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I'm with Another Girl! Five First Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories

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I'm with Another Girl! Five First Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories

  I'm with Another Girl!

  Five First Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories

  All rights reserved copyright 2015by Red Hot Explicit Erotica Press

  Lesbian Friends with Benefits

  My First Time with Pip

  A Tale of Lesbian Awakening

  byAndi Allyn

  All rights reserved copyright 2014 by Mmmmore Productions

  I really only had one thought when I got the text from David, my boyfriend of the past two years; I had to call Pip. She’d been my best friend for so long that it felt like forever. We knew everything about each other. Our friendship was the one rock-solid relationship I had in the midst of a distant mother, a rotating cadre of step-fathers, and a continuous line of asshole boyfriends, David being only the latest one to break my heart. Flopping onto my bed with my cell phone in my hand, I pressed the pre-programmed number and waited for Pip’s voice to make me feel better.

  She answered after just a second. “Okay, Karen, tell me what the dipshit has done this time.”

  I sighed. She knew me so well. “He’s left.”

  “Well, fuck, he finally did the right thing by you, sweetie.”

  I worked on holding back the tears. I knew she was right, but it just felt so crappy to be going through yet another break-up. “He texted me with the news.”

  I heard Pip’s heavy groan. “God, I’m sorry, Karen.” She paused a beat, and then she seemed to drop her phone. There were some fumbling sounds. “I’m coming over.”

  “Oh, Pip, I really don’t want to make you come all the way out here just because I’m getting mopey over another one of my jerks. It’s enough to hear you on the phone.” It was a lie. I really wanted her to come over. I needed her to come over and hold me and be there for me like we were always there for each other.

  She knew the truth. “I’ll be there in just a few shakes of a slut’s ass.” She hung up and I smiled a weak smile. Our old high school saying allowed me to sidetrack some of the gloom. That was the power of our relationship. In the middle of any shit storm, we’d be there to help hold up the umbrella for each other.

  Pip showed up on my doorstep twenty minutes later, with a smile and a bottle of cheap wine. “Come on, let’s get cheap drunk.”

  I laughed even as I started to cry. Pip walked past me, shut the door and put the bottle of wine on the entryway table. Then, she took me by the hand and headed for my room. “You, my girl, are taking a bubble bath to wash off the cloying stench of dick boyfriend.”

  I tried to protest. “But what about the wine?”

  She dragged me past my room and into the small bathroom before letting my hand go. “I will bring your first glass to you once you’re in the tub.” She leaned over the faucet and started the water running. Going to the cabinet, she took out the bottle of kid bubbles that she knew I kept in there. Unlike David, she didn’t mock me for my preference for bubblegum scented bubble bath. “Now, get undressed and I’ll see you in a minute.” She left me with the bubbles building in comforting clouds.

  The bath felt wonderful, and the glass of wine added to my relaxation. David began to fade from my mind. I thought about Pip. She was so beautiful, such a great friend. I stood up from the tub, pulling the towel she’d set out for me around my wet body. I started to cry again as I thought of how generous Pip was with me in comparison to any of my boyfriends. My mind wandered a little as I dried myself with the towel. Pip was great. I felt I sometimes thought of our relationship in reverse, me being the strong one while helping her through her socially awkward times when we were younger. I was beginning to understand that Pip had helped me much more. I wrapped the towel around my body again and headed for the room. Pip was waiting there with open arms and a sympathetic smile and, though I’d thought I’d finished with the tears, a fresh river flowed.

  I felt the tears running down my face. Pip leaned forward and held me close. I was suddenly really aware of her body pressed against mine. I backed away because I suddenly knew what her natural inclination was going to be. “Danielle,” I said, “Look, I…” My words trailed off.

  She smiled softly at me. I hadn’t called her by her real first name in years and yet right then I betrayed my curiosity. I actually began wondering if me calling her to complain about David had really been an elaborate set up and I subconsciously wanted it. I knew my best friend was a lesbian and I knew that that had never influenced our relationship. We still got undressed in front of each other like we always had, we still tried on each other’s clothes, and we still laughed and talked about relationships. I wondered if I was a bitch for thinking her inclination would be to take advantage of me.

  Then – and I think this had as much to do with me wanting to make sure she knew that I didn’t think she’d take advantage of me – I leaned forward and I put my mouth on hers, kissing her. She stiffened briefly and then her hands came up to my head. She held me tightly and kissed me very, very gently before she pushed me away. “You’re really emotional right now, Karen,” she said. “And look, I don’t want to ruin our friendship. You’re sweet and you’re wonderful and I love you.”

  I looked at her, feeling embarrassment cloud my face. “I’m curious,” I said. “I want to try.”

  She kissed me again, a little more passionately but she pulled away again. “Here’s the problem, sweetie. I can sleep with you and I can enjoy it just for that but who knows how you’re going to feel about it and who knows if we’re not going to be able to be friends afterwards.”

  Her words sounded sensible enough, but by now I was too far-gone. “I’m willing to risk it,” I said and I leaned forward and pushed my tongue into her mouth again.

