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Immortal Fire

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Immortal Fire

  Immortal Fire

  Copyright © February 2009, Brenda Steele

  Cover art by Sugar and Spice Press © February 2009

  This is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed in this novel are fictitious or used fictitiously. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book, or portions thereof, in any form.

  Sugar and Spice Press

  North Carolina, USA

  Chapter One

  “I cannot believe you dragged me here for the third year in a row, Mitzy,” Kai declared, miffed and already feeling boredom seep into her veins. They hadn’t moved past the doorway yet, but stood surveying Kai’s mother’s guests. All rich, all stuck up and none she wanted to get to know better.

  “What can I say? I’m gifted.” Mitzi patted her long thin fingers on the back of Kai’s shoulder.

  “Gifted.” Kai snorted. “I ought to skin you for always giving my mother hope.” Kai drifted farther into the room, tense expecting her mother to pounce with her latest husband-material human in tow.

  Mitzi laughed behind her. “You’d have to catch me first.”

  “Yeah. And you’d cheat. Probably turn into a cheetah or some other fast animal to get away from me.”

  Her best friend chuckled, and the two of them strolled on the outer edges of the room, avoiding conversation with anyone but themselves. Kai scanned the crowd for her mother. Sure enough, a man about Kai’s height of five foot eight tagged along behind Claudia Mendel, looking too hopeful. Kai rolled her eyes then grabbed the first glass of wine that floated past her on a waiter’s tray.

  She didn’t know why she had bothered to dress up. The slinky red dress and spiked heels were going to waste on this crowd. Most of the men were over fifty, and she had no interest in weak men. Yet, she’d have to choose one if she wanted a new lover, and an immortal was out of the question.

  Feeling eyes on her, she scanned the room for the second time. All seemed to be absorbed in their conversations. She took a slow sip of her wine and spotted him over the rim. A good head taller than she was in her highest heels, shoulders that might block out the sun if he stood over her and eyes that were riveted to her body. She almost laughed at his boldness.

  Leaning over to Mitzi and knowing she was being obvious, but not caring in the least, she whispered, “Tell me he’s not an immortal.”

  “Who?” Mitzi glanced in the wrong direction.

  “Two o’clock. Tall and sexy.”

  When Mitzi’s eyes landed on him, she gasped.

  Kai nodded. “Exactly. Well?”

  “If you weren’t so closed off, Kai, you’d know whether or not he is immortal. Besides, this is a human event. Immortals weren’t invited.”

  Kai grunted. “That’s never stopped them before.” She looked around to see where Bevin was and spotted him sitting in the corner, his chin tucked in his hand. He yawned, surveying the crowd. His gaze roved over the object of Kai’s lust and kept on moving. If Bevin hadn’t been alarmed, the man must be okay. Bevin, her trusty little demon bodyguard could pick up on non-humans a mile off. She wanted Mitzi’s confirmation. “Well, is he?”

  Her friend seemed to be absorbed with drinking in the man with her eyes. Kai bumped her, and Mitzi snapped out of it. “Oh sorry. No, he’s normal. If hot can be normal.”

  Kai set her glass down on a nearby table and swiped at the corners of her mouth. “Good, because I think I’ve just found my new lover.”

  She allowed her hips a little extra sway as she strolled over to him and was gratified to see the bulge growing in his pants. Any other man would have begun to tug and try to hide it. He wore it almost like a badge of honor, daring anyone to comment. She grinned. Oh yes, he was not the average Joe.

  When she drew up in front of him, she laid a hand on his chest and met his stare eye to eye. “Dance with me.”

  His eyebrows shifted higher. “Commanded by a woman? I think not.”

  The music for once had a good beat. She pivoted on the ball of one foot and let her body brush his as she swayed to the rhythm. “So you’ll miss the chance to caress all this?” Pushing her rounded ass out, she glanced at him over her shoulder. His eyes seemed to flash.

  He took hold of her hips and began to move with her. They were too close for this particular party, but he didn’t appear to care any more than she did. “Bold aren’t you?” he commented.

  She laughed. “I go after what I want. But yes, I’ve never been shy. Even with more to hang on to than I’d like.”

  “Hmm?” He didn’t at first know what she meant. “Oh you mean the fact that you’re not nearly as pencil thin as your friend?”

  “You obviously like it.”

  He gave her a squeeze. “I most certainly do. Come back to my place. Or we can go to yours.”

  “I don’t know your name.”

  “So you’ll stand on ceremony?”

  She shrugged and turned to face him, ran her hands up his chest until she could lock them behind his head. “No, I’d just like to know what name to shout out when you make me come. You will make me come, won’t you?” Going for broke, she thought up something more outrageous to unsettle him. “This pressing in my stomach isn’t for show is it?”

  All she received in reply was a curving upward of one side of his mouth. She’d expected to have him rushing from the room with another comment or two. Only the men who didn’t have to take care of themselves in the nearest bathroom had been allowed to share her bed. She loved a man with control of himself, but not so much she couldn’t make him rock hard in the middle of a dance floor. And mystery man was most certainly stiff.

