Bone Orchard

      Doug Johnson

Bone Orchard

Lazarus Walker, charismatic former frontman of the hard-rocking heavy metal band, Black Ryders, wants nothing more than to be left alone. Having traded fame for solitude, he spends his days tending the gardens at his isolated English manor, the link to his former life of debauchery all but severed. Or so he thought.

When a sexy young fan shows up at his doorstep, Lazarus discovers that walking away might be easy, but leaving no trace to follow is hard. What begins as the mild annoyance of an unwelcome guest, quickly spirals into a nightmare, because Kitty Van Winkle is no groupie, but a vengeful psychotic hell-bent on destroying Lazarus and unearthing his darkest secrets at any cost.

Everyone, it seems, still wants a piece of Lazarus Walker.

About the Author

DOUG JOHNSON is a multi-talented media creator and editor with a passion for telling stories through moving visuals, dynamic sound and the power of the written word. As a freelance audio-visual designer in New York City, his skill and creativity have been showcased in works for television, documentary and film.

"Doug was honored in 2010 with a First Place win at the industry-powerhouse "Fade In Awards" for his short screenplay, "The Bassinet," and his second short, "Odessa," is currently in production with Ethos Pictures."  

He has also written three feature-length screenplays. "Debt to Society" with co-writer Brian Murphy, and "The Holstein Epiphany" and "From Hell I Came" with co-writer Dennis Smithers, Jr.

Doug writes primarily in the crime and suspense genres, with liberal doses of horror, black comedy and the inherent drama of the human condition. He cites as major influences the strange, violent and darkly humorous southern gothic traditions of authors Flannery O'Connor, Edgar Allan Poe and Harry Crews. *

Bone Orchard *is his second writing project for Chaos Publishing.

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