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Upside of Love

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Upside of Love

  Copyright © 2019 by Dominique Thomas All Rights Reserved.

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  This book is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imaginations. Any resemblance to actual person’s, things, living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental.

  Authors Note

  Hi ladies, some of you may know on May 1st my grandfather on my mother’s side of the family suddenly passed away. I’m still in a daze you could say, but I have to admit, all your prayers is keeping me going. It took a lot for me to get this book up and I appreciate you all for being so patient with me.

  I love you ladies, and I wouldn’t trade you all for anything. God bless all of you!

  I love the messages I received about part one of this series. I love these characters already, and I pray you all love them just the same. Like always don’t forget to leave a Review!

  Side note: I noticed a lot of you have been checking for Arquez;) he really is everything and if you haven’t read Arquez and Palmer go do that after you read this part two!

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  The Comeback is always stronger than the setback…



  The vast mansion was just under 5,000 square feet. It overlooked its own personal lake and was equipped with everything a person could need or want in their home.

  “The kitchen is one of the biggest I’ve seen, and I’ve sold a lot of homes,” the real estate agent Rumer said while smiling.

  Tru smirked as he held River in his arms.

  “I like this shit, but it’s all up to her. If she says yes then we can get it.”

  The pretty agent that Tru had raved about on the ride overlooked to Normani with a bright smile.

  “Well, he’s leaving it all up to you. Tru knows my man, so I had to come and personally show you this home. I think it would be perfect and more than enough room for your family. What do you say?” she asked and glanced around the space they were in.

  Normani gave her a tight-lipped smile before shrugging. Her enthusiasm couldn’t match Tru’s let alone the real estate agent that would get the hefty commission for selling the home. With all the reasons in the world to be happy she was still low-spirited. Since the wedding life had been happening—fast, she’d gone from a college student to a wife and now a possible homeowner. Tru made it clear on the ride over that it would be in her name. He’d also added her to all his accounts.

  Truthfully, he’d come through in a big way, but the crazy thing was Normani wasn’t feeling the happiness she believed she would. Now he was more attentive, more thoughtful, and honestly getting on her fucking nerves. Normani didn’t know what the problem was.

  Every woman wants this. I’m bugging.

  She thought.

  “We’ll take it,” she murmured looking at the refrigerator in the kitchen that housed glass doors.

  Normani had seen nothing like it before and knew her mom would freak out once she saw the beautiful home with the state-of-the-art kitchen.

  “Great! I’ll draw up the paperwork and let you know when you can come in,” The agent Rumer said enthusiastically before exiting the room.

  Tru stared down at Normani as she stared at her shiny nails.

  “You good? You sure you want this spot?”

  His hand went to the small of her back, and she tensed up. Normani stepped away from Tru and walked closer to the island.

  “No, this is perfect. I always knew we would be in something like this Tru even though I’d love you even if we stayed in a shack,” she replied.

  Tru walked up behind Normani and kissed the back of her head.

  “And that’s why I love you so much. I got the perfect designer for the house too. You don’t have a budge it baby. Do with it what you want,” he said lovingly.

  Normani nodded while staring at the clean marble island. She gently touched the slate and Tru sucked his teeth.

  “You sure you feeling good? We bout to close on a million-dollar home and you acting like it’s nothing. You must be feeling sick, your stomach okay?” he asked again only this time his deep voice held an attitude to it.

  Normani shrugged. She felt fine.

  Unhappy but fine.

  “I’m okay. Why do you keep asking me that?”

  Tru’s face fell into a frown. He swiped his hand over his low tapered fade and shrugged.

  “A nigga was just checking on you. Why the fuck you been so snappy lately?”

  Normani scowled at his question until her eyes landed on his handsome mug. His sexy, light toffee hued, handsome mug that was like kryptonite to her. From head to toe Tru wore black. Black jeans with a black BAPE thermal and black Ferragamo sneakers. Tru also rocked his diamond wedding band. It seemed to sparkle with every subtle move of his hand and Normani couldn’t stop staring down at it.

  For better or for worse I will continue to love you. For better or for worse I will stay by your side. For better or for worse I’ll be your rider Tru.

  The vows she’d emotionally made to him came back to her like a bad dream. Her eyes closed and she staggered back. She could feel it in her bones. It was in her spirit. Everything she now did. It was painfully clear.

  She’d made a mistake.

