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Upside Down In Love

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Upside Down In Love

  Copyright © 2019 by Dominique Thomas All Rights Reserved.

  No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

  This book is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imaginations. Any resemblance to actual person’s, things, living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental.


















  Authors Note

  2019 here we are. Hey ladies! If you’re a new reader welcome, and if you are a returning reader, I appreciate you for still rocking with me.

  For my first release I switched it up at the last minute. Like had another book edited with a cover and ready for release SMH. However, I am a writer that writes from the heart and I will not ever put out a book that I am not feeling so I changed books and went with another story that had been on me for a while now. First let’s give glory to God. He brought us this far and he’s still carrying us.

  Psalms 46:11 NKJV The Lord of hosts is with us:

  I first want to say that this book is in no way bashing men. These women are simply dealing with what a lot of other women are experiencing right now. It’s so easy to get labeled and be perceived as the bad guy. I wanted to speak for the baby momma’s who have no voice. The women who deal with ignorant men daily and still forge ahead. I also want to give women who judge other women insight into what’s really going on. In urban fiction we come across so many baby mommas’ stories. The women are ratchet and bitter and they make up the storyline. I’ve even wrote about a few crazy baby momma’s because hell they do exist but what about the ones that are misjudged? What about the women that only want to raise their kids and live a peaceful life, but they can’t because of their baby daddy?

  This story is for them.

  You all know me by now.

  I’ma give it to you raw and real.

  Novah, Normani and Billie are a lot of ladies. Inbox me and tell me if you can relate to this story. I’ll be waiting!

  Read it ladies, tell a friend to tell a friend to read it and don’t forget to leave a REVIEW!

  I never rant cause that’s not my style, but I do want you ladies to know that reviews help. If you support me then the best way to do that is spread the word about my books and Review them.

  I love you ladies because you all go so hard for me. Even the ones that complain about how long I take to release a book lol.

  Enjoy this urban tale, the wait for book two won’t be long!

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  Upside Down In Love

  The strongest actions for a woman to take is to love herself.

  Be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could…



  First, I blame you, then I want you

  Fucking hate you, then I love you

  I can’t help myself, no

  When I have you, wanna leave you

  If you go, that’s when I need you

  I can’t help myself no

  “You come in waves,” her soft voice murmured quietly while gazing straight ahead.

  Chilled air blasted through the vents cooling off her mahogany hued skin as she lowered the volume on her radio. Her hooded eyes the same shade as honey peered openly at the large estate before her. This was the last place she wanted to be, but she had to get her sons and for that to happen she was forced to meet up with Carter at his mother’s place of residence. The same mother that cursed Novah’s name daily. The same woman that swore Novah trapped her son because of his NFL contract. The same woman that refused to acknowledge Novah’s twin sons until they were a year old. Even after getting the DNA test done Mrs. Peterson pretended, they didn’t exist.

  It burned.

  Actually, hurt Novah to the core, but she brushed it off. Mrs. Peterson didn’t have shit on her son. She was ignorant yes, but her son was next level crazy. Novah knew that with all the madness Carter brought to her life she could write a book about his ways.

  He was the definition of a fuck nigga.

  Her phone vibrated in the cup holder grabbing her attention. Novah picked up the thin but large rose gold device and smiled.


  Novah’s younger sister was the light of her life beside her twins and their mom. They were as close as siblings could be and Novah didn’t want it to be any other kind of way.

  “Hey, what’s up?”

  Normani sneezed into the phone before clearing her throat.

  “Can I borrow a few dollars?” she asked in a chirpy tone.

  Novah’s smile fell from her pretty round face at her sister’s request. Normani not only received inherited pension money from their father’s sudden death she also was actively seeing her daughters’ father. He was notoriously known throughout the metro Detroit area for being a famous Dj. He worked with the Detroit elite rappers and he also worked with rappers topping the billboard charts. With money coming in on a regular Novah felt her sister had no reason to be broke.

  Novah frowned as she licked her plump lips.

  “Alright, I’ll send you some money in a second. I won’t preach because I’m not your momma, but this is silly Normani. You should never be broke. We
too damn grown for that shit and your little genius ass is too smart for that,” she ranted.

