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  He breathed out a laugh that brushed against my lips before he released my clit and gripped the flimsy lace, tearing them from my body. I yelped, unprepared for the sting cutting into my skin.

  His eyes never left mine as he dropped slowly to his knees and parted my lips. He stroked his tongue from my opening to the top. He held my eyes right up until he plunged his tongue inside me and my eyes fell closed in pleasure.

  He left no part of my pussy untasted. I reached my arm behind me to try and find the wall for support, but we were too far away, planted in the middle of his entryway, him on his knees worshiping my core with his mouth, me clinging to his shoulders for support, fighting from tumbling over top of him.

  My nails dug into his muscles and the buzzing in my ears grew louder. My toes curled in the pumps I still wore, trying to find purchase on the ground before I floated away. He pushed me over the edge when he shoved two fingers inside me and flicked his tongue in fast strokes across my bundle of nerves, wrenching cries of pleasure from my throat.

  Once I’d finally came down from my orgasm, he placed one last kiss to my pussy and stood, dragging his body up mine, stopping to bite at my hard nipples. Continuing until he stood before me and planted his lips on mine, shoving his tongue inside, making me taste myself. He pulled back and stared at me as he walked backward toward his couch. Then he sat, his legs wide.

  As I shrugged off my coat, letting it fall to the floor, he tugged his pants down enough to free his long, thick dick. Stretching one arm along the back of the couch, he watched my approach and began stroking himself. I couldn’t help but stare at the way his fingers gripped his shaft and slowly glided up and down.

  “Now you will get over here and suck my dick.”

  He didn’t have to ask. I wanted nothing more than to lay at his feet and taste him. I set about remembering every groove, vein, and hidden flavor of him. I sucked the head of him soft, like a lollipop before I dove down as far as I could, pushing past my gag reflex, loving the way he moaned and his hand tightened in my hair. Loving the way his other hand reached down my body and pushed my bra out of the way so he could play with my nipples. Roll them around in his thick fingers.

  I picked up my pace, wanting to make him come, wanting to swallow all of it, when he tugged hard at my hair, removing my mouth from his dick with a pop. I looked up, confused as to why he stopped me.

  “Turn around, but stay on your knees.”

  I did as he instructed and faced a wooden coffee table. He slid from the couch to his knees behind me and placed a hand between my shoulder blades, pushing me down until I lay across the cold tabletop.

  “These garters are fucking torture. Like you’re wearing clothes, and yet your perfect pussy is exposed, begging me to fuck it.”

  “Yes,” I moaned.

  He reached in a drawer beside me and extracted a condom. I heard the crinkle and waited with anticipation for that first push. Would it be slow? Fast? Hard? Soft?

  His hand moved back to the spot on my back, holding me firm to the table as his other hand moved his dick to my opening. He swiped it up and down my juices, smacking against my clit a couple of times before he lined himself up and shoved in all at once. His deep groan of pleasure mixed with my cry of pain. It’d been so long and he was so big. But he didn’t stop. He pulled out, all the way before he did it again. And again. The pinch each time burning and flowing throughout my body, morphing into pleasure.

  The edge of the table dug into my stomach on each thrust. My nipples rubbed against the cold wood. My body jerked with his forceful thrusts. It was painful. It was wonderful.

  He moved a hand and gripped a fistful of my hair and jerked my head up, bending my neck so he could lean down and whisper in my ear as he fucked me.

  “Little girl.” Each time the name slipped past his lips, it made me feel dirty and wrong. And I loved it. I loved the way he controlled me and owned me. “Is this what you wanted me to teach you? To teach this tight cunt what it feels like to be stretched. What it feels like to hurt and to like it.”

  Tears leaked out of the corner of my eyes from the burn of him pulling my hair. “Yes. Yes.” The words were quiet cries. Quiet pleas to never stop.

  He pushed in and pulled the top of my body off the table, it arched away from him with my head pulled back into his chest. He pounded into me over and over, grunts mixing with the sound of our flesh smacking together. He reached around and toyed with my nipples, switching from one to the other, dragging me to the brink.

