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Made Men 10: And Then...There Were Seven (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever)

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Made Men 10: And Then...There Were Seven (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever)

  Made Men 10: And Then…There Were Seven

  Donata is running from the four men she desires and into the danger caused by her brother Kyle, the only family she has left. Forced to engage in illegal smuggling activities to appease a contract formulated by her brother’s partner, Ellis, she escapes the grasp of Admere Mullan, a terrorist, arms dealer, and drug lord who held her, Kyle, and Ellis captive to ensure they would come through on this deal.

  She must hide the truth about her trip and what she is involved in, and keeping four made men out of her personal life—and her bed—is definitely a necessity to stay alive.

  As matters get worse and she is forced to run a meeting for Admere, her connections to this Middle Eastern terrorist prove to the men she loves that she is in danger, and they will do what is necessary to save her.

  After she is rescued by seven men and whisked off into hiding to Salvation, Texas, she learns that they are capable of many things, but ultimately of loving her, protecting her, and teaching her that what they have is worth fighting for. Their military abilities help to destroy Admere, but in doing so leave Donata open for another man’s opportunity to strike.

  She isn’t about to give up this fight, and knowing that her men did what they needed to save her, she will do whatever is necessary to stay alive and make it back to them.

  Genre: Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Romantic Suspense

  Length: 55,536 words



  Dixie Lynn Dwyer


  Siren Publishing, Inc.



  Copyright © 2017 by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

  ISBN: 978-1-64010-397-9

  First Publication: June 2017

  Cover design by Les Byerley

  All art and logo copyright © 2017 by Siren Publishing, Inc.

  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: This literary work may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including electronic or photographic reproduction, in whole or in part, without express written permission.

  All characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.

  WARNING: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.

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  Siren Publishing, Inc.


  Dear readers,

  Thank you for purchasing this legal copy of Made Men 10: And Then…There Were Seven. Donata is a very strong and independent woman—always had the answers, never seemed frazzled, and her confidence and professional attitude and continued support for her friends always shined through. Now she’s in trouble, and the kind that lands her into an international chaos only experienced soldiers, true resourceful men, can possibly get her out of.

  She’s not trusting anyone, and this is definitely the wrong time to lust for four men. But that lust, that desire they share, might be the one thing that, when pursued, could get her the help she needs before it’s too late. What Donata never expects is the strategic operations, the combined efforts of seven cousins and brothers, to come together to rescue her and heal in their own ways because of the love they all share.

  May you enjoy Donata’s journey in finding men who are strong enough, compassionate enough, and hell yeah, commanding enough to make Donata let down her tough girl attitude guard she’s worked so hard to develop, and just love once and for all.

  Happy reading.




  People seem to be more interested in my name than where I get my ideas for my stories from. So I might as well share the story behind my name with all my readers.

  My momma was born and raised in New Orleans. At the age of twenty, she met and fell in love with an Irishman named Patrick Riley Dwyer. Needless to say, the family was a bit taken aback by this as they hoped she would marry a family friend. It was a modern day arranged marriage kind of thing and my momma downright refused.

  Being that my momma’s families were descendants of the original English speaking Southerners, they wanted the family blood line to stay pure. They were wealthy and my father’s family was poor.

  Despite attempts by my grandpapa to make Patrick leave and destroy the love between them, my parents married. They recently celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary.

  I am one of six children born to Patrick and Lynn Dwyer. I am a combination of both Irish and a true Southern belle. With a name like Dixie Lynn Dwyer it’s no wonder why people are curious about my name.

  Just as my parents had a love story of their own, I grew up intrigued by the lifestyles of others. My imagination as well as my need to stray from the straight and narrow made me into the woman I am today.

  Enjoy And Then…There Were Seven and allow your imagination to soar freely.

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  Copyright © 2017


  Donata James sipped a glass of wine and strolled through the venue at The Marquis Hotel, her Louis Vuitton black heels clicking along the marble flooring. She was bored out of her mind with the people here, and looked forward to leaving for Club X shortly with some friends from work. As she stared at the painting on the wall, she couldn’t help but think about Coleman, the businessman her brother’s partner, Ellis, was working with. He had a way about him. An air of arrogance, sophistication, and control. He was wealthy, fierce in his demeanor, and he wasn’t a made man or an enforcer. She wasn’t sure what it was about him that seemed to affect her. Kind of make her feel attracted to him, or perhaps his personality, his success, and also on guard. A twist of emotions and the bit of attraction to Coleman confused her and sent her gut instincts into a whirlwind she could not decipher. Those same instincts weren’t so screwy when it came to four other men she knew pretty well.