  Could she take it back? Could she call it quits? They were only weeks into their marriage, but she was suffocating. Azariah refused to take her calls and had blocked her. She’d gone days even months without speaking to him before but never under such circumstances. She yearned to hear his voice. Hell be in his presence. Instead, she was left with…...him.

  She’d prayed many nights to have Tru as her husband, and now that he was, Normani was looking for
a way out.

  “Nothing I’m good. Let’s head back so I can lay River down for her bath,” she finally replied.

  Tru nodded with an intense gaze on her.


  The car ride back to their home was a quiet one. Tru held Normani’s hand tightly as they cruised through the Detroit streets. When they pulled onto their block Normani was shocked to see a media parade outside of their place. Tru’s car slowed down, and he tightened his grip on her hand.

  “Let’s just hit up a hotel. Some shit went down with Kasam, and I don’t wanna be answering questions bout the shit,” he suggested.

  Normani shook her head as her brows drew together. She was tired and instead of a hard hotel mattress she wanted to rest in her own bed.

  “No, if they importune us, I’ll call our lawyer. I wanna sleep in my own bed Tru,” she spoke quietly.

  Tru stared over at Normani for a moment before shaking his head.

  “Don’t forget our vows and what I say bout them fucking words. Talk black,” he chuckled nervously.

  Normani’s head whipped his way as he pulled through the mass of reporters and into their winding driveway.

  “Talk black? Wow, that was very ignorant of you. Please don’t ever say something dumb like that again. And, why wouldn’t I remember our vows?”

  Tru shrugged. He stared straight ahead while beginning to breathe hard. Several times his hand brushed over his taper as he looked out of his window.

  “Remember we in this shit for life now. Ain’t no getting out baby,” he replied and exited the car before she could respond.

  Tru unbuckled their daughter and rushed into their large place bypassing the media as if they weren’t outside of the home with cameramen and news vans. Normani was shocked to see him leave her to the wolves.

  She swallowed hard and cleared her throat.

  “Whatever drama they come with I will not respond. Kasam’s business has nothing to do with us anyway,” she spoke lowly.

  Her short speech gave her a little comfort. She exited the Mercedes, and the cameras started flashing. Normani rushed to close the door as two reporters ran up crowding her personal space.

  How does it feel to learn your new husband has been caught in a human trafficking ring with his alleged mistress Instagram model Reba Monroe?

  Are you okay with being with a man that sells women for sex?

  Will your daughter be raised this way?

  The questions were being fired at her like bullets. Normani dipped her head in shame and ran as fast as she could to her front door. She rushed into her home and searched around for Tru. Her head was swarming with thoughts of what was happening. She’d gone from believing the media was there to discuss Kasam and learned that instead, it was her own man who was in question.


  Human trafficking?


  Tru was a lot of things, but he wouldn’t do that to her. Nah. She refused to believe that the man she’d given so much to, had done such vile things.

  “Trevon Jayden Morris, where the fuck are you at?” she asked in a voice foreign to even her.

  Her question went unanswered like she knew it would and it only made her angrier. Normani nodded as she sat the alarm. She then traveled upstairs to check on her baby. She found River sitting on her daddy’s lap as he read her the children’s bible. Tru looked up when she entered the room and smiled.

  It was a real smile that would have warmed her heart if he’d graced her with it at a different time.

  “Look at mommy River!” he said and kissed River’s cheek.

  River smiled wide before giggling.

  “Mo-m-ma!” she gushed.

  Normani stopped frowning to smile at her baby.

  “Hi, baby. You ready to lay down for a nap? Me and daddy need to talk.”

  Tru shook his head.

  “Nah she’s good right now. You don’t need to be laying her down too early. Then she won’t sleep through the night,” he said and flipped the page on the bible.

  Normani’s face shifted from love to anger in a matter of seconds. She narrowed her eyes as she frowned at Tru.

  “Regardless of if she’s up or not we’re going to have this talk. Now pass me, my baby.”

  Tru licked his lips. His demeanor was calm and unnerved as he sat with his daughter in his lap. His downcast eyes slid over to Normani, and he cleared his throat.

  “Let’s talk when we go to bed. Right now, I wanna spend some time with my daughter. I’m not about to argue with you in front of her,” he replied coolly.

  Normani nodded. Slowly her blood pressure was rising. She could feel herself about to lose it.

  “Tru, I’m trying. Please give me my baby. We need to talk.”

  Tru nodded.

  “And we will when I’m done with my daughter. We’re a family now Normani. We made vows and no matter what we gone be together. You might have heard some shit that was upsetting to you, but you gotta relax,” he told her.