  “Shane. Please. Shane.” My words were incoherent and when he pinched my nipple hard, the fiery burn set me off and I came, my cries unable to be hidden with how I was exposed. They flew into the room with abandon, getting louder with each rippling wave of pleasure, soon to be mixed with his groans.

  When we both finished, he loosened his hold on my hair and I collapsed back to the table, where he slowly pulled out of me and disposed of the condom. I let myself slide to the floor and laid back, staring at the ceiling, until he came back to stand above me. He’d lost his pants and he looked so proud, strong, and unabashed with his dick hanging thick and heavy above me, nothing hidden from view.

  Smiling, I rose from my spot on the floor and stared into his eyes, trying to find what he was thinking. Shaking my head, I turned to grab my coat and leave, minus a pair of panties. But he stopped me with a hand to my jaw and a questioning look.

  “I should go.”

  He didn’t move, just his eyes taking me in as though pondering what to do next. I fully expected him to let go of me and help me gather my things. It was Shane after all, I didn’t expect anything more when I came here.

  But he did none of that. Instead, he chuckled, letting go of my jaw, dragging his fingers down my body to between my legs. I gasped when he hooked two fingers inside my pussy and began walking backward toward the hallway. I followed him. He was literally dragging me around his apartment by my pussy. And I loved it.

  “Oh, no, Mini MacCabe. You’re mine for the night. And next time, you’re going to swallow my cum.”

  Chapter 12

  The sun hit my eyes first.

  Then the memories of the previous night.

  Then the heavy arm wrapped around my waist and the thick head pushing at the entrance of my pussy. It slipped in my already wet opening. With a hand gripped around my breast to hold me in place, it pushed back in all the way to the hilt.

  I turned my head just enough to bury it in the pillow and groan.

  “Don’t hide your pleasure from me. You know how much I love to hear you.” Shane’s morning voice may have been hotter than his usual one. Just a little gruffer. Mixed with the way he nibbled my earlobe and licked his way down my neck as he worked himself in an out of me first thing in the morning, this was shaping up to be the best day of my life.

  I tipped my hips back to give him more access and everything felt so slick and wet and bare.

  Bare. Fuck.

  “Shane.” I breathed his name on a sharp thrust. “Condom.”

  He picked up his pace before holding himself inside me, and I wasn’t sure he’d even heard me.

  “I’m clean.” He grumbled in my ear, like it solved all our problems. “I’ve never been in a pussy bare before. So fucking hot. Wet. So fucking good.”

  My core tightened around him, loving his words and knowing I was clean too. But still.

  “I’m not on birth control.”

  That made him pause for a solid second before he pushed back in and continued his slow but hard pace.

  “Then I’ll be sure to come on your tits.”

  Pushing myself back onto him, grinding against his cock, hoping I was coating his balls with my juices, I gave him permission to continue. It may have been reckless, but I trusted him to pull out.

  His pace picked up and I tried to pinch my thighs together to get more friction on my clit, but it wasn’t enough. I moved my hand between my thighs and started rubbing fast circles over my nub. I was so close.

nbsp; “That’s it baby. Use my cock to get off. Touch yourself.”

  His movements lost any rhythm and he frantically pounded in and out of me, pinching my nipple in the process.

  “Come, Juliana. Come.” He rolled my nipple and I focused on pushing back against him, rubbing faster and faster until my eyes slammed shut and my mouth fell open as I came.

  I hadn’t even finished before he jerked his dick out of me and flipped me to my back. Shane rose to his knees and jerked his cock hard and fast. I watched in fascination, still rubbing my clit and riding my orgasm as he fell over me, the muscles in the arm supporting his weight strained as he groaned and released cum all over my breasts.

  “Fuck,” he breathed, staring down at all the white ropes spread across my curves up to my neck. His chest heaved as he used his thumb to swipe a drop of cum off my nipple. He moved his hand to my mouth and pushed it in as he lowered his head and sucked the residual come off my puckered tip.

