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Seeing Her RAMMED; His Naughty Wife... (Smut With A Side Of Story)

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Seeing Her RAMMED; His Naughty Wife... (Smut With A Side Of Story)


  Who knew a deep ramming could ever look so good…

  (Smut with a Side of Story)

  Diana Quippley

  This tale of lewdness has been locked and sealed in a fancy, copyrighted © treasure trove belonging to the lusty Diana Quippley in the year 2015. It is highly advisable that you do not attempt to pilfer or purloin any parts of this naughty story... as the contents are most certainly hot and burning to the touch!

  However, on the bright side, we not believe in any of that horrid DRM software. And as such, this book is presented to you without any hint or trace of the vile substance – meaning you are free to view this book on whatever device you see fit to read it on! There are zero restrictions... You have paid for the tale, now please delight in the many passages of a steamy nature wherever you like!

  And alas... you are to be told that this is indeed a work of fiction. Any resemblance or similarity to real-life individuals, places, or things is purely coincidental. Though many of you might wish that these fanciful tales, filled with endless carnal cravings and passionate adventures, were true to life...

  Before going any farther... please let me forewarn you that the tome you hold in your lascivious little hands is most certainly one containing steamy scenes of an adult nature! Yes, the very kind of hot, sexy, mouth-watering pages your mother warned you about!

  Knowing this, you must also be told that the characters in question are all above the age of 18.

  A Quick Word

  Saucy stories are not a plague or blight upon society – no! They are a wonderland of fantasy and adventure, a place to live out those lusty dreams we try so desperately to keep to ourselves. Set them free and read on!

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  What You Will Find

  Seeing Her RAMMED


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  Seeing Her RAMMED

  And so it begins…

  “Yeah buddy, I’ll be back with you in two minutes for the rest of those boxes.”

  Jack Thompson bent down at the knees as he carefully placed a cardboard box, marked “fragile” on the concrete floor of his new neighbor’s garage. He turned around and began walking down the sideway that divided both houses. He smiled and nodded at Declan Smith who was walking back towards the garage. His biceps bulged from the white v neck tee shirt that he was wearing, each arm dominated by a throbbing vein running straight through the flesh of his muscle.

  Jack rounded the corner and pushed in the shining red door of his suburban bungalow. It was situated in the corner of Ashton Street, a quiet and idyllic street where everyone knew everyone. The street contained a row of eleven houses. There were five on either side before being headed by the biggest of the lot at the end of the street. That was Declan Smith’s new home.

  “Hey honey, why don’t you come on out here and meet our new neighbor?”

  “What? I thought they weren’t supposed to move in until next week?”

  “Nah, he’s there right now. A Mr. Smith. Real nice guy. He’s just back from duty with the army. No wife or kids. Seems kinda shy if you ask me.”

  “Okay, you just wait right there. I’ve just gotta tidy myself up a touch and you can introduce me right away. It’s nice to get off on the right foot with new people. Especially new neighbors.”


  Mrs. Alicia Thompson shut the pristine cream door of her bathroom behind her, bolting the golden lock shut. She walked gracefully to the large mirror that was stationed behind the sink and began shifting her fringe from one side to another, before she eventually settled from leaving the long, golden brown locks flowing straight down, almost covering her equally dark eyes.

  She reached down, grabbing the pretentiously complicated black dress and shimmied it up so that it rode up on her hips, revealing more of her long golden brown legs. She prayed that the man that had just moved in would be everything she envisioned him to be.

  For almost a year now, Jack had been taking her for granted. Stuck in a modestly paid, dead end job, he was working long hours for little rewards. To the other residents of Ashton Street they appeared to be the model couple. Recently married, two nice cars, immaculate house and always wrapped in each other’s love. But that was just when they were on show. Behind the scenes, Jack spared little time for his stunning wife. Alicia remembered back to her wedding day and how Jack had given her everything she had ever dreamed of up until then. Since that ring slid onto her slender finger, things had never been the same.

  She wore a brave face as night after night, Jack came home claiming that he was “too exhausted” to be intimate after yet another twelve hour shift. Sometimes Alicia wouldn’t hear the door open until two in the morning. She would just lay there in bed, turned on her side facing away from the door and away from Jack’s side of the bed. Without so much as a word or a coming together of the couple’s bare skin, Jack would turn the other way and drift off to sleep.

  Night after night tears streamed down Alicia’s cheeks, falling like boulders onto their King sized mattress. In public Jack would always hold her hand, hold her close and kiss her on the cheek. She always returned the favor but inside she was dying. She longed for a man that would take her in his strong arms and ravage her unmercifully, filling her up until neither of them had anything left to give.