  Seeing that Tru was on a mission to not discuss the shit he’d been hiding from her, Normani turned and quickly exited the bedroom. She pulled her cell from her back pocket and called her mom. After the call went to voicemail, she tried to call her sister Novah. As Novah’s voicemail picked up, she found herself on the verge of tears. Normani’s hand shook as she used the internet on her cell to read up on Tru.

  Dj Tru

  She typed into the search bar. Immediately gossip blogs pulled up posts that had been made in the last two hours.

  Normani’s hand shook as she clicked on the first post she saw.

  Newly married DJ Tru caught in human trafficking scandal!

  Word has it that the well-known Dj to the Stars has been caught up. His mistress was arrested yesterday for running one of the biggest human trafficking rings Detroit has ever seen. Supposedly Tru brought the wealthy men, people he usually flocks with to her, and they sold women to the men for sex. They were using his mistress home that happened to be a colonial style mini mansion in the suburbs of West Bloomfield. The sex ring was reportedly making $20,000 a week. We’re waiting to see when our beloved DJ will be picked up by the Feds.

  “You good?”

  His deep voice made her jump. Normani spun around and with fire running through her veins slapped Tru so hard his face whipped to the side. She attempted to hit him again, and he grabbed her wrist.

  “Not in front of River. We can talk, but it won’t be like this. That’s why I told you to relax. You’re too emotional right now and you not thinking clearly. Let’s go lay down. You, me and River,” he said looking down at her.

  Normani scoffed as she struggled to pull away from his grip.

  “Is it true, yes or no? If it’s not then yes, we can definitely go lay down. If it’s true, then bitch ass nigga you can go lay down by your damn self,” she snapped with her nose flaring.

  Tru let her wrist go, and Normani frowned at him. She couldn’t stop replaying the questions in her head that the reporters had asked.

  “Answer the question, is it true?” she asked again ready to swing on him.

  Tru shrugged. He kissed Rivers forehead, and she smiled at him.

  “I never claimed to be perfect. You know that. I may have fucked that bitch before we said I do, but once we got married, I walked away from all of it. I swear I did baby,” he claimed in a low tone with a forlorn look on his handsome face.

  Normani’s frown deepened. Without thinking, she swung on Tru, and he caught her arm. Normani looked at her daughter watch her with curious eyes, and she felt shame. This wasn’t right. It was fucked up in so many ways.

  “We was just fucking married! What the hell do you mean you let it go!”

  Tru took a step back as River begin to cry.

  “Look at how you behaving. You fucking scaring her. I’ll holla at you when you thinking more clearly.”

  Normani tried to grab her daughter, and Tru grabbed the bottom of her chin. Normani stood in shock as he tighten
ed his grip to an uncomfortable level.

  “I said relax. Don’t make me repeat myself. You not taking River anywhere, now go sit your ass down somewhere,” he spoke sternly before letting the bottom of her face go.

  Normani nodded with watery eyes. It was clear to her that Tru was on some bullshit and the only thing she wanted at the moment was to be far away from him. She rushed into her bedroom and pulled out her luggage. As she dropped it onto the floor, Tru stepped into the closet with River.

  “Baby, I’m sorry. I was doing some sly shit that I know wasn’t a good look, but I’m not perfect. And I never pretended to be. I cut her off before we said I do and that shit she was doing with them broads is on her. I don’t sell women for sex. That’s not me, and you know it. I know niggas that trick, and all I did was place them in a room with hoe’s that sold pussy. The Feds know it too that’s why I’m not locked up. I’m wrong for that, and I apologize, but it’s not that serious for you to be acting like this. Couples go through stuff all the fucking time.”

  Normani ignored Tru as she began to toss her clothes into the luggage. Tru layed down their sleeping daughter onto the bed in the room before joining Normani in the closet.

  As he closed the door, he looked her way.

  “I’m sorry for everything I did, but the last thing I want to do is lose you,” Tru said leaning against the door.

  Normani rolled her watery eyes.

  “It's a little too late for that Trevon. I can’t fucking believe you. And I know it’s that same bitch that I saw staring at us in the restaurant. Do you love her?”

  Tru frowned at her question. He shook his head as his hand rubbed at the back of his neck.

  “I never felt anything for her other than lust. I wasn’t thinking, and I’m sorry. Let me make this up to you, ma,” he replied and walked up on Normani.

  Tru hugged her from the back as she grabbed clothing from her side of the closet.

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