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World of Cultivation - Volume 05 - Charge Out of the Ancient Battlefield

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World of Cultivation - Volume 05 - Charge Out of the Ancient Battlefield

  World of Cultivation


  Volume 05

  Charge Out of the Ancient Battlefield

  Fang Xiang


  Story Description:

  An unknown disciple from a small sect battling against the strongest in the cultivation world! The long journey working at cultivation, the realization of destiny and the chance to reach the apex of the world.

  Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. Zuo Mo is a zombie faced low level cultivator in a minor sect of a little world. Ever since he was picked up by the sect leader two years ago, he has no memories of his earlier life except a recurring nightmare. Navigating the rigid class structure and intricacies of the cultivation world, as one of the lowest possible of the lowest class, Zuo Mo’s dream is to earn money, and lots of it through being a spiritual plant farmer. A chance occurrence reveals that someone powerful had changed Zuo Mo’s features and erased his mind. The money grubbing zombie decides to set out on a journey of cultivation to find out answers. Fate colludes with chance, the drums of war are beating, the ghost of his past is coming… …

  Original Story can be found here: Link

  Chapter 320: Move Out

  The night came.

  The mountain peaks of Hundred Flower Valley were filled with light and sound.

  Zuo Mo stood at the highest mountain peak. The campground below was very busy. His gaze turned to the empty darkness that held unpredictable dangers. He knew that many eyes were staring back at him from the darkness. The people were waiting for tomorrow to come.

  But … …

  Thick clouds blanketed the entire sky. There wasn’t one thread of moonlight. A hint of mirth floated at the corner of his lips.


  Ma Fan was sneaking in the darkness like a ghost. His movements were soundless. What was even more astounding was that none of his movements created any ripples of ling power. Lei Peng and the others that were watching from far away had expressions of admiration.

  Ma Fan had taught all of them hidden movement spells, but when Ma Fan activated the spells, he wasn’t just slightly more familiar with them. His actions were light, and relaxed.

  As expected of the core that Lil’ Miss had appointed!

  Ma Fan crouched as he moved stealthily like an intangible shadow, he was merged into the darkness. The noises from Hundred Flower Valley could be heard from afar, and contrasted against the silence of the surroundings. He suddenly thought of his life in the past, before he had encountered Boss. He had frequently had to do work that required travelling in the night.

  He did not like darkness.

  At that time, he had only wanted to find a steady job and not have to fight for his life in the shadows. After the calamity of Little Mountain Jie, his situation had deteriorated even more. Fortunately, he had several good skills and managed to survive, but the desire for a stable life had gotten stronger.

  He wasn’t a person with ambition. Being appointed the core by Lil’ Miss had not made him happy. It was the opposite. The training that he had done far surpassed everyone else. He improved very quickly. Even now, he was one of the two people that had the most influence in Sky Peak Platoon.

  He had originally assumed he would quickly feel tired. This life of training every day was not something he wanted. But to his shock, he found he did not dislike it like he had predicted. He had started to accept this troop and gradually started to like this troop.

  It wasn’t for the stimulation of battle, or for those spells and formations, but for hope. This troop, without him noticing it made him feel hope, feel sunshine. Even if he was walking in the darkness, he didn’t have any negative feelings like he did in the past. Every person behind his back made him feel safe and trusted.

  Thinking about that, his eyes unconsciously glanced to his side. The space there was empty. Usually Xie Shan would appear at that spot. A few days ago Xie Shan had entered secluded meditation, and had not come out even now. He couldn’t help but feel slightly worried. After being paired together for such a long time, they cooperated very well, and had great feelings for each other.

  His expression suddenly shifted. He stopped his nonsensical thinking, and his figure paused.

  Everyone instantly became nervous.

  Without any words, everyone spread out and silently advanced forwards.


  Two people were hiding in a tree.

  “Hmph, I want to see how long these people from Little Mountain Jie can be happy for!” one of the people said furiously.

