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The Sweetest Thing: The Blackburn Brothers Duet Book 1

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The Sweetest Thing: The Blackburn Brothers Duet Book 1

  Copyright Notice:

  This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, businesses, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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  Artwork: Designs by Dana

  Publisher: Paper Gold Publishing

  © 2019


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  About the Author

  Also by E.M. Denning

  Chapter One


  The city had grown since his last trip back home and Nathaniel almost missed his turn. The grindr guy he wanted to hook up with lived in an older part of town, but so many of the landmarks Nathaniel had been used to had changed.

  He recognized the area. It wasn’t the cheapest, darkest part of town, but it wasn’t the greatest either. Not that it mattered. The guy he was about to hook up with, Aaron, had promised him a good time. He was Nathaniel’s type too. Tall, trim, and pretty. Fuck, the guy had a full set of gorgeous lips and cheekbones sharp enough to cut glass.

  Aaron had warned him about his femme nature, his love of heels and eyeshadow. Nathaniel, who usually went by Nathan, and Neil when he was hooking up with guys, assured him he didn’t care. Aaron also announced the various things he’d love to do to Neil’s ass.

  Nathan adjusted his package and looked for the apartment building. It was a twelve-plex on a little used street behind a gas station. Nathan parked his car and climbed out. He’d arrived in town yesterday. He’d only be around for a few weeks, maybe a month, tops. His mom had called nearly a dozen times and was already driving him nuts. He needed this escape.

  He climbed the stairs to the top floor and knocked on 3B. A sing song voice called out to him, telling him to wait a minute. It wasn’t more than half that when the door swung open and a gorgeous man greeted him.

  Aaron held his hand out, a hand connected to a pair of solid arms. Manicured nails, done in a sparkling blue that matched his top caught Nathan’s eye. “I’m Aaron,” he introduced himself as he not-at-all-subtly raked his gaze over Nathan.

  “I’m Neil.”

  “Come in.” Aaron stepped aside, revealing a decently clean apartment, which Nathan felt thankful for. “Should we skip the formality?” Aaron turned on his heel, a four-inch spike and tossed Nathan a look over his shoulder. “My bedroom is down the hall.”

  Nathan grinned and followed him, watching the way his ass swayed and his graceful gait.

  Aaron stopped inside the door to his bedroom, one hand on his hip. “Are you coming, or what?”

  Nathan whipped his shirt off and strode toward Aaron. “Hell, yes.”

  “Good. I’d have hated all this,” he motioned to his face and his excellent make up, “to have gone to waste.”

  Aaron walked backward, leading Nathan, luring him with a silent siren song. Aaron’s room stunned Nathan. He stopped and looked around. He’d been in a few bedrooms over the years, but never one that said so much about a person. This room fit Aaron. The vanity off to the side looked cluttered at first glance, but Nathan noticed the different stands and holders for the brushes and lipsticks. Twinkle lights ran up the wall above it, then fanned across the ceiling, and the curtain, also blue, wasn’t a proper curtain. Blinds poked out from underneath, but he’d draped a large piece of blue fabric over them. It looked sparkly and—a well-manicured, warm hand touched his cheek.

  Aaron stood in front of him and held his gaze as he stepped out of his shoes. Without the extra height, he stood a couple inches shorter. He brushed his fingers down the side of Nathan’s throat and the way that simple touch woke his body, it made him think he’d never been touched there before. Or he’d never been touched at all.

  “Are you going to make me wait even longer, Neil? Or are you going to kiss me?” Aaron whispered.

  Nathan exhaled. The twinkle lights made everything in the room seem like a fantasy. Like he’d stepped through the back of some fucked up wardrobe and into the bedroom of a guy so beautiful he couldn’t be real.

  He leaned in and Aaron smelled of citrus and spice. His skin was the softest thing Nathan had ever felt. He held Aaron’s hip in one hand, his thumb grazed under the shimmery shirt he wore.

  Then, somehow, they were kissing. It happened in a rush of blind lust and if Nathan were asked to describe it later, he’d say there were fireworks. He cupped Aaron’s face and teased his tongue through his lips into Aaron’s mouth. They battled like that, back and forth, Aaron fighting him for supremacy.

  Aaron’s hands skimmed up Nathan’s back, his nails gently brushed against his skin and it made Nathan shiver. He pulled out of the kiss, needing air, because Aaron had taken it all. Nathan inhaled, his chest impossibly tight.

  Aaron raked his nails over Nathan’s skin again and smirked when Nathan shivered.

  “I could have fun with that,” Aaron’s confident tone made Nathan throb. “But later. First you’re going to take those pants off and get on my bed.”

  Nathan popped the button of his jeans and without breaking eye contact, he stripped out of his pants. “How do you want me?”

  Aaron appraised him, appreciated him, if the hungry look on his face were a proper indication. “I want you however you’ll have me.” Aaron brushed a soft kiss against the corner of Nathan’s mouth.

  Nathan wanted more of Aaron. He’d hit the grindr jackpot. Sex would never be the same after this night. He already knew he’d compare every kiss to the fireworks he’d experienced a minute ago. Every touch would be measured against Aaron’s to see if it made him as hot.