  Again, she stiffened but I felt I was winning. I had an incredible body, hell, I’d worked my ass off all twenty-three years of my life to have an incredible body and she and I had been best friends from the time we were in sixth grade. It was my shoulder she cried on when she realized she was a lesbian. It was my shoulder she cried on while she held me tightly and wondered if that meant that she’d never be happy. Now, there I was, kissing her. I didn’t think there was any chance in the world that I would stop being friends with her afterwards.

  It was strange because I’d fantasized about being with a woman time and time again but even though she was there – my best friend a lesbian, used to being with women – my fantasies had never been about her.

  She kissed me and I stood back. Backing away and letting my towel drop to the floor. I stood naked in front of her. Her eyes lit up and I could see the lust inside of them. “Are you sure?” she whispered.

  “Please,” I said. “Please.”

  I felt a momentary flutter in my stomach because now I felt like I was the one manipulating the situation, but when she leaned forward and put her mouth over one of my nipples, sucking gently, all thoughts of caution disappeared.

  She was masterful. Her tongue worked in circles around my nipples as her lips closed and opened on them. She moved from one to the other and all the while her hands were moving over her body – unbuckling her belt, shimmying her pants down to her ankles and then her panties. By the time I could actually get my hands off the back of her head, she was naked in front of me.

  She was just beautiful, stunning. I’d seen her naked hundreds of times, if not thousands of times before, and this was the first time I appreciated in a directed way the fact that her breasts were perfectly proportioned to her body. The fact that her little pink pussy, beneath the tiny triangle of manicured red ha
ir, was just astounding. Hell, it was the first time I noticed that the red hair cascading over her shoulders was sexy as hell.

  I leaned forward and I put my mouth on hers, kissing her urgently this time. Her hands came down to my ass and she squeezed and then brought me to the bed. We never broke the kiss as we sat down and once we were down, her hands began roaming all over my body as she kissed me. Finally, she broke the kiss off and with her hands on my breasts, she squeezed and said, “Well, if this is going to ruin our friendship we better make it incredible.”

  I sucked in a breath as her mouth moved to my neck and then lower. She kissed between my breasts and kept moving downward, her hands going directly to my thighs. She spread my legs so that by the time her mouth reached my pussy, I was wide open for her. All the while, I watched her hair, streaming over my body, and then her tongue found me.

  I cried out immediately as she began aggressively licking and sucking on my clit. I guess I’d expected it to be softer and maybe that was just what I thought was going to happen, that somehow lesbian sex was always going to be soft and gentle and there was never going to be any kind of power or urgency behind it. There was nothing gentle about the way her mouth attacked my pussy. It was incredible. The sensations coursing through me were amazing, but it wasn’t gentle. She was consuming me. Her mouth was wide open and pressed against my pussy while her tongue worked on my clit. Her hands gripped my thighs enough that it hurt a little bit and it was amazing because only boys had ever held me like that while they fucked me and yet she wasn’t even fucking me but using her mouth on me and driving me crazy with it.

  I reached down and moved her hair out of her face. Her eyes were wide-open, deep blue and staring right back at me as she licked and sucked. I couldn’t believe the intensity of the sensations coursing through me. I moaned. Already she had me close to orgasm. She kept licking and sucking that way for about ten minutes while I writhed underneath her. I could feel my muscles tensing; every nerve in my body seemed to be on fire. Finally, my body shuddered as I came.

  Pip seemed to shudder with me, her naked body twisting on the sheets between my legs. With a sudden movement, she pulled a hand off my thigh and shoved fingers roughly inside of me. Then she was back up to my face while her fingers worked, fucking me hard. Her mouth found mine and I could taste myself on her lips. It was such an erotic sensation, so naughty and attractive that I responded with equal roughness.

  Then, without so much as giving me time to recover, she climbed up and sat on my face. Her pussy suddenly covered my mouth and she reached down and grabbed my head and held me against her cunt, moving herself above me. I licked and sucked as best as I could but the truth was, it was much more about her using my lips and my tongue and my nose and my chin to get herself off. She stayed on top of me, holding me in place and using my mouth like a sex toy until she finally came. Shaking, she let her body fall back onto the bed. My mouth was dripping with her juices and I was breathing heavily, overcome by everything.

  The second round was much slower and much softer, not unlike how a first time with a man might be urgent and fast, and then a second time is gentle exploration. The fact that there was a third time was extraordinarily overwhelming. Not only was she aggressive again, but she actually eased herself down between my legs so that we were scissored. While she squeezed my breast roughly, she rubbed herself against me until we both came at the same time and in an explosive way I never would’ve imagined.

  It lasted about four hours before she finally collapsed on top of me, kissing my neck and holding me in place. “Well,” she whispered. “Do you think we’re going to be able to stay friends?”

  I stroked my hand through her hair as I leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. “I’m not sure,” I said. She looked worried for a second and then I smiled. “I think we better, just in case, make this last the whole weekend, though.”

  She giggled softly and pulled me closer. “Let me catch my breath.”