  “I can tell already,” he affirmed while lowering his hands to her ass.

  “Tell what?”

  “That I am going to enjoy playing with you in every way possible.”

  Chapter Two

  “Donovan.” He turned them both and headed out toward the French doors which stood open. A scent of jasmine tickled Kai’s nose as they neared the exit.

  “I’m sorry?”

  “My name is Donovan. Donovan Karey.”

  She searched her memory, and while she didn’t pay too much attention to what her mother chattered on about her high society friends, she didn’t think she’d heard the name Karey. So where did he come from?

  “I’m Kai Mendel.” She grimaced. “My mother put this party on. She does it every year.”

  When they passed through the doors, his hand slid to her ass again. She made no move to push him away. “And like a dutiful daughter, you attend?”

  “You don’t know me very well. No, my friend Mitzi roped me into it.” She pointed back over her shoulder. “The impossibly thin one, small like a pixie.” Mitzi wasn’t a pixie, of course. Kai had no idea what her origins were beyond being an immortal, the only one Kai allowed anywhere around her besides her bodyguard. Now that she thought of it, Mitzi was just as much of an enigma as this man, except she and Mitzi had been friends for the last fifteen years.

  They stopped on the porch above the gardens. Kai leaned back against the rail and shivered when Donovan ran a hand along the deep V of her dress. “What makes you think it’s okay to touch me like this?”

  He slid closer and leaned down like he would kiss her, but he didn’t. She considered going in and taking it for herself, but stayed still.

  “You reek of it.”

  “Excuse me?” Her hand went to her hip.

  He settled on the rail, his arms folded across his chest. Why did she feel like he had rejected her? The look in his eyes told her he knew how much she had wanted that kiss. It had been two weeks since she’d broken it off with Jeremy. A girl could get cranky when her needs weren’t met.

  “I’m not telep
athic, mind you.” Her gaze flew to his when he said that, but he kept a straight face. “But I can tell a woman on the hunt. And you, my beautiful flower, are on the hunt for a lover.”

  “So what if I am?” She moved to stand in front of him, waiting for him to open his arms. He did, and she stepped closer. The warmth of his body, the hardness of his cock, made her want to strip him bare and ride her way to a mind numbing orgasm. “What if I’ve chosen you? Can you handle me?”

  “Every night of the week!”

  Excitement rushed over her. She had a serious appetite for sex, and none of her previous lovers had been able to keep up. Each one of them wanted more. They wanted love. She scoffed at that sentiment. It didn’t exist in any real sense. Not when she had her father and mother’s relationship to base her theories on.

  A door opened behind them. Someone peeked out and then went back in. She thought it might have been Mitzi who couldn’t disappear and reappear like Bevin. She hadn’t missed his appearance farther down in the garden. He wouldn’t let her out of his sight. Not with her father to face if he did.

  Donovan tapped her hip. “So like I said earlier. Your place or mine?”

  “Hold on, lover.” She took his bottom lip between her teeth and bit down slightly. He groaned. Releasing him seconds before he could change her nip into a kiss, she laughed. “Not so fast. It works like this. I let you simmer in your lust for a few nights. Maybe less.”

  “You’re into torture.”

  “No, I’d like to check you out, make sure you’re on the up and up.” She shrugged and shifted to slip out of his arms. “I don’t take just any man to my bed. My father is . . . high powered. My mother, in her frilly way, is as well. I’m careful about who I let too close.”

  “That why you have a bodyguard?” He flicked a thumb in Bevin’s direction.

  She narrowed her eyes. “What do you know of Bevin?”

  “That he’s way too scrawny to be any use. I could take him.”

  Laughing, she covered her mouth watching him turn red in annoyance. “I’m sorry. That’s so funny. Yes, Bevin is small but he is wiry, and he knows all kinds of kung fu or whatever it’s called. He’s kicked many a pretentious guy’s butt on my behalf, let me tell you.”

  She hadn’t meant to laugh so much, but a human man, no matter how stocky his delicious looking muscles, couldn’t take Bevin anywhere. The demon could light a fire on him faster than he could spit, or use his power to toss him across the room. Poor Bevin had had to prove himself before her father would let him guard her.

  Donovan yanked her back into his arms, and this time he pushed his tongue past her lips, His mouth pulled at hers in a way that sent tingles of need shooting throughout her body. He slid his hand down between her thighs, confirming for both of them that she was wet and ready for him. While he stroked, she wanted to yank her dress up and push his fingers up inside her, but she knew better.

  A few more hungry kisses, and he released her. “Hurry . . . Really.” He slapped her ass, pressed a card in her hand and strolled back inside the dance room. Kai stood there stunned. How had he gotten the upper hand and been the one to leave her horny on the porch?

  The door opened, and Mitzi bounced out. “Well?”

  “Well what?” Kai was feeling less than charitable.

