Children of the Old Stars

      David Lee Summers

Children of the Old Stars

Science Fiction. 83037 words long. First published in 2001, 2001

Product Description

A mysterious and dangerous alien presence, the Cluster, threatens a peaceful star ship. Captain John Mark Ellis is called to the rescue, but the ship is destroyed. Disgraced, Ellis is booted out of the service. He joins an alien warrior and an evangelist to solve the mystery of the Cluster.

About the Author

David Lee Summers is an astronomer who has discovered a variable star and the founding editor of Hadrosaur Tales, a science fiction and fantasy anthology magazine. He is also the editor of Voces: An Altar of Stories, the poetry anthology of the Border Book Festival in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Summers is the author of numerous works ranging from short fiction to newspaper articles to scientific papers. He lives among the chile, corn, and pecans of Southern New Mexico with his wife, daughter and two cats.

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