  Just thinking of Normani walking away from college to be with her now man, made Novah’s blood boil. Her sister was so smart it was ridiculous and Novah felt like it was all going to waste seeing as how she was now out of school and doing nothing with her life.

  Her sister smacked her lips as Carters red four door Camero swooped into the driveway behind her truck. His obnoxiously loud music made her frown deepen. Carter had the audacity to blast his speakers in his ride like he wasn’t driving with their kids.

  His insensitive ways were always nagging away at Novah’s nerves.

  “I’ve had a lot going on this week. My car was down, and I had to pay some extra bills so I’m broke. Don’t be my momma Novah just stay in the sister lane. Now thank you for the money in advance and I love you sugar pie!” Normani replied before ending the call.

  Novah sucked her teeth as she sat her phone inside of the cup holder. Like any other sibling, Normani had a way of getting up under her skin.

  Novah hit the locks on her truck and her back door was soon pulled open. The heady scent of Carter’s cologne traveled into the truck as he placed their four-year-old son Karter into his car seat. Novah glanced back at her son and smiled wide as she looked him over.

  A chance meeting at a popular nightclub in Vegas brought Carter into Novah’s life. That had been six years ago and from there a sexual relationship developed. Novah was a top video model at the time and Carter had just began his NFL career. The media went wild with their love story following their every move. The media even brought to the light Carter’s extracurricular activities that didn’t involve Novah including his affair with the woman that was now his wife. Novah was crushed to learn he had an affair on her but was ready to let it go.

  The moment Novah ended things with Carter she learned of her pregnancy.

  “Momma!” Karter yelled excitedly.

  Novah stared at her handsome son that was the spitting image of his father and she leaned back to ruffle his curly taper.

  “Hey baby! Mommy missed you so much,” she gushed making Karter smile.

  He grinned at her before taking a sip of his juice.

  Carter chuckled as he strapped in their son King. Even the sound of him doing such a miniscule thing made Novah roll her eyes. The sad thing was, that a person that once made her happy was someone she now detested. His cheating had shifted her love to hate and she didn’t see that ever changing. Everything about Carter irritated the hell out of Novah.

  “You did? Then I guess that’s why you didn’t call them all weekend,” Carter quipped in a goading manner. He shook his head as he continued ranting. “But you can take your ass to the club and post shit on IG. I ain’t getting them kids so you can go run the streets. Fuck you think this is? I don’t sponsor hoes, ma. You my baby momma so I need for you to carry yourself as such. That partying shit is dead, and you need to have more respect for yourself. I don’t need my niggas calling me talking about you in the club dancing with your ass out,” Carter spoke angrily.

  Novah closed her eyes to calm her racing heart. Somewhere down the line Carter believed he could dictate her life and often voiced his disdain with how she was living. Novah didn’t like it but instead of arguing with him about the matter she now chose to ignore it. Her mom told her years ago that if you allowed for a fool to behave in an uncivil way then it was easy to see who the fool was. However, she said if you were to encourage their banter and argue with them that people wouldn’t be able to decipher who was who. Novah followed the guidance of her mom as if her word was law. Whenever Carter showed his ass she smiled and kept it moving making him look dumb as shit in the process.

  Novah turned her attention to her son King and ruffled his curly taper same as she’d done Karter. King was always more alert than Karter. He watched Novah intently with his light brown eyes and Novah swallowed hard. She hated the way Carter spoke to her and prayed his crass attitude didn’t rub off on her precious boys.

  “I missed you too man. Was you good for daddy?”

  King nodded. He smiled at Novah before stretching out in the seat.

  “Sleep,” he muttered quietly and Novah laughed.

  “I am as well baby.”

  Carter snorted at Novah’s words.

  “Shit you should be. You been shaking your ass all weekend instead of being a fucking momma. I would be tired too if I was you,” Carter grumbled before closing King’s door.

  Novah turned in her seat and before she could switch gears Carter was pulling her door open. He unlatched her seatbelt and grabbed her arm tightly. Novah avoided eye contact with him as she tried to gently pull away from his grip.

  “Carter, not tonight and the boys are watching us.”

  “I’m cool but I need to holla at you. Come here,” he demanded before removing her from the truck.