  “Ha, daylight will be the time of their execution!” The other person said greedily, “Supposedly, they are swimming in wealth. I wonder if we can get one or two items?”

  “Please, we’re just assigned to watch the wind, what hopes do we have of getting anything good? It’s already pretty good to get some third-grade jingshi.”

  “Hey, the sect is pretty generous this time. Twenty pieces of third-grade jingshi, that’s enough for us to use for a while.”

  “Twenty pieces? Hmph, I wonder how much will remain by the time we get them?”

  The two people suddenly felt a cold flash against their necks. Their pupils suddenly expanded but they were not able to make any sound. Several shadows appeared by their corpses. It was Ma Fan and the others.

  “Tenth one!” Nian Lu said lightly.

  The other side really had sent out a great number of scouts around Hundred Flower Valley. In this little while, they had gotten rid of ten scouts. It was smooth sailing for these people of Sky Peak Platoon that comprehended sword essence to do ambushes.

  Ma Fan carefully stripped the two people clean. Seeing there was nothing suspicious, he raised his head. “We need to be quick. It is almost one o’clock.”

  Everyone had hurried expressions.

  Almost one o’clock… …

  Ma Fan led everyone to quickly leave and search for the next target. They were silently but rapidly advancing along a path that was very out of the way. Along the way, they occasionally got rid of some scouts. But this road was really far out of the way, and they did not encounter too many scouts.

  When they came out of a mountain valley, they could see Bright Water City and its lights. Bright Water River was serene and silent in the night. Ma Fan released a breath.

  It was not yet one o’clock.

  He nodded at Lei Peng and Nian Lu behind him. The two understood and quickly disappeared into the night. The remaining people were divided into several groups that disappeared behind the two people.

  Ma Fan looked at the three people remaining beside him and said lightly, “Everyone, rest for a while.”

  Finishing, he crossed his legs and sat. The other three did not waste words and also meditated.


  In a deep valley that was once the area that Hundred Flower Alliance kept its flower slaves. The location was very out-of-the-way and hidden. Zuo Mo had already looted the entire mountain valley, and left nothing behind. This empty mountain valley was filled with seated people at this moment.

  Zong Ru said in a light voice next to Gongsun Cha’s ear. “Daren, it’s one.”

  The smile on Gongsun Cha’s face grew with a bashfulness that could not be hidden. He opened his eyes that flashed with a pressuring sharpness. “Depart.”

  A troop silently advanced along a narrow mountain valley. It was possible to see figures flashing along the two sides of the mountain valley. The troop did not slow down at all. Everyone knew that those
were the members of Sky Peak Platoon. They had swept this path clean.


  Guarding at the mouth of the valley, Ma Fan suddenly opened his eyes, and saw a shadowy troop. His heart finally landed. They had not failed the mission that Lil’ Miss had given them.

  The troop silently streamed and flew out of the valley. The dense woods outside the mountain valley gave them the best concealment.

  When Gongsun Cha walked out of the mountain valley, he suddenly stopped in his steps and turned to look at the highest mountain peak. He couldn’t help but lightly laugh.

  Shixiong, enjoy getting blown on by the wind.

  After watching as the troop disappeared in the night, Ma Fan moved away his eyes and said contentedly, “Let’s go back!”


  Wood Sword Sect.

  “Master, let this disciple be first tomorrow!” a xiuzhe with handsome features couldn’t help but say. He was Yan Yang’s beloved disciple, Gao Xiu, and in charge of Wood Sword Camp.

  Yan Yang looked with benevolent affection at Gao Xiu. He had put great effort onto Gao Xiu. Gao Xiu had not failed his expectations to be in charge of Wood Sword Camp before he was twenty-five. What many people did not know was that Gao Xiu had just received the White Silver battle general jade medal.

  To be able to become a White Silver battle general at twenty five, this talent was enough to dominate all of Sky Water Jie and no one could rival him.

  He could understand his disciple’s desire for battle. Just having received the White Silver battle general jade medal, he desired to use real combat to train himself.

