Nude Men

      Filipacchi, Amanda

Nude Men

“An optical illusion novel: savor the shimmering wit and sharp writing from a distance; or get close and risk seeing something that may shock you.”


Jeremy Acidophilus is twenty-nine and his life is going nowhere—until he meets Lady Henrietta, a painter of nude

men. She wants Jeremy as her next subject, and he agrees to pose nude, lie thinks he is falling in love with her, but i( is Henrietta’s precocious, voluptuous eleven-year-old daughter who seduces Jeremy—in one of the most unsettling and brilliantly comic scenes in recent literature.

Nude Men explores sexual mores with uninhibited freshness and originality, shaking our allegiance to conventional moral codes. Il is “playful, perverse, and wonderfully funny,” says Kaihryn Ilarrison.

“an irresistible introduction to a sublimely precocious writer.’’

“Exuberantly inventive...Droll, mesmerizing and memorable...with a particular brand of sly naivete all its own”    —Publishers Weekly

Cover design by Michael Ian Kaye Cover photograph by Melissa Hayden


ISBN 0-14-017892-9


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U.K. £5.99 (export only) CAN. $12.99 U.S.A. $9.95

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