  I rolled over on top of her and put my mouth on hers. “Is there anything wrong with friends with benefits?” I asked. My mouth was moving lower.

  She shook her head. I felt her hands move down to my ass and gave it a squeeze. “Nothing at all,” she said. “Nothing at all.”

  Bondage for Tina

  A First BDSM Experience

  by Sonata Sorento

  Copyright 2012 by Mmmmore Productions

  Tina checked the clock and then smiled at the child in her care. “Alright, Parker. Bed time,” she said in a sing song voice. She was baby sitting in her spare time these days since she was on a break from college, and so far it was a pretty good gig. She adored the children that she found herself looking after, and their parents were kind to her. One day she wanted to work with children for a living, so it was a good way for her to gain experience there.

  She grabbed up Parker and carried the giggling child up the stairs to his bedroom. He had already been bathed and changed into his pajamas, but she had allowed him an extra half hour of television since he had promised to go to bed without a fuss.

  Tina had sat for Parker a few times before, and she was very fond of him. She was also pretty fond of Parker's father, Damon. He was a single dad, who wasn't that much older than Tina. He worked longer hours in the summer since he was a lifeguard, and it was Tina's pleasure to watch after his son while he worked. It also helped that he was ridiculously attractive and ripped in that way that swimmers always were. His hair was a dark, sandy blonde, and he had blue eyes that always seemed to be sparkling with good humor. She was sure that all of the girls at the pool spent their time looking at him. Tina knew she would have.

  “Bed time story!” Parker said, clapping his hands as Tina put him in the bed. “Bedtime story!”

  Tina laughed. “Alright, alright,” she said, “but just a short one. Your dad will be home soon.” She sat down on the edge of the bed and began to make up a tale for the child. He listened avidly before lying down and closing his eyes.

  Once he was asleep, Tina covered him with his blanket, kissed his head, and got up. She flicked on his night light and closed the door, heading back downstairs. It was nearly 8:30, which meant that Damon would be home in the next half hour. He had given her permission to watch television in his bedroom if she wanted since the television in the living room had all those fancy parental controls on it, so she pushed open his bedroom door and flicked on the light.

  It was a nice room with a large bed and a flat screen television on the wall. Tina checked her reflection in the mirror on the closet door for a moment, making sure there wasn't any food or anything on her clothes. She had always found herself attractive enough. She had short brown hair that she kept in a bob, and long legs. She was a bit curvier than a lot of other girls, but she liked her body. Tucking a lock of hair behind her ear, Tina flopped down on the bed and hunted for the remote. She felt around on top of the bed to see if it was under the covers, and frowned when her hand met something that felt like metal.

  Her eyes widened when she pulled the thing out and saw that it was a pair of handcuffs.

  Damon didn't seem like the kind of person who would have something like this just lying in his bed. He didn't seem the type to be into anything kinky at all, but then there was that saying about books and their covers. Maybe Damon was secretly into S&M and all sorts of things. Tina had certainly done her fair share of fantasizing, after all. She had never done anything with another person involving handcuffs or spankings, but she'd definitely thought about it before.

  Maybe that was why the handcuffs fascinated her so much. She had never had the balls to buy anything like them, even though she had her own bank account and lived away from her parents for most of the year.

  Even though she knew that she should just put the cuffs back where she had found them and turn on the television, or even better, leave the room, she couldn't. All she was focused on was wondering what the cold metal would feel like around her wrists, pinning her arms behind her back and hold
ing her helpless for someone's use.

  The image her mind conjured wouldn't go away, and before she knew it, Tina was closing one of the metal bracelets around her left wrist. The clicks that rang out as the cuff tightened sounded loud in the room, and she held her breath, continuing to tighten until the metal was snug against her wrist. Tina let her breath out in a rush, and her panties seemed to go damp instantly. She shook her head at herself. Not even completely secured yet, and she was already wanting to get off.

  Surely it wouldn't hurt to just do the other wrist as well. She could close it behind her back, see what it felt like to be helpless for a moment, and then release herself. There was still time before Damon came home, after all. She would be fine.

  In the time that it took her to think through that, she had already pulled her right arm behind her, and was fumbling a bit clumsily to get the other cuff closed. She managed, though, and with a few clicks, she was bound.

  Tina's eyes widened at the feeling. She couldn't get her wrists free at all, and the cuffs were so tight that she couldn't even rotate her wrists in them. She was well and truly stuck. At least until she unlocked herself...


  Something occurred to her then. Something that made her heart pound and, inexplicably, a surge of wetness rise in her pussy.

  She didn't know where the key was. She hadn't thought to check before she'd started locking herself in. Tina had been so distracted by the rush and potential of the handcuffs that she hadn't even looked around for it. And now she was stuck, and Damon would be home in ten minutes.

  Tina started pulling harder at the cuffs, moving so that she was lying on her stomach to see if there was any way that she could slip her wrists through the metal bracelets. It was no good, though. They were too tight, and there was nothing she could do to get free, short of finding the key.

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