  She felt the ache in her belly. God, why couldn’t she get Turbo, Harley, Jack, and Covan out of her head? They didn’t even show interest in her, and if they did, would she bite? Would she take them up on their interest? She saw Harley in action once, only a few weeks back. Something was going on with two guys at the club. By their body language, it was pretty obvious they were disrespecting Mateus and Major, but before things got out of hand or they could show more disrespect,
Harley had one guy up against the side wall in some death grip. The man’s fear, his inability to breathe, shocked her. It was instant, and the other guy just froze in place and begged for Harley to release his friend. Words she couldn’t hear were exchanged, and as Harley let the guy down not so gently, he fixed his shirt, pointed at the two men who immediately had a change in attitude, and apologized to Mateus and Major. When Harley turned around, she hadn’t realized that she was in a dead stare at Harley and he caught her. Fire filled her belly from core to breasts, her nipples hardened, her pussy pulsated, and she could have sworn as she quickly looked away that drool escaped her lips. Holy God, he was a force, and his cousins Turbo and Covan and brother, Jack, they were just as intense men. Men who surely didn’t trust a soul but one another.

  She shook the thoughts from her head. They weren’t interested, despite how they stared at her, and looked ready to fight. They always had mean expressions on their faces, especially Turbo, who always seemed to clench his teeth around her. That blond crew-cut hair and military attitude were hard not to notice. He and his brother and cousins helped run security or something for Mateus and Major.

  “Good evening, Donata.”

  She turned around, surprised to see Hank Fortes approach along with some very attractive blonde who hung onto his arm and gave Donata the once over. No competition here honey, your date is a playboy out for a good time. Not my thing at all.

  Hank released his date’s arm and kissed Donata’s cheek as he gripped her shoulders and ran his palms up and down her arms in a flirtatious move. She blew it off as usual and gave him a courteous smile. After all, the man had done business with her brother’s company many times and always high priced transactions.

  “So nice to see you, Mr. Fortes,” she said to him and his eyes narrowed while he slowly released her arms but trailed his hand along her hip. “Oh, Donata, when will you call me Hank? I wait for that moment when we’re close, like that,” he said, gave her a wink and then looked over her body biting his lower lip as if the sight of her aroused him and made him want to take a bite. Typical male slut.

  She chuckled. “Oh, Mr. Fortes, I try to keep things business-like, you know how professional I am. So, is this your date this evening?” she asked, smiling at the blonde who now had daggers in her eyes at Donata. More than likely she was hoping to land Hank permanently and suck him of his glorious funds. Hank wasn’t stupid. He played the game, and ended the game and always on his terms.

  “This is Leslie. Leslie, meet Donata James, one of the most professional, intelligent, gorgeous, and charismatic CFO’s I have ever had the pleasure to do business with.” He introduced her and the blonde suddenly looked a little shell shocked, as she grabbed onto Hank’s arm and hugged it.

  “A pleasure meeting you, Leslie. Are you enjoying the venue?”

  “It’s okay,” she said as if disinterested in not only being here but continuing a conversation with Donata.

  “Well, Mr. Fortes, it was a pleasure seeing you here this evening.”

  “You, as well. We must get together, Donata. To…talk business,” he said, hesitating while eyeing her over again. She gave a smile.

  She had to be nice and she couldn’t completely blow him off. He was friends or associates with Coleman. She gave a soft smile but no verbal acknowledgment that she accepted the invite or would accept one. She wouldn’t be a notch in any man’s belt except one she chose to be. As she watched him walk away, she felt funny. Like she was recently blowing off a lot of good looking wealthy men, and every time it happened who did she think of? Turbo, Covan, Jack, and Harley. Was she losing her mind? Maybe she needed to go on a vacation, or disappear for a while? Have a fling in Europe or Hawaii? Something.

  Harley was another one in his intimidating demeanor. God, she could picture him, hell, any of them in her head she stared at them so often without them knowing and memorized different things they did. Like Harley and that tough-guy beard he sported so well. He had smoky, killer eyes, muscles galore that stretched against the material of the designer suits he wore. He was drop-dead gorgeous but didn’t seem to react to women throwing themselves at him. In fact, it annoyed him, and he grunted things. She had seen and heard him tell a few good-looking women to leave him alone. She swallowed hard and stared at the painting.