  She wiped away yet more tears from her delicate face as she applied a generous layer of make-up to her dark, flawless skin and curled her eye lashes. She batted her eye lids repeatedly and plumped her lips together until she was finally content with her appearance.

  “Okay honey, I’m ready now!”


  Alicia placed her mug on the marble, island counter top in the middle of Declan’s empty kitchen. For about the tenth time she had to remind herself to close her mouth as she sat on a high, leather coated stool staring at her new acquaintance. He looked more amazing than anything she could have imagined.

  The first thing that she noticed about him was his incredible physique. He stood beside Jack, towering over him by about eight inches. She had never realized how pathetic her own husband looked until she started comparing him with this beast.

  After over an hour of heavy lifting, Declan’s arms screamed from his flawless white tee shirt, projected out like a boulder from leaning from the edge of a cliff as he raised his mug to his lips. His chest barreled out through the tee shirt which strained to contain him, pressing tight against his skin as it tapered in around his toned stomach, before stopping just below his belt.

  A mop of dusty blond hair was flippantly ruffled in no particular order on his head. His light blue eyes moved slowly from his conversation with Jack, before coming to rest on the hot and bothered newlywed. He cracked a cheeky smile.

  “Earth to Alicia, come in.”

  Alicia shook her head sharply as she realized she was more than visibly drooling over the new hunk of a man, who she would now get the chance to see on a daily basis. She thanked her lucky stars as Declan walked from the counter upon which he was leaning, across to the center of the floor before resting a giant, imposing forearm on the dark marble of the island, causing his bicep to swell in front of Alicia, just as a peacock would attract its potential mate.

  “Sorry, I eh, just drifted away there. What was it you asked?”

  “Well I was just asking Jack how he manages to keep his hands off you.
I mean, do you always look this beautiful or is there some special occasion today that I don’t know about.”

  Alicia shot a condescending look at Jack before rolling her eyes back to her new dream man.

  “Oh you’d be surprised. Jack always seems to find a way.”

  “Well is that so.”

  Declan half turned back to face Jack before nodding approvingly.

  “Well I must say neighbor. You’re a better man than me. Yep. That’s for sure. I know if I was lucky enough to have her, I wouldn’t get a minutes work done all day. I’d just be thinking about her and…”

  Declan had walked around the island as he was talking and placed a firm hand on Alicia’s shoulder, making her shudder.

  “Listen to me rambling. All I’ll say is you’re a better man than me Jackey boy. There’s no doubting that.”

  Alicia rolled her head so that her soft cheek brushed against Declan’s wrist in an obvious attempt to evoke some sort of passionate reaction out of her husband.

  “Oh don’t be so harsh on yourself, Declan. I think it’s quite clear who the better man is.”

  Anyway, we best be getting out of here. Dinner to be made. Hey, why don’t you call around to us? I’m sure preparing food is the last thing you need right now with all of this chaos. I’m making steak and we have loads, way too much for the two of us. Jack here is a light eater as I’m sure you can probably tell!”

  Alicia and Declan shared a laugh at the expense of the feeble man as Declan eventually began to nod.

  “You’re too good Alicia darling. I’ll have to pay you back somehow.”

  “Don’t worry about it. Is half six okay with you?”

  “Half six it is. See you then.”


  “What the hell did you mean with that comment?”

  Jack stood to one side of the sink, razor in hand as he scraped away the last of the foam from under his chin. He cupped his hands and splashed some water across his face before patting himself down with a fresh, green towel. Alicia stood by his right side, leaning across him in an attempt to gain a better view of herself in the mirror. She coated her plump lips with one final coat of lipstick before beating them together, yet to offer any kind of a response to her husband’s niggling question.

  “What comment is this now?”

  “You know right well what I’m talking about. That comment! What was it again? ‘It’s quite clear who the better man is’?”

  “I didn’t say that did I? Oh don’t be worrying your little head about it dear. You always get so caught up over nothing.”

  Without as much as a word in response, Jack stormed from the bathroom. Alicia smiled to herself in the mirror, continuing to ready herself. She had her husband right where she wanted him now. Finally he might show her some fire when he realized that he was no longer guaranteed her full attention. There’s nothing like a bit of jealousy to bring out some fight in a man. After growing up in a house as the lone girl with five brothers she knew the lengths that the boys would go to just to better each other and to prove themselves. Her plan was developing exactly as she thought it would.

