[Three Brides of Haines 01.0] Yearning of the Reluctant Bride

      Faye Sonja

[Three Brides of Haines 01.0] Yearning of the Reluctant Bride

The year is 1922. The Roaring Twenties have just begun, and in a publishing house in Haines, Kansas, three women find love in the MOST unexpected of ways.

Eve Haines, an * ABANDONED single mother of twin boy* s, has never wanted to do anything but run her father's publishing company, the nationally renowned, Haines Press.

But, upon the death of his father, everything changed . . .
The board of trustees threatens to take the company away from her unless she is willing marry a man of high education.

Haines Press is EVERYTHING to Eve!
Retaining the company in remembrance of her father is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in her life.
In order to do so, she will faced with the WORST OPTION she is ever given- MARRYING a man AGAIN . . .

Robert Manning has been waiting his whole life for an opportunity like the one Eve represents. Robert, a noted editor, has been a fan of Haines Press since his childhood. The job is a dream come true.
 But upon introductions, Robert is even more intrigued by Eve.

Robert will faced with his greatest challenge he ever faced- Getting the job was easy, but winning the heart of his wife will become the biggest feat of his life.

Will Robert ever find the keys to unlocking Eve's heart?
Will Eve ever learn to trust again?

. . . "When it comes to Haines Press, love comes Signed, Sealed, and Delivered' . . .

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This is a sweet and CLEAN WESTERN ROMANCE short story.
Each installment is designed to be read in around two hours, so they're perfect for when you're waiting at appointments or have a few extra minutes to spare.

Each short story can be read as a stand alone but if you wish to read about the story of *Clara * and Florence in order the first two books are available for just $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Brides of White Elk:
Book 2: Clara' story: Denial of the Resistant Bride
Book 3: Florence's story: Plea of the Desperate Bride

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    Brides Of Hope & Destiny: Mail Order Brides Head West Bundle

      Faye Sonja

Brides Of Hope & Destiny: Mail Order Brides Head West Bundle

1 SERIES + 1 NEW UNPUBLISHED SERIES = 6 STORIES = ALL IN ONE BUNDLE FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! The Brand New Series has NEVER before published and is ONLY available in this box set 

Approximate length: 121,000+ words

This boxset contains 6 novellas about strong women heading out west to become Mail Order Brides in order to start new lives and find true happiness...

They are all sweet, clean, and inspirational Mail Order Bride Romances.

BRIDES OF HOPE AND DESTINY- Brand NEW Series... NEVER before published!

Unexpected Brides for Two Brothers ~ Book 1 

Its 1877 and Jenny is on a journey to become the bride of Adam . . .

But something happened . . .

Adam's scarred brother, Lenard, is asked to meet & travel with Jenny. What Lenard didn't expect was becoming smitten by a woman for whom he is NOT SUPPOSED TO FALL FOR- his brother's intended wife- Jenny.

Will Lenard honor his brotherhood by suppressing his feeling for a woman he is not supposed to fall for?

Would Jenny keep her promise and marry her fiancé, Adam?


Reserved Bride for Her Broken Heir ~ Book 2 

Emily seeks TRUE LOVE. So she becomes a mail order bride... not knowing that something extremely challenging lies ahead of her that will only break her further.

Martin Longmore, the sole heir to the Longmore estate has returned home to get married, but only to discover the woman he longed for has married someone else!

Heartbroken, feeling lonely . . . He decides to go on an adventure - a journey that he would not have expected- finding his true love- Emily. When he meets Emily, he finds that love isn't the answer to everything in life, but it was a good start.

If only he could keep everything else in check.


Lonely Bride Promised to Her Bounty Hunter ~ Book 3 

Zeb- a bounty hunter, who after the sudden passing of his beloved wife, is becoming increasingly tired of his job. Missing valuable time with his five years old son, he decides that he should settle down for a wife- and work hard on building a new life... a new start.

Sara has a haunting past... Becoming the bearer of all the debts her ex-fiancé had amassed before he ran off with some other woman, she was now running for her life. Debts has forced her to peddle illegal goods to make ends meet...


She thought maybe she should find that weary soul who could love her the way she longed to be loved.

Zeb is her answer. Or would her past take that from her too?


The Crippled Bride and The Ambitious Miner ~ Book 1 

It's 1849. Ava- a crippled & very strong woman has lost everything . . . . .

She desperately needs a plan, before poverty catches up with them. Gold Creek . . . and marrying Jackson Abrams, are her ONLY option. But Abrams has a picture-perfect vision for his life, and Ava - with her crippling injury - worries that he can't see past her imperfections.


The Silent Bride and The Hesitant Widower ~ Book 2 

Rosella has a sad past that has taken away her voice. She is left silent, unable to speak . . .

The horse whisperer - Benjamin is looking for a bride and he hopes his new bride will be able to help him out, but when he discovers Rosella is silent, he is shocked.

How can a silent women ever become a Horse Whisperer?


The Deaf Bride and The Sensible Teacher ~ Book 3 

Luanna is deaf and facing spinsterhood, hoping to find her true love. So she decided to become the bride of Nicolas- a school teacher.  SHE - The Bride with vivid imagination and a knack for seeking adventure!

HE- The Husband with a wild and secret past who is trying to put it all behind him.

Can Luanna adjust to life in Gold Creek, and become the perfect, sensible wife she believes Nicolas wants?

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