  Nathan got on the bed, on his back, because he wanted to look at Aaron. And taste him. “Kneel over me,” he pleaded. “I want to suck you.”

  Aaron grinned at him and pulled his shimmery shirt off and discarded it. “Oh, you will. But not yet.” He popped the button on his jeans and peeled them down his legs. For how skinny and tight his jeans had been, they’d come off in a practiced motion that was more like a dance than undressing.

  Aaron knelt on the bed. Naked and lean. Long lines. Trim body. He wasn’t ripped, Nathan couldn’t see a six pack or anything, but he was beautiful. His had skin like polished marble and his siren voice had Nathan under his spell.

  He touched Nathan, slid his hands up Nathan’s furry legs and he looked at him with a hunger Nathan knew would ruin him. Nathan eased his legs apart to make more room.

  Aaron seemed to be done talking but instead of goin
g for it right away, Aaron kissed him above the knee. He worked his way up the inside of Nathan’s leg. Nathan watched him and every so often he got rewarded with a glimpse of Aaron’s eyes when he looked up at him.

  His hand smoothed up Nathan’s body. It avoided his cock and skimmed up beside it, across the crease of his leg then up his abdomen. He dug his nails in a little, not hard enough to hurt but enough that the sensation shot through Nathan’s body. The sharpness warning Nathan he could be hurt if Aaron chose to, the gentle glide down his side a promise that he wouldn’t.

  Nathan exhaled and Aaron kissed the base of Nathan’s cock. He had prepared for this, inside and out. Penetrative sex was an option he left open, but he didn’t always want it. Tonight, though, he needed it. He needed to have Aaron inside him. He wanted the memory.

  Aaron looked up at him and their gazes seared, hot and full of wanting, as Aaron’s tongue poked out of his mouth and he dragged it up Nathan’s cock. He swirled it around the head, teasing Nathan for several long moments of torture that he’d happily endure forever. Then he wrapped his lips around it, closed his eyes, and took Nathan into his mouth.

  Just the head at first. Nathan’s hips rose off the bed and unbidden, he wriggled like a greedy slut. His body begged for more, pleaded for Aaron to hurry and take him apart, even as Nathan wanted every moment to slow down so he could remember everything later. Every slide of skin and scrape of teeth and nail on his flesh was a thing he wanted etch into his memory.

  Then his cock went deeper into Aaron’s mouth, down his throat and Nathan was close to blowing his load. Aaron pulled off and gave him a look full of wicked mischief before climbing up Nathan’s body, baptizing him in kisses along the way. He hoped Aaron’s lip gloss wore off on his skin and left evidence of him behind. Nathan never got sentimental about his hookups, but maybe he’d been single too long. Maybe there was something about Aaron that appealed to him. Their chemistry was off the charts, but laying here, in his bed, Nathan felt treasured and approved of.

  Aaron kissed his throat, up the line of his jaw. His tongue caressed the shell of Nathan’s ear and he shuddered as his lust tore through him. Then Aaron sat up and reached for the supplies on the nightstand. Nathan had noticed them when he walked in, but now it became so very real. Aaron was going to be inside him.

  “Of course,” Aaron said as he snapped the bottle of lube open. “Prepping you myself would be fun, but I can’t risk you with my nails.” He grabbed Nathan’s hand and cradled it in his. His gaze flicked to Nathan’s face, then to his hand and he painted Nathan’s fingers with lube. “You’ll have to open yourself for me.”

  Aaron moved back to give Nathan room, but he also gave him a show. He wrapped his hand around his cock and made a show of it. His knees spread wide apart, his hand slid at a steady pace up and down his cock. His chest heaved. “Get your fingers in your ass. I want to watch you.”

  Nathan obeyed. He teased the rim before plunging two fingers in. The sudden stretch made him inhale, but he’d done this earlier and was still partially relaxed. He fucked himself with his fingers. He wanted to show Aaron how much he wanted him. Desperation had him begging after a few seconds, because two fingers wasn’t enough. He needed to be filled. Filled and fucked.

  Aaron stopped stroking his cock and tore a condom open. Nathan watched with avid interest as he rolled it down his cock. They’d traded statuses and decided on condoms when they’d talked earlier, and Nathan was glad they’d arranged everything ahead of time. It took the guesswork out of it when everyone knew what to expect.

  “How do you want it?” Aaron asked as he slicked the condom.

  Nathan’s fingers left his ass with a wet squelching sound. “I like it when I’m on my stomach.”

  The corner of Aaron’s still perfectly glossed lips curled up. “Turn over.”

  Nathan almost didn’t want to break the spell of eye contact, but maybe it would be better if he didn’t let Aaron fuck him and stare into his eyes. This already felt too big and too real, too amazing. And Nathan was in town for a few weeks. Maybe a month. This wasn’t something he could keep.

  Aaron’s touch was fire. His hands smoothed down Nathan’s spine. “You’re beautiful.” Aaron breathed the words against Nathan’s shoulder, and planted a kiss between his shoulders.