  “Don’t worry, you can’t even avoid the fight if you wanted to tomorrow,” Yan Yang said with a smile. Then his expression became serious. “But you have to be careful. There are two troops under the command of the Master of Golden Crow City. To be able to kill their way out of Little Mountain Jie, they naturally are very strong. You are familiar with Rong Wei. That little girl’s eyes aren’t bad. If she thinks they are elite, then they are definitely elite!”

  “This disciple will definitely fight with everything, and not fail the reputation of our sect!” Gao Xiu said.

  Yan Yang shook his head. “You are wrong. My demand of you is not to make great achievements, but to make no mistakes.”

  Gao Xiu raised his head in shock.

  “Then why did I make the wager with He Qiu when I know the other is an elite force?” Yang said meaningfully. “Wood Sword Camp is like a sword, and it needs to be sharpened before it can show its power. This Master of Golden Crow City is the whetstone. But we need to be careful or we may break against it. You need to be especially careful of your safety. As long as you are here, Wood Sword Camp is here, and you will not want for opportunities.”

  Gao Xiu was moved, and he respectfully bowed. “This disciple understands.”

  Yan Yang suddenly asked, “What is the situation at Hundred Flower Valley?”

  Gao Xiu hurriedly said, “The Little Mountain Jie xiuzhe of this area have almost all gathered at Hundred Flower Valley. There are also many Little Mountain Jie xiuzhe that are heading over from all places.”

  “The Master of Golden Crow City really has skill to have such a high reputation among this group of people!” Yan Yang praised, “If we give him the time, he may become a warlord. Right, where is he now? Keep track of his movements.”

  “He is on the main peak of Hundred Flower Valley. Our people have been keeping an eye on him from afar.” Gao Xiu said with a smile, “Supposedly, he has been standing in the wind. He must be having a headache over tomorrow’s battle!”

  “A strong dragon cannot suppress the local snakehead, you have to securely remember this, and not do as the Master of Golden Crow City is doing.”

  “This disciple understands.”


  Zuo Mo stood at the top of the mountain as the cold wind blew. He couldn’t help but swear, “What stupid plan needs ge to stand up here in the wind for the whole night. If this keeps on going, ge will go crazy in the wind!”

  A Gui silently sat next to him. Other than when he fought, wherever Zuo Mo went, she would follow him like a puppet. Lil’ Black was snoozing on A Gui’s head. Lil’ Fire and Lil’ Pagoda were full of energy as they rolled around on her body happily. Silly Bird was silently standing next to A Gui. When she heard Zuo Mo’s words, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

  Somewhat bored, Zuo Mo reached out to Lil’ Fire. “Lil’ Fire, come over.”

  Hearing this, Lil’ Fire instantly joyfully flew in front of Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo grabbed Lil’ Fire. It was very soft, and nice to grasp. Both of his hands were grasping Lil’ Fire as he put Lil’ Fire in front of his eyes in curiosity. He tightened and loosened his grip. “Hm, why aren’t you sprouting fire?”

  Lil’ Pagoda who had also wanted to join in saw the situation and instantly shrank back.

  The pitiful Lil’ Fire was kneaded in Zuo Mo’s hands until it sprouted a small flame. However, it never could have thought Zuo Mo was even more motivated, and kneaded even more happily.

  “So interesting! Very interesting!”

  Lil’ Fire became a bag that could sprout fire. With a squeeze, it would sprout a thread of fire. Lil’ Fire chirped sorrowfully, but no matter how it struggled, it could not escape these demonic hands, and could only sprout fire in humiliation.

  Lil’ Pagoda ran to A Gui’s head, and watched sympathetically with Lil’ Black at Lil’ Fire.

  Zuo Mo’s hand suddenly felt pain and uncontrollably relaxed. Lil’ Fire took the chance and broke free of the demonic hands.

  Zuo Mo turned his face. What welcomed him was Silly Bird’s gaze filled with scorn. Just now, it had been her that pecked Zuo Mo’s hand.