  So fucking hot. A man not put off by his own taste. The same taste that was exploding on my tongue, salty and warm. I squeezed my legs together, still feeling the throb in my core.

  With one last kiss to my nipple, Shane pulled back and stood from the bed, completely unashamed of his nudity. Not that he had a reason with his broad chest, abs, and the most beautiful dick hanging between two muscular legs. He was gorgeous.

  I, however, waited until he walked through his bathroom door and then wiped the excess cum off my body with a tissue and wrapped the sheet around me to follow him. By the time I walked in, the shower was on and the room was steamy. Should I have dropped the sheet and joined him? Was that what he wanted? Or was I supposed to sit on the bed and wait my turn? Or, even worse, was I supposed to be gone by the time he got out. Most importantly, why hadn’t he kicked me out last night?

  My head jerked from side to side from the shower to the door. Then I remembered how he’d literally dragged me around by my pussy. Fuck it. I dropped the sheet and entered the shower with him.

  He slicked his hair back under the water and looked me over with a smirk. “’Bout time.”

  I didn’t know what to say, so I settled on rolling my eyes at him. He laughed at my childish response and jerked his chin, indicating behind me. “You can use my shampoo and soap. Sorry I don’t have any fancy conditioner or whatever the hell else you ladies use.”

  “These will do, thank you.”

  I washed my hair and we rotated so I could rinse off. When I turned back around, he had a loofah already lathered with soap and tugged me out from under the spray to start washing my body. He used his bare hands to wash between my legs and took extra time on my breasts.

  “Do you want me to clean you?” I asked, letting my eyes lower to between his legs.

  “Hell, yes. But just clean, Mini MacCabe. I’m not young enough to get it up that quickly, like all those other boys you’ve been with.”

  He laughed and said the words like he assumed I had a harem of men waiting for me in Texas. And why wouldn’t he since he’d seen me go on countless dates.

  I didn’t know what the hell pushed me to admit it, but before I could stop myself, the words tumbled from my lips. “I’ve only had sex with two other people.”

  The loofah froze between us as he let my words sink in, not moving. The silence stretched and hung between us for what seemed like an hour, but was probably less than a minute.

  “It makes me feel like a caveman for how much that pleases me.”

  I chuckled at his admission. “Well, whatever you feel, I like it.”

  “Good.” He smirked. “Now be a good girl and wash me up.”

  I cocked my eyebrow at his demand, but took the loofah and began rubbing him down. He jerked when my fingers grazed his sides and again on his inner thigh.

  “Is the big, strong, impenetrable wall, known as Shane . . .Ticklish?” I mock gasped and placed my hand across my chest.


  He went to grab the loofah back to finish the job, but I pulled back and laughed at him, using my free hand to poke at his ribs. This turned into a very slippery tickle fight, and I was exhausted by the time the water ran cold, which forced us to quickly rinse off and exit the shower.

  “How about I make breakfast while you get dressed,” Shane suggested as he wrapped the towel around his waist.

  “About that, can I borrow something to wear? I didn’t completely think through only arriving in lingerie, and my clothes are in my car. Also, someone ruined my panties.”

  “Such a shame about that.” He tsked and shook his head with a small smile. “Looks like you’re not so brave in the morning, huh.”

  I gave him a pointed stare, telling him I didn’t find him funny in the least. He leaned in to kiss my pursed lips and pulled back quickly.

  “I’ll leave some stuff on the bed.”

  Once he left, I helped myself to his toothpaste, using my finger to clean my teeth, and headed to the bedroom. I went to grab the white shirt on his bed, when I saw my reflection in the mirror of his dresser. Dropping the towel, I looked at myself and tried to see what Shane did. My breasts were smaller, barely a C-cup. I was tall and skinny, but muscular from working out. I didn’t have many curves and it made me feel self-conscious. But remembering the heat in Shane’s eyes when he took me, made me look at myself differently. It made me see a woman that an older man, who’s most likely experienced all kinds of women, enjoyed.

  Taking a deep breath, I smiled and grabbed the shirt and long lounge pants that would have to suffice.