  The sticky warm weather instantly heated up Novah’s exposed skin. Novah pulled away from Carter as she watched him lustfully eye her shapely body. With the warm May weather heating up Michigan, Novah had chosen to wear ankle distressed jeans with a white and cream wrap shirt that exposed her belly and showed off her round bottom. The outfit wasn’t revealing only Novah had the type of body that made the simplest attire sexy. She could wear a garbage bag and still garner attention. Her curves weren’t something you could cover up.

  Carter gave her a deliberate once over choosing to pay close attention to her hips and lower region before peering down into her eyes.

  “You look nice,” he commented with a sly smirk gracing his face.

  His large tattooed hand brazenly cupped his member before he shot her an overconfident smirk. The face that once emanated unspeakable feelings from her heart now made her blood boil. It was crazy how close the line to love and hate was. Novah once loved Carter with every beat of her heart now just the thought of him made her blood pressure rise.

  Carter was attractive. That wasn’t up for debate. Tall, with a muscular build that was credited to his rigorous workout schedule he had the build to play football and do it well. Carter possessed ebony hued skin with a handsome square shaped face that had graced many magazine covers. Bedroom eyes and thick lips. He wore his hair in a low fade and sported a trimmed beard. Carter was usually seen in flashy threads with a plethora of chains. He made good money and wanted everyone to know it. The thing was his inner being was ugly, so unattractive that his face, body nor bank account could make up for it.

  He was rotten and if it weren’t for the kids, he had a hand in creating Novah would hate him.

  “What is this about? What do you want?” she asked wrapping her arms around her body.

  Carter let go of the bulge in his grey Phillip Plien joggers and sucked his teeth.

  “You don’t miss me? I was thinking we could take the kids to Disney next weekend. Do the family thing and shit,” he said smiling.

  Novah smiled to keep herself from frowning. Her eyes shifted from Carter to the large home that sat infront of them and she wondered where he went wrong? Had he always been a sucka ass nigga or did something happen in his life to make him that way? It was a known fact his father was a deadbeat, but Carter had strong men in his corner. Like his uncle that had taken on that role as well as his step dad that had passed a year prior. Carter at least had them when some men had no strong male figures to look up to.

  “Would your pregnant wife be there as well with us?” she inquired finally looking up at him.

  Carter chuckled at her question. Amusement danced in his lids as he looked Novah over once more. He stepped into Novah’s personal space and boldly grabbed her ass. He gripped her meaty cheeks tightly as his warm breath fanned her neck.

  “Why the fuck would I take her? We need to make up and stop all this arguing bullshit. It’s unhealthy for the kids and I miss you. It’s been way too long since I felt that pussy. Why you acting like you don’t miss a nigga?” he asked and Novah tried to push him back.

/>   His actions and words only irritated her more. She tried to push him again and he chuckled. It was like shoving a brick wall and expecting it to move. Her small hands did nothing to ease Carter out of her space.

  Novah stared up into Carter’s dark eyes as she told herself to remain calm. The one thing she was certain that he wanted her to do was step out of her character. Novah simply wouldn’t give him the luxury of seeing such a thing.

  “That’s not going to happen Carter. We’ve talked about this several times. There is no more us and there will never be an us again. What we had is over and we can’t ever get it back. Go home to your pregnant wife,” she said calmly.

  “Yes, please do so before she ruins the good things that you do have in your life,” Mrs. Peterson interjected walking up.

  Carter quickly stepped back and covered his growing erection. Novah looked past him at his mother and cleared her throat.

  “Mrs. Peterson,” she spoke politely.

  Mrs. Peterson clad in her floral silk nightgown and royal blue housecoat rolled her deep brown eyes. Her disdain for Novah showed on her gracefully aging face as she stared Novah’s way.

  “The minute he brought you home I knew your little stuck up ass would be a problem. You’re too pretty. I always told him about shallow, gold digging ass hussies like you and his silly self still fell victim to you. Even had them boys by you like you could change. You’re all about yourself and you always will be little girl. Now have some dignity about yourself. He’s a married man with a child on the way. He didn’t choose you Novah. He could have but he didn’t. Accept that and respect his marriage. God will not bless you with another woman’s husband child. Now are you going to agree to the pay cut?”

  Novah’s lips pressed into a thin line as she glared at Carters mom. She envisioned herself slapping the bob style wig from her head then shoving it into her big ass mouth.

  Carter chuckled lowly as he pulled on his mothers’ arm.

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