The F Factor

      Diane Gonzales Bertrand

The F Factor

This novel for teens explores contemporary issues such as the intense pressure put on kids to succeed.

Javier Avila knows tenth grade is going to be exciting, even though everyone says sophomore year is so dull even the teachers get bored. Sophomores are nobodies, according to the upperclassmen at St. Peter's High School, but suddenly—and against his will—Javier finds himself front and center as the anchorman for the school's brand-new televised announcements.

At first Javier is sure the Media Broadcasting elective he finds on his schedule is a mistake. He's spent his whole life trying to live up to his reputation as "the smartest guy ever," and he doesn't have time for a fluff class. And anyway, why would anyone choose to look stupid in front of the whole school every morning?

But his counselor has been trying to convince him to join in extracurricular activities since his freshman year, and he's not going to let Javier off the hook: "There's more to life...

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