  When I walked out to the living room, a smile firmly planted on my face, I hadn’t expected to find a scowling Shane. He directed his glare at me, and I slowed my walk toward him in the kitchen, my smile slipping from my face.

  “Didn’t realize you were fucking someone else.” His words were low and angry.

  “Uhhhh . . .” I sounded dumb, but what the hell else was I supposed to say? I stood there with eyes wide, unsure of why I was being reprimanded. “What?”

  He tossed something toward me, and it landed on the couch. When I went for it, I saw it was my phone. I pressed my home button to bring the screen to life and saw a message from Hudson.

  Hudson: Next time you come home, you can be sure to stay with me. I’m sure we can find ways to avoid your parents and enjoy each other.

  The laugh started small over the idea that I would stay with Hudson when I was home. Then as I rolled over Shane’s words and realized he thought I was with Hudson, it grew to a full belly laugh. And looking at Shane’s curled lip, and the muscle in his jaw flexing, I needed to start explaining.

  “Oh, my god. Hudson is my ex-boyfriend who is in cahoots with my parents to get me to come home. We broke up a long time ago and for some reason he thinks after more than a year apart, I’m going realize I made a mistake and go home so we could start our life together.”

  “And . . .?” Shane looked at me pointedly, waiting for my answer.

  A butterfly took flight in my chest at all the reasons why he would be bothered by me seeing my ex-boyfriend.

  “And nothing. Hudson is my past. Period.”


  I watched him walk around the island, setting out silverware next to plates filled with eggs, and I had to ask the question that had been on repeat all morning. “Why am I still here?” He froze and lifted his eyes to mine. “I mean, as the consummate bachelor, I figured I’d have been shown the door last night. Now you’re here setting the table for a breakfast you made for me. It doesn’t quite fit the picture I’d imagined of you.”

  “Well, Mini MacCabe,” he said, standing upright, holding my gaze. “I figured if I was going to have you, then I was going to take as much time as I wanted. If I was going to allow myself to give in to you just this once, then I was going to use every second. The breakfast is purely selfish to keep us both fueled for the next round.”

  My mind tried to focus on the next round, but it stumbled over his other words. “What do you mean just this on

  He pinched his lips, letting out a heavy sigh through his nose, and looked at me like a child that needed everything broken down for her. It annoyed me.

  “This can’t happen again, Mini MacCabe.” I cocked an irritated eyebrow and crossed my arms. I liked the way his eyes drew to my breasts’ movement. “I’m not going to explain why, because you know.” He ran his hand through his hair. “Are we going to do this? Or are we going to refuel and see how much fucking we can fit in today?”

  Part of me wanted to have the conversation, but where would it leave me. Walking out the door, without breakfast and more sex? I didn’t like that idea at all. And when the practical side of my brain took over, I knew I was spending more time with Shane than I’d originally expected. And maybe I’d come back to the “just this once” comment later. Preferably naked, with him on his knees, mouth at my pussy. My lips tipped up at that image.

  “If we’re not fucking anymore after this, are you still going to be my friend, or is that a short-term offer too?” I asked, remembering our conversation from the bar. I didn’t like the idea of no more sex, but I hated the idea of losing his friendship.

  “Yes, little girl. I’ll still be your friend.” His tone was a little mocking of my request, but I’d take it.

  “Good. Then I look forward to seeing what you’re capable of after breakfast.”

  He chuckled. “Oh, you will, little girl. Now come eat the scrambled eggs I made you before I decide to bend you over the table and spank you.”

  “But what if I’ve been a bad girl?” I gave him a doe-eyed look.

  He barked out a laugh and pulled out my stool. When I sat, he leaned in over my shoulder and spoke softly in my ear. “There is no ‘if’ about you being a bad girl. You are. And, don’t worry, I’ll turn your ass cherry red later. And afterward you can suck my cock again to make up for how bad you’ve been.” He pulled back and swatted the side of my bottom, causing me to yelp. “Now eat up. We have a busy afternoon.”

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