  “Do you have a new man or not? Does he have the goods?”

  Kai had to smile. “Oh yes, he has the goods. And if everything checks out, I’m going to get my hands on them. And my body.”

  “And were your eyes like that while you were with him?” Mitzi pointed toward her face.

  Blinking, but feeling nothing strange, Kai frowned. “Like what?”

  Mitzi dug inside her tiny purse and extracted a compact mirror. She handed it to Kai. “See? Your eyes are glowing red. That’s so . . .”

  “Demonic!” Kai shrieked. “My father’s eyes do that when he’s angry. What the hell? How did this happen? I’ve never exhibited before. Never.”

  “I know. Maybe you’re tired. He didn’t say anything, so you’re fine. Maybe it happened after he left.”


  Mitzi held up her hands. “Okay. Ready to go?”

  Kai nodded on a sigh. “Yes, I have a date with a vibrator!”

  Chapter Three

  Kai strolled into her room, tugging off her earrings and kicking her shoes in the general direction of the closet. She tossed her purse on her bed and padded into the bathroom to run water for a bath. It was late, and really she should settle for a quick shower before bed, but she hadn’t been lying to Mitzi when she admitted to needing her vibrator. Her body was on fire. If she didn’t relieve some of her sexual frustrations, she’d do something stupid like take that character to bed that her mother had introduced her to tonight.

  “That would be a huge mistake,” she mused.

  “What would, dear?” Her mother floated into the room, still sunny and pleasant after a long day of endless socializing. The woman lived for it, and her silver curls were in perfect order about her head like a halo. How the hell did she fuck a demon?

  “Nothing, Mother. Just thinking out loud.”

  Her mother kissed the top of her head while she sat on the side of the tub. “Okay, well I wanted to talk to you a little more about Gavin. You know his father owns—”

  “Mother!” Kai sighed. She dumped half her bottle of bubble bath in the water in her frustration. “I don’t like him, and I’ve told you time and again, I’m not interested in getting married.”


  Kai searched her mind for something to placate her parent, and then remembered Donovan. “I happen to have met someone already. His name is Donovan Karey. Do you recognize the name?”

  Claudia brightened, and the pout she’d taken on to make Kai feel bad fell away. “You have? That’s wonderful. No, I don’t think I’ve heard the name, but I can ask around among my friends. Betty Lyle claims to know everyone who is anyone. She’ll be able to tell me your man’s entire family history.”

  “And if he’s nobody?”

  Her mother’s nose crinkled as if it was unheard of.

  Kai sighed again. “Never mind. Just let me know fast, okay? Like tomorrow?”

  “Sure, darling. Okay, good night, and have a good rest. I’ll see you in the morning.”

  Kai tapped the bathroom door shut and stripped out of her clothes. As an afterthought, she twisted the lock. She did not need her mother stumbling back in while she had a dildo stuffed in her pussy and was moaning through her orgasm.

  She laughed. “That would disorder her perfect appearance.”

  Settled in the warm water with her favorite bath toy, a transparent purple dildo, she laid back and relaxed. After she finished here, she might still need that vibrator tucked in her bottom drawer. Thoughts of Donovan and his sexy hard body floated into her mind. The man had been aggressive and confident. Oh how she loved a tall man, one she had to raise up on her toes to kiss when she was barefooted.

  Dipping her hand beneath the water, she lifted one leg and anchored it on the rim of the tub. She teased her clit with the tip of the dildo and jumped because her bud was already swollen. More gently, she slid her toy lower. Wanting to be filled, she angled the piece toward her entrance and pushed. Her folds parted, slick from her cream. The dildo eased in, and she moaned tilting her head back.

  “Yes . . .”

  Her cell phone rang, which she had placed on the counter by the sink.

  “No, not now.” She tried settling again, but the incessant ring had broken her concentration. Hoisting herself up, she dropped the dildo beneath the bubbles and reached for the phone. The number on the caller ID wasn’t familiar. “Hello?” Irritation had made her voice rougher than she intended.

  “Tsk, tsk. Is that any way to answer the phone?”

  Her pussy clenched. “Donovan.” She sat down in the tub again, a chill having tightened her nipples, or maybe it was his deep baritone and the memory of his hands on her ass. “Where did
you get my number?”

  “Does it matter?” He chuckled, low and sexy. She bit her lip, searching for her toy somewhere beneath her. “Hmm, what are you doing right now, Kai?”

  “Me?” She kissed her treasure when she found it. “Oh, nothing.”

  “Why do I feel like you’re lying to me? What are you wearing?”

  “Hasn’t that been used like a million times with men who can’t get any?” she teased.

  “Oh, I assure you. I can get some. You’re hot right now, wanting me inside you. Tell me I’m lying.”

  “Why should I do that? Trust me, lover, I want you, and if you’re not up to anything bad, I’ll have you.” The water at her foot bubbled as if it was ready to boil. She frowned down at it wondering. The temperature was comfortable, but not hot.

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