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Virgin On Vacation

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Virgin On Vacation

  Virgin On Vacation

  Emily Vincent

  Copyright © 2018 by Emily Vincent

  All rights reserved.

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  Chapter 1


  Just as we were about to catch our flight, I looked away from my friends to see who else would be traveling to Hawaii. As I continued to step up in line I wasn’t paying attention and realized that I had bumped into someone. I turned my head and looked up, I felt the words sorry start coming up from my throat, but it felt like they had gotten stuck.

  Looking into the bluest eyes that I’ve ever seen before I blushed, I couldn’t turn my eyes away from his. His black hair didn’t have a piece out of place. I felt his eyes roam over my body and felt my face growing hotter. As if I was wearing transparent clothing.

  “I’m sorry.” I stammered, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

  “It’s okay, everyone is rushing to where they need to be. I get it.” He threw his head back and laughed.

  God, he had such an amazing laugh, his blue eyes danced matching the lightness of his voice.

  “Shelly, we’re going to miss our flight.” I heard my friend Jasmine, I felt her pulling me closer to her and we broke eye contact.

  “You forgot something.” The man called out.

  I looked over my shoulder and saw that he was holding a piece of paper. He came over and handed it to me.

  My passport! I felt the sweat forming on my forehead. I was sure that he was thinking I was an idiot. I shook my head and gave him the best smile I could manage while Jasmine was rushing me even more to get going before we missed our flight.

  “Thank you!” I hollered to him, getting my passport and hurrying to catch up with the rest of my friends.

  Jasmine gave me an annoyed look, but I could see that she was finding the meeting of the man amusing.

  “You just can’t stop, can you?” Jasmine asked, rolling her eyes at me and I laughed.

  He was a sight to see. As I boarded the flight I began to wish that he was boarding the plane with our group.

  I watched as the girls found their seats. Jasmine was sitting beside me as I looked out the window hoping to see that he was going to board the plane. Maybe I would have gotten lucky to see him getting on at the last second, but I knew that hoping was a waste of time.

  “He could’ve been your dream man.” Jasmine nudged me with her elbow.

  “Really? I highly doubt that he looked too business like for me.” Laughing I shrugged it off, there was nothing more as the plane was getting ready to take off.

  Closing my eyes and taking deep breaths, hearing Jasmine giggling softly knowing that I couldn’t stand heights.

  I was glad that I hadn’t passed out, that I hadn’t fainted. It would have been a sight to see, something for her to laugh at. Something for her to take a picture and add to the book of memories that would be shared for years to come. To remind her that even at my weakest moment we were going to have fun. Though I was sure if I did I would laugh at it much later.

  With her and I it was all about the memories, it had always been that way with us. We needed proof that we existed if we were to leave this world tomorrow. I was afraid that I would.

  There was only one thing that had calmed me though. One thing that would ease my mind about leaving the ground. About flying hundreds, thousands of feet in the air when I didn’t think I could do it at all. It came from someone I didn’t know at all. Someone that I had only just met. Someone who I had literally bumped into by chance.

  All I could do was picture the man’s face. The way he looked, the way he smiled, it was something that kept me calm as I realized that the plane was off the ground and I was still alive I chuckled to myself and opened my eyes slowly.

  “You’re going to be just fine.” Jasmine encouraged me to open my eyes all the way, taking my hand in hers.

  “Yeah, I know.” I grinned, not daring to look out the window.

  “We’ve been saving for this trip, I just know that this is going to be a vacation that we’re going to remember for years.” Jasmine squeezed my hand tightly, she was excited and so was I.

  We hadn’t been on a vacation ever, this was our first one and we were going to have the time of our lives. Looking over my shoulder I saw our other two friends sitting and chatting with each other.

  Alice and Jennifer. They looked like they were having fun checking the men out across from them and I couldn’t help but laugh at them.

  “It looks like they’re already having fun.” I nudged Jasmine, watching her look over and laugh with me.

  “It’s no surprise when it comes to those two.” Jasmine shook her head and faced forward again and so did I.

  Chapter 2


  I stood there for a while, long after the plane took flight. Thinking of Shelly and how amazing she looked in just a pair of jeans and a plain, white, top.

  “Last flight to Hawaii is boarding now.” I heard over the speaker.

  Grinning I grabbed my luggage, rushing off to the gate so that I wouldn’t miss the flight. The first plane was so crowded, and I don’t like crowds. Not big ones.