  A scene from Tuscany near a vineyard. The old, cream-colored cottage adorned in moss and vines gave it a vintage, old-world charm. The paver pathways that led to a colorful, bountiful garden called to her imagination. She loved Italy. Had traveled to several vineyards in the past few years, and each time it had been a pleasant and memorable experience. She wondered if Turbo, Covan, Jack, or Harley had ever gone to Italy, or if they wanted to? She could imagine them there, walking along the paths of the vineyard or enjoying a wine tasting in the cellar. Would Jack or Turbo remain so straight-faced and serious, or would they let down their guards and relax with her?

  God, what am I thinking? Relax with me? Like I would ever have a chance with them, or with going to Italy with them no less. What the hell?

  She felt a hand land on her waist, gasped, and turning quickly she locked gazes with Coleman. Her heart hammered inside of her chest. The man was dominant. He didn’t smile but gazed into her eyes. His dark blue ones warned her of his attitude.

  “You didn’t hear me call your name?” He gave her hip a tap then looked toward the painting. She felt her cheeks warm. She had been too busy fantasizing about the bodies of four made men: killers, enforcers, heavies for the Fiorre family. She needed to get her head on straight and stop making everything a romantic fantasy like what her friends had with their men. She worked a lot. More so now that she had taken complete control over the bookkeeping for her brother and his partner’s company. Their last accountant and CFO had been an idiot and made a mess of things. He’d cost them money in places she still couldn’t figure out. She wondered if the guy had been shady, although of course she didn’t say that to her brother. He and Clay Ellis, his partner, felt badly that the man had died in a car accident.

  “Sorry, I was enthralled in thought,” she said as he took in the sight of the painting and then looked back at her. She stared at the scene once again, her mind drifting to Jack, Harley, Covan, and Turbo and wondering why they weren’t, or rather didn’t seem like, men who sipped wine, visited vineyards, or engaged in diplomatic discussions. Their reputations were fierce and pretty much summed up by the word “enforcers.” They kicked ass, did the dirty work, and were lethal in their capabilities. That’s why they ran the security firm.

  “Is it the vineyard or the cottage that draws you into such deep thought, Donata?” he asked her.

  She looked at him and could tell by the way he eyed her body in the tight-fitting cocktail dress that he was interested in her.

  “Both, I think. It just seems like the kind of place I’ve visited before, and felt relaxed and content. It’s hard to explain.” She took another sip of wine and then turned to walk down the hall and continue to take in the paintings.

  Coleman slid his arm around her waist and leaned closer. “I know of such a place. Perhaps if business goes well between myself, your brother, and his partner, then you could all join me for a visit.”

  “A visit?” she asked, turning to look up at him.

  He reached out and stroked her jaw. “My winery I own in Tuscany. The cottage is more like an estate, but still has an old-world charm and even modern amenities like a swimming pool and Jacuzzi.” He eyed her breasts.

  “Sounds gorgeous, Coleman.”

  He stroked her jaw, and she turned away. She didn’t want to send him the wrong message. Like she would be part of some business deal between him; her brother, Kyle; and his partner, Ellis. She didn’t even care for the recent business dealings they were sniffing around. She had heard something about Middle East imports and getting through customs with the right price. She wondered if her brother and Ellis were involving themselves in something that could land them in trouble—or worse, her.
br />   “So tell me, Donata, how is it that in a matter of four years your brother and Ellis have turned the company into a multimillion-dollar business?”

  “Hard work, determination, good decisions, and the right investments.”

  “From an accounting perspective, a woman who sees the numbers and allocates the funds, I thought your answer would be more black and white,” Coleman said as they walked.

  “Calling me typical and boring?” she challenged.

  He slid his arm around her waist and squeezed her hip bone. “Not at all. You and boring do not belong in the same sentence. Ellis tells me that you help out with the accounting and logs, also that you have a knack for computers and working money around to allocate appropriately. He thinks you’re a real asset to the company, and doesn’t believe they would be doing as well if it weren’t for you.”

  She swung her head around to look at him.

  “Ellis said that?” she asked, eyes wide.

  “You seem surprised.”

  “Not surprised as much as on alert.” She took another sip of wine.

  “On alert?” he asked. She looked at him and smiled.

  “I’ve learned rather quickly that when Clay Ellis pays me a compliment there’s more he is after. Like perhaps some new idea or investment, and he is trying to butter me up,” she said, and the man gazed over her body.

  “Perhaps it has something to do with the trip coming up to India.”

  She was surprised that Coleman would know about the trip. It had just been decided this morning, and she was going along with Kyle and Ellis. Some sort of new product to add to the list of those they had a contract for.

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