Devon Blake and the Starship Crash

      Douglas Warren

Devon Blake and the Starship Crash

DEVON BLAKE is a lonely boy of twelve, trapped in the lap of luxury with no one but his smart-luggage Sammy to share it with. He prepares for his summer trip, excited by the prospect of meeting new friends and sharing an adventure with them. The expedition to the lush planet Forrestal looks even more exciting to Devon when he meets some of his fellow travelers; Flim, an alien boy with chameleon-like powers, and Jacinda, a bright girl whose trip is paid for by the foundation Devon’s family owns. Becoming friends during the voyage to Forrestal, the trio learns to get along despite their perse backgrounds.

The trouble begins during the descent to the surface of Forrestal. Due to an unexplained atmospheric disturbance, the shuttle crashes, trapping all of the children and their injured guide on the surface with no way to contact the starship in orbit. Taking matters in hand, Devon, Flim, Jacinda and another new friend, Merrell, set out to investigate their situation. The unthinkable happens when a quake traps them outside of the shuttle and Flim goes missing.

Setting off in search of their friend, Devon, Jacinda and Merrell encounter strange creatures that seem to be part of the forest itself. Quickly learning how to communicate with these alien, the children discover that there are bigger problems on Forrestal than a crashed shuttle. The children learn that outlaw humans are mining the planet illegally and in the process are destroying the alien ecology. Unknown to the trio, Flim has been staying hidden and following them, hoping to find a chance to help them escape for the alien creepers.

While not giving up their search for Flim, Devon, Jacinda and Merrell vow to help the alien creepers. The creepers lead them to the outlaws. The three devise a plan to stop the outlaws, but encounter danger when caught by them. It is only with the last minute help of Flim and their secret weapon (even to them) Sammy that they subdue the villains.

Shutting down the outlaws’ operations clear the atmospheric disturbances that crashed the shuttle and kept the orbiting starship from rescuing them. Everyone is rescued, making Devon, Flim, Jacinda and Merrell all heroes. But more importantly, they all become great friends.

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