  After several minutes Alicia winked at herself and cracked a devious smile as she walked down the immaculately maintained hallway and into the sparkling cream kitchen. Jack had meticulously laid out the table but upon entering, Alicia stopped and stood staring at it with her arms crossed and her brow furrowed.

  “What? What is it now? It’s probably not good enough to host macho man Declan is it?”

  Jack sneered his disgust at Alicia’s provocative body language.

  “Oh it’s okay honey, you weren’t to know. It’s just that Declan looks so much more refined than you average men. I think maybe tonight would be a good night to use that fine china that your Aunt was so good to get us for our wedding?”

  “Of course, only the best for King Declan. The man that we’ve just met two hours ago.”

  “It’s in the attic honey, could you fetch it for me? I’ll clean up this mess here.”

  Jack grunted something under his breathe in reply before storming up the hall towards the attic.

  “Don’t forget the chair baby. You know your little legs are too short to reach all the way up there. Take something to stand on.”

  “I’ll be fine!”

  For the first time in almost a year Alicia was finally getting under the skin of her husband. She had tried for months to evoke some degree of passion in him without as much as a hint of success.

  “Can you manage that babe? Wow, who knew plates could be so heavy huh?”

  Jack shot Alicia a disgruntled look as he struggled to lift the cardboard box down from above his head. His legs shook as he stood on the chair and he only just made it back down to the relative safety of the carpeted hallway, lowering the box down and holding it close to his stomach for additional support. A bead of sweat dropped from his brow as he began to walk shakily towards the kitchen.

  “Here let me help you with that. It’s too heavy for you.” Alicia smirked condescendingly as she reached in and tried to relieve her husband of the fine china.

  “I’ve got it!” Jack’s spat his response as he stormed down the hall before eventually dropping the box onto the kitchen table as the plates rattled inside.

  “Thanks honey.” Alicia smirked as she ripped open the sealed box and began unloading the fancy plates onto the table, placing them with meticulous precision onto the hardwood table. Jack collapsed back into one of the leather arm chairs as he struggled to regain his breath.

  “Are you okay babe? I told you that you should have let me help you. The doctor told you not to be over exerting yourself. At least now we have Declan around if any heavy lifting needs to be done around here.”

  Jack just shook his head as he struggled to regain his breath. He reached into his pocket and took out a translucent box filled with small pink pills and swallowed two without water.


  “There you go babe. That looks much better.”

  Jack batted Alicia’s hand away as she tried to straighten up his tie for the second time since Declan had arrived. The stud of a visitor smirked again as he took his place at the table, dressed altogether more casually than his two new neighbors. He wore a pair of tight jeans complete with stylish rips throughout, showing more bulging thigh muscle than Jack cared for in his house. He had changed from his glistening white v neck into a similarly fashioned black v neck, the color complementing his smooth tanned skin. Jack sat at the far end of the table, dressed like an uncomfortable child as his meddled with the top button of his shirt in an attempt to free up his already congested airways.

  Sat at the side of the table was Alicia, in between the two men in her life. She had gone all out to impress. She wore a fancy black dress. It was her go to outfit for weddings and fancy occasions but she had had it altered so that it was now short and revealing as opposed to a long ball gown. A silver necklace draped around her neck with matching silver ear rings catching the light at various angles, almost blinding the two men. After serving a starter of homemade soup she took her placed and immediately angled her chair so that she was facing Declan. She planted her elbow on the table and rested her chin on the palm of her hand as her glossy lips parted to a smile, revealing glowing white teeth.

  “Jack was wondering how you get yourself in such good shape Declan. I think he is a little too shy to ask though.”

  Jack’s jaw dropped as he attempted to clear himself of this false statement but Alicia merely cut him off just by raising her index finger to him. He bowed his head, unable to look Declan in the eye as the stud smiled across the table at him, leaning in closer to Jack’s wife.

  “Well it’s my life really. I have been in the army for almost five years now so you’ve no option but to stay in shape really. But even before that I always looked after myself. Any man who respects himself does really. You look like you take care of yourself Jack. What keeps you so slim? Running? Swimming?”


  Before Jack even had a chance to open his mouth Alicia had answered the question for him as she shared another laugh with the handsome blonde at his expense.

  “Jack here has never even seen the inside of a gym. He’s more of a computer kind of guy. Even if he tried to do any exercise he wouldn’t be able. He’d keel over panting for air and I’d have to run over with his inhaler. Why just half an hour ago he struggled to lift a couple of plates out of the attic for me. Can you believe that?

  “It’s actually more serious than just plain old asthma.” Jack replied in his defense, “the whole problem is caused by..”

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