  Hearing my phone ring as soon as I got on the plane I looked at it and answered it quickly.

  “There are things that I want to run by you at the next meeting to finish the new hotel.” Bob informed me.

  “I am on the flight now, we will be able to talk more about it when I get there. I want you to relax. This is just like all the other hotels that we have managed to make succeed. Relax.” I laughed into the phone before hanging up.

  Bob was my assistant and always wanting to make sure things of business ran smoothly. I shook my head, laughing a little louder. Seeing that people were looking at me I nodded my head in an apologetic way. Sometimes he worried to much where as I didn’t worry enough about what was taking place. I always knew it would work out.

  I couldn’t get Shelly out of my head. Her flowing blonde hair, her beautiful blue eyes. Just knowing that we were going to the same place made my heart race. Thinking about her, the smile she had and the way her face flushed when she was trying to gather her thoughts. I saw it all when she bumped into me.

  Shelly seemed easy to read, whether it was because she was in a hurry and not sure where she was going or that she was stunned that she had bumped into someone - it was a cute moment. Though I wa
s sure she didn’t think so.

  My mind drifted towards business with her in the back of my head. I wasn’t normally turned on by appearances alone but there was something in her eyes that stated there was something different about her, something unique and I wondered if I was ever going to have the chance to find out what it was if our paths were ever going to cross again.

  Sighing heavily, I knew it was a one in a million chance that something like that would happen. I closed my eyes and put my head back against the seat rest. I had to rest, going to Hawaii wasn’t going to be fun. I was going there for business to make sure that all my assets were being taken care of.

  It felt like I had just closed my eyes when I felt the plane slowly going down.

  Opening one eye I could see that we were getting closer and closer to the ground. I was still tired, there was no doubt about that, but it was time to find out how the hotels were doing, how we were rising as a company or if we were falling and where we would have to pick up the slack.

  Once the plane came to a complete stop I grabbed my luggage from the overhead compartment. Glad that I didn’t have to wait in line like everyone else to grab my things at the airport. I always traveled lightly not having to worry about the hustle and bustle of people who were frantically wondering if their things had made it with them or got lost and left behind.

  I walked off the plane with one suitcase and saw that my limo was waiting for me just outside the airport.

  As tired as I was I smiled when I saw Bob getting out of the driver’s side seat of the limo.

  I trusted that man with my life. Always had, he was not only my driver but my financial advisor as well.

  Bob laughed at me as I got into the passenger side seat of the limo and waited for him to get back in.

  “Would you expect anything less?” I asked, raising my eyebrows at him.

  “No, I guess not. Where are we off to?” Bob ran a hand through his growing blonde hair that I thought needed to be cut but I didn’t say so.

  “To Moonlight.” I stated, the hotel that I wanted to check out first.

  “I thought you might say that.” Bob grinned, pulling away from the curb and heading in the direction of one of my hotels.

  “Do you think we’re doing good?” I asked, wondering how my business was going.

  “You’re the man of succession. I don’t know how you can even doubt that we aren’t. We’re doing just fine, nothing to worry about.” Bob assured me, keeping his eyes on the road.

  There weren’t too many things that worried me. My business was always one that did. Never knowing with the ups and downs. He was right though, it was tourist season, we always hit it big this time of year.

  It was hot, the sun was beating down on the windshield. I turned the A/C as high as it would go. Letting the coolness hit me in the face.

  “How was your flight?” Bob asked, not much for conversation most times.

  “It was alright, quicker than what I expected it to be. I closed my eyes and suddenly the plane was landing.” I chuckled, looking out the window.

  I watched as the tourists were going up and down the strip. Looking through the shopping windows on the sidewalk wondering if they were interested enough to go inside to take a better look.

  Bob pulled around back instead of out front, he knew how I liked to make a quiet entrance and exit most times.

  I got out of the limo and headed into the hotel. Bob shut the limo off and stayed put in case I needed him.

  I walked into the lobby and saw that there were a lot of people checking in. A small smile came to my face as I went behind the desk and began looking over how many guests we had.

  My heart stopped for a split second and I had to blink my eyes twice to see if what I was seeing was there.

  Putting my finger below the name I whispered, “Shelly Lynn.” She was booked at my hotel for the week.

  “What did you say sir?” The receptionist asked.

  “Nothing, I want to bump this woman up. I want you to give her the largest suite for her and her guests.” I stated, making sure she was paying attention to what I was saying.

