Having Jay's Baby (Having His Baby #2)

      Fran Louise

Having Jay's Baby (Having His Baby #2)

We've all had that one hot affair. The shouldn't-be-doing-this-but-just-one-more-time type of affair? Time stands still when you're with him. 

It could never survive in the real world, but then ... who needs to live in the real world all the time? It’s so warm here under the covers, and he's determined enough for both of you... 

Reality comes crashing back in very abruptly for Jay and Stella in the form of a baby. Not Jay's baby—Aaron's baby! Besides, Jay gets married to Elizabeth. It might be a sham of a marriage, but it's long been expected of him. 

Then Aaron skips town, escaping not only the looming threat of parenthood, but minor details like mortgage payments, too. Baby Nina comes into the world kicking and screaming and very badly in need of a daddy and a home. 

A single, catastrophic text message silences the chaos. It forces Jay and Stella to consider a completely new reality. 

Find out how in this second book in the 'Having his Baby' series: Having Jay's Baby!
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