I need it most. He alternates licking and sucking, leaving me with an intense, divine pleasure. Each time he brings me incredibly close to the edge, he somehow senses I'm on the verge and reels me back. It's like being in the middle of a euphoric tug-of-war, and it's one of the most splendid things I've ever experienced. And frustrating because he isn't letting me come.

  "Aah…aah…you're doing that on purpose. "

  "What am I doing on purpose?" He says it likes he's so innocent and has no idea what I mean.

  "You know what you're doing. You're keeping me from coming. "

  He cuts his eyes up at me. "So, you're ready to get off?"

  "Yes," I say so low, it comes out like a whisper. I am desperate.

  "Then say it—from one filthy mouth to another—tell me what you want me to do to make you come and I'll do it. "

  He's holding my orgasm hostage so he can get what he wants. "You love to hear dirty things come out of my mouth. It turns you on, doesn't it?"

  "Yeah. I fucking love it. I especially go crazy when I hear you tell me what you want me to do to you. "

  Okay. He was being honest with me, so I should do it. It's something he likes and I want him to be pleased. By telling him what I want, I'm pleased too, so I slide my hand down between my legs and touch myself. "I want you to suck me right here until the only thing I can do is scream because I'm coming so hard. "

  "That was so hot, baby. I'm about to blow your fucking mind. "

  I reach for the top of his hair and pull his face down. "Then fuck me with your mouth and don't stop again until you make me scream. "

  I can't believe I said that. Until I feel his mouth obeying my orders and I know I did. "Oh…oh…oh, that feels so damn good but use your fingers. I want to feel it inside and out. " One—and then two—of his fingers begin to slide in and out of me. He's sucking hard enough to leave a hickey on the top of my girlie parts and I'm so close to orgasming, I think my eyes have rolled back in my head. I clench a handful of his hair and yank a little. "Oh…ah…fuuuuck!" I scream as he puts the Dyson vacuum suction on my quim.

  My entire body tenses as I feel those quivers inside me. Oh, how I have missed those Jack Henry-issued quivers. Nothing compares to them. Believe me—me, myself, and I have tried.

  I relax my tense muscles as Jack Henry lowers my legs from his shoulders. "Damn, baby. Everybody on this floor, including the one above and below, heard you come undone. "

  "I'm too blissed out to care," I tell him as I scoot away from the edge of the bed. I grab him behind his neck to take him with me; I don't want to go a single second without feeling his body pressed against mine.

  He falls against me roughly as my back hits the mattress. "Sorry," he apologizes as I reach for his ass and slap both of my hands down before I squeeze his cheeks and pull him hard between my legs. "What's gotten into you?"

  I'm rubbing my girlie parts against his not-so-girlie parts. "I'm hoping it'll be you that's gotten into me. "

  "Babe, if you don't watch yourself, you're gonna have me believing you're a closet dirty talker. "

  "Maybe I was, but I'm coming out. " I wrap my hand around his hard cock and move it up and down. "Now, speaking of coming…"

  "Ooh, I like this. "

  I'm trembling because I want him inside me so badly, so I slide his erection up and down through my slick slit to coax him inside. "Come on, Jack Henry. Fuck me. Please. "

  He thrusts inside me without any warning and I gasp at the sudden intrusion. I want him inside me fast and hard and after I adjust to him moving in and out, I bring my legs up around his waist. I use them to encourage him to thrust harder. "You're insatiable tonight," he says as he jerks out of me and moves to stand next to the bed. He grabs my ankles and drags me over to where he's standing. "That wasn't doing it for either one of us. Turn over so I can fuck you the right way. "

  I slide off the edge of the bed until my feet touch the floor. I spin around and bend over to press my face into my pillow because I know he's going to make me scream again. He grabs my hips and gives them a squeeze before he pulls them backward to drive his cock inside me. I push up onto my tiptoes to bridge the gap in our height difference. "That's it, right there. Just like that. "

  I grab my pillow and bite it as he pounds harder into me, but I can tell when he's getting close. I've come to know his body well and he always slows his thrusts toward the end because he's trying to prolong his pleasure. But his orgasm always takes over—and it does this time too—when he drives hard into me and ca
lls out my name.

  I love the sound of my name through his clenched teeth.

  "You have no idea how hot you look when you're bent over like this with my cock still inside you. "

  "I've decided I'm getting a tattoo across my lower back that says, 'Lucky you. '"

  He pulls out and bends over to kiss my lower back before he runs his tongue over it. "No ink for you here. Ever! That would ruin it for me. "

  I know how he loves my lower back, but would ink really ruin it for him? "Really?"

  "I'm serious. " His voice is stern. "Don't even entertain the idea, or I will go caveman all over your arse. "

  "I thought you just did. "

  "I'm talking about a different kind of caveman, baby. " He rubs his hand over the dip he just licked. "One you wouldn't like. " I hear the seriousness in his words. There have been times when Jack Henry has shown me the beast inside him. I didn't care for it much and I don't plan to provoke it.

  Chapter Fourteen

  It would kill me if she ever marked my spot with ink. I love the tattoo around her ankle and the piercing in her belly button, but I think she's good. No more ink or holes in her body.

  I slap her playfully on her hip. "Get up in that bed so I can cuddle with you before you go to sleep and push me away. "

  She climbs up on all fours and crawls toward the head. "I didn't push you away last night. "

  "You didn't because we've been apart for so long, but I know you, and it's coming. You like your space and you're not going to let me be in it when it's time to sleep. "

  I lie down and she nuzzles into her usual spot, her head on my shoulder, her leg thrown over mine. "You know we have reversed roles, right? The guy is the one who usually doesn't want to spoon and the chick wants to be all hugged up on him. "
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