  He looked dazedly at Silly Bird and was astounded.

  That peck … … was so strong!

  He had the Great Day mo physique … … but he couldn’t keep his grip under the peck … …

  He looked with disbelief at Silly Bird but the scene that followed shocked him even more!

  * * *

  Translator Ramblings: So one sect leader has now explained his motivations. It’s an acceptable reason though it is risky. True combat is needed to gain experience so one can survive in such chaotic times. he’s a good leader and master like Tian Song Zi, even if he is underestimating the danger.

  How many of you thought that Zuo Mo was going to wait with his troops for the other group to come and then have a fight at the arranged time? This is the guy that used formations in a Sword Test Conference, created a great trap when he was the weaker side, and also loves to to gang up on opponents. Sneak attacks is a rational path to take.

  The balance between peace and war chapters is hard to maintain. I’m afraid that Fang Xiang likes to make his peaceful parts peacefully long, and his battles long at the buildup with a short payoff. I would offer the chapter when this arc ends … … but … .. it’s going to be a secret.

  Chapter 321: Ambush

  Silly Bird suddenly turned her head around, and her bird eyes stared at the thick cloud cover far in the sky.

  It was the first time Zuo Mo had seen Silly Bird have such a vicious gaze as though she had seen something she extremely disliked.

  Just as Zuo Mo was puzzled, Silly Bird suddenly gave a long call, her wings spreading, and then she disappeared. Zuo Mo only saw a shadow fly by. When he managed to react, he saw a shocking scene.

  Silly Bird was like a bolt of grey lightning that entered the thick black clouds.

  What was this bird … … doing … …

  Zuo Mo dazedly looked at the clouds, his mind unable to react. Just as he prepared to go and take a look, a shadow flew close and appeared in front of him. It was Silly Bird!

  There were traces of blood on Silly Bird’s long beak. Her gaze was vicious as she puffed her head and chest high, her body wrapped in killing intent. She called out a clear long note that rang into the distance.

  A shadow suddenly dropped out of the clouds. Zuo
Mo saw it clearly. It was a Black Bat. The stomach of this Black Bat had been eviscerated, exposing the innards, and it clearly wouldn’t live. Black Bats were third-grade ling beasts. Their ears were extremely keen and they were mostly used for information gathering.

  However, it was not easy to raise a Black Bat. They were very expensive. Normal scouts couldn’t afford them.

  “Master of Golden Crow City! You dare to kill my Black Bat, tomorrow, I will make you die!”

  A male’s shout came far out in the distance inside the clouds.

  Zuo Mo ignored it. His eyes were tightly locked onto Silly Bird. The viciousness in Silly Bird’s eyes quickly retreated, and she quickly became as proud and aloof as she usually was. If it wasn’t for the traces of blood still on Silly Bird’s beak, Zuo Mo definitely would have thought what just happened was his delusion.

  He huddled in front of Silly Bird.

  “Oh, you look very normal.”

  Silly Bird rolled her eyes and ignored him. She raised her bird head up high, strutted her bird walk, and left.

  “When did this bird get so vicious?” Zuo Mo rubbed his chin as he said to himself. He wanted to chase, but when he looked at the surroundings and remembered that he still had the mission of keeping the other side’s spies occupied, he could only stand on the mountain to be blown by the wind.

  He shook his head, and decided to ignore the bird. After she had gone out to show off last time, she hadn’t been very normal.

  “A Gui, do you think we can win?”

  A Gui was sitting woodenly.

  Zuo Mo did not care and sat down next to A Gui. Looking out at the dark black sky, he became unfocused.

  He didn’t notice an extremely faint, almost imperceptible purple light flash suddenly through A Gui’s empty eyes.


  Bright Water City was surrounded by a large river. This large river was Bright Water River, and it was the origin of Bright Water City’s name. In the dark, Bright Water River was so quiet it seemed to be sleeping. There weren’t any waves. Suddenly, the water’s surface started to ripple and a figure slowly rose out of the river water.

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