501 Golf Jokes For Almost All Occassions

      Franklin Dohanyos

501 Golf Jokes For Almost All Occassions

First Golfer: "Hey, how's your golf game?"

Second Golfer: "Not so good. It seems the older I get, the better I used to be!"

Whether you're slicing your way through the fairway or chipping up enough dirt to build an in-ground pool, there's nothing like a good golf joke to keep a duffer from taking the game too seriously (you know who you are). This riotous collection contains enough material for you and your fellow golfers to laugh your way to the 19th hole, game after game.

Two golfer and their caddies were out on the course one day. By the fifteenth hole one of the golfers had blown so many putts he went berserk. He started swearing out loud, grabbed his putter and, with a mighty toss, threw it at the water hazard forty yards away. One caddy turned to the other and said, "Five bucks says he misses the water!"

For anyone with a sense of humor, even those who think that golf and golfers are best left to America's Funniest Home...
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