  “Yes, sir.” She smiled at me, changing the rooms around until I had a smile on my face.

  I don’t know how I could’ve gotten so lucky to have Shelly staying in one of my hotels, but I knew that it had to be fate.

  “Is there anything else you want me to do for you?” She asked, putting one of the guests on hold.

  I could see that the older gentlemen in front of us was in a hurry. He looked rather impatient, so I shook my head and continued going down the list of guests that we had for the weekend. It was better than what I had imagined. It was going to be packed, it was going to be busy and I was happy as a business man. I was happy just by seeing that Shelly’s name was on the list of people that were going to be there.

  I felt like a teenager again, a boy with his first crush and I felt the smile on my face growing wider.

  Looking around I didn’t see her in the lobby, or in the bar. I saw that she couldn’t have checked in yet, so I hadn’t missed her.

  Chapter 3


  We were sitting on the beach, we had plenty of time to check in at the hotel, but I wanted to come down to the beach right away and I was glad that we did.

  “I can’t believe how white the sand is.” Jennifer let the sand slide between her toes.

  “I know, I think we picked the right spot to come for a vacation. Look at how clear the water is.” Jasmine pointed out.

  She was right, the water was completely clear, the sand was whiter than I’d ever seen it. I knew that we were somewhere exotic, but it took my breath away.

  “Can you imagine how the hotel room is going to look? If we are impressed with just the beach.” I threw my head back and laughed.

  I had my blonde hair up in a bun. My eyes were glowing with happiness. The four of us had worked so hard at getting the vacation that we wanted, and it felt like bliss just sitting there.

  “You’d better put some sun screen on if you’re going to stay like that. I’d hate to see your face burned the first day we get here.” Jasmine pointed out, going through her bag to look for some sunscreen.

  “Seriously? I’m the whitest in the group you all have a tan or a slight one. I’m a ghost compared to you.” I grinned at her but turned my face away from the sun.

  She was right. I didn’t want to look like a lobster and just on my face. It would look silly when I walked into the hotel.

  “I think that we should get some drinks.” Jennifer groaned, but not willing to move away from the sand.

  “We have all night to get drinks. We should take our time, enjoy what’s in front of us.” Jasmine raised her eyebrows.

  “True.” Jennifer nodded, pulling her dark hair up and using an elastic she put her hair up in a tight bun like mine. I could see the sweat coming off the back of her neck.

  It was hot, I wasn’t complaining though. I wanted to feel as much heat as I could from the day. I wanted to soak everything in. I also wanted to take my time, I didn’t want to rush a single thing. I knew that the week was going to go by quickly and I was already saddened by the thought of getting on the plane to go back home.

  “Stop, just stop.” Jasmine nudged me, shaking her head and frowning at me.

  “What?” I asked innocently but she could see right through me.

  “I know you’re already thinking about home. That’s the last thing we need to be thinking about we came here to have a good time.” Jasmine raised one eyebrow at me. Her brown eyes had a hint of seriousness in them though.

  “I know, I’m having a good time. I’m going to have a good time, I just want to make sure I remember everything about the trip with the three of you.” I stuck my tongue out at her like a school girl and we laughed.

  We laughed so much that our stomach’s hurt, and it felt so good. Most of the time we were serious, we were serious about life in general knowing what we had to do to surviv
e the world that we were living in. I didn’t think that I knew how to relax most of the time.

  “It feels like a dream. I don’t know how to explain it, but that’s what it feels like.” Alice joined in the conversation.

  Her red hair was braided, and I could see the freckles on her face from the reflection of the sun.

  I nodded my head, she was right. It felt like a dream and it was going to be the best dream that the four of us ever had. A dream that would always last forever in our memories, in our hearts no matter where life took us.

  “We have to take a lot of pictures. I want to make sure that we have our photo albums full for when we go home. We’re going to look back on this week and laugh about all the funny, crazy, things that we did.” I told them, filling my hands with sand and slowly letting it drain like an hour glass that was running out of time.

  “We’re going to have the best time of our lives right ladies?” Jasmine asked as the four of us cried out with glee at the same time.

  The sun was slowly going down, I was ready for that drink. my throat was thirsty but not for water.

  Looking at my phone I could see that we had another hour before we checked in for the night.

  “It’s five o’clock somewhere. Come on, let’s get this party started.” I told them, pushing myself up and feeling my feet sink into the sand. I smiled, as I dug my feet in deeper.

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