  If Nathan thought he could escape the weight of this by turning over and denying Aaron eye contact, he’d been an idiot. Because now he noticed everything. The way Aaron’s skin felt hot and smooth against his. The way he touched Nathan with a lusty reverence. The slight tremble of Aaron’s hand as he lined himself up with Nathan’s waiting hole.

  “Oh, holy fuck.” Nathan said as Aaron gripped his hips and slid inside. The stretch was enough to make Nathan breathe heavy, but not enough to hurt. It felt amazing and Aaron hadn’t moved yet.

  Then, Aaron’s hands curled around Nathan’s waist and he gripped tight as he pulled out, then slowly, torturously, slid back inside. He did this a few times, until Nathan was drawn tight, his entire body singing out with the desperate need to be fucked.

  And Aaron delivered. He plastered himself against Nathan’s back, shoved an arm under him and held him tight. He breathed in Nathan’s ear, not speaking, as he fucked him. He drove into him again and again, and the whole time he did, his heavy breaths in Nathan’s ear reminded him of how real this was. And how not real. Because when they were done, Nathan would leave and this whole thing would be a memory that after time, would fade into something Nathan would convince himself he’d only dreamed.

  Aaron’s husky voice brought him back. “Fuck, I’m so close.”

  And so was Nathan, he realized. He’d never been fucked so good before, so completely. Like the dick that was in him was meant to be there. Aaron didn’t feel foreign. He felt hot and safe. And Nathan bucked, pressing his ass up, urging Aaron deeper and Aaron redoubled his effort, fucking Nathan at a brutal pace, owning his ass until they both trembled and shuddered and came.

  Nathan closed his eyes and waited for the universe to go back to normal all the while wondering if it ever could.

  Chapter Two


  Holy mother fucking shit. Scotty looked at the man sleeping in his bed. He resisted the urge to touch him, he wasn’t ready for him to go yet. Neil was beautiful when he slept. He was also a liar. His name wasn’t Neil. It was Nathaniel Blackburn and he’d been best friends with Scotty’s older brother, Tod since childhood.

  Scotty brushed his fingers through Nathan’s dark hair. No one called him Neil. No one called him Nathaniel. He had to smile at their dual deceit. Nathan hadn’t recognized him, Scotty was sure of it. Almost no one would. The last time Nathan saw him, Scotty was still a gangly teenager wearing backward baseball hats and basketball shorts. He had still been in his I must be a straight jock so my family will accept me phase. The joke had been on Scotty. Everyone in his family had guessed he was gay, but they’d kept their assumptions to themselves. Sometimes he wished his parents, or hell, even his older brother Tod would have said something. It might have spared him some agony.

  Next to him, Nathan stirred, and Scotty trailed a finger down his cheek. “Hey there sleeping beauty. You staying for breakfast?” Scotty wouldn’t mind keeping him around and having another go at him, but he knew as soon as he asked what the answer would be.

  “I have a thing tomorrow I can’t miss.” Nathan moved away and Scotty told himself he did so with reluctance because he wanted to stay, not because he wasn’t sure of what to do now that he’d let a femboy fuck his magnificent jock ass.

  Scotty gave himself an internal smack. He had to stop putting all men in the same category of useless shit bag. This was Nathaniel Blackburn and he wasn’t a jerk. At least, he never used to be.

  “I’ll walk you out.” Scotty climbed out of bed. He grabbed a robe from the back of his bedroom door, a long black silk number he loved. He tied it loose around his waist and watched with obvious interest as Nathan climbed out of bed and pulled his clothes back

  “We could do this again, if you wanted.” Scotty offered, doing his best to sound casual.

  Nathan grabbed his shirt off the floor and pulled it on. He approached Scotty as if he were stalking his prey. “Yeah? If I come back are you going to wear this when you answer the door?” Nathan tugged on the tie of his robe and Scotty allowed it to fall open. He was hard again and he wanted nothing more than to take Nathan back to his bed and fuck him until he couldn’t walk.

  “I could be persuaded.”

  “Good.” Nathan skimmed his hands up Scotty’s chest and he cupped his cheeks. He pulled Scotty into a kiss, something gentle and exploratory, not quite a goodbye kiss, more like an, I’m going to be back for more of this, kiss. It tasted like promise and possibilities and Scotty moaned into Nathan’s mouth.

  “Are you sure you can’t stay?” Scotty wanted him to stay so he could pretend that Nathan was his for a little longer. He wanted him to stay until Scotty managed to convince him he didn’t want to leave, ever.

  “Sorry.” Nathan exhaled a sigh. “I would if I could, because, fuck, you’re so beautiful. But I have brunch with a friend tomorrow.”

  “Can’t let your friends down, it’s bad luck.” Scotty led Nathan to the front door. “Have fun with your friends tomorrow.”

  Nathan stole another kiss and Scotty refused to read anything into it. He was already so fucking gone. So stupid and love drunk on a fantasy turned reality. Would Nathan kiss him like that if he remembered who he was? Would Nathan still want him if he realized he was Tod’s younger brother?

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