In the Shadow of Crows

      David Charles Manners

In the Shadow of Crows

When Bindra contracts leprosy, she is driven from her home in the Himalayan foothills with her two small sons and embarks upon a seemingly impossible course in search of salvation. David's first journey to India is driven by devastating loss, and yet he finds unexepected solace in the discovery of an exceptional family legacy, and insights offered by an unorthodox mountain tradition. As these individual journeys progress their stories are woven together, cultural differences are dissolved, and an extraordinary relationship is formed which forges unanticipated changes in both their lives.In the Shadow of Crows is a remarkable account of love and loss, a lyrical ode to the wonderful and terrible beauty of India, and a masterly meditation on the interweaving of separate lives.


'A journey into another world that tells a story which is at once accomplished, intriguing and moving.' Gilda O'Neill, novelist and author of the Sunday Times Best Seller My East End 'An inspirational, thoughtful, and compassionate writer, softly reminding us all of our common humanity.' Toula Fosclos, The Monitor, Montreal 'I learnt so much from this book... it shows a great depth of understanding.' Nikki Bedi, BBC Asian Network 'Beautifully written.' Gus Christie, Telegraph Magazine 'Two fascinating stories.' Wojtek Gwiazda, Masala Canada, Radio Canada International 'Highlights with compassion an Indo-British connection that has always been swept out of sight.' Chandralekha Mehta, author of Freedom's Child 'I was so moved by this extraordinary story, and by the spiritual strength of the rejected people it describes.' Dame Felicity Lott, CBE 'Very moving and well written ... a book that I found hard to put down. I learned.' Brian Doyle, author of Angel Square 'Intelligent and generous, cosmopolitan and compassionate, and an unrepentant polyglot and xenophile, Mr. Manners has led and is leading a big life. Disinclined to squander opportunity, his appetite for experience, as well as his humour and big heartedness, are palpable on every page of In the Shadow of Crows. Having spent the better part of a quarter century interviewing people, mostly for CBC Radio, I have been on the fortunate receiving end of many, many personal and remarkable stories, and his is one I will always remember. Read him. Meet him. It will be time well spent.' Bill Richardson, CBC, author & broadcaster 'A volume to provoke true soul-searching ... A must read.' Professor Dhirendra Sharma, Concerned Scientists & Philosophers, India

About the Author

David Manners teaches Tantric Yoga at Glyndebourne Opera and has an international reputation as a physical therapist and teacher. He is the co-founder of Sarva, a charity that provides medical care, education and human contact for socially excluded individuals and communities on the